Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mr. Universe - Perfect Practice

This morning I was able to exercise with my coach, Ron Williams.  His advise was so amazing!  I didn't want to forget any of the little details and so I got out my iPhone and started taking notes on 'proper technique'.

Here is what I wrote...

Ron Williams Technique

Lower Body Exercises

Squats: Smith Machine - lean back, bar on back (not on neck), elbows forward so bar is rotated back. Squat. Engage glutes, butt back, squeeze glutes, don't lock knees ever, like a piston, go down and up, do not lock knees ever or ever squeeze glutes while pushing forward with knees locked.

(I had a hard time grasping the concept of "butt back".  I thought I was doing it right as I thought of all of my TRX training, but each time I was corrected, I realized I was trying to bend (plie') like I do in ballet with core engaged and bending without knee over the toes.  Finally I was able to 'get it' and wow - what a difference that tiny adjustment made to the burn I felt! Butt BACK!)

Squats: Leg Press Machine - Feet high and wide. Breathe out like pushing baby out.  Engage glutes and hamstrings to create balance.

(Ron had me feel what it felt like when he was engaging his hamstrings. I hadn't understood when he was telling me what to do, but once I felt what he was talking about, I was able to really engage my glutes and hamstring to lift.  Prior to the adjustments, I struggled to lift the weight Ron was having me lift.  After the few adjustments, it was amazing to me how much easier the lifting was.  Ron had me turn to look at how much weight I was lifting.  Without my realizing it, he had increased the amount of weight I was lifting.  He knew if I was lifting correctly, I would be able to handle heavier weight. With the prior weight I had struggled for several seconds to even move at all - with the incorrect technique.  With correct technique, and letting breath out (vs. holding breath and possibly causing swelling to my brain - which Ron explained would possibly happen if I didn't breathe properly),  I could lift more.)

Leg Curl: Isolate hamstrings, knees off (the edge of the) machine. (I was face down) Squeeze glutes and squeeze knees together (pressure without moving).

(When I made that SLIGHT adjustment to squeeze knees together and to squeeze glutes, it was crazy how much the back of my legs BURNED. When my calves reached the top, my hips actually raised off of the bench due to how much I was squeezing my glutes and hamstrings.  I had to vocalize my pain as I breathed out heavily trying to do what moments earlier seemed super easy to do.  It was amazing to again see how little, insignificant changes turned out to be really significant.

Ron talked about how hard it is for him to come to the gym and watch people coaching others.  The little changes above are going to protect me from knee and back injury.  Every time he demonstrated a move and then I would do it, he repeatedly showed me how incorrect my former way of doing things was and how with each, very minute detail performed incorrectly, I was adding weight and strain to my knees and lower back.  I told him how those are the areas that I feel the most pain when I am working out.  Now I know why.)

He continued with the teaching...

Stiff Leg Dead Lifts: (Purpose is to sculpt butt so it sits higher and is rounder) I shouldn't sit back like squats but stretch up to ceiling, squeeze and contract gluts and hamstrings. The key is squeezing pulling legs together without moving.  Back is slightly arched (so rectors contract) and shoulders are lifted and back.  Soft knees.  Legs straight but never locks out.

(Ron showed me the video of him doing his Mr. Universe routine.  You can watch it here.  (Note: Video is of Ron in his competition 'uniform'.  Viewer discretion is advised for young viewers) Mr. Universe Routine Wow.  It was incredible seeing how much control Ron had over every single muscle in his body.  I could easily see why he was chosen as Mr. Universe 7 times (along with his other 250 titles)!  I am not going to be sculpted to be a body builder, but we have something else in mind.  Ron says that I remind him of an Olympic Athlete he trained.  I am not preparing for the Olympics, but maybe when I get a little more confidence in myself I will tell you what we are working towards.  The cool thing is that he said I was going to be able to know how to sculpt every single muscle in my body like he knows how to do, and then I will be able to teach that to others also.)


The demo/workout continued...

Leg Extensions: Pull from hip flexor rotation. Glutes back. Chest goes up. Slight arch.  (Ron put his hand over my knee and I lifted up my knees into his hand.  I was told to keep that same feel throughout movement.) Don't flex feet to lift knees but keep knee lifted and hip flexor engaged the whole time to elongate quad not just by the knee but entire front thigh.

