Monday, June 27, 2016

Walking/Jogging/Running for Clarity of Mind

Very few know the reason why I started running a couple of years ago. When I would walk, I could see my right foot hitting the ground but the sensation wouldn't register in my brain until my left foot was almost hitting the ground. I prayed earnestly to know what to do. The answer that first day was "walk 12 miles". I got on the treadmill and would have to hold myself up mostly with the weight of my arms as the treadmill propelled my legs forward one at a time. The crazy mixed signals between what my brain registered and what my eyes saw was not something I can even begin to describe. I cried and cried as I walked and walked only taking time off to change the laundry or to use the bathroom and then back on the treadmill again until 12 miles was reached. Each day I would ask "how many miles?" Some days it was six and most days it was 12. Eventually I would get to where I would ask my husband to drop me off 6 or 12 miles from somewhere and I would walk/jog back. During that time I would watch motivational videos or while outside I would listen to motivational books purchased from Eventually I would force myself to do a relay. It was during that relay that I listened to "The Big Leap"as I visualized letting go of limiting beliefs with every mile I finished. 

Embarrassingly, during my first relay, I realized my brain could not get my body to run faster even though I knew I was physically able to run faster. I had told the individual who invited me that I was slow and could only run a 12 minute mile. How humiliating it was to get on the road, without the assistance of the treadmill and realize my pace was at least 3 minutes a mile slower than what I said it was.  No matter how much I tried to get my body to run faster and even though I knew my lungs could handle more, I could not run faster. Long story short? It is a happy/sad time. I am going to be SELLING my treadmill. I am so grateful...but time to run some trails, mountain bike, dance, swim, etc. Here's to NEVER giving up and listening to G-d for answers that are specific to what each one of us need. Several months ago I read an article that talked about how long distance running was the very best exercise, hands down, for creating new neuron pathways in the brain compared to all other exercises. I didn't know that...but G-d did. ❤️ I wish I had saved that article so that I could share the link.  If anyone finds an article that shows how long-distance running builds new neuron pathways, please send it my way. 

I walked many miles on this treadmill (pictured above) while crying many tears.  It is hard to be selling something at such a low price that was of such great value to me. Here's to getting outside (no matter the weather) to hike, walk, jog or run.  One step at a time. 

Here are the brave new friends who were the first to run a relay with me several years ago.  All of them were so much faster than me and it was so embarrassing to run about as fast as they could walk (seriously!), but they were so encouraging as they met me at each mile until I had reached my second leg of the relay reaching 8 miles.

This morning as I dropped off my boys to the recreation center for swim team practice, I decided to go inside to workout with weights and cardio machines while my boys swam.  When I was on the stair stepper, I noticed there were a group of women on the front row who were running incredibly fast as someone in their group would call out encouraging words. It was very motivating to watch.  I thought of how they probably spend a lot of time outdoors as well running trails and possibly relays and marathons.  Although it is more therapeutic to experience the outdoors when you workout, sometimes you need to do what works for your schedule and works for your group. 

Here is the article that motivated me to sell our treadmill...

Cheering for you - always! 

With much love,