Sunday, January 14, 2018

Traveling to INDIA, and Staying Well

 Las Vegas to Seattle to Dubai to Chennai...


I stepped off of the airplane and headed down the corridor. Instead of heading straight towards immigration, I followed the signs directing me to the women's bathrooms.  

When I opened the stall, I was stunned for a moment as I processed everything...
(see picture below)

1) I would need to bring my carry-on and purse into the tiny space with me.
2) "How sanitary is this place?"  I would ask and answer myself instantly.
3) No toilet paper.  (Thank goodness for a leftover napkin I still had in my purse from purchasing food the day prior)
4) "Would it be possible for me to squat, without touching my hands on the floor without peeing all over my pants and shoes?" Valid concern. 

5) I gave myself a big pep talk.  "You can do this!" There was no getting out or around this situation.  I needed to use this bathroom asap and had no idea when the next opportunity, to relieve myself would be. 

Squatting like a champ I almost manage it without a problem, but I had underestimated the slickness of the surface my shoes were on.  My left leg slipped out from underneath me and instinctively my left arm responded in a flash.  Thank goodness for my left hands selfless sacrifice, it was able to support my body so that the only contact that happened was my left hand.  A 4 letter word quickly leaped off my lips.  Fortunately it was said quiet enough, and was in English so I hoped that nobody was offended.

My hand needed to be quarantined at that point.  Oh the horror!  

Surprisingly I managed to finish the job, use the napkin from my purse that was fortunately still in my RIGHT hand vs. being in my (needing to be quarantined) left. I proceeded like a champ and used the faucet of water and the bucket to "flush".  

I did the one handed, pull my pants back up, shimmy.  

Mission accomplished.  Job done, and my pants and shoes were still dry.  

Finagling my way out of the bathroom with my luggage, I headed to the bathroom sink and mirror.  Thank goodness they had hand soap. I scrubbed, washed, rinsed, dried my hands (with the focus of a surgeon), and then took out an essential oil blend to put on my hands to kill any lingering problem whether from the fall or from the water I had used to wash my hands with. 

Introducing the original "Squatty Potty".  My Squatty Potty at home, that lifted my legs up when sitting on the 'throne', was definitely not the real deal. 

Here it is... 

Exiting the bathroom I followed the signs back to immigration.

 Once past immigration, I exit the airport.  I was told in advance, by the couple who sat next to me, that the smell is a bit overwhelming at first.  I was warned that the congestion, smells, humidity, closeness of so many people interacting together, takes a little getting used to.  

Exiting the airport, in my obviously american Eddie Bauer shoes, pants, shirt, and puffed light winter coat, I definitely looked like a foreigner. The sunlight blinded me for a few seconds.  Everything seemed to be playing in slow motion as my eyes adjusted to the light.  Seas and seas of black hair, and dark chocolate faces seemed to surround all sides. Tall, short, medium, they stacked against each other lining both sides of the lines that separated them from the people exiting the airport.  I suddenly felt like a celebrity walking down the red carpet as if there were paparazzi on all sides.  The smiles, the shouts, the honking of horns from vehicles in the distance, the revving motors of vehicles, it all seemed so surreal.  A smile escaped my attempting to be 'serious' face.  What a warm welcome. It felt like I had just finished a marathon and cheering fans were on both sides.  I tried not to make eye contact with any of those white eyes that were staring at me.  I scanned the canvas of black and brown for some indication of my name. 


There was my name printed in large bold black lettering on white paper.  I nod my head in response to him pointing to me.  "Yes, I'm Steffanie".  He motions for me to keep walking until I make it to the end of the throngs of people as he goes behind everything and resurfaces just as I am exiting the lines that separate the travelers from the natives.  An occasional brightly colored dress, would be seem occasionally.  "The jewels of this place were definitely the women,"  I thought.  They were so beautiful but definitely outnumbered. I was seeing firsthand what I had read online weeks earlier.  The population of men outnumbered the women significantly.  

As we drove out of the parking lot, a few men waved in response to my asking if I can take their picture. 

The smells

I was told to brace myself.  As I took the below video, the warm air blew gently into my face while I was filming.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Trash was everywhere.  Fires lit piles of garbage in so many places.  The cows. Who did they belong to? I wondered how the sewage drained.   I attempted to carry on a conversation with the driver, but unfortunately we did not understand each other.  I focused back on filming and taking in all of the incredible sights.  I had seen pictures of all of this but nothing compares to experiencing it in person.  The humidity, the blaring of the sun, the mixture of smoke and sewage and garbage in the air...Then without warning, a smell smacked me so hard in the face/eyes/nostrils that I jumped back into the car and stopped the video because of the startle.  Holy cow! THAT was probably the type of smell that had sent my new friend immediately back into her hotel to give herself a pep talk in order to exit the hotel again and continue her tour of the city.  I couldn't recall a prior time in my life when a particular smell had cut my breathe like that immediately.

We were soon greeted by the security man, who worked for the Dr. whose name was on all of my VISA documents who was requesting I come to India.   I looked at the name on the house as I entered.  There was her name on a golden plaque.  I was so excited to meet her!  My luggage was brought to the 2nd floor and I was shown my room, the kitchen area that would be shared with another couple, and my private bathroom.  

Once in my apartment, I realized my throat was starting to burn a little.  It reminded me of years ago when my family and I had to evacuate our home.  The fires were too close, and we were starting to get nauseas from the inhalation of smoke and so we had to leave for a few days.  This smell was a constant in Tamu Nadil.   I prayed that I would not have any issues with the air pollution affecting my health.  I opened the window to see what my view would be like.  I smiled when I saw the laundry hanging.  It reminded me of my beloved Mexico and the people at the clinic who had saved my life 3 years prior.  

Knowing all the germs that I must have on my body and clothing, from traveling for 2 days, I stripped down and entered what I was told was my private bathroom.  Onguard foaming hand wash was applied to my entire body and face.  The essential oils used to cleanse felt like warming pin pricks all over my body.  I imagined all of the bad being killed by the good.  I breathed in the scent of wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary - how grateful I was for my essential oils. My instinct was to scratch the surface of my skin with my nails, but knowing that puncturing through my skin would make me vulnerable to bacteria entering my blood stream, I opted for cleansing my skin with the skin brushes I had brought - super thankful for the last minute tip from the prior Dance Master who had been in India for 6 months prior to my arrival. I followed up with another body wash and an extra dose of cleanser to my face and hands as well.

