Friday, June 26, 2015

For the Children

A couple of years ago, a friend told me about what was happening to two of her sisters. Both sisters had tough things happen to them.  One decided to face the pain and work through it humbly with the help of the Lord.  The other sister was crushed by the disappointment and turned to destructive methods to cope and her children suffered.  This friend talked about how lost one of her nieces was at this crucial time in her life.  The girl had been taught all of her life to avoid certain things and now she was watching her mother destroy her life with those very things she was taught to avoid.  Children learn how to cope with heartache by looking at how their adult role models choose to cope. 

We all cope differently.

I try not to judge anyone.  I know what heartache can do to a good person. 

We all reach for something to ease the pain, numb it, take it away, or make it a little more bearable in different ways.

I am grateful for...

Good Friends. Divine Help. Essential Oils. Prayer and Scriptures. 

There is always the option of reaching for the alternative despite knowing the destruction and the dead end it would bring, however, it is important to be an example of facing hard things and then working through whatever it is with the help of something that will add to the healing vs. masking the symptoms and digging the problem deeper.

Due to my own experiences and seeing the positive experiences of others, I always thank God for the opportunity to teach anyone about more natural, safer and more effective ways of coping with pain (especially if that teaching will benefit children directly) using essential oils.


While teaching in Florida, two of the women who had planned my trip, started talking about their upcoming service trip to Israel.  Surprisingly, they said "you should come with us".  Butterflies. The thought created incredible excitement in my heart, mind and gut! I was told the group officiators had been going over to Israel almost every year for the past 10+ years and they (the ministry) had been supporting a Children's Home there with monthly donations as well as yearly visits and special donations. They were going again and they were serious about my coming with them. I could hardly believe what I was hearing!  It all seemed so surreal.

When I learned about those we would be serving, I reached out to my essential oil lovin' community to see if anyone would like to donate something to the 'Children's Orphanage'.  $4000 in donations later, I was crying happy tears.  I could not believe the outpouring of love and the generosity of so many. 

Here is a picture of me bubble wrapping the donations to be sent to Florida so that the individual in our group, who was an Israeli citizen, could take them through customs. 

My husband dropped me off at the airport...

When I got on the airplane that would head towards Tel Aviv, a flight attendant announced before
departing "if any of you would like to de-plane (run away while you can), now is your last opportunity."

My stomach tightened. My chest felt tight. What on earth was I doing?

I felt very real fear. 

When the airplane landed in Tel Aviv, I could feel my legs trembling.  There were many times, prior to leaving, that I had thought of canceling the trip, but the thing that kept me moving forward with the plans was when I thought of 'those children' - the children from the orphanage.  The children were from 3 separate countries who had been brought to the children's home for various reasons.  I thought of them and they gave me strength. I also felt that strong internal pull that comes from God.  I knew He wanted me to be there for whatever His reasons were. 

The group I was traveling with, although somewhat experienced with using essential oils, were still young with their knowledge of how to use them. I knew I needed to be there personally to help teach those caring for the children how to use the essential oils properly. 

I arrived in Israel an hour prior to the rest of my group.  The thing that surprised me most was the incredible feeling of peace that I felt once I stepped foot into this area of the airport in Israel.  Prior to that moment I had only felt that peace in special places of worship. 

An hour later, the rest of the group would greet me.  All of the essential oils had made it through customs. Hooray!!!

Graciously, these were the individuals who donated...

Andy and Natalie Goddard,
Jerry and Laura Jacobs,
Steve and Rachel Loth,
Josh and Jennifer Vaughan,
Dr. Michael and MJ Mutchler,
Mr and Mrs. Laura Shull,
Steve and Dawnette Nardini-Nelson,
Dr. West and Glenda Garrison
Leslea Bower-Miller
Healing Hands Foundation (who matched up to $500)

I felt so much love and gratitude for the above listed individuals when I met the children and when I taught the class.  A big thank you to each individual listed.   

The primary oils chosen were...

Peppermint and  
A Protective Blend of essential oils.

 When we pulled up to the "Children's Home" (I was corrected every time I referred to it as an "orphanage"), I was concerned.  The area we ended up at seemed to be fitted too tightly with lonely buildings, and narrow streets. Everything seemed so dry and dusty.  Little by little I began to see Jewish people and children walking the streets happily.  I wondered where the 220 children were able to play.  Where was the grass and trees?

I was reminded to never judge by what I see on the outside.

  Once we walked into the Children's Home, I realized it was filled with incredible organization, cleanliness, peace, the place was incredibly beautiful and modern and there were many areas, (safe inside and outside the walls of the home) where the kids could run freely, play and be free.  

The children walked with confidence, they looked like they worked there vs. being someone who was a resident. The children radiated so much self-confidence and they were very happy and friendly.  Some even seemed a little conceited which surprised me but I was impressed by it. 