(When I first moved my ankles and calves forward and up, the burn was only felt in my quads by my knees.  When I made the simple adjustment to pull from my hip flexor rotation and glutes, it made an enormous difference!  I felt the burn all the way up my quads!)

Abdominal work with Ron resistance: Knees up. Resist. Crunch. Engage butt and LAY BACK without touching the floor.  Elongate and then go up from elongated spine.  (I could hardly move but laughed and said "I am thinking about it, but my body is not responding".)

(Ron went on to explain that when people do crunches they have to contract in order to still see their abs - even when they are standing.  By my doing the curls with a straight back and lifting heavenward, I was going to sculp abs that people would be able to see with me just standing tall. Oh the wisdom of this man!  I am so grateful/humbled/excited to be working with such a master trainer!)

End of training notes.  Fast forward to later that day...

While I was making dinner for my family, I thought of the tiny little adjustments that Ron taught me. I was eating some fermented saurkraut that I  had made days prior.  My thoughts drifted back to when I realized eating unprocessed food wasn't enough to have superior health. I thought about the tiny little changes I have made to my diet that have made an enormous difference.

1- I started soaking my seeds and nuts and sprouting them.
2- I increased fermented vegetables and probiotic drinks into my diet.
3- I began to understand the importance of buying locally and eating seasonally.
4- I learned how primitive cultures prized the organ meats over the muscle meats - we began buying organ meats more regularly.
5- I really began to understand how important FATS (healthy fats) are for our overall health.

When I first read the book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Dr. Weston A. Price (that I mention frequently in this blog), I immediately got to work implementing the "no processed food concept", however, I didn't pay attention to the other things he talked about that native cultures did to stay healthy. Organ meats were very important.  Fermented foods were crucial. Soaking and sprouting grains was crucial!  Cultured and aged dairy products...  I could go on and on.  The difference is in the little tiny details.

I'm so grateful to the amazing men and women who have come into my life to teach me truths about health and wellness and for those whose lives have passed on but whose books I treasure!

Here is a picture of one of my girls cutting up some beef heart (pictured below). My kids kept saying how much it tasted like steak.

Below is a picture of some homemade sauerkraut that I made.  The original batch of sauerkraut had a little bit of shredded carrots, a sprinkle of coriander seed (I LOVE the taste of it) and some juniper berries thrown in the mix.  

When I was eating the sauerkraut and the meat, I thought of Ron's advise to always eat carbohydrates last and eat the fats and proteins first.  I added some olive oil to the sauerkraut as well as a dash of cayenne pepper.  It was delicious!  Then I got the idea to add some pecans and a little dab of raw honey.  Three servings later and I realized that I had created something special.  I'm not sure how many people think to add raw honey, pecans, cayenne pepper and olive oil to their sauerkraut, but this was incredibly delicious.  I wouldn't recommend anyone try this using store bought sauerkraut.  Homemade kraut tastes a LOT different.  

In ending our workout, Ron said "Perfect Practice makes Perfect Performance".

The difference IS in the little details - with everything in life. 

Here's to health and happiness! 

With much love, 


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Choosing Your Master 'Coach'

When you read prior blog posts of mine, you will learn that my coach is the famous Ron Williams.  I remember the first time Ron sent me a text and ended it with the words, "your coach".  A great sense of pride filled my heart and mind when I read those words.  I hadn't chosen him, he had chosen me.  He picked me from the weakest of weakest and told me that he could see something that I couldn't see.  He helped take me from the darkest place I have ever been in my life, and through his love, commitment and faith, I began to see myself as he sees me and I began to actually believe that perhaps with his help I could reach the goals he desired that I accomplish.

When I started attending his coaching sessions on a weekly basis, we talked not only about physical fitness, but also fitness of the mind and spirit.  I learned very quickly that his accomplishments were not only because of the time he spent shaping his physical body.  Several years before he won he had already trained his mind and spirit to work as if he was already Mr. Universe before he had actually won the title.  

Here is a little bit about Ron from the Iron Chest Master Website...

