If  you can milk it, fish it, hunt it, grow it, pick it, or gather it... that is REAL FOOD.  Any suggestions I make on this site (as it relates to food), I want to make sure that not only is it naturally gluten-free, but I want to assure that it also came from the purest source possible.  This means the health starts with the health of the soil it grew from or grazed on or the waters it was raised in.  (Think "Pasture Fed", "Free Range" or "Wild Caught")

NOTE:  PLEASE support your LOCAL farmers, ranchers etc.  I could write a 10 page article why it's so important to do so, but PLEASE buy from someone in your area as much as possible or try to grow or raise as much of your own food as possible.  I can't emphasize this importance enough.  Just make sure to grow your garden organically and to raise your animals free-range and pasture fed.  Care for them well - what goes around comes around.

We are fortunate to live near a store whose owners and operators scrutinize each product that goes into their store.  We can confidently shop there knowing it is the best of what is available.  We have been fortunate to find better products while traveling and have made recommendations that the owners have implemented into their store.  It is also fun to see products that friends have made on the shelves as well.  If you do not have access to a store like Real Foods Market, here are some resources online to help you... (one day Celiac Shack will have it's own online store)...


We use a Sergeant Steam, ENJO products and essential oil infused cleaning products in our home.

My hands are no longer dry and irritated (even from using environmentally friendly chemicals) and it's incredible to literally see the difference in the level of dirt that's picked up with the ENJO fibres vs. the traditional way to clean.  You only use ENJO fibres and cold water to clean.  My 4 year old cleans the bathrooms perfectly and safely using ENJO!  
The bath fibers are wonderful! 

We have never used Norwex (due to having so many Enjo products) but have many friends who love it and it is much cheaper than ENJO products. 


Choose raw organic dairy products. Unless the label indicates “raw” chances are the milk has been pasteurized and homogenized. The only way to truly obtain raw milk is to become familiar with its source (either via a local farm or one of the websites below).

Some states do sell milk that is not homogenized but is still pasteurized. If you are not able to obtain completely raw milk, this would be a great option.

The following Web sites provide information about obtaining raw organic dairy products in the United States:
Butter and Cheese ( A Campaign for Real Milk ( Organic Pastures ( The Weston A. Price Foundation ( 

Make sure the milk is free of antibiotics, free of hormones, and that the cows are fed organic feed.

All of the animal protein you choose should be hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Note: As much as I am a raw milk advocate, I can no longer tolerate dairy due to antibiotic use that was mandatory for lyme's disease testing.  Hopefully in the future I will be able to tolerate milk, but for me I have to be dairy free while my kiddos and husband enjoy all of the cultured dairy products. 

Essential Oils

We love essential oils. We have a wholesale account with DoTERRA. Our website is

We love the book "Emotional Healing with Essential Oils" by a good friend of ours Daniel MacDonald.  Here is a link to purchase his book from his website...


I highly recommend High Intensity Interval Training. Go to to purchase a really amazing workout program.  

Cellusizing is amazing for the stimulation of the lymph system.  I highly recommend it! (David Hall really is as fit in person as he is seen on his website videos!)

We are also big fans of Ron Williams.  We are fortunate to be able to get one on one mentoring sessions using his Iron Chest Master. 

Feminine Products 

I'm a huge diva cup fan. End of story ;) (We also choose organic pads and liners purchased at our local Health Food Stores.) 

Fruits and Vegetables

When I was serious about recovering from symptoms that mimicked MS, I made sure to buy only organic produce.  The symptoms disappeared and yes I recovered my health incorporating many truths into my life.  After several years of eating organic, I read the book "Eat to Live" by Joel Fuhrman and he mentioned that he didn't feel it was necessary to buy organic.  I started buying non-organic produce and sadly my health was NOT as good as it was when I ate only organic.  My studies have led me to research on GMO (Genetically Modified Food), the effects of pesticides etc.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying non-organic foods.  Please buy ORGANIC produce - especially if you are struggling with an illness.




We seek out meats from local individuals and companies we trust. In a perfect world we would get the eggs and fish and meat from our own 'ranch' or 'farmhouse' or 'community'.  It is the goal, but for now we pray that those we purchase from are honest how their meats were raised.  We choose "pasture fed", "free range" and "wild caught". 


Nut Butters (

If you are unable to find these brands, make sure that the brand that you choose only has a minimal amount of ingredients. For example, the ingredients label for Almond Butter should read Raw (Organic) Almonds !

Homemade Peanut Butter 


Raw, virgin Coconut oil that is certified organic and non-gmo is what we use. We purchase from our local health food stores. It is important that the oil is cold-pressed (no heat used in the extraction process).

Extra Virgin Traditional Philippine ( Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ( ) Tropical Traditions ( for high heat cooking, in recipes or on top of vegetables.

You can also use organic raw butter made from grass fed cows would be your best choice. If you are unable to find raw, organic butter from grass fed cows is your next best. If either is not available, organic butter can also be used.

Ghee is another great choice.  We buy the Ancient Organics brand online.


We purchase our Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club.  For more information, please call them at 888-963-4582.

Omega-3 Supplements

After reading the book Medical Medium our thoughts have changed a bit towards taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement.  For now we are getting our Omega-3's from Jordin Rubin's Real Life Omega supplement as well as the Garden of Life Omega-3 vegan spray. 


Choose pure unrefined sea salt with no additives, preferably Celtic sea salt. Sources include local health food stores and the following:

Celtic Sea Salt brand ( ) Redmond’s Real Salt ( . There are many varieties of sea salts available in most grocery stores unrefined but unless the label indicates “unrefined”, this salt has been put through many degrading artificial processes and is no longer a healthy salt. It also may contain many chemical additives.

Make sure the salt you purchase does NOT contain any of the following: Sugar (added to stabilize Iodine and as anti-caking chemical) Aluminum silicate.

You may also use Himalayan Salt, as it is also unrefined and completely raw. It Himalayan Salt (


We purchase the super food blends and smoothies at  We absolutely love the gluten-free recipes they have for mesquite, coconut and chocolate flavored superfood CUPCAKES.  We use the smoothie recipes and add 1 egg yolk, 1 young coconut juice and pulp, 1-2 tbsp of virgin coconut oil, 1 tsp flax oil and 2 Tbsp of either the chocolate or vanilla superfood blend.  Result?  Absolutely delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Raw Honey - Purchase from a local bee keeper that does NOT feed the bees sugar.

Raw Molasses - Many great pure products available in health food stores.  We prefer the maple syrup from Green Pastures.

We do NOT buy agave.  Agave is used as a birth control in China. I did have a miscarriage at 15 weeks when I was using agave exclusively as my sweetener of choice.  Years later I found this article and have never purchased agave since that time and went on to have another healthy little baby girl.


Through the years I have tried SO many different systems and have a RO system in our home.  However, due to many factors, I made a trip every couple of weeks to get steam distilled water from our Chiropractor and add liquid minerals back into the water before drinking it. 

Currently I have a company that delivers distilled water and spring water to me on a bi-weekly basis.  I use the distilled water and add minerals back to it, and my kids and spouse prefer the spring water. 

I hope all of this helps!  I hope that you have a or a in your area!  Health Food/ Real Food Markets make life so much easier.  In the future I hope to have an online store where individuals can make online purchases without worry knowing the research has been done for them. 

Lots of love,