When we met with the Father of the Children's Home, he explained why it is his home is different and why it is not called an orphanage.  This is not a place where children are adopted out.  These children have been adopted IN and they are part of this enormous 200+ children family for life. 

Individuals come from all over the world to learn from this Children's Home organization and philosophy.

Here the father explains...

I fell in love with the children.  

Several of the girls migrated over to where they could be close to me.  One girl sat by me and then little by little one young girl placed herself closer and closer to where she was sitting on my lap.  I wasn't sure if this was ok or not and so I tried not to put my arms around her like I wanted to.  I just let her continue to sit on my lap.  She would look up to my face and smile. My heart about burst.  She would later take my hand in hers. I felt a strong desire to be one of her sponsors. Individuals do not adopt the children, but they send financial contributions each month so the children can reach their dreams. 

We painted picture frames with the children and then we all ate together.  The ministry I was with had purchased pizza and ice-cream for all of the kids.  Imagine the cost to feed 220 children?  Yes, it was over $3,000 that the ministry donated so that these children could have this fun memory.  It made me smile to watch how happy the kids were and to hear the laughter in the room.  

Here is my dear new friend from the Children's Home...

Isn't she beautiful?  My eyes well up with tears as I look at her.  If you would like to sponsor a child, or find out more about this organization, please go to

As you learned from the video, the children do well in school, they have personal tutors, they have group youth and children leaders, they all have their own little 'houses' or areas where they live, each of the children have responsibilities, and they are the ones who raise their hands to answer questions when asked by their teachers at school, and they get the best grades. 

There was a need to have a medical room built so that the children would not have to go to school (no matter what) when they are sick due to not having a medical note from a Dr.  

Once we were all back home, the For Zion's Sake Ministry told their members of the need and they were able to raise an additional $5,000.00 for the Children's Home so that the medical room could be built, and the in-house medical professional could give the mandatory medical note so that the child would be able to stay home to rest and recover. 

I cannot wait to go back to Israel to see the completed room and to see the essential oils lining the shelves along with all of the other typical medical room supplies. 

Father Yehudi Kohn is like no other person I have ever met.  He seems as if he walks and talks with God.  How could he possibly care for so many children in such a miraculous way without the Heavenly guidance and communication?  He does give God the credit for all he is able to do for the children.  He said that he prays daily and receives answers as to what to do in a particular situation.

Beautiful example.  

When we arrived at the Children's Home, I was told not to expect a handshake.  For some Jewish men, that particular greeting is only reserved for women who are family.  I had learned this days earlier when a man shook his head and looked embarrassed when I offered to shake his hand.  I was really confused at the time and asked why two others had shook my hand but then this man couldn't.  I was told "he is religious".  Apparently the Father of the home was also the type of Jewish man who only shook hands with women who are family members. 

At the end of the day, when we were leaving - after the class was taught and the donations were made, and we were saying our goodbyes, surprisingly Father Yehuda took both of my hands in his and said "NOW, YOU ARE FAMILY".  I fought to hold back the tears.  He went on to explain how grateful he was for our service.  

Before leaving we were given a tour of their home.

The house was filled with so many books...

When I saw the fish aquariums, it reminded me of the built-in wall aquarium that was at my friends home from back home - they had 12 children.  I had a lot of respect for that family of 12 + 2 foster children + the 2 parents. Now with seeing how well run a home can be with 220 children, I was in complete awe...

I had a lot to work on once I returned home. Here is their lobby area with the fish aquariums...

A place to dream and laugh...

I loved seeing the young girls laughing together on the swing when they were gifted home-made dolls from one of the members of our group. 

Absolutely amazing how all the kids are required to make their beds each morning, put their clothes away and their toys away after they play. 

Donations made this possible...

and this...

 and this...

and this.

Boys sleep on one end of the building, and the girls the other end...

There was a music room... 

 A place to study... 

This is where the essential oils class was held in Be'er Sheva, Israel.  I sat next to my friend who helped and translated parts of the class in Hebrew as I taught it.  

This is where the food is prepared.  Thanks to generous donations from others the kitchen is now more modern...

This is where we had the pizza party... 

Ice cream was also served... (non-dairy due to Jewish religion)

This is where the tutors come to work with the children...

The bathrooms were incredibly clean... 

Each child's needs were being met.  (One girl was going to be going to FL to compete in a marathon).  The Father adopted all of the children and many people all over the world have adopted these children into their hearts and due to their generous donations, these children are able to have an extraordinary life. 

The father of the home said "we cannot change the past, but we can change the future". 

Father Yehudi Kohn showed me how his HUMILITY and FAITH, TRUST in GOD and the GOODNESS of OTHERS, and his willingness to opened his arms  has allowed God to bless these children abundantly through the donations of others - a lesson we can all learn from. 

Beauty and accomplishments in so many places...

Individual chore charts and achievements acknowledged...

Scheduled times for homework and play...