"Ron Williams is one of the most decorated Natural Bodybuilders in the world. By applying his knowledge of nutrition, fat loss, exercise physiology, muscle development, and body sculpting, Ron achieved the highest honor ever given in Natural Bodybuilding by becoming the sole recipient of the “Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade” award. Ron has won over 250 titles in the Natural bodybuilding arena, including being a multiple time winner of each of these top bodybuilding titles— Mr. Natural Universe, Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural World. Ron was inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s Hall of Fame in 2008.

To be exact, Ron has won Mr. Natural Universe 7 times, Natural Olympia 7 times and Mr. Natural World 7 times! 

Do you think he knows what he is talking about when he tells someone how to eat and exercise? Absolutely!  I shook my head in disbelief when a man that was taking his group exercise class with me told me how he wasn't going to be following certain parts of the plan and justified his explanation - which sounded pretty good - but still, he should trust The Master Coach and do what he says 100% in order to get the results that Ron has obtained.

Why would anyone doubt the advise Ron gives? How many people in this world have won 250 titles in Natural Body Building? For this reason he is the sole recipient of the Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade award.  

When Ron trains me, he expects me to trust him, to do as he says and to do so with everything I've got.  It gave me a tremendous amount of self-control when Ron said, I don't cheat - ever!  When a friend begged him to try "just a taste" of a dessert he had made, over and over and over, Ron repeatedly answered "not even a taste".  What a difference this made for me!  Ron sets the standard high and I love reaching to eat and exercise and to think like he does.  I fall short all the time but I am so thankful for the ability to reach so high and for the expectation he has for me that I do so as well.

I think often of Jesus Christ and what Ron has taught me about Him through his example. 

Jesus Christ is THE Master 'Coach' when it comes to overcoming spiritual and physical death and experiencing true joy. He is the ONLY person who has overcome all.  He rose from the dead, he went into the depths of hell and took us out of the clasp and chains lucifer had us wrapped in.  We were purchased with a price. Christ truly knows what each of us need to do to be whole, to experience peace and joy in our lives. Many people believe IN Christ, but how many people BELIEVE Him when he teaches us what to do and how we should live our lives?

Just like it is painful, uncomfortable and frustrating to work weak muscles, it is also very uncomfortable to build strong mental and spiritual strength. As we work to follow the commandments, little by little we become more like Christ. As I trust in Ron's counsel, and do what he tells me to do, little by little I become more like the champion that he is.

To whoever may be reading this, I would ask you to accept Christ's invitation to be your Father, to be your Spouse, to be your Teacher, your Friend, and the lover of your soul.  Whatever area of your life that falls short, God will be there to atone.  Whatever your burden, Christ can lift it and make it light.  Whatever your pains, Christ can turn them into peace.  Men are that they might have joy.  In the bible dictionary it talks about how joy is experienced only in and through Jesus Christ.

It is not always easy to follow Christ.  It isn't always easy to do what he asks of us.  It isn't always easy to understand why He tells us to do the things He wants us to do, but I can testify that I know Christ lives.  I know that He died for each of us, He atoned for everything we lack, and He is the ultimate coach, our Master Coach, who will help us to overcome all - just as He did.  He can make a beautiful temple from the ashes - whether the burn was from choices we made or from the choices of others. 

My prayer is to you and your family.  If you are the husband, leading your family, I pray that you do so with love and tenderness and with patience and that you teach your children by your example.  If you are the mother, I pray that you talk highly of others, that you are respectful to your husband and children and that you teach your children to know, believe and trust in God and His son Jesus Christ.  If you do not have a relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ, I would encourage you to get on your knees and pray.  I would encourage you and your spouse, or significant other, to read the scriptures together.  He is there at the door waiting for you to knock.  Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you.

I know that because of Christ, we will see our loved ones again.  Until then, give God all of your anger, all of your fear, and all of pain. When my father died, it left an enormous hole in my heart.  With God's help, he atoned for all of my sadness, all of my worry and all of my fears.  I still miss my Dad, but my joy is found in knowing Christ lives.

He is risen! Because of this, I know someday my father will live as well.

Happy Easter!

With much love, 


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Healthy Eating While Traveling

An entire week in Florida...

Wherever I stay, and however I travel, it takes a bit of planning to make sure that my meals are healthy.  Following the advice of my coach, I always try to eat meals that contain protein, carbohydrates and fats - preferably eating the fat and protein first. 

