Friday, March 4, 2016

Ron Williams - "Natural Body Builder of the Decade"

Mr. Ron Williams. I am pinching myself.  I cannot believe that he is MY coach.

When I returned home from Mexico last year, I was incredibly weak.  Fortunately I was speaking English again, I could write, see and I was able to walk by myself - barely. I knew the healing would take time but I was anxious to get back doing the things I love to do.  After being back only three months, I enrolled myself in adult gymnastics.  Reality quickly smacked me in the face as I realized my body was not ready for that.  In an attempt to run, I almost suffocated as I collapsed and prayed to be able to breathe and wondered if I should dial 911.  When I met Ron, I had been back from Mexico about 8 months.  I was finally able to drink water somewhat normally without having to take small sips.  Ron picked me out of the group of people (I was the only girl) and asked me to demo a push-up.  I was horrified when I tried to do the push-up. My body would NOT respond.  This was humiliating.  Ron laughed and said "I've never seen that before".  I backed away completely red in the face and I could feel the tears coming to the surface.  

Fast forward several weeks and Ron was able to help me make little changes to what I ate and when I ate it.  Little by little I gained more strength.  At the end of 12 weeks I was able to do about 26 guy push-ups and continue to do about 50+ girl push-ups before collapsing.  This may not seem impressive to many, but for me I was incredibly grateful.  I had never been able to do so many guy push-ups before! Many times my body would not respond to what my brain was telling it to do, but little by little the connection was made and I pushed through the discomfort - no matter how much longer it would take. Ron pushed us all to our maximum and beyond.  There were many times I would have to leave the room where I thought I was going to throw-up or pass out.  

Ron is a 'no excuses accepted' type of personal trainer.  When he told me he NEVER takes a bite of a dessert - even when he is pressured by friends to only take a taste, I committed to do the same.  When Dr's told him he would never be able to do a squat again, he would do 800.  When a Dr. told him he would never run again, he would prove that Dr. wrong.  When he broke his back, he went on to win bodybuilding championships worldwide.  Here is a little part of his bio...

 "By applying his knowledge of nutrition, fat loss, exercise physiology, muscle development, and body sculpting, Ron achieved the highest honor ever given in Natural Bodybuilding by becoming the sole recipient of the “Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade” award. Ron has won over 250 titles in the Natural bodybuilding arena, including being a multiple time winner of each of these top bodybuilding titles — Mr. Natural Universe, Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural World. Ron was inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s Hall of Fame in 2008."

Ron said that I remind him of an Olympic athlete he trained.  He has also trained individuals who have won state and national titles.  I feel honored that he sees something in me that I do not see in myself. He has seen me at my absolute worst and wants to be part of my triumph!

In addition to being the weakest I had ever been in my life physically, he also saw me at the lowest point of my life mentally.  I was separated from my husband as we were living separately.  We would both drive separate cars to meet to workout with Ron and the other business owners in the group. Through Ron's coaching, he showed that he does everything in his life the same way he cares for his physical appearance.  We new he was giving 200% to us when he would call us each week and when he would have us meet together to train.  As I became stronger physically, I also became stronger emotionally and spiritually as well. My husband and I both credit Ron for saving our marriage. His faith in God and faith in us - as well as the love and support his wife Tonya showed us, made a huge difference for us.

When I came back to the USA and was diagnosed with Lyme's, my first Dr. visit was $425.  Each additional visit was $325 when I met with the Dr. No insurance accepted. This was out of pocket. When I looked at the cost of the IV's, ozone, oxygen treatments etc., I knew I had to make a choice... personal training or Dr treatments.  When I met with the Dr. I was handed a paper with names of "herbalists" I was told to research and implement what they taught.  "Really?"  I'M an herbalist.  It was the first time in my journey where I not only felt abandoned by the Allopathic Dr's but now this Allopathic gone alternative Dr. who was the 'expert' was also losing my confidence.  I decided I would return to Mexico, for treatment, if needed and I would work with my Personal Trainer - the very best in the world as my "treatment". 

I have not had perfect days.  The herxheimer reactions and detoxing terrified me.  I was so sick the first couple of weeks until Ron instructed me to up my cruciferous vegetable intake, water intake and to make sure I was adding minerals to my water.  The nausea let up tremendously.  When I would crash and burn with my energy throughout the day, Ron taught me to never eat a carb alone and to make sure to eat a fat, protein and carb with each meal.  I would be taught to eat every 2.5-3 hours.  

Long story short, my life is a miracle.  When I listen to friends commenting on our support group page about "going to Germany to receive treatment that costs $30K" or when I hear about $18,000 a week treatments or $10,000 a month treatments, I cringe.  Not because of the cost but because of how desperate we all are to be well and for the majority of us, life has barely improved. I realize I am the exception, for now, and give thanks to God for the miracle. 

I am grateful.  I know that relapse is common with Lyme's but I am praying with all my heart, might, mind and strength that I have chosen the correct path.  I do take the ResultsRNA products, ASEA, digestive enzymes, herbs to increase energy and support joint and muscle health, probiotics and I use essential oils for immune support regularly.  I pray that the road I travel down will make all the difference.  We will be documenting my story as we work together this year.  I lack confidence in myself to tell you what the goals are, but perhaps I will tell you when I am better able to see what Ron sees in me.  

Find someone who believes in YOU! I'm so grateful for someone who believes in ME!  

With much love, 


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