 The fundamental principle of the Torah is the commandment, "Love thy neighbor as thyself". 

Yehuda Koh (the Director of the Children's Home) raised 5 children of his own.  Now, he is raising and has raised over 200 more.  His children (all of them) continue to be his children even after they have left home.  He said that they each need someone to attend their weddings and be there for them when hardships come unexpectedly later in life.

There is a waiting list of over 2000 young adults who hope to serve at the Children's Home when their military service time comes.  In Israel, youth (boys and girls) are required to serve their country for three years when they turn 18.  This Bet Sabah (Elazraki) Children's Home is one example of one of the ways in which they serve their country.

Yehudi is changing lives once child at a time. 

Children feel loved.  Children feel safe.

Children are given the opportunity to develop their talents.

Children know they are part of a family who cares for them.

Children are taught to love God and to obey His law, but are also given the choice to worship as they want to.

Children know their parents will ALWAYS be there for them - no matter what. 


Thank you Mike, Bracha, Beth, Cindy and For Zion Sake Ministries.  My life will never be the same.  There were so many other ways in which this amazing ministry served Israel and her people while we were there. I was fortunate to be able to join them and hope that I can brush shoulders with them again - in Israel. 

With much love, 


Sunday, June 21, 2015



Happy Father’s Day to all of you amazing men out there who have contributed to the birth of a child, or adopted a child into your heart and have been a good steward, a protector, a safe haven and an inspiration to your child. 

Some of the last memories I have of my Dad are as follows…

The very last day I saw my Dad, I had planned on just saying hello and then driving the 1.5 hours back home.  Instead, I decided to stay the night and then leave in the morning. Being a new mom with my little newborn baby, I hadn’t planned well, and so I ran out of diapers.  My son had a “blow-out” and in the interim of going to the store to buy more diapers, Dad helped me make a little make shift diaper using one of his old shirts and a plastic grocery bag.  He was pretty proud of himself and we laughed at our accomplishment and even took a picture.  The old t-shirt was cut to cover my son so that it looked like a shirt and matching diaper. There was a turkey on the front of the plastic bag that matched the colors in the shirt.  "Grandpa" had made sure his new grandson was taken care of, we came up with a fun solution, and a wonderful memory was made – not realizing it would be our last.

A couple months prior to Dad's death and the birth of my son,  I had been stressed about the workload my husband and I were carrying as we were running our own business and I had mentioned to my Dad how absolutely stressed I was about my ability to clean the basement apartment where we were living, by myself before the baby arrived.  Without being asked, Dad had recruited a cleaning crew.  Everyone came over and started cleaning.  Dad detailed all of the windows; he wiped everything down, vacuumed etc.  He brought me a big bouquet of balloons and a gigantic bunny that we still have to this day nearly 14 years later.  I felt SO loved.  I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I think about his service.  He always came through for me – always.  I miss him so very much.

The earlier memories I have were of our walks around the reservoir by where he lived, the 4-wheeler rides, his random cards given for no reason other than to say “I love you. – DAD”. 

Dad would become silent when the depression would hit.  He had always been able to pull through those dark episodes in the past… but not that last time.  In college I remember bringing him a rose and putting it on his doorstep… I didn’t understand what it was like to experience severe bi-polar depression, but this was something that Dad understood all too well.  "It" (the depression) was his "greatest fear". He had struggled with depression most of his adult life and it would eventually lead to his death.

As I think about him, I ache inside.  Nobody on earth was like him.  He reminded me so much of Robin Williams the comedian.  Dad could make anything anyone said become something that we would all laugh and laugh about.  I’ve said it before and I’d like to say it again, that this life doesn’t have all the bright colors and light that it use to have when Dad was in it.  Yes, we still get together as a family, yes, my siblings remind me so much of Dad, but…. Dad is gone, and nobody could ever take his place.  Still 14 years later there is a huge void in my heart and a pain so deep that I still cry from time to time when I think about him and so I cope by trying not to think about it too much.   Every Father’s Day is a tad gloomy for me.  I can be happy for my kids as they celebrate the time with their father, but part of my mind, body and spirit is still melancholy… I miss him so much.

To focus on the positive and the happy, let me tell you about the man my father is/was…

Even though my parents divorced when I was five years old, my father continued to be a very active part of my life.  When we were little, Dad would call us EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I remember one particular time; I looked at my younger sister (4 years younger than me), talking to Dad on the phone.  She still had the chubby little baby arms and dimples and she still wasn’t able to carry on a very two-sided conversation other than her babbling.  Mom eventually handed the phone to me.  I’m sure I wasn’t a very good conversationalist as I impatiently listened to Dad wishing I could go and play.  I would hand the phone to Mom and then skip off to play.

