Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Same Message - Repeated 3 Times Today

Messenger 1

This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen, my phone reminded me that I had an important conference call this morning. I called in, muted myself and listened as I cleaned.  Towards the end of the discussion, I stopped what I was doing when Natalie began to speak. I love listening to her inspired counsel. Despite her trials, she had become extremely successful in her career and in her family life.  The message she shared and the message she always shares every time we talk or when I hear her speak is to fill your lives with love and gratitude.  Today I finally got it.  Perhaps learning recently of her trials (in her marriage), gave me the perspective I needed to truly understand what she had been saying all along.  Her way of dealing with life was to look for GRATITUDE in every situation as well as ways to truly LOVE those she shared space with. No matter her circumstance and no matter who she was speaking with, she always chooses to operate in a space of complete love and gratitude.  I realized by doing this, she would repel any negativity and attract only the positive and higher good into her life and the lives of her family members.

Messenger 2

A friend of mine asked if he could come over to get caught up on what was happening in our lives. This individual has been a friend of my husband and I for many, many years.  We can all talk and talk for hours.  There was no agenda, nothing trying to be sold or an intent to help rescue, save, prove etc.  I love friendships where the conversation can just flow without worrying where the conversation will lead.  Always lots of laughter, depth to the conversation and I always feel like I am a better person for having spent time with this individual.

Today's conversation started to evolve into the book content that our friend was putting together.  He started off by saying it was all about "frequency".  As he explained the concept he was writing about, I got out my phone and started taking notes. He had made a shift in his thought process and that same week he got a contract with Disney and with Nike to do some marketing for them. What he shared was not something too new, but the way he explained it was as if I was learning the Gospel in an entirely different light.  He talked about 1) Taking Ownership 2) Forgiveness 3) Gratitude and 4) Replacing Old Beliefs with New Beliefs.  He shared how no matter how many books he had read on replacing thoughts that create sabotage in our life or limiting beliefs, he realized that true change finally came when he applied and started to understand how important the 4 items listed are.  He then went on to talk about how we only create something that we truly want to change.  Before we can create something physically, we need to create it psychologically first. We will only exchange something that we perceive to be of higher value. He then talked about how we emit a certain frequency.  If we get ourselves into a higher frequency, it will affect everyone else.  He spoke of identifying the beliefs that were created in his childhood and how he went through the steps and felt an enormous shift occur in his life. We went on to talk about ways to change frequency in individuals and groups through activities, competitions, going golfing together etc. where literally the frequency changes and greater trust develops between individuals and groups of people when they play hard and work together.  He walked us through the steps of identifying things that have happened in our lives that developed a particular belief about ourselves, our success and money and how we can rewrite things by going through the steps he talked about.  It was fun talking to him and I commented to him that he did have a different energy about him.  He seemed more sure of himself and confident in his ability to work with these high profile clients.  It was motivating to see and both my husband and I promised to apply what he talked about and give him feedback on our results.

Messenger 3

I received an email today from a well known Naturopath in the USA. She is known for teaching people about cleansing and eating the right foods for healing extreme conditions.  I was a little surprised by the topic of her email.  It had nothing to do with food but had the title "Learn and Master the Secret to Knowing Your Purpose and Having a Purpose Driven Life".  Not too interesting to me, but I was about to start detailing my kitchen, and the email had said "replay only available for one day". I thought it would make the time seem more productive if I was learning while cleaning and so I clicked on the link, turned the speakers up and pressed play.

When the speaker began talking about "frequencies"  (again, this was the THIRD time I had heard it today), I finally saw the pattern and the message.

Natalie (messenger 1) had talked about using LOVE and GRATITUDE to change whatever circumstance she has during the day to attract success, fulfilling relationships abundance in all areas of her life...

Levi (messenger 2)  used 1) Taking Ownership of the Circumstance (that is what Natalie was doing also) 2) Forgiveness (Natalie does this with every person she works with) 3) Gratitude (Natalie also practices this moment to moment and hour to hour) and 4) Replacing Old Beliefs with New Beliefs (Natalie has several mentors, one which she says she will not miss meeting with because of how much this individual helps her to overcome her limiting beliefs and helps her to take ownership of her own life and circumstance.)

Messenger 3 continued her webinar and I started to take notes.  She asked "What frequency do you emit?"  She mentioned people who think they emit happiness but actually emit a mad energy or depressed energy.  She talked about how our life experiences sometimes affect our natural intuition and abilities.  She talked about how everything is frequency.  Frequency looks for a match.  She talked about a 10 year old who doesn't resolve her fear will 20 years down the road still be looking for that "match" that resonates with the same fear she is carrying.  She then went on to emphasize ALL HEALTH ISSUES are linked to a particular FREQUENCY.  The discussion turned to encouraging individuals to work with someone to help identify the beliefs that were developed at a young age, the frequencies that the person operates in and identify the pattern of what they are attracting because of it.  She spoke of how frequencies of certain individuals can either raise or lower another persons frequency if that individual is not strong themselves.

Interesting.  What is the message that I gained from all of this?  I do see God's hand in relaying this message to me three times.  Here is what I want to incorporate...

I know that we are all energetic beings.  When I studied 'Cellular Metabolism' for a presentation I was giving at a prestigious university, the research brought me again and again to how our thoughts literally affect cellular strength, permeability and the entrance of nutrients and exit of toxic wastes. The energetic influence of others also affects us at a cellular level.  With everything that was discussed, I can see how living with an individual with a low frequency (for whatever reason - perhaps childhood beliefs, or from circumstances that lowers the energy and self-esteem of a person) can literally pull others down with them simply by being near them.  Negativity also affects our health and the health of others surrounding a negative person.  As an individual raises their level of vibration of joy, that person may find others walking away who may feel uncomfortable with their healthier way of moving through life.

My thoughts turn to the individual(s) who will be reading this post.  I was caught in a very toxic dance for many years.  Fortunately, with God's loving guidance and tender care, my self-confidence was restored.  Once self-confidence was restored, I was able to look around, see the lies and make the changes to how I was allowing others to dance with me.  There was conflict at first as others adjusted to my demands for dancing in a way that was figuratively speaking 'not stepping on my toes' or in a hurtful way.  I once commented at church that when we "dance with Christ", he teaches us correct dance technique and we in turn can teach that proper technique to others. We are no longer ok with dancing in a way that is hurtful.

Your circumstances (and mine) will NEVER change until you or I do.  I remember how difficult it was for me to choose to go to Mexico.  The big change occurred when I finally decided my life was worth the financial cost.  Do each of us truly know our value?

Some of my favorite books for my kids are written by Max Lucado. Wemmicks - each and every one of us.  Created by the Master.  As we go to Him he will help to raise or "frequency", "energy", "happiness and peace" (whatever you would like to call it) and in turn we can help others.

My favorite Max Lucado's Books are...

1) You Are Special
2) Because I Love You
3) You Are Mine

Please choose to dance in a way that brings you joy.  I pray those who ask to dance with you do so with respect, dignity, in a way that compliments you, motivates you to give your very best, and one that leaves you smiling for days.  Find your inner smile and let go of all beliefs and individuals that crush your beauty.  Identify incorrect beliefs and rewrite them.  Look at situations with gratitude and with love.  Those tough circumstances made you who you are today!  Cheering for you!

With much love,


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