Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Healthy Eating While Traveling

An entire week in Florida...

Wherever I stay, and however I travel, it takes a bit of planning to make sure that my meals are healthy.  Following the advice of my coach, I always try to eat meals that contain protein, carbohydrates and fats - preferably eating the fat and protein first. 

Here is my advise for you...

1.  Purchase distilled water for the ride or once you arrive.
2.  Add liquid mineral drops back into the water before you drink it. 

3. Travel with a glass or stainless steel water bottle so you can add essential oils to your water also.  My favorite flavors are lemon, lime, wild orange, tangerine or grapefruit.  I'll add a bit of peppermint oil to add a cooling, refreshing pick-me-up and mouth freshener to the water or a bit of cinnamon to help support healthy blood sugar levels. 

Whole Foods was about a mile away from where I was staying in FL.  The walk back to the hotel with two gallon jugs of distilled water in one bag and a bag full of groceries on the other side, made for a good workout. 

When shopping, I chose a couple types of protein to eat during the weak, several types of veggies, a fermented vegetable (kraut) and blueberries, grapefruit and strawberries as a snack. I brought a large back of almonds from home that had been soaked, sprouted and dehydrated for future use. 

Whole Foods gave me additional containers to use at no additional cost. The proteins I opted for were the gluten-free chicken, salmon and cod. If I was traveling with the family I could have bought larger un-cooked portions and saved money, but I was grateful the food was already prepared. 

I usually like to eat my sweet potatoes baked, without anything added, but this was the only option the store had that was cooked and I didn't have an oven in my hotel room.  The veggies were cooked in olive oil.  I prefer to steam my veggies and add the fat after it is cooked. 

When we travel as a family, we often stay in the Marriott Residence Inn to benefit from having a kitchenette and cooking our own food.  The other vegetables I chose (that were more likely gluten-free and free of contamination) were the green beens and the brussel sprouts.  I also purchased some red beets that I thought were plain but ended up being pickled - yuck.  I ended up throwing most of the beets away after trying unsuccessfully to eat them during the week.  

For my fat source, I had almonds to snack on but I decided to add a plain pre-made guacamole to the mix.  I was happy with this choice because it enhanced the flavor of the fish and made up for any dryness in the meats. 

Ferments! Oh how I love adding fermented vegetables to any meal that I can.  I love the taste of caraway seeds with cabbage.  This did not disappoint. I usually travel with Redmond Real Salt, but didn't have it with me (for the first few days).  A little dash of sea salt made this bland kraut pop with flavor. 

Strawberries, blueberries and grapefruit made a nice snack between meals.  I accompany the fruit with a bit of raw almonds. 

Here are the meals all ready to be put into the refrigerator.  I try to only prepare enough meals to last for my lunches.  The food amount turned out perfectly.  I was able to use some of the meals for dinner.  At the hotel, for breakfast, I enjoyed their eggs (I assured they were gluten-free and 100% real eggs - nothing added), a banana (for the carbohydrate portion) coupled with my almonds (for the fat portion). 

The fridge unfortunately froze the food.  Because I chose food that froze well, thawing it was not an issue and no matter if I attended a conference during the day or traveled to teach somewhere, I was able to bring a meal that was cool during the trip and thawed just in time for me to eat it. 

Even though I was in a car traveling and at an event where it wasn't convenient to use the bathroom every few hours, I chose to stay hydrated and make the trips as needed.  I think better and have better energy when I stay well hydrated.  I should have drank more water than I did but these two gallons of water lasted me for the 7 days.  I did fill my water bottle with reverse osmosis water from the hotel lobby a couple of times before buying the distilled water, and I did drink water at several places where I was teaching. 

Even if I was not in a hotel, it is still possible to travel with a cooler.  My personal trainer showed me these cool containers he purchased for him and his wife.  They look like square duffel bags, but they are little mini coolers with small containers stacked inside to contain each meal portion.

It isn't a matter of whether or not you can eat healthy while traveling.  It matters more that you choose to do so - no matter what.  

When there is the will, you will find the way.

Lots of love and happy healthy eating while traveling.

- Steffi 

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