Here is my advise for you...

1.  Purchase distilled water for the ride or once you arrive.
2.  Add liquid mineral drops back into the water before you drink it. 

3. Travel with a glass or stainless steel water bottle so you can add essential oils to your water also.  My favorite flavors are lemon, lime, wild orange, tangerine or grapefruit.  I'll add a bit of peppermint oil to add a cooling, refreshing pick-me-up and mouth freshener to the water or a bit of cinnamon to help support healthy blood sugar levels. 

Whole Foods was about a mile away from where I was staying in FL.  The walk back to the hotel with two gallon jugs of distilled water in one bag and a bag full of groceries on the other side, made for a good workout. 

When shopping, I chose a couple types of protein to eat during the weak, several types of veggies, a fermented vegetable (kraut) and blueberries, grapefruit and strawberries as a snack. I brought a large back of almonds from home that had been soaked, sprouted and dehydrated for future use. 

Whole Foods gave me additional containers to use at no additional cost. The proteins I opted for were the gluten-free chicken, salmon and cod. If I was traveling with the family I could have bought larger un-cooked portions and saved money, but I was grateful the food was already prepared. 

I usually like to eat my sweet potatoes baked, without anything added, but this was the only option the store had that was cooked and I didn't have an oven in my hotel room.  The veggies were cooked in olive oil.  I prefer to steam my veggies and add the fat after it is cooked. 

When we travel as a family, we often stay in the Marriott Residence Inn to benefit from having a kitchenette and cooking our own food.  The other vegetables I chose (that were more likely gluten-free and free of contamination) were the green beens and the brussel sprouts.  I also purchased some red beets that I thought were plain but ended up being pickled - yuck.  I ended up throwing most of the beets away after trying unsuccessfully to eat them during the week.  

For my fat source, I had almonds to snack on but I decided to add a plain pre-made guacamole to the mix.  I was happy with this choice because it enhanced the flavor of the fish and made up for any dryness in the meats. 

Ferments! Oh how I love adding fermented vegetables to any meal that I can.  I love the taste of caraway seeds with cabbage.  This did not disappoint. I usually travel with Redmond Real Salt, but didn't have it with me (for the first few days).  A little dash of sea salt made this bland kraut pop with flavor. 

Strawberries, blueberries and grapefruit made a nice snack between meals.  I accompany the fruit with a bit of raw almonds. 

Here are the meals all ready to be put into the refrigerator.  I try to only prepare enough meals to last for my lunches.  The food amount turned out perfectly.  I was able to use some of the meals for dinner.  At the hotel, for breakfast, I enjoyed their eggs (I assured they were gluten-free and 100% real eggs - nothing added), a banana (for the carbohydrate portion) coupled with my almonds (for the fat portion). 

The fridge unfortunately froze the food.  Because I chose food that froze well, thawing it was not an issue and no matter if I attended a conference during the day or traveled to teach somewhere, I was able to bring a meal that was cool during the trip and thawed just in time for me to eat it. 

Even though I was in a car traveling and at an event where it wasn't convenient to use the bathroom every few hours, I chose to stay hydrated and make the trips as needed.  I think better and have better energy when I stay well hydrated.  I should have drank more water than I did but these two gallons of water lasted me for the 7 days.  I did fill my water bottle with reverse osmosis water from the hotel lobby a couple of times before buying the distilled water, and I did drink water at several places where I was teaching. 

Even if I was not in a hotel, it is still possible to travel with a cooler.  My personal trainer showed me these cool containers he purchased for him and his wife.  They look like square duffel bags, but they are little mini coolers with small containers stacked inside to contain each meal portion.

It isn't a matter of whether or not you can eat healthy while traveling.  It matters more that you choose to do so - no matter what.  

When there is the will, you will find the way.

Lots of love and happy healthy eating while traveling.

- Steffi 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Learning to "Breathe Walk" - Qigong

Upon returning from Mexico, I met with a Dr. here in the USA.  He took 20+ blood samples and did all sorts of testing. One of the concerns the Dr. had was how slow the transfer of oxygen was between cells in my body.  He told me the normal oxygen exchange rate for cells takes 3/4 of a second but the oxygen exchange rate between the cells in my body took between 3 and 4 seconds.  He explained how this would make me feel like I had emphysema when merely walking because it was so difficult for oxygen to be absorbed.