I hadn't been instructed on how to use the shower yet, and so I didn't know the heating unit switch was in a conjoining room. It was a nice cold shower, but I loved the experience as it reminded me of my Mamita in Chile.  She would always shake her head in disbelief at us crazy american girls who showered with hot water.  She had beautiful tight skin youthful skin for her age.  She told us she "always used cold water".  Not by choice, but there I was taking my nice cold shower - hoping for the beautiful skin Mamita Carmen still had now 20+ years later than that time I was in Chile as a missionary. 

Once in my room, I made sure to setup my wattage converter, surge protector (I was told power surges happen several times a day) and my diffuser.  I chose the OnGuard blend to diffuse into the air.  A calmness flooded over me as I knew it would help to remove all impurities from the air - even the polution that would come into my room through the window from the smoke and the smell of garbage. 

  Working with 300 kids K-12 grade, directing the Life Dance Troupe every day during the week, and leading individual and group dance and movement therapy exercises/classes at a different leprosy colonies each week... I needed to have energy and I needed cellular support, and reduced inflammation - especially with Non-HIV B-Cell AIDS - a result of undiagnosed Lyme disease for 18 years. With no internal defense...this was my lifeline.  

I came prepared.  I smiled when I opened up my once Stella and Dot Jewelry bag, to see my treasures.  Jasmine, Neroli and Rose were some of my favorite essential oils.  So rare. So pure.  Just seeing those oils made my happy.   Taking the rose essential oil out, I applied it to the back of my neck and rubbed that beautiful, uplifting essential oil into my skin.  "Thank you, God, for these beautiful gifts".  

 The flashlight/lantern made it with me - just in time.  I love it.  The prior Dance Master, (the amazing Susie) gave me this tip last minute.  She said her hand held lantern had saved her many times.  I thought of the picture my friend Shaun had posted of the gigantic scorpion they had seen and of his counsel to be "aware of your surroundings at all times".  Grateful was an understatement.  I had packed two to of these flashlight/lanterns to be safe.  

Inside this backpack (below) are the items I was told I needed to have for the group "dance movement jams" that happen at the end of the day at the various leprosy colonies, and items I would need to check and double check to make sure I was on top of things as far as preventing illness goes.  Inside this travel bag is my wireless speaker, my flashlight, tissue (gotta bring your own TP), Onguard Hand Spray, Onguard beadlet lozenges, and it will fit my stainless steel water bottle that has lemon and peppermint essential oils added to the water.

Refreshing and cleansing to have nice purified water with lemon essential oil and peppermint in it. 

 During my flight, there was a woman who kept coughing right next to me.  It was a tad unnerving.  Every few hours, and sometimes every 20-30 minutes, I would pop a couple more essential oil beadlets into my mouth and even rubbed some of the essential oils from bursted beadles onto the back of my neck and into my throat.  I would use the spray on the palms of my hands and then rub my hands together, cup them over my nose and mouth and breathe in deeply.  Again, "Thank you, dear God, for these essential oils that pass the blood/brain barrier, and cross the cell membrane to stop the protein synthesis of even the "v" word. 

According to my Dr.,  my immune system is "pretty much non-existent". Yes. The products I use are my life-line. I do not want to stay living in a bubble out of fear of what I may come in contact with. 

Instead of letting the reality and fear of whatever else I might be exposed to, stop me from going forward with the invitation to India, I brought essential oils, and I brought the ResultsRNA products. For 20+ years I was always trying to "build my immune system".  At they help to educate why that doesn't work.  It is non HIV B Cell AIDS that we are dealing with.  As being such, I am doing my best to create my artificial or backup immunity through the essential oils, and Results RNA products in addition to eating a KETO diet. 

Eggs, eggs and lots of eggs!  I pray that I will be able to adhere to this same diet which has me feeling pretty amazing these days thanks to my amazing coach, Ron Williams.  I rarely veer from the below list and stick with eggs and fish vs. beef and dairy and poultry. When I cheat it is usually with berries or a grapefruit. 

Happy Traveling!  As I was cleaning the dishes tonight, I was told about how they never use the water to drink and make sure dishes are completely dry before they use them.  I pulled this out of my bag. YES!  How grateful I am that I brought it!  Time to sanitize dishes and my bathroom etc. 

Here's to health, and wellness and an "ounce or two of prevention". 

With much love, 


Saturday, December 30, 2017

$100 Cash and a Big Bag of Jerky

The sign the older man held read "Cash or Food Please".  I was sitting in the front passenger seat, inside my warm utility vehicle, when my son and I passed by him.  It was freezing outside.  I cringed thinking about how the homeless man's fingers, hands and face were exposed to the bone chilling air.

Before getting off the highway, our vehicle had slipped off the road, going about 60 miles an hour, due to a very large and sudden patch of ice that covered the entire road. It was terrifying having absolutely no control over what my son would choose to do or where the car would end up.  My son just kept his eyes straight ahead, didn't move his hands, and did his best to keep the tires straight.  Without missing a beat, and without letting the car come to a complete stop, my son (who had just received his drivers permit this year), navigated like a pro, and used the momentum of the vehicle to get back onto the old highway vs taking the risk of getting stuck in the snow by stopping.  Relieved, I told him over and over again how proud I was of him and that he had handled the situation really well by not trying to over correct and had kept the tires straight ahead etc. I cringed thinking about what would have happened to us if the car had rolled out of control, or if we had ran into one of the poles alongside the road or into a tree.  We were in a place in eastern Wyoming that could take an ambulance hours to get to us. As I thought about the man, and about how out of control we were when our vehicle hit that black ice, I thought about how my life had taken on unexpected detours and challenges and wondered what events had transpired to lead this man to where he was now, holding the cardboard sign that said "Cash or Food Please".

When we saw the pan handler holding his sign, I mentioned to my son that I wanted to stop to give him something.  While my son stayed outside to fuel the vehicle, I went inside to see if I could find an ATM.  I wanted to give the man more, but I ended up putting $100 in my purse to give to him. I knew that this was more than perhaps a teacher aide made in a day, but I felt like I needed to get him enough money so that he could afford gas money to get him closer to his destination. I looked around the store and found a bulk sized bag of jerky and debated buying the man some coffee.  The store was all out of the insulated mugs with handles and so I changed my mind about the coffee and decided to stick with the money and food I was going to give him.  "He could afford to buy himself coffee if he wanted it," I thought. I wasn't even sure if he would drink it.  I, myself, didn't drink coffee. A man behind me in line, said he hadn't seen the pan handler before but said someone who works at the gas station had gone out to talk to him.  The man mentioned something about the man needing to get a job vs. asking for money.  Briefly I shared why I had a great deal of compassion for the homeless.  "Three years ago I was unable to speak english, I couldn't write, was going blind, and had difficulty walking and breathing,"  I said to the man. "If it hadn't been for family I would have been homeless also."  The guy brushed the comment aside and said "ahhhh someone would have been there to help you."  I told the man my father had died 15 years prior and my step-father was not the kind to welcome an adult child back into the home." I said if my circumstances would have been different, I might have been homeless also."  The man became silent as he looked at me while processing the information.  I hoped that his judgment of the man would soften a bit.