Several years later, I remember being old enough to go bowling, to go roller-skating, play softball, travel to Texas to visit my Dad’s parents and I remember many times going to Port Aransas, Corpus Christi and so many other places in TX.  I loved spending time with my Dad, as we would travel in the motorhome.  He was always so tired and so it took us longer to get places and he would often stop to rest – usually somewhere outside on the grass under the shade of a tree while us kids (three of us then) would play nearby.  Dad loved the water and so did I.  During the summer months we were at the community swimming pool almost daily.  Dad would laugh, as he would throw us up into the air so we could land in the water.  We frequently had picnics together and would go fishing together as well.  Dad seemed to always have a tackle box and a fishing pole in his car wherever he went.

During High School Dad would come from SLC where he lived, to simply teach me a little bit about the sport I was in…. In college I would frequently get a visit and we would go fishing (primarily to talk) or go on walks up the canyon. 

I could go on and on and on…

Father’s.  Love your children.  I ALWAYS felt loved, adored, and like my siblings and I were Dad's greatest accomplishment.  He loved us so much and would literally go without at times so that we could have what we needed.  He believed in us.  He loved us unconditionally; he made us laugh and helped us to feel safe despite how others may have worried for us whenever he would come to visit.  I have NEVER heard him say a single word that was negative about my mother.  I could tell by how he looked at her that he still loved her, but he understood her decision. 

Mom has told me many times that she would never have divorced our Dad if she had understood his depression.  He had crazy highs and crazy lows. Bi-polar depression.  There had been moments so scary that Mom eventually decided to divorce him out of fear for us kids.

When Dad died and took others with him, my Mother cried and cried.  She wished that it could have been her that went with him.  She said that she knew that she had “enough love to forgive”.

I tear up thinking about her words…

Two people who loved each other very much who were torn apart due to mental illness… and a lack of understanding as to how to deal with it.

Now in our day, professionals are beginning to understand the gut/brain connection.  My Dr. in Mexico told me over and over “we heal the gut, we heal the brain”. 

When I was unaware of what was causing my health issues (lack of ability to absorb nutrients) it affected me mentally.  Even when I was back from Mexico (see previous posts) and healing, it still took a lot of time for my brain to heal.  A stranger had looked at me while she was thinking something to herself.  It had scared me and I had asked her to “back away…far away” and told her to “stay there”.   After I had time to reflect on the situation, embarrassment flooded over me.  I apologized over and over.  I explained to the store attendant helping me about how I had just returned from Mexico, how I hadn’t been able to absorb nutrients, and had got to the point that I wasn’t even able to speak English, how the surgery fixed the issue and how my brain was still healing.  The woman said, “I can completely understand… I was anorexic in High School… I definitely understand what lack of nutrients can do to the brain”. 

We do not know what causes various health issues, but we do know there is a big correlation between gut health and brain health.   Better absorption of nutrients, a fuller range of macro and micro nutrients, essential amino acids, healthy good bacteria levels, digestive enzymes, correct levels of hydrochloric acid, water content, fiber etc.  The list goes on and on…. the better the gut health, the better the brain health.

Could Dad have benefited from real foods, whole herbs and essential oils?  I believe so.

In memory of my Dad, I want to say to any of you who may be suffering… 

NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!  Your answers may be just around the corner.  Diet changes are sometimes tougher to change/give-up as it is for people to change a religion.

I pray that when you pray, you will pray that your eyes will be opened, your heart and mind will recognize truth and that it will have a “familiar ring”. 

Truth DOES have a familiar “ring”. 

May the Father of this universe guide you to the answers that you seek.  May you feel His love, His protection, and His guidance.

Many of us may be “FATHERLESS” right now for various reasons.  When you need to be held, I know you can always turn to your Father in Heaven to fill any void that you may feel.  There are many unhealthy alternatives to mask your pain, but there are many things that can support you in a natural, effective and much safer way. 

Happy Father’s Day.  Even in all your imperfection and weakness... you are still able to make the life of a child absolutely amazing.  I do not care about wealth or earthly possessions, but simply knowing that I am loved by my earthly father as well as my Father in Heaven.  

When you feel "Fatherless"... remember you do have a Father in Heaven who atones for everything you may lack.  Trust in Him. Turn to Him. Let Him surround you with His love and embrace Him... everything bad, ugly and hurtful and the feeling of being lost will melt away...eventually.

With much love,


Note:  The next day, after I posted this article, I noticed a post that a friend had made that was regarding him being "fatherless".  What he said was powerful.  With permission, I am sharing what he wrote...