Fast forward...

I am in Florida teaching a couple of weeks ago. Due to an unexpected change in my schedule I was able to meet an incredible Chinese Medicine Dr. who also operates a Martial Arts and Massage School. I had gone into my appointment to get a massage, but ended up leaving with a tremendous sense of gratitude for this man's knowledge as well as reverence for a loving God who knew that I needed to learn from this particular healer.

He kept stopping the massage to talk to me.  It was a tad bit annoying but I respected the individual and paid attention to what he was telling me.  I know with my knowledge of the body, I can tell by texture and color of the skin and face what organs are having particular issues.  I trusted that the advise he gave me was something I needed to really pay attention to.  He was able to identify in the first few minutes exactly what the stress was in my life. He would teach me many things, but the thing that I feel the most gratitude for is how he taught me to "breathe walk" which I now know is Qigong in Chinese Medicine.

After the massage ended (that hour always feels like 20 minutes), I got dressed and met the Chinese Dr. out in the parking lot.  It was comical, exhilarating and entertaining as this amazing man who learned Chinese Medicine in China, walked me around and around the parking lot while breathing in and out.

As we walked he would say breathe in and out through the nose only...

In 1, 2, 3
Out 1, 2, 3(each count matched one step forward with one foot)

We would repeat this sequence for several minutes and then move on to the next sequence...

In 1, 2, 3
Out 1, 2

Repeat, repeat, repeat.... and then...

And then...

In 1, 2, 3
Out 1  (Several times I felt like I was going to pass out, but kept on marching and breathing - hoping snot wouldn't come out on my shirt as I walked and struggled to breathe.)

Then we would try...

In 1, 2, 3, 4
Out 1

In 1, 2, 3, 4
Out 1.

He showed me how I could pick up the pace or slow it down.

The homework he wrote down was 20 minutes / 2 x's a day - at the very least.  He encouraged me to keep increasing the time each day until I was walking for 1 hour a day / 2 x's a day.

This incredible Chinese Medical Dr. told me about the amazing woman who invented this technique. The story goes that her condition was dire and incurable.  She prayed to God for an answer, and the breathing technique was an answer to her prayer that healed her and is now commonly used in Chinese Medicine.

This incredible Dr. taught me how the oxygen will cleanse out the mucus from the lungs.  He put out his hand in front of him and asked what would happen if there was water on his hand and he blew on it?  He blew out and explained how the water would leave his hand. This is what happens in our lungs when there is mucus present.  The oxygen blows the mucus out. He explained how after doing this technique, the influx of oxygen in my body would turn my skin from being dull color in the morning to a more pink color.  The oxygen would help support healing and vitality.

I committed to doing the exercises.

I was told that soldiers in the military, from China, would march all day and use these breathing techniques so that they would feel stronger when they finished the march than when they started.

For the past year, I have been unable to run at all.  The first time I attempted it (I think I had been home from Mexico only a few months), I literally collapsed to the ground and almost called 911.  It was insane to try gasping for air, to be able to breathe in but to feel like I was suffocating because the oxygen was not getting to my cells. (Imagine a fish out of water - that is what it felt like) It was taking too long and I literally looked at my phone and made the quick decision not to call 911 but to just keep trying to breathe.  Time passed and slowly my heart stopped pounding with such force and I was able to take somewhat normal breaths in as I walked slowly home, pausing every now and then to take some deep breaths in and to steady myself.

I have tried to run several times over the past year without success.  It has now been about a year since that time I almost called 911.  I have been faithfully doing the breathing exercises that I learned while in FL while driving, while walking, while going about the house doing chores etc. for the past few weeks.  This morning was super exciting.  Yesterday I was able to run/walk about 1 mile without too much issue.  Today I was able to sprint a minute and walk 2-3 minutes (while doing the breathing exercises) for about 45 minutes.  The last 10 minutes were at a slower cool down pace but I was SO excited.  My body is healing and I feel so much stronger!

For any of you wanting more information about this breathing technique, here is an article I found talking about Qigong and its history. I hope that this technique is beneficial to you also.