At my very worst, when I had gone to Mexico for answers, that first day after I was admitted into the clinic, I would lay on the bed, going in and out of consciousness, not even strong enough to think about, let alone figure out, how to press the call button for help.  I had been put in that room in the evening the day prior by a member of the office staff.  The next day, somehow nurses missed the memo that I was there, and so I was alone that entire night, the entire morning, afternoon and evening of the next day without being able to call for help.  My voice was too weak for someone to hear me even if I was able to yell out for someone to help me.  Breathing was difficult and I wondered if I was going to die and people would eventually find me there after it was too late.  It was night time when a clinic administrator entered my room.  He began speaking to me in English.  I shook my head slowly.  I couldn't respond to him.  "How long have you been here?"  He asked panicking. I searched my brain for the Spanish language and slowly replied "Todo el dia.  Llegue anoche." (All day. I arrived last night) The kind, tall man with greying grandfather hair, exited the room quickly.  Several nurses would enter the room with him shortly thereafter and put an IV into my arm.  Food was brought to me and a kind woman who was a cleaning lady there would put her work aside, and take it upon herself to be my adopted mother from that time forward.  She stroked my face and hair, as she would help me eat and drink and would continually tell me that I was going to be ok.  She would tell me over and over how I would be in God's hands and that the people there prayed to God for direction and that they would help me and listen to God for direction.  Her words and the look of love and concern in the faces of each of those earth angels, filled me with incredible peace.  I could feel that I would survive somehow.

I had been to the clinic with my husband the week prior.  I had wanted to stay and told my husband about how I had heard my Grandfather's voice telling me "Steffi, trust Dr. James with your life," but cost and logic was given preference to my intuition and spiritual promptings that I felt I had received.  We returned to the USA for the needed operation because "insurance would cover the cost".  I was promised I could return to Mexico to receive treatment for the "other things" the Dr suspected, was lyme disease, once I healed.  I had cried as we left the clinic knowing that I needed to stay in Mexico.  I felt like I didn't have long to live.  Once back in the USA I met with my Dr. who referred me to a well known surgeon and to an infectious disease Dr. who my Dr. said had saved several of his patients lives - even taking one of his patients to Mexico for treatments not available in the USA.  Everything was taking too long.  It had taken several days to meet with my own Dr., my appointment with the surgeon was booked out over a week away (despite everyone knowing how critical my situation was), and I knew once I met with the surgeon they would then make an appointment for the surgery possibly weeks away from my original appointment time with him.

The night prior to flying back to Mexico, I had struggled to breathe. My husband would be leaving for an early flight in the morning and so I didn't want to wake him, but stayed awake all night long praying and focusing intensely on breathing. It was as if someone was turning a switch on and off in my brain that made my body pause too long to take in air.  It felt as if my tongue was swelling making it feel like I would suffocate.  When my sister came over to check on me, after dropping my husband off at the airport, I would be unable to speak to her.  Fast forward to 2pm that same day and I was on an airplane with only the clothes I was wearing, my purse that only had my passport, my drivers license, my credit card and some of my life-saving essential oils in it.  By the grace of God I made it to Mexico.  My sister cried as she had watched me try to sign my will in front of the witnesses at the bank, before we went to the airport.  She cried again as she watched me struggling to walk, as airport staff would catch me from falling and would bring me a wheelchair. It was a miracle to be in Mexico again, even though I did not have any family with me. I felt and knew that I was surrounded by so many earth angels who were continually monitoring me, giving support as needed as they prayed to God for direction on my behalf.

I was completely dependent upon others.  Too weak to talk, unable to even sign my own name, nurses would race in to apply oxygen as needed.  Tears would stream down my face as they wrapped my head in their arms and coached me to breathe.  I would fade in and out of consciousness.  Prior to leaving for Mexico, the paralysis that held me hostage would ease up just long enough for me to quickly write a GoFundMe page requesting help.  I knew the surgery alone would be $6000.  It was frustrating knowing that if I could stay in the US my insurance would pay for it.  The other help I needed, would be about $2500 a week.  By the time I made it to Mexico, there was already $3500 in donations given.  I cried when I was told my sister-in-law had donated $1000 of it.  Looking up to my Dr. I told him in Spanish what friends and family had done and he replied in Spanish, "Do not worry.  We will take care of you.  I have scheduled you for the operation to be performed tomorrow."  I told him that I didn't have enough money yet and that I had told my sister to try to sell my piano or anything else of value in my house.  He assured me that my life was worth more to him than money and that I needed to relax and know that God would provide. He instructed me that he had needed to give me IV's to get me strong enough before I could be operated on.  Miraculously, 21 days later, I would be strong enough to walk unassisted and to endure the flight back home just in time before my 40th birthday. Over the course of three months we would spend over $25,000.00 for medical expenses not covered by insurance, to work with a "lyme literate Dr.", and to have tests confirm that it was lyme disease, and all of the confections that went with it, that was threatening my life.  Once I healed from the operation, my body would absorb nutrients better and I would be stronger to be able to combat post sepsis neurological lyme disease.

As I looked at the man, who was standing behind me in line, I knew there was no way for him to even understand what I had been through.  So many people with the borrelia post sepsis have died without receiving help.  So many, who had "lyme literate doctors" had died from suicide, or heart failure or suffocation.  How could I shout out to him about the corruption at the CDC, about the developers of the Lymerix vaccine and how they changed the definition of Lyme to exclude neurological lyme so that they could prove their vaccine worked when the vaccine actually caused neurological lyme to occur in each victim who received the vaccine.  How could I explain how Dr's lost their licenses daring to give their patients more than the 2 weeks of antibiotics recommended?  How could he understand that Lyme suppressed the immune system like AIDS, and about all of the co-infections that were killing off people who desperately needed medication, but could not afford it?  I turned away from him.  Unless he had been there himself, walking in one of our shoes, he would never understand.  A fully capable individual, capable of working would never understand unless he chose to take time to get down in the trenches with the individual, hear their story, and allow themselves to realize sometimes life takes us suddenly off of the path we are on.  Some make it back onto the road safely while others become badly injured or killed during the struggle.