My father was not present in my life as I was growing up, as a teenager I struggled with father issues, only those who grew up fatherless can understand father issues, the others guys probably have no idea what that means. Having father issues is like having a boil that just wont go away, you try all you can to get rid of it but it remains in place. Growing up without a fathers presence is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Now, many of us have learned to move on, we learned the hard way, the painful way and our vow should be to always be there for our kids, to offer our support throughout their lives. And to also step-in in the lives of other kids who need a father figure. Sons can only be mentored by fathers or father figures. I appreciate all the women who try their best to mentor their sons into responsible men but majority of them only succeed in turning their sons into sissies. Get a man who can mentor your son, get a father figure because no matter how much you try you will never raise a man because you ain't one. A boy needs the affirmation of a man same applies to a daughter. Daughters are more influenced by their fathers. In other words, society thrives where men thrive, nations are stable when its men are stable. With that I Thank all those who have become father figures to me. Have a wonderful FATHERS DAY." - George Kinyanjui (Pastor George)

Amen to the above.  Thank you, Pastor George.  Your words caused me to reflect on my own life. I'm so grateful for the father's of my friends, my teachers who were like Dad's to me, and the Bishops and counselors of our church family who stepped into the role of a father when I needed one.  I appreciated all of their love, service, council and example.  

Friday, May 29, 2015

Spiritual Hernia

The results came back positive.  Lyme's disease... the "great mimicker" of so many different diseases (many of which I have been diagnosed with).

The face paralysis I experienced on my way to Mexico... was from the palsy that is created from Lyme's disease.

The inability to speak English... that was from Lyme's disease.

The inability to write... that was from Lyme's disease also.

Out of all the things that I helped others overcome, as I worked with them as a Health Coach, the one thing that I dreaded to hear people say was "I have Chronic Lyme's Disease".  My heart sinks when I think of a particular individuals I know, who has lyme's disease, who was alive yet dead in so many ways.  Every day was a struggle for her. She is married, she has children, she had desperately sought for answers and we were on the same path with regards to eating healthy real foods.  I had opportunities to teach her about fermenting foods, about digestive enzymes, about probiotics, whole food supplementation and about "my story" of healing, and about essential oils and cleansing, but never in a million years did I think that our situations were the same.  I was always so much healthier than she was... how could I possibly have lyme's disease?

Fast forward several years and I find myself deteriorating health wise.  I took down my blog for over a year as I searched for answers.  Ultimately I would be led to a Dr. in Mexico who would discover the hernia that he said was the "worst case he had seen in his entire 30 years as a Dr.".  The hernia was acting like a vacuum above my stomach, pulling all of the bile (that is suppose to go to my intestines) back into my stomach.  This was causing tremendous difficulty digesting food.  When the Dr. showed me the video of the endoscopy, my stomach looked like a bag that had been punctured all over.  It was a steady stream of blood that came into the stomach.  The Dr. pointed out some of the scar tissue that he said was "at least 10 years old or more".  He mentioned over and over how he could not understand how I did not have cancer.  He said most of those type of hernia's cause stomach or intestinal cancer.  For my case being the very worst he had ever seen he said "Gracias a Dios" (thanks be to God) but he didn't understand why I did not have cancer.

As you read through this blog you will learn how I had always used real foods, whole herbs and essential oils (along with exercise, pure water, etc.) to heal- always!  With the unknown issue of the hernia, I found myself at a point where I was unable to heal despite everything I knew and everything I was doing to be well.

When I was sitting in church last month during fast and testimony meeting, I felt strongly that I needed to go to the front of the church congregation to share my testimony of the Savior.  I knew the Holy Spirit was prompting me to share something but I didn't know what.  Full of faith, but not really knowing what I was going to say, after a long pause in the audience, I finally got up enough courage to stand.  Once I stood, it was just a matter of making it to the front of the audience to where the microphone was.

When I was speaking, I mentioned about my final attempt at saving my life and how I had felt "going to Mexico" was an answer to prayer.  I then mentioned how the hernia was causing my body to not be able to absorb the nutrition I needed and so my health suffered.  The thought came to me to talk about the Savior and the role he plays in healing our spiritual wounds...

Many times we may be doing all we can to be "spiritually well" by reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, attending the Temple, and serving others, but despite all of this, we may have a SPIRITUAL TEAR or wound that needs to be healed before we can properly absorb all of the incredible spiritual food we are filling our lives with.

Only the Master Physician can heal our spiritual tears.  Once the hurt and pain has been healed by the Savior, only then can we truly enjoy the nourishment that comes from spiritual food.  Once healed we can experience the peace, joy and comfort that comes from the partaking of spiritual food.


Once the physical tear was repaired, it took time for me to be able to eat and drink normally again.  I had to take teaspoons of water at first and chew my food really well and eat it very slowly, and I could only tolerate certain foods, but slowly over the course of about 6 months, I am finally able to eat somewhat normally and my digestion has tremendously improved.  It is nice knowing I will be stronger to rid my body of the diseases that took hold when I was in such a vulnerable state over such a long period of time.

Every person's tear or hernia is unique to them.  At times the Savior's healing can happen very quickly, and for some it takes more time due to the extent of damage done, but the healing balm of God is available for all of us.