With much love,


Friday, March 4, 2016

Ron Williams - "Natural Body Builder of the Decade"

Mr. Ron Williams. I am pinching myself.  I cannot believe that he is MY coach.

When I returned home from Mexico last year, I was incredibly weak.  Fortunately I was speaking English again, I could write, see and I was able to walk by myself - barely. I knew the healing would take time but I was anxious to get back doing the things I love to do.  After being back only three months, I enrolled myself in adult gymnastics.  Reality quickly smacked me in the face as I realized my body was not ready for that.  In an attempt to run, I almost suffocated as I collapsed and prayed to be able to breathe and wondered if I should dial 911.  When I met Ron, I had been back from Mexico about 8 months.  I was finally able to drink water somewhat normally without having to take small sips.  Ron picked me out of the group of people (I was the only girl) and asked me to demo a push-up.  I was horrified when I tried to do the push-up. My body would NOT respond.  This was humiliating.  Ron laughed and said "I've never seen that before".  I backed away completely red in the face and I could feel the tears coming to the surface.  

Fast forward several weeks and Ron was able to help me make little changes to what I ate and when I ate it.  Little by little I gained more strength.  At the end of 12 weeks I was able to do about 26 guy push-ups and continue to do about 50+ girl push-ups before collapsing.  This may not seem impressive to many, but for me I was incredibly grateful.  I had never been able to do so many guy push-ups before! Many times my body would not respond to what my brain was telling it to do, but little by little the connection was made and I pushed through the discomfort - no matter how much longer it would take. Ron pushed us all to our maximum and beyond.  There were many times I would have to leave the room where I thought I was going to throw-up or pass out.  

Ron is a 'no excuses accepted' type of personal trainer.  When he told me he NEVER takes a bite of a dessert - even when he is pressured by friends to only take a taste, I committed to do the same.  When Dr's told him he would never be able to do a squat again, he would do 800.  When a Dr. told him he would never run again, he would prove that Dr. wrong.  When he broke his back, he went on to win bodybuilding championships worldwide.  Here is a little part of his bio...

 "By applying his knowledge of nutrition, fat loss, exercise physiology, muscle development, and body sculpting, Ron achieved the highest honor ever given in Natural Bodybuilding by becoming the sole recipient of the “Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade” award. Ron has won over 250 titles in the Natural bodybuilding arena, including being a multiple time winner of each of these top bodybuilding titles — Mr. Natural Universe, Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural World. Ron was inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s Hall of Fame in 2008."

Ron said that I remind him of an Olympic athlete he trained.  He has also trained individuals who have won state and national titles.  I feel honored that he sees something in me that I do not see in myself. He has seen me at my absolute worst and wants to be part of my triumph!

In addition to being the weakest I had ever been in my life physically, he also saw me at the lowest point of my life mentally.  I was separated from my husband as we were living separately.  We would both drive separate cars to meet to workout with Ron and the other business owners in the group. Through Ron's coaching, he showed that he does everything in his life the same way he cares for his physical appearance.  We new he was giving 200% to us when he would call us each week and when he would have us meet together to train.  As I became stronger physically, I also became stronger emotionally and spiritually as well. My husband and I both credit Ron for saving our marriage. His faith in God and faith in us - as well as the love and support his wife Tonya showed us, made a huge difference for us.

When I came back to the USA and was diagnosed with Lyme's, my first Dr. visit was $425.  Each additional visit was $325 when I met with the Dr. No insurance accepted. This was out of pocket. When I looked at the cost of the IV's, ozone, oxygen treatments etc., I knew I had to make a choice... personal training or Dr treatments.  When I met with the Dr. I was handed a paper with names of "herbalists" I was told to research and implement what they taught.  "Really?"  I'M an herbalist.  It was the first time in my journey where I not only felt abandoned by the Allopathic Dr's but now this Allopathic gone alternative Dr. who was the 'expert' was also losing my confidence.  I decided I would return to Mexico, for treatment, if needed and I would work with my Personal Trainer - the very best in the world as my "treatment". 

I have not had perfect days.  The herxheimer reactions and detoxing terrified me.  I was so sick the first couple of weeks until Ron instructed me to up my cruciferous vegetable intake, water intake and to make sure I was adding minerals to my water.  The nausea let up tremendously.  When I would crash and burn with my energy throughout the day, Ron taught me to never eat a carb alone and to make sure to eat a fat, protein and carb with each meal.  I would be taught to eat every 2.5-3 hours.  