After purchasing the jerky I walked out to my warm vehicle.  I asked my son to drive me to where the man was.  My son tried to convince me not to help and told me about how I would be contributing to "pan handling".  I knew what he meant and knew there was a correct time and place to give, but said, "I hope that you will learn that when God touches your heart to do something, you only need to trust that God knows that individual's heart and I hope you have the faith to obey."  I put the 5 $20 bills in the plastic bag with the jerky. I rolled down the window and handed the man the bag.  He caught a glimpse of the money and waved back excitedly.  He didn't say anything but thanked me with his eyes.  I choked back the tears.  The grey beard, the beanie on his head, those clear blue eyes... he reminded me of my deceased father.

We drove in silence for awhile.  I thought about my son's concern.  I understand there are people who may abuse the kindness of others and take advantage, but as a Christian it is my responsibility to follow and to obey when I hear the voice of the Lord asking me to serve one of His children. We should never judge, but keep our hearts open to compassion and understanding. The man could have been mentally disabled, he could have been injured from a war, suffer from PTSD, from depression, have an incurable illness - so many reasons for why people are homeless and unable to work.

Earlier today I saw a post from a man with chronic lyme disease.  A mutual friend had shared his post.  The man explained how he had been a business owner, but after struggling with lyme disease, he had sold his equipment for pennies on the dollar, had used up over $100,000 on trying to treat the disease, and was now looking at losing his home and living in his car. His car needed repairs and was inoperable.  I cringed thinking about this man homeless in the wintertime in PA.  He talked about how the church where he had regularly tithed for so many years, had turned their backs on him, how he had tried to create a GoFundMe page, but had not received the help needed.  He talked about being unable to work and how he slept most of the time.  My heart ached and my mind raced at how I could possibly help him.  He needs housing, he needs food and warmth and he needs medicine.

Celiac Shack.  I want to eventually have these little shacks built where they will be able to house people with chronic illness, and I want to be able to offer treatment that truly is life-changing.

I am a miracle.  As you can see from this blog, I went from being on the verge of death, literally, to slowly regaining my strength to where two years from my time in Mexico struggling to breathe, walk, talk, write, and see, I was dancing and performing on stage with a University Dance Company.  That is something special to shout out to the world.  Because of misinformation and naivety, I underestimated the strength of what I was dealing with and so I relapsed about 8 months ago.  Digging deeper and thanks to the information at, I now understand that I am dealing with immunosuppression.  I am dealing with something that is more like AIDS than it is to cancer.  This changes so many ways I seek treatment. As I listen to the advise of others, without praying for myself to know that it is true, I have suffered.  I've learned to not blindly trust the advise given by supposed "lyme literate" Dr's.  My greatest physician is God, and my Dr. in Mexico, the founders of ResultsRNA and DoTERRA, and my personal trainer/coach Ron Williams have been the pivotal players in helping me to get well.  I am grateful to the amazing men and women, business owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers who have brushed shoulders with me who have shared information.

A few days from now I will be interviewed to tell my story.  I've been told the last video that this company filmed, was viewed over 2 million times.  Rewind to 20 years ago when I left the University at BYU as a dance major, when I received a blessing of comfort from my bishop.  He would place his hand on my head, seek guidance from the Lord as he said the words that would enter his mind.  He said "you have been given your trials for a reason... One day you will share your message with the world."  At that time I literally rolled my eyes and after the blessing finished, I reluctantly shook the bishops hand and thanked him for coming over.  My heart felt like it was going to break as I watched my friends get into their cars to go to Moab for a high adventure, action packed church activity. I collapsed to the floor and crawled up the stairs slowly to my room.  So much life was being wasted.  I turned on the music a friend had brought over.  It was the music that the dance company we were both on was choreographing to.  I had been too weak to attend rehearsals. Unable to move anything but my arms and hands, I slowly but in the most beautiful way, coming directly from my heart, danced.  Through my trials I learned how to dance authentically, I have learned a level of compassion I feel very few can even comprehend.  So when I see someone homeless or hurting, I want to wrap my arms around them giving comfort.  I pray God blesses this little Celiac Shack abundantly so that I can be the conduit for blessing the lives of many of God's children.  There are homeless people that need to know how food affects their brains and bodies. There are shelters, and psychologists and social workers that need to recognize the symptoms of post-sepsis lyme disease that mimic so many other illnesses, and there are teachers and lunch workers that need to understand the role that exercise, and proper foods and nutrition can benefit the behavior of their students positively.

Some day.  Perhaps Celiac Shack will be seen by "the world", but for now, whoever is reading this, I pray that you will turn to God for answers that will be specific to YOU or your loved one.  May you have the courage to never give up resting in the assurance that somebody needs the knowledge you HAVE and WILL work so hard to obtain.  May God bless each of us as we make our "mess our message".  I pray there is something in this blog that will help you.  Every time I make a blog post I pray that the ones who need it most will somehow find this information.

In this coming year, may we each work to listen to God as he teaches us to love more and judge less.  You never know... they may be struggling to overcome post sepsis Non HIV B Cell AIDS (neurological lyme disease) and all of the co-infections that go with it.

With much love,

- Steffi

Monday, June 27, 2016

Walking/Jogging/Running for Clarity of Mind

Very few know the reason why I started running a couple of years ago. When I would walk, I could see my right foot hitting the ground but the sensation wouldn't register in my brain until my left foot was almost hitting the ground. I prayed earnestly to know what to do. The answer that first day was "walk 12 miles". I got on the treadmill and would have to hold myself up mostly with the weight of my arms as the treadmill propelled my legs forward one at a time. The crazy mixed signals between what my brain registered and what my eyes saw was not something I can even begin to describe. I cried and cried as I walked and walked only taking time off to change the laundry or to use the bathroom and then back on the treadmill again until 12 miles was reached. Each day I would ask "how many miles?" Some days it was six and most days it was 12. Eventually I would get to where I would ask my husband to drop me off 6 or 12 miles from somewhere and I would walk/jog back. During that time I would watch motivational videos or while outside I would listen to motivational books purchased from Eventually I would force myself to do a relay. It was during that relay that I listened to "The Big Leap"as I visualized letting go of limiting beliefs with every mile I finished. 