When I was studying for my talk at Texas A&M last year, I was so sick that I called Dr. Lee and mentioned I no longer had my business website nor was I doing any coaching via Celiac Shack and mentioned perhaps he would like to remove me from the speaker list.  Dr. Lee let me know he understood and that he would be praying for me but he still wanted me to talk.  As difficult as it was to research the information when I felt like my brain was 'swirling in toxins' affecting my ability to think and speak well, I kept researching because I felt perhaps God was giving me the topic of "Cellular Metabolism - Side Effects and Solutions" because I needed the information myself.  As my research continued, the deeper and deeper I got into cellular metabolism, the more individuals spoke of energy affecting our cells ability to absorb nutrients.  One author compared a country at war and the lack of food transportation to what happens when we experience stress.  Our cells literally shut the doors to anything going in and out and despite the nutrition there, the cells do not open the doors until the stress has passed.  No wonder individuals with high stress levels become sick.  A weak, malnourished cell becomes vulnerable to disease.  Pain we hold onto creates stress in our bodies.  We need to constantly work to let go of all negative energies around us and surround ourselves with positive energies that heal, uplift and protect.

The thoughts we think, the energy of those we surround ourselves with, the beliefs we tell ourselves all affect our physical health.  Dr. Susan Lawton has a protocol that I will be following to help overcome Lyme's.  She also wrote a book called "Happily Healthily Ever After" that discusses how to use positive affirmations in addition to essential oils to help us overcome beliefs that keep us in a thought pattern of sickness.

Welcome to the Celiac Shack.  It has become more than simply going NATURALLY Gluten-Free.  It has become a place where I share with you my journey in hopes that it may help you, no matter the condition you are facing.  When I was reading about treating Lyme's the Dr. said that most people benefit more from the protocols if they are sugar, gluten and dairy free.  (I am a raw milk advocate and do not purchase the homogenized, pasteurized milk or dairy products from the store - but I definitely try to be naturally gluten-free and avoid refined sugars).

I pray that you or your loved one will be guided to those who will be able to help.  When I was in college I realized that everyone who looked even slightly like my x-step father would be instant enemies to me.  It really troubled me how much I hated one particular individual (a complete stranger) simply because he looked a lot like my x-step father.  At that moment I knew I needed counseling. The counselor's first bit of advise was to read the New Testament in the bible with a new focus on understanding the Atonement of Christ.  It took time, but eventually I understood.  Eventually I would humble myself enough and have enough faith to pray... "Father, I don't really understand how this all works, but I have enough faith to believe that somehow Jesus Christ truly did pay for all of my sadnesses and pain that others have caused."  I talked to Father in Heaven about the burden of hate and anger I was carrying and how I didn't want to carry it anymore and asked for help in Jesus' name.  I will never forget what it felt like as the weight was removed.  It was as if someone had taken a heavy back pack off of me.  I was absolutely astonished yet extremely grateful. Once the tear was healed, the relationships in my life also improved.  It was because of this very experience that I chose to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I wanted others to know the same joy I had known by coming to know the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and I wanted to share with others what His Atonement had done to bless my own life.

Words from the scriptures that I love...

Doubt not... fear not... I am with you.  I will make weak things become strong.  I am He who the Father has sent.  Knock and it shall be and ye shall find... ask and ye shall be given.

You are His child.  He loves you.  He wants you to experience joy, happiness and peace.  "Men are that they might have joy."

Lyme's was that one thing that I didn't feel confident helping others to overcome. Now it is my time to be able to turn to the Lord, to heal and to have the capacity, yet again to make my "mess" my "message".  NEVER, EVER give up searching for answers and please pray you will be humble enough to recognize the answers when they come.  I truly hope that something in this little "shack" will be useful to you.

With much love,


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gifts from Mother Earth

After the whirlwind fundraiser was over, (see my previous post) I asked the Roger's brothers if they had room in their suitcase to bring essential oils to the children in Nepal. Yes, there was extra space! Quickly I reached out to my beloved 'essential oil family' and within two days, these were the essential oils that were donated... 

When the donations were made, I wanted so badly to be the one to deliver them in person. I reached out to Clint and Gerald and was told that I could join them if I wanted to, but Dr. Rogers let me know of the dangers as well as the very rough conditions I would be surrounded by.

After a sincere prayer, I noticed that I had received a phone message, text message and a Facebook message from a friend who was in Nepal when the earthquake hit. She had seen me comment to someone that I was thinking about going to Nepal also. 

This is what she said...

"Hi Steffi,.... take it from someone who just got back from Nepal, you can do more good from here right now. Please delay your decision to go, you can keep praying for the children and raising funds, as you so beautifully are, but if you go right now, you may be more of a liability than a help. I am super-healthy but I came down with ... (she had a list of issues she was still dealing with)... Bottom line, it is not safe there, and the sanitary conditions are atrocious. Your immune system needs to be in perfect condition before you even consider going there. Maybe you and I can go back together in a couple of months?"