Long story short, my life is a miracle.  When I listen to friends commenting on our support group page about "going to Germany to receive treatment that costs $30K" or when I hear about $18,000 a week treatments or $10,000 a month treatments, I cringe.  Not because of the cost but because of how desperate we all are to be well and for the majority of us, life has barely improved. I realize I am the exception, for now, and give thanks to God for the miracle. 

I am grateful.  I know that relapse is common with Lyme's but I am praying with all my heart, might, mind and strength that I have chosen the correct path.  I do take the ResultsRNA products, ASEA, digestive enzymes, herbs to increase energy and support joint and muscle health, probiotics and I use essential oils for immune support regularly.  I pray that the road I travel down will make all the difference.  We will be documenting my story as we work together this year.  I lack confidence in myself to tell you what the goals are, but perhaps I will tell you when I am better able to see what Ron sees in me.  

Find someone who believes in YOU! I'm so grateful for someone who believes in ME!  

With much love, 


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Same Message - Repeated 3 Times Today

Messenger 1

This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen, my phone reminded me that I had an important conference call this morning. I called in, muted myself and listened as I cleaned.  Towards the end of the discussion, I stopped what I was doing when Natalie began to speak. I love listening to her inspired counsel. Despite her trials, she had become extremely successful in her career and in her family life.  The message she shared and the message she always shares every time we talk or when I hear her speak is to fill your lives with love and gratitude.  Today I finally got it.  Perhaps learning recently of her trials (in her marriage), gave me the perspective I needed to truly understand what she had been saying all along.  Her way of dealing with life was to look for GRATITUDE in every situation as well as ways to truly LOVE those she shared space with. No matter her circumstance and no matter who she was speaking with, she always chooses to operate in a space of complete love and gratitude.  I realized by doing this, she would repel any negativity and attract only the positive and higher good into her life and the lives of her family members.

Messenger 2

A friend of mine asked if he could come over to get caught up on what was happening in our lives. This individual has been a friend of my husband and I for many, many years.  We can all talk and talk for hours.  There was no agenda, nothing trying to be sold or an intent to help rescue, save, prove etc.  I love friendships where the conversation can just flow without worrying where the conversation will lead.  Always lots of laughter, depth to the conversation and I always feel like I am a better person for having spent time with this individual.

Today's conversation started to evolve into the book content that our friend was putting together.  He started off by saying it was all about "frequency".  As he explained the concept he was writing about, I got out my phone and started taking notes. He had made a shift in his thought process and that same week he got a contract with Disney and with Nike to do some marketing for them. What he shared was not something too new, but the way he explained it was as if I was learning the Gospel in an entirely different light.  He talked about 1) Taking Ownership 2) Forgiveness 3) Gratitude and 4) Replacing Old Beliefs with New Beliefs.  He shared how no matter how many books he had read on replacing thoughts that create sabotage in our life or limiting beliefs, he realized that true change finally came when he applied and started to understand how important the 4 items listed are.  He then went on to talk about how we only create something that we truly want to change.  Before we can create something physically, we need to create it psychologically first. We will only exchange something that we perceive to be of higher value. He then talked about how we emit a certain frequency.  If we get ourselves into a higher frequency, it will affect everyone else.  He spoke of identifying the beliefs that were created in his childhood and how he went through the steps and felt an enormous shift occur in his life. We went on to talk about ways to change frequency in individuals and groups through activities, competitions, going golfing together etc. where literally the frequency changes and greater trust develops between individuals and groups of people when they play hard and work together.  He walked us through the steps of identifying things that have happened in our lives that developed a particular belief about ourselves, our success and money and how we can rewrite things by going through the steps he talked about.  It was fun talking to him and I commented to him that he did have a different energy about him.  He seemed more sure of himself and confident in his ability to work with these high profile clients.  It was motivating to see and both my husband and I promised to apply what he talked about and give him feedback on our results.

