It is often our "mess" that we make into our "message".  Due to my trials, I could have seen myself in the following situations if I had not received family support and the answers I was searching for...

1- My heart aches for anyone who is so weak they lose everything and become homeless.
2- Individuals who perhaps turned to unhealthy ways of dealing with illness and have found themselves in jail due to using drugs to help them cope with life and its demands.
3- Those who are in mental health institutions (my Dad admitted himself several times to try to learn how to overcome his depression).
4- Those in addiction recovery centers who may have reached for unhealthy alternatives to battling pain or illness and now find themselves trapped.
5- I want to be able to educate parents so perhaps there will be fewer deaths and suicides, less orphanages, less elderly in care centers unable to help themselves, and less dependency on hospitals and ER visits (an ER Doctor who is a friend of ours teaches about how many ER visits can be reduced simply by a lifestyle change).

I want to be able to PREVENT all of the above as much as possible by focusing in on PREVENTION through EDUCATION and EMPOWERING others with natural solutions. Because of the connections that are unique to each of us, as we work together we are able to reach areas and find those who are praying for answers. The most common comment I get from others after I teach is "Thank you. This (the knowledge gained) was an answer to prayer!) 

From "The Seven Steps to Greater Health" by David Hall

"In order to have what we have not, we must first become what we are not.  In order to become what we are not, we must first be able to see ourselves, each other, that which is around us, and that which is within us, not just as we are, but as we can become.  (The way I hope our creator sees us.) The moment we SEE ourselves not as we are but as we CAN BECOME, we become a person of VISION. As we hold onto the vision, it grows into a desire.  As we nurture the desire with prayer, meditation, affirmation, proclamation, declaration, and visualization, the desire grows into a passion.  The passion compels us to action, and the action creates the result.  Where does it all begin?  With the vision.  Ideas affect the way we think, the way we think affects the way we act, and the way we act determines, largely, our results.  If we want to take charge of our results, we first need to take charge of the ideas we allow ourselves to be exposed to.  If we do not, then by default the ideas we are exposed to begin to take charge of us.  As a result, most people live in a reactive mode.  They constantly allow the conditions around them to determine the conditions within them.  Let's define and achieve "our" vision. 

Despite all my shortcomings, weaknesses and limitations, I have seen how the vision I held for Celiac's future has been happening in a way I did not expect. When I started teaching and traveling (starting in New Zealand and then Australia), my message focused on 'my story', on the healing power of foods and herbs and then it would focus on the power of essential oils. As my business grew, over time my message changed to focus almost entirely on how to use essential oils.  Once individuals became familiar with essential oils and they became more comfortable using them to bless their family, we focused on additional education to help individuals make healthier food choices, incorporate herbs and cleansing into their routine, and also taught the importance of exercise, hydrating their cells, seeking proactive medical and dental care as needed and knowing to turn to God to recognize answers that are specific for them. 

God almighty is the true physician.  Everyones story is unique and I know that my healing journey will be different from the next person.  It is my goal to help others know what options there are.  So many do not realize the powerful ability foods, herbs and essential oils (along with other healing modalities both allopathic and alternative) there are to bless and comfort.

As I shared essential oils with others, and as lives were blessed, surprisingly our organization began to grow tremendously.  Today there are close to 40,000 individuals, from various parts of the world, that are using more natural ways of supporting their health due to being taught by ourselves or someone we have trained and taught.  These incredible individuals are in every single state in the USA, throughout the Canadian provinces, in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe, Korea, Mexico and South America.  When I started traveling and teaching, I had a prayer in my heart to find "my leaders". I wasn't making much of a difference being the only one who was teaching and traveling. My life has been blessed incredibly by not only mom's who want to be Healer's in their own Homes, but I have been surprised by the amount of medical and dental, chiropractic, naturopathic and other experts who have incorporated using essential oils into their practices/homes as well.  Today, my heart swells with gratitude when I hear of more and more people teaching internationally as well as in their homelands.  

Together we can do great things!  Classes, webinars, trainings, seminars... are happening all over the world - one family or physician at a time. :) 

If you feel a small tug on your heart to learn more, please reach out to me.  We look forward to learning about your story.  Perhaps your gift will not be in teaching others about essential oils, but perhaps we can find a way to work together to bless the lives of others. What is the 'mess' that you have made into your message? We'd love to hear it.

Here's to health!

With much love, 


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