After messaging each other back and forth she would say this regarding our fundraiser that was held on the 15th of May...

"Trust me, I am crying myself to sleep each night, with the memories of what I saw there. Yes, there is so much suffering there, but then it's all over the world, isn't it? I shared oils with people along my trek and while they seemed to smile and really like it, we have to be honest with ourselves and recognize that these amazing oils are like step 20,000 out of the other more 'essential' items they need on a daily basis. Truly, what you are doing now, is far more helpful to them. Thank you SO much for what you are doing, it sounds amazing. I am so proud of you and your team for getting the word out about the orphanage. Now we both need to take a deep breath and remember the larger world, stay connected to your family and those that need you here and now. Have a super-duper time tonight (referring to the MUSIC and MAGIC fundraiser), I will be with you in spirit!!! xoxo"

As much as I love the essential oils and all that they bring, I realize that food, clean water and shelter is a priority for these children. 

Maggie, is sharing essential oil love with the world. It seems like every month she is in a different country teaching people about the power essential oils have to bless our lives. Here are some pictures of her and her husband after the earthquake in Nepal...

Maggie's Facebook post on April 29th 2015...

"We are back down to Namche Bazar, after two days of trekking and witnessing landslides and damaged homes along the way. Grateful to be safe and alive. Should be in Kathmandu within three days."

Maggie's 2nd post on April 29th...

"We visited the medical clinic in Kunde on our way up. The clinic sees about 25 patients a day; they do great work with minimal supplies." 

Here are some pictures of her before the earthquake hit...

Sadly, there was a friend of Maggie's who died in the avalanche at the base of everest due to the earthquake. 

I believe God answers our prayers many times through the inspired words and cautions of others. 

When I was a young girl my mom said she "didn't feel right about my going snowmobiling with a friend". I happily said "no worries, Mom. I'll pay for the Dr. bill if I get hurt." Little did I know what would happen, the years of chiropractic and physical therapy I would need and the pain I still experience, occasionally, to this day because I didn't listen to my inspired Mom.

We all have our free agency, right?

These are the amazing individuals who will be delivering the essential oils on our behalf...

(amazing hearts and hilarious as well - but definitely not essential oil experts)

The Roger's brothers at the airport this morning on their way to Nepal...

As much as my heart yearned to go to Nepal to deliver the gifts personally, I chose not to go to Nepal at this time. Maggie's inspired and insightful words were given to me as an answer to prayer.

Here is what I posted on Facebook this morning...

"When I was serving as a missionary (in Chile) almost 20 years ago, I had the opportunity to teach a couple of individuals who were deaf via a translator. The translated message was not delivered like I wanted it to due to the attitude of the translator. As individuals head out with the essential oils that have been donated, I pray nothing will be lost in translation. I really wish I could be the one to be there personally to wash the dirt from the children's feet, hands and faces, and I want to be the one to apply the right essential oils in the correct order, and correct dilution (for their age) to the bottoms of their tiny feet. I want their first experience with essential oils to be magical for them and so full of love and tenderness from a mommy figure who loves them unconditionally. However, I know that despite weaknesses, God atones. I am just so very grateful doors opened, individuals were willing and so much love was poured into those suitcases. I seriously cried when I picked up the orders at 'will call'. Each gift given was so carefully selected and sacrifices were made. Now to pray the love does not get lost in translation. Namaste."

I pray that I will be able to go to Nepal in July. Until then, I will do my very best to raise money for the children to rebuild the orphanage.

I will also continue to donate and raise awareness of the The Healing Hands Foundation (that I worked with when I went to Israel).  1000 families have already been blessed with food and blankets due to the donations already offered.  The goal is to raise 1 million dollars.

One purchase of Rose Essential oil hand lotion, will give $20 to the Healing Hands Foundation and the Nepal Fundraising efforts. You can donate/purchase by going here...

I did cry myself to sleep last night and cried off and on this morning as I wondered if I had made the right choice.  Did my fears stop me from being there in person like I should have been? I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the resurrection. I know those children will see their parents again someday, and I look forward to seeing the children in a couple of months.

Below is a letter that I wrote to the children as my heart ached to be with them. At first it started out as if I was talking to them and bringing the love from the "many mothers" who donated the oils, but then it transitioned to my trying to talk to them as if I was their own mother and then I realized at the end it was as if mother earth was speaking to them. It is imperfect, but it is what poured out. I had it translated into Nepali for the kids and caregivers. You can see the translation below the english version...


"Dear Children,

I love you.  These essential oils are precious gifts that have been brought to you from me.  Please accept them into your lives and into your hearts.  The essential oils of the plant do many wonderful things to provide beautiful fragrances that calm, energize, uplift, inspire, fight for, protect, lift, encourage, cleanse, purify, stabilize, and either warm or cool depending on the need.

Each essential oil is unique.  Each essential oil has a different “personality”.  Just like you. As you learn about each essential oil, you will better know how each essential oil will help you personally.  