Embarrassingly, during my first relay, I realized my brain could not get my body to run faster even though I knew I was physically able to run faster. I had told the individual who invited me that I was slow and could only run a 12 minute mile. How humiliating it was to get on the road, without the assistance of the treadmill and realize my pace was at least 3 minutes a mile slower than what I said it was.  No matter how much I tried to get my body to run faster and even though I knew my lungs could handle more, I could not run faster. Long story short? It is a happy/sad time. I am going to be SELLING my treadmill. I am so grateful...but time to run some trails, mountain bike, dance, swim, etc. Here's to NEVER giving up and listening to G-d for answers that are specific to what each one of us need. Several months ago I read an article that talked about how long distance running was the very best exercise, hands down, for creating new neuron pathways in the brain compared to all other exercises. I didn't know that...but G-d did. ❤️ I wish I had saved that article so that I could share the link.  If anyone finds an article that shows how long-distance running builds new neuron pathways, please send it my way. 

I walked many miles on this treadmill (pictured above) while crying many tears.  It is hard to be selling something at such a low price that was of such great value to me. Here's to getting outside (no matter the weather) to hike, walk, jog or run.  One step at a time. 

Here are the brave new friends who were the first to run a relay with me several years ago.  All of them were so much faster than me and it was so embarrassing to run about as fast as they could walk (seriously!), but they were so encouraging as they met me at each mile until I had reached my second leg of the relay reaching 8 miles.

This morning as I dropped off my boys to the recreation center for swim team practice, I decided to go inside to workout with weights and cardio machines while my boys swam.  When I was on the stair stepper, I noticed there were a group of women on the front row who were running incredibly fast as someone in their group would call out encouraging words. It was very motivating to watch.  I thought of how they probably spend a lot of time outdoors as well running trails and possibly relays and marathons.  Although it is more therapeutic to experience the outdoors when you workout, sometimes you need to do what works for your schedule and works for your group. 

Here is the article that motivated me to sell our treadmill...

Cheering for you - always! 

With much love, 


Sunday, May 8, 2016


It was in December 2014 /January 2015 that I finally realized that I was worth the cost...

I was at a point in my life where I had accepted, what I thought was, God's will. Someone else would raise my children. Someone else would buy their clothes, make their meals...

My heart ached at the thought of someone else raising my children, as I felt life slipping away. Eventually the ache would be filled with peace. God would continue providing for their needs - even once I was gone. They were His children first. 

Selling items I had used in my attempts at healing (my family would no longer need once I was gone) I was able to accept an invitation to go to Israel to serve and to teach. 

I wondered if the miraculous invitation to Israel was my opportunity to draw close to the Savior before I would actually see Him in person. Every minute was a struggle to keep my mind and body moving forward as I tried my best to serve without anyone knowing of my pain.

The time came when I realized the trip to Israel was coming to an end and I still had not found that perfect gift for my children. I truly believed that it would be the last gift I would ever give to them. I wanted it to leave a powerful message and visual that would help them in their lives.

We entered a wood carving shop. I immediately was drawn to a carving of the Savior washing one of the disciples feet. The price...I couldn't pay it. I looked on but kept feeling drawn to that carving of the Savior. It was perfect. Life... it is all about following in the footsteps of the Savior. The store manager approached me about the piece. I told him that I loved it but said I didn't have the money to pay for it. The man said "I can tell by looking into your eyes, I can trust you". He continued, "I will mail it to you and when you earn enough money, you can pay me then." I hated the thought of accepting something I could not immediately pay for, but I knew that the price of selling my piano could pay for the beautiful carving. Once I returned home, the package arrived shortly thereafter - just in time for Christmas.

The Handmade Woodcarving of the Savior and the Disciple 

Deteriorating quicker than expected...I panicked that I would die before the man would be repaid. I made my husband promise to fulfill the commitment I made if I died before the payment could be sent. 

My beautiful children. 

Drifting in and out of consciousness, I knew that I had done everything many allopathic and alternative Dr's had suggested. For four years I had been pleading to go to Mexico for treatment. For some reason I believed answers could be found there. I was never given permission to go when I asked.

I thought of the prayer I had said while in Israel. "Arise". God had told me to arise. I thought of my CHILDREN. With one final battle cry, my soul reached out in a final attempt to live. 

I was worth the cost, and I was worth the cost NOW! 

I no longer believed the lies I heard about myself from the unseen enemy. 

No. Nobody could love my children as much as I do.

No. Nobody would assure they were fed the healing foods I buy and prepare...

No. My children needed me to give this fight every last ounce of my strength in an attempt to win!

Nobody could mother my children better than me! 

I was no longer asking for permission, I was telling my husband what I needed to do. FINALLY I SAW MY WORTH AS MY CHILDREN'S MOTHER! I told my husband "I need to leave for Mexico TODAY!" 

Miraculously answers were found and my life was saved. The thing that made the difference? Thinking of my CHILDREN gave me the strength I didn't know was possible. Like a woman who, in a desperate attempt to save a child life, finds the strength to lift a vehicle with her own two hands, I made it to Mexico that second time. Alone. Unable to speak english, unable to write, unable to drive, barely able to walk, going blind and experiencing face palsy... With only the clothes I had on my back, my ID and my life 'supporting' essential oils I used to keep airways open... I made it. 

21 days later I would return home knowing it was only to get better from there.

I thank God, and my children for giving me the faith to make that final attempt. 

"Mother love is the FUEL that enables a normal human being to do the impossible." - Marion C. Garetty

"I can do all things through him who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:13

Thank you, beautiful children, for giving me the strength to fight one last time. With Gods help, we won. 

Note: It was humiliating having to ask for help to get to Mexico. After a period of three months of treatments and Dr appointments I did a quick tally and realized the expenses totaled $25,000. It made me sick thinking about how I could have been saving up money for Mexico vs. investing it back into the business or paying for alternative or allopathic treatments that hadn't worked. I had even paid $600 at one time to attend a class where I prayed to find answers. Then the trip to Israel... "what would people think!?!" I had sold my Infrared Sauna and other items that I had used to try and heal myself to pay for the cost of that trip to Israel. Savings. I had always put away an enormous amount of money in our personal account and business account each month since the time we were married... unforeseen circumstances with the sale of a prior business had wiped out everything almost overnight! Then that carving of the Savior...I needed to sell my piano to pay for it, but then I had to ask for help to get to Mexico? 