Messenger 3

I received an email today from a well known Naturopath in the USA. She is known for teaching people about cleansing and eating the right foods for healing extreme conditions.  I was a little surprised by the topic of her email.  It had nothing to do with food but had the title "Learn and Master the Secret to Knowing Your Purpose and Having a Purpose Driven Life".  Not too interesting to me, but I was about to start detailing my kitchen, and the email had said "replay only available for one day". I thought it would make the time seem more productive if I was learning while cleaning and so I clicked on the link, turned the speakers up and pressed play.

When the speaker began talking about "frequencies"  (again, this was the THIRD time I had heard it today), I finally saw the pattern and the message.

Natalie (messenger 1) had talked about using LOVE and GRATITUDE to change whatever circumstance she has during the day to attract success, fulfilling relationships abundance in all areas of her life...

Levi (messenger 2)  used 1) Taking Ownership of the Circumstance (that is what Natalie was doing also) 2) Forgiveness (Natalie does this with every person she works with) 3) Gratitude (Natalie also practices this moment to moment and hour to hour) and 4) Replacing Old Beliefs with New Beliefs (Natalie has several mentors, one which she says she will not miss meeting with because of how much this individual helps her to overcome her limiting beliefs and helps her to take ownership of her own life and circumstance.)

Messenger 3 continued her webinar and I started to take notes.  She asked "What frequency do you emit?"  She mentioned people who think they emit happiness but actually emit a mad energy or depressed energy.  She talked about how our life experiences sometimes affect our natural intuition and abilities.  She talked about how everything is frequency.  Frequency looks for a match.  She talked about a 10 year old who doesn't resolve her fear will 20 years down the road still be looking for that "match" that resonates with the same fear she is carrying.  She then went on to emphasize ALL HEALTH ISSUES are linked to a particular FREQUENCY.  The discussion turned to encouraging individuals to work with someone to help identify the beliefs that were developed at a young age, the frequencies that the person operates in and identify the pattern of what they are attracting because of it.  She spoke of how frequencies of certain individuals can either raise or lower another persons frequency if that individual is not strong themselves.

Interesting.  What is the message that I gained from all of this?  I do see God's hand in relaying this message to me three times.  Here is what I want to incorporate...

I know that we are all energetic beings.  When I studied 'Cellular Metabolism' for a presentation I was giving at a prestigious university, the research brought me again and again to how our thoughts literally affect cellular strength, permeability and the entrance of nutrients and exit of toxic wastes. The energetic influence of others also affects us at a cellular level.  With everything that was discussed, I can see how living with an individual with a low frequency (for whatever reason - perhaps childhood beliefs, or from circumstances that lowers the energy and self-esteem of a person) can literally pull others down with them simply by being near them.  Negativity also affects our health and the health of others surrounding a negative person.  As an individual raises their level of vibration of joy, that person may find others walking away who may feel uncomfortable with their healthier way of moving through life.

My thoughts turn to the individual(s) who will be reading this post.  I was caught in a very toxic dance for many years.  Fortunately, with God's loving guidance and tender care, my self-confidence was restored.  Once self-confidence was restored, I was able to look around, see the lies and make the changes to how I was allowing others to dance with me.  There was conflict at first as others adjusted to my demands for dancing in a way that was figuratively speaking 'not stepping on my toes' or in a hurtful way.  I once commented at church that when we "dance with Christ", he teaches us correct dance technique and we in turn can teach that proper technique to others. We are no longer ok with dancing in a way that is hurtful.

Your circumstances (and mine) will NEVER change until you or I do.  I remember how difficult it was for me to choose to go to Mexico.  The big change occurred when I finally decided my life was worth the financial cost.  Do each of us truly know our value?

Some of my favorite books for my kids are written by Max Lucado. Wemmicks - each and every one of us.  Created by the Master.  As we go to Him he will help to raise or "frequency", "energy", "happiness and peace" (whatever you would like to call it) and in turn we can help others.

My favorite Max Lucado's Books are...

1) You Are Special
2) Because I Love You
3) You Are Mine

Please choose to dance in a way that brings you joy.  I pray those who ask to dance with you do so with respect, dignity, in a way that compliments you, motivates you to give your very best, and one that leaves you smiling for days.  Find your inner smile and let go of all beliefs and individuals that crush your beauty.  Identify incorrect beliefs and rewrite them.  Look at situations with gratitude and with love.  Those tough circumstances made you who you are today!  Cheering for you!

With much love,