Celiac Shack?

My message could help so many people even if they choose not to go gluten-free, and I realize that the name "Celiac Shack" may deter people away from continuing to read the information.

The reason I chose "Celiac Shack" was because...

1- First and foremost, I was never able to get a handle on the fatigue and depression until I went 100% gluten-free without getting my foods contaminated by even trace amounts of gluten.  This 'Shack' is for those of you who are searching for answers, do not seem to fit into any type of correct diagnosis and are looking for help but do not know where to find it.  It is also for those searching for answers for their loved ones. By stumbling onto this site, I pray something here will help you.  Foods, herbs and essential oils coupled with other amazing healing gifts of the earth, really can make a difference.

2- When an individual joins a Celiac Support Group in their area, there may be those who turn their noses up to you if you are not "officially diagnosed".  You will be asked "are you Celiac?" "gluten-intolerant?" "allergic to gluten?"... etc.  You would most likely say that you realize that you feel better when you are "gluten-free" and you want to learn more.  Many organizations will embrace you and say welcome.  Others will encourage you to be tested.  Due to the advise of a stranger I have never met (but who sent me literature), I went gluten-free.  I had been to so many specialists over the course of two years searching for answers.  When I stopped eating gluten containing products I finally felt normal.  When I would get sick (extreme fatigue to the point of being bed-ridden) I could always trace it back to some sort of gluten food or gluten contamination with the help of the Celiac Support Group in SLC. I want the same for those who come to Celiac Shack for help.  It will be an online support group with a higher standard for what foods we promote/ consume - vs. the unhealthy GF alternatives that plague to stores.  You always have the option to eat unhealthy GF foods, but this group will teach you why it is better to focus on all the amazing healthy naturally gluten-free options that are out there.

3-  I want individuals to not only go gluten-free, but learn how to eat "NATURALLY Gluten Free" - big difference.  Sometimes the gluten-free recipe options are more un-healthy than the original gluten-filled alternative.

4- There is a store in my area called REAL FOODS MARKET.  It was because of the books I purchased there (I read eleven of their books in two months) that gave me the knowledge I needed to regain my health.  Because not everyone will take the time to do that much reading, I want to offer webinars, classes (locally and online) as well as retreats where individuals can have accelerated learning to have the knowledge that truly does give the will power to embrace the new lifestyle.

5- There is a gut/brain connection.  I've been saying this since 2000, but it is amazing that so many Dr's and organizations are now showing the science behind why this is.  You want to heal your brain? Focus on the GUT!

So, despite the title making it seem like it is for a specific group of individuals, I hope that many people (even if they do not choose to go completely gluten-free) will greatly benefit from the information.

Welcome to "Celiac Shack"... it truly is a little "Lean-To" of information.  It is my hopes that you will find answers that you may be seeking - for yourself of for a loved one.  There is a search feature on this blog as well as a translation option.  Please make sure to share this information with those you feel inspired to talk to about this website.  Some entries are full of not-so-helpful information, but it is my prayer that the really personal posts where I get down to the raw truth will be found by those who need it most.  If you feel drawn to share your talents 'with the world' via Celiac Shack, please reach out to me.  I would love to hear from you.  Celiacshack@gmail.com

With much love,

- Steffi

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