Some essential oils you will love.  Other essential oils you will not like.  It is the essential oils that we dislike that can sometimes teach us the most about ourselves.  Why is it that I do not like that particular smell?  Why is it that I absolutely love the smell of certain essential oils and not others?

Look into your heart.  You will learn why.  Please allow the essential oil to help you.  The essential oils work gently.  Less applied more often is more beneficial.  

I love you.  I pray for you.  I want to be there with you. I know that there will be loving people who will be sent to you. They will be able to hug you, apply these essential oils to your feet, hold you and look into your eyes so that you can see my love through their eyes. 

You are so very brave.  The earth shook and buildings crumbled.  You were protected.  

As you look out into the night sky, and the star-filled heavens, please know that I am with you.  Feel my love in the smell of the flowers, in the cooling touch of the water, in the gentle touch of the rain.  Please feel my love as the sun rises and as the clouds set high in the sky.

Please feel my love as you observe the bugs, and the animals and as you feel the gentle breeze. 

Mother earth.  These essential oils are my gift to you. I love you and I try to reach out to you in many ways.  Please open your minds, your hearts and your soul to the mother spirit that I bring.  I will flood you with peace.


Mother Earth"


Here is the same letter written in Napali...

प्रिय बच्चाहरु,

तिमीलाई माया गर्छु यी अत्यावश्यक तेल मबाट ल्याइएको भनेर अनमोल उपहार हो आफ्नो जीवन मा आफ्नो हृदय मा उनलाई स्वीकार गर्नुहोस् संयंत्र को आवश्यक तेल शान्त, energize उत्थान, प्रेरित लागि लड्न, रक्षा, लिफ्ट, प्रोत्साहन, शुद्ध, निर्मल, स्थिर, न्यानो वा सुन्दर या आवश्यकता मा निर्भर कि सुन्दर सुगंध प्रदान गर्न धेरै अद्भुत कुराहरू के

प्रत्येक आवश्यक तेल अद्वितीय प्रत्येक आवश्यक तेल फरक "व्यक्तित्व" बस तपाईंलाई रुचि तपाईं प्रत्येक आवश्यक तेल सिक्न तपाईंले राम्रो प्रत्येक आवश्यक तेल व्यक्तिगत तपाईंलाई मदत गर्नेछ कसरी थाहा हुनेछ

तपाईं प्रेम हुनेछ केही आवश्यक तेल तपाईंलाई रुचि छैन अन्य आवश्यक तेल यो हामी कहिलेकाहीं सबैभन्दा आफैलाई बारेमा हामीलाई सिकाउन सक्छन् मन नपराउने भन्ने आवश्यक तेल किन विशेष गन्ध रुचि छैन भनेर हो? किन यो निश्चित आवश्यक तेल छैन अरूको गन्ध बिल्कुल मन ?

आफ्नो स्मरणमा हेर तपाईं किन सिक्न हुनेछ आवश्यक तेल तपाईंलाई मदत गर्न अनुमति गर्नुहोस् आवश्यक तेल बिस्तारै काम कम अधिक अक्सर लागू अधिक लाभकारी

तिमीलाई माया गर्छु तिमीलाई लागि प्रार्थना तपाईं संग हुन चाहन्छन् तिमीलाई पठाइने जो मायालु मान्छे त्यहाँ हुनेछ भनेर थाह तपाईं आफ्नो आँखा माध्यम मेरो प्रेम देख्न सक्छौं भनेर तिनीहरूले, तपाईं गले आफ्नो खुट्टा यी आवश्यक तेल लागू तपाईं पकड आफ्नो आँखा मा हेर्न सक्नेछन्

तपाईं धेरै साहसी छन् पृथ्वी shook भवनहरु crumbled तपाईं सुरक्षित थिए

तपाईं रात आकाश, तारा भरिएको आकाश बाहिर हेर्न, तपाईं संग हुँ भनी थाहा गर्नुहोस् वर्षामा को कोमल स्पर्श मा, पानी को ठंडा स्पर्श मा, फूल को गन्ध मेरो प्रेम महसुस सूर्य उदाउँनेसमय रूपमा आकाश मा उच्च सेट बादल रूपमा मेरो प्रेम महसुस गर्नुहोस्

तपाईं कोमल हावा महसुस रूपमा तपाईं बग, पशुहरू पालन रूपमा मेरो प्रेम महसुस गर्नुहोस्

आमा पृथ्वीमा यी अत्यावश्यक तेल तपाईं मेरो उपहार हो तिमीलाई माया गर्छु धेरै तरिकामा तपाईं अघि बढ्न खोज्छन् आफ्नो मन, आफ्नो हृदय ल्याउन कि आमा आत्मा आफ्नो प्राण खोल्न गर्नुहोस् शान्ति संग तपाईं बाढी हुनेछ


आमा धरती


With much love,