Looking back I can see how I exhausted all of my efforts and funds at trying to heal myself in a way the world and my family expected me too vs. saving up to receive treatment I felt God needed me to have, in a place he was directing me to. Despite all of my best efforts, when the time came that I had to choose between life and death, I needed help from others to get where I knew God was directing me to go.  It was humiliating but in my attempt at saving my life I had to ask for help from others. Immediately those blessings came. If I had let pride in the way, and had not asked for help, I would be dead.

Several weeks ago I was telling my teenage son that looking back on my life, I was so incredibly grateful that I was able to make course corrections, and repent when I found myself going down the wrong path. I talked about how painful and embarrassing it was at times, but how grateful I was for every single course correction. We talked about the children of Israel and how when the serpents came and individuals were bitten that Moses held up his staff (symbolic of Christ) and told the individuals to "look and live." Many Israelites died because of disbelief. Only those who were obedient and "looked" were the ones who lived.

For so long I was listening to the voice of others, to their limits and approvals of what I could or could not receive. I could feel God speaking to my heart and mind, directing me, but it wasn't until I saw my worth that I "looked (I took action) and lived." 

I was dead in so many ways. God said "arise". I obeyed and this story has a happy ending.

Now to experience the blessings that come following the storm. 🙏🏻

To ALL the Mom's out there who struggle... YOUR kids need YOU! Never ever give up. Give everything you have...and then some.

Please call on the Lord for an atonement to be made. Accept His sacrifice and trust Him to guide you. In the Garden of Gethsemane he experienced your life and He did not give up on you even when the pain was so great He bled from every pore.

God knows you perfectly. Let Him wrap you in your arms and let Him feel your heart, mind and soul with peace. Together, you can overcome anything.

With much love, 


Monday, May 2, 2016

You Are Only Defeated...

As I was working out with Ron, I started trying mental games to be able to lift the heavier weight. At one point, I shared my tactic by saying out loud "this is easy, I haven't lifted any weight at all - I can do this!" I tried to wipe my mind of any past reps and tried to visualize lifting the 5th set as if I hadn't lifted any before. 

After feeling super proud of my accomplishment, coach Ron, shook his head. I was surprised and listened intently as he corrected me. 

"You have to relate exercise to REAL LIFE! It IS hard. You have already lifted 4 sets to your max, but you know what? You still have more in you! Tell yourself it IS HARD! It IS PAINFUL, but YOU still have more to give." I watched him take the weight to the max on the machine. He said "I should not be able to lift this weight. I have already maxed out. When you get to this point there are three sources of power. Yourself, your rechargeable self, or God as the ultimate source of power." 

I watched him as he said "I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS ME." He lifted the tremendous weight 12 times. The intensity was incredible. I teared up. That is a true champion - one who relies on the true source of power. One who does not lie to themselves about how hard life can be at times, but who faces it head on, is truthful about how painful it is, and taps into the ultimate source of power to accomplish the task at hand. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." heart emoti

Note: On another exercise, shown above, I tried to push myself with heavier weight.  Ron taught me that in the case of exercises that require a tremendous amount of balance (without the machine to balance things out) more weight does not equal greater strength. In some cases, less weight coupled with maintaining balance at the core, creates greater strength. 

The first time Ron taught me about the 3 sources of power, was after a major fall I had regarding my diet plan. 

I sat down with Ron and asked him what it would take to lose the maximum amount of weight the last month of the competition. I wanted to give the last 30 days everything I had and more! I was told exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for two meals in-between.  For 21 days I did not cheat once!  I resisted marshmallows when we went camping, I resisted the hobo dinners, the cakes at birthday parties, the goodies, any ice cream or by day I triumphed!  It felt so good!

I was so incredibly motivated and had my eyes set on my goal!!!

I was so confident in my weight release goals that I sold most of my clothes because they were fitting too loosely on me.  I had released weight and gained a ton of muscle and so my shirts were hanging off of me.  I sold all of my 'fat' clothes...

and then BAM!

I lost it!

I spiraled out of control and ate unhealthy over and over and over. 

The monday following my epic fail, instead of working out that day, we spent two hours talking.  Here are some things I learned from our conversation...

I told Ron that I felt so much shame surrounding what had happened.  I wanted to hide in a hole. 

Ron asked me to lookup and read Hebrews 12:1-2 

12 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Despising the shame. Christ atoned for the shame that keeps us feeling like we have 'failure' set on repeat. 

"Fear comes when you feel alone.  You have a team.  Have a Plan."

He shared the Batterie metaphor...

3 sources of power...

1) Batterie: Once a batterie runs out of power it is thrown away. (Represents a person that doesn't have much will power - looses charge.  "Salt loses its savor")

2) Rechargeable Batterie:  Batterie that can be recharged but over time it loses ability to take a charge.  (Someone with great deal of will power, gets oppressed but has ability to bounce back.  Over time, will power, running out of energy, they begin to say "I'm not the same person I use to be". they keep charging but over time they become less and less able to 'hold the charge' and they loose their charge. 

3) Power Plant:  A person plugs into God who is the unlimited source of power.  I live by the faith of the Son of God.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." No recharge.  I am always charged because I am plugged into His power.  I am not wondering or wandering.  I am settled because i'm plugged into the source and His endless resources.

Ron looked me in the eyes and said "You're only a FAILURE and you are only DEFEATED, THE LAST TIME YOU TRY!"

I was told to create my cocoon of safety while I transform and to not let anything bust through that.

Ron stood behind a wall that was in front of me.  When he stepped away from the wall I could see him.  When he stepped behind the wall I could not see him.  He told me that I needed to stand behind Christ.  Anything that would come at me would need to go through Christ first.  

We also spoke of Eagles.

Eagles fly straight into the eye of the storm and then fly above it. 

My protective layer of fat is not protecting me.  Only God is the true source of power and protection.

You are only defeated, the last time you try!

Here's to making another attempt at releasing the 'weight'.  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

With much love, 


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Forcing MIND into the MUSCLE"

"Put it on 130"

I did what I was asked to do and then watched in amazement as my coach did several reps lifting 130 lbs with each arm in a bicep curl.

"Put it on 150"

I obeyed, and then witnessed my coach demonstrating what it took to lift 150 lbs with each arm at the same time in a bicep curl.

Wow.  I knew my coach had been a professional boxer, in addition to playing international football, swimming and diving... I thought about how sorry his opponents must have felt when in the boxing ring with Ron Williams.

"Take it to 190 or whatever the maximum weight is"

I obeyed.

I watched in absolute awe as this incredible human lifted 190 lbs. with each bicep.  The intensity of his eyes, the energy about him, whatever thoughts he had were palpable.  In that moment I knew that I had been changed.

He told me THIS is what it means to "Force your MIND into your MUSCLE".

Earlier in our workout, he had taught me a concept using boxing as an example.  When training, instead of hitting the heavy bag's surface, you need to visualize hitting through to the other side of it.  Doing so requires putting your "mind into the muscle." He told me that everything I was going to do would require my putting my mind into my muscle - the correct ones.

For the past two weeks when I have gone to "workout" with him, the weight lifting has been minimal.  Most of the focus has been on proper technique.  For 2-3 hrs., we spend 20-30 minutes talking about each exercise and make sure that when I am executing it, I am using every single correct muscle and not engaging any muscle that shouldn't be.  It has been an incredible experience.  Already I cannot walk into the gym without noticing a couple of people who are doing a particular movement wrong.

It feels amazing to be trained by a true champion. I thank God for this incredible opportunity.  Ron hasn't trained a female athlete in over 8 years.  Why did he pick me?  He saw a potential in me that I could not see myself.

When I was working out with all the other guys in Ron's 6 week course for business owners, I was obviously the weakest of the group.  When I started, I couldn't do a single push-up.  Not because I lacked the strength, but because my mind would not send the signal to whatever muscle it was that needed to work to initiate that push-up.  Over the course of the 6 weeks and on to another 6 week round, Ron saw the determination that I had to overcome.  Once he tried to help me put back my equipment and I blurted out "no".  I had told myself I would not give up until my hands would respond to what my mind was telling it to do.  I struggled to get an attachment off that would have been very simple for Ron to remove himself.  If I hadn't told myself "no matter how long this takes, I am going to get this off myself", then I would have not been so blunt and rude to Ron.  Because I had my eyes focused on the task and did not want to be disturbed or distracted, I simply had enough brain power to say "no".  Ron backed away and observed.  I felt like sobbing as my fingers struggled to get the right signal from my brain.  Finally, I was able to remove the item, fell back in a sigh of relief and then explained why I didn't want help.

For this and other reasons, Ron and his wife Tonya, decided to invest in my victory.  They have seen me at my absolute low in many areas of my life, and they want to be a part of my rise to fame.  Already Ron is scheduling me for speaking engagements yet I haven't hit the goal yet.  Fortunately for me, Ron can already see my potential and knows that I will get there.  His only advise to me is "do not quit".  He said if I quit, it will feel like an abortion to him.  He is putting everything into making me the champion that he knows I am capable of.

After demonstrating lifting 190 lbs with each bicep curl, he told me to trade him places.

Moments earlier, I had attempted the bicep curls.  10 lbs.  I could barely lift it.  30 lbs.  I could barely lift the weight with one arm.  After observing what he had done, he set the weights to 30 lbs.  He told me to "force your MIND into your MUSCLE".  Visualizing I could do it, and breathing out slowly, I was shocked to raise the 30 lbs easily.  It felt like 5 lbs.  I lifted 30 lbs over and over and over.  He placed the weight at the 50 lbs mark.  "Try it again", he told me.  I focused on the thought that I could do it and I lifted that heavy weight several times.  Oh dear God, I lifted 50 lbs on each arm.

Forever changed.

"That", he told me "is what you do with EVERY aspect of your life!"

Cold chills, and tears almost surfaced.  I knew I WAS forever changed. I would never forget that experience.

"You think that it is hard", he penetrated my eyes with his when he said it, "but it isn't hard! Change your perspective and life becomes easy!"

He ended with saying "Training CORRECTLY is exhausting - mentally and physically."

Mind over matter.

This past weekend I was struggling.  In an attempt to not spiral downward completely, I tried to change my thoughts to more positive ones.  I reached for Facebook and clicked on one of the groups I am a part of called "The Wasatch Mountain Wranglers". The posts there are always incredibly inspiring. I scrolled through the posts and cried as we all cheered on the members who were participating in the 2016 Barkley Marathon.  Only 14 people have ever finished the grueling 100 miles of tough terrain in Tennessee.  One of the Wasatch Rangler's, a woman, Jennilyn Eaton, from Utah, would be the first woman to finish it if she did.

I was glued to my phone off and on for hours as I nervously awaited updates...

"Erik had to drop on loop two due to a knee injury.  Jared and Gary are looking strong and are on loop 3.  No word in Jennilyn yet but Chelsea ______ said "In 22 hours only 3 runners have finished lap 2.  This is an all time low! The conditions are perfect.  This goes to show the difficulty of this years course".

Later we would learn that Jennilyn had made the cutoff barely.  She had 10 minutes to completely change and get 1500 calories down her before she started loop 3.

At about 7:19pm on Sunday we would find out that Jennilyn had tapped out.  Out of 800 people who have competed at the Barkley and only 14 finishers over the past 30 years, she did amazing!

Another update.  "Gary Robbins and Jared Campbell finished Loop 4.  Jared will go CW.  Gary will go CCW. 13:25 to go.

At 8:21pm The Barkley Marathon's Facebook Page announced "Jared Campbell just finished the Barkley.  He is the first 3-time finisher, one of only two to finish more than once, and one of 14 ever to finish."

Here is an article from The Runner's World about the experience...

Here is a video that explains the Barkley in Tennessee...

Congratulations Jennilyn, congratulations, Jared Campbell and to all of the amazing racers who were selected!  You both are an incredible inspiration!!!

Here's to going through life and instead of saying "this is so hard", make the mental shift and say "this is easy, I've got this!"

We may not all run the Barkley, but we all have our own "terrain", "mental and physical challenges" and "unexpected turns and weather conditions", per se; in our lives.

Tell yourself "YOU. CAN. DO THIS!" I will do the same.

With much love,


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mr. Universe - Perfect Practice

This morning I was able to exercise with my coach, Ron Williams.  His advise was so amazing!  I didn't want to forget any of the little details and so I got out my iPhone and started taking notes on 'proper technique'.

Here is what I wrote...

Ron Williams Technique

Lower Body Exercises

Squats: Smith Machine - lean back, bar on back (not on neck), elbows forward so bar is rotated back. Squat. Engage glutes, butt back, squeeze glutes, don't lock knees ever, like a piston, go down and up, do not lock knees ever or ever squeeze glutes while pushing forward with knees locked.

(I had a hard time grasping the concept of "butt back".  I thought I was doing it right as I thought of all of my TRX training, but each time I was corrected, I realized I was trying to bend (plie') like I do in ballet with core engaged and bending without knee over the toes.  Finally I was able to 'get it' and wow - what a difference that tiny adjustment made to the burn I felt! Butt BACK!)

Squats: Leg Press Machine - Feet high and wide. Breathe out like pushing baby out.  Engage glutes and hamstrings to create balance.

(Ron had me feel what it felt like when he was engaging his hamstrings. I hadn't understood when he was telling me what to do, but once I felt what he was talking about, I was able to really engage my glutes and hamstring to lift.  Prior to the adjustments, I struggled to lift the weight Ron was having me lift.  After the few adjustments, it was amazing to me how much easier the lifting was.  Ron had me turn to look at how much weight I was lifting.  Without my realizing it, he had increased the amount of weight I was lifting.  He knew if I was lifting correctly, I would be able to handle heavier weight. With the prior weight I had struggled for several seconds to even move at all - with the incorrect technique.  With correct technique, and letting breath out (vs. holding breath and possibly causing swelling to my brain - which Ron explained would possibly happen if I didn't breathe properly),  I could lift more.)

Leg Curl: Isolate hamstrings, knees off (the edge of the) machine. (I was face down) Squeeze glutes and squeeze knees together (pressure without moving).

(When I made that SLIGHT adjustment to squeeze knees together and to squeeze glutes, it was crazy how much the back of my legs BURNED. When my calves reached the top, my hips actually raised off of the bench due to how much I was squeezing my glutes and hamstrings.  I had to vocalize my pain as I breathed out heavily trying to do what moments earlier seemed super easy to do.  It was amazing to again see how little, insignificant changes turned out to be really significant.

Ron talked about how hard it is for him to come to the gym and watch people coaching others.  The little changes above are going to protect me from knee and back injury.  Every time he demonstrated a move and then I would do it, he repeatedly showed me how incorrect my former way of doing things was and how with each, very minute detail performed incorrectly, I was adding weight and strain to my knees and lower back.  I told him how those are the areas that I feel the most pain when I am working out.  Now I know why.)

He continued with the teaching...

Stiff Leg Dead Lifts: (Purpose is to sculpt butt so it sits higher and is rounder) I shouldn't sit back like squats but stretch up to ceiling, squeeze and contract gluts and hamstrings. The key is squeezing pulling legs together without moving.  Back is slightly arched (so rectors contract) and shoulders are lifted and back.  Soft knees.  Legs straight but never locks out.

(Ron showed me the video of him doing his Mr. Universe routine.  You can watch it here.  (Note: Video is of Ron in his competition 'uniform'.  Viewer discretion is advised for young viewers) Mr. Universe Routine Wow.  It was incredible seeing how much control Ron had over every single muscle in his body.  I could easily see why he was chosen as Mr. Universe 7 times (along with his other 250 titles)!  I am not going to be sculpted to be a body builder, but we have something else in mind.  Ron says that I remind him of an Olympic Athlete he trained.  I am not preparing for the Olympics, but maybe when I get a little more confidence in myself I will tell you what we are working towards.  The cool thing is that he said I was going to be able to know how to sculpt every single muscle in my body like he knows how to do, and then I will be able to teach that to others also.)


The demo/workout continued...

Leg Extensions: Pull from hip flexor rotation. Glutes back. Chest goes up. Slight arch.  (Ron put his hand over my knee and I lifted up my knees into his hand.  I was told to keep that same feel throughout movement.) Don't flex feet to lift knees but keep knee lifted and hip flexor engaged the whole time to elongate quad not just by the knee but entire front thigh.

(When I first moved my ankles and calves forward and up, the burn was only felt in my quads by my knees.  When I made the simple adjustment to pull from my hip flexor rotation and glutes, it made an enormous difference!  I felt the burn all the way up my quads!)

Abdominal work with Ron resistance: Knees up. Resist. Crunch. Engage butt and LAY BACK without touching the floor.  Elongate and then go up from elongated spine.  (I could hardly move but laughed and said "I am thinking about it, but my body is not responding".)

(Ron went on to explain that when people do crunches they have to contract in order to still see their abs - even when they are standing.  By my doing the curls with a straight back and lifting heavenward, I was going to sculp abs that people would be able to see with me just standing tall. Oh the wisdom of this man!  I am so grateful/humbled/excited to be working with such a master trainer!)

End of training notes.  Fast forward to later that day...

While I was making dinner for my family, I thought of the tiny little adjustments that Ron taught me. I was eating some fermented saurkraut that I  had made days prior.  My thoughts drifted back to when I realized eating unprocessed food wasn't enough to have superior health. I thought about the tiny little changes I have made to my diet that have made an enormous difference.

1- I started soaking my seeds and nuts and sprouting them.
2- I increased fermented vegetables and probiotic drinks into my diet.
3- I began to understand the importance of buying locally and eating seasonally.
4- I learned how primitive cultures prized the organ meats over the muscle meats - we began buying organ meats more regularly.
5- I really began to understand how important FATS (healthy fats) are for our overall health.

When I first read the book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Dr. Weston A. Price (that I mention frequently in this blog), I immediately got to work implementing the "no processed food concept", however, I didn't pay attention to the other things he talked about that native cultures did to stay healthy. Organ meats were very important.  Fermented foods were crucial. Soaking and sprouting grains was crucial!  Cultured and aged dairy products...  I could go on and on.  The difference is in the little tiny details.

I'm so grateful to the amazing men and women who have come into my life to teach me truths about health and wellness and for those whose lives have passed on but whose books I treasure!

Here is a picture of one of my girls cutting up some beef heart (pictured below). My kids kept saying how much it tasted like steak.

Below is a picture of some homemade sauerkraut that I made.  The original batch of sauerkraut had a little bit of shredded carrots, a sprinkle of coriander seed (I LOVE the taste of it) and some juniper berries thrown in the mix.  

When I was eating the sauerkraut and the meat, I thought of Ron's advise to always eat carbohydrates last and eat the fats and proteins first.  I added some olive oil to the sauerkraut as well as a dash of cayenne pepper.  It was delicious!  Then I got the idea to add some pecans and a little dab of raw honey.  Three servings later and I realized that I had created something special.  I'm not sure how many people think to add raw honey, pecans, cayenne pepper and olive oil to their sauerkraut, but this was incredibly delicious.  I wouldn't recommend anyone try this using store bought sauerkraut.  Homemade kraut tastes a LOT different.  

In ending our workout, Ron said "Perfect Practice makes Perfect Performance".

The difference IS in the little details - with everything in life. 

Here's to health and happiness! 

With much love,