Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - "Not Even A Taste!"

Several months ago, a good friend of ours came over to visit with my husband and I.  During the conversation, he mentioned that he was doing some marketing for a man by the name of Ron Williams (who had been named "Body Builder of the Decade"). They were going to be doing a 6 week program specifically for business owners.  He asked if we would like to participate.  Jumping at the opportunity, my husband and I completed the 6 week course and then went on to participate in another 6 week course after that. We fell in love with Ron and his wife, Tonya, and we knew that we would all be working together in the future in some way.

Last night, when the clock struck midnight, my heart sank.  We had not reached our goal with our business and I had not reached my fitness goals when so many others had done so.  I felt like such a loser!!!  My heart ached as I tore down the sign that was taped to the back of the door that celebrated as if we had already accomplished our goal by Dec. 31st 2015.  I felt so guilty that if I had been able to help out more, over the past few months, and if I could have used more self-control and not lost sight of my goals, I could have made both my personal and business goals! In an effort to not fall into a cycle of depression, I tried to focus on the blessings and remember how amazing this  year has been...

1) I am alive.  At the beginning of 2015, I was barely able to make it to Mexico in a last attempt to save my life. Answers were found (documented on this blog).
2) I am still married after 15 years of some really tough trials that could have torn us apart.
3) We have 5 beautiful, healthy children.
4) We live in an incredible neighborhood with so many incredible people.
5) We have access to organic and non-gmo foods.
6) I work with incredible human beings and my clients are out of this world amazing!
7) We are in the top 3% of our company despite how I wished to be in the top .01%

I could go on and on and on....

Last night, after the strike of midnight, and after all kids had wandered sleepily up to their rooms, I pulled the comforter away from my pillows on my own bed, to find a very adorable little 5 year old there. When I lifted my sweet little daughter from her uncomfortable position, I found a gluten-free sugar cookie, incredibly preserved, that my daughter had smuggled upstairs, underneath her back.  I placed the cookie on a nearby bookcase, brushed off the crumbs and we all went to bed.  In the morning, the first thing I saw was that beautifully preserved gluten-free sugar cookie.  We only buy them on special occasions (like New Years Eve) and they are so addictive to me that I have to use major self-control while at the store to not buy them. (They are the local Charlotte Bakery brand for those of you who know how incredible tempting they are.)

As I looked at the sugar cookie, the first thought that came to me was "I will NOT let a sugar cookie be the first thing I taste in 2016".  I then thought about my sweet daughter who had that cookie.  I thought of my other children.  I wanted so badly for them to make healthy food choices so they could have all of the physical, emotional and mental strength God desires them to have. I then thought of Ron Williams.  He told me once that he was offered a dessert from a friend and he declined the offer even when the friend pleaded for him to just take a little taste.  Ron Williams responded with "not even a taste".  He is one of the most decorated Natural Bodybuilders in the world. Ron achieved the highest honor ever given in Natural Bodybuilding by becoming the sole recipient of the “Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade” award. He has won over 250 titles in the Natural bodybuilding arena, including being a 7 time winner of each of these top bodybuilding titles — Mr. Natural Universe, Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural World. It is incredible to make just 1 of these titles, but he has won all three 7 times!  He was inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s Hall of Fame in 2008.  (Yes, and he is OUR coach.)

As I thought of Ron, the idea came to me to make it a goal to truly be a REAL FOOD's WARRIOR! "Not even a taste!"  What if I could go an entire year without even tasting an unhealthy treat once?  I smiled at the thought... What if I could actually do it?  Doubts began to swirl around my mind but then I thought, I will fight ONE DAY at a time.  I can do this!

I went downstairs and looked at the food choices in front of me.  What foods did my body need to heal and be strong? I ended up making a drink from a fresh pressed lemon, cayenne, raw honey and ecinacea to be the first thing I tasted in 2016.  Oh how I want to be healthy, and oh how I want my sweet children and husband to be healthy as well!  My children and I juiced some apples together.  It made me smile to see that sweet little 5 year old drinking more than her fair share. I wanted her to be as smart and talented as God wanted her to be.  I did not want to put destructive food  in the way of God's goals.

So, dear friends, my husband has joined me in this challenge.  I want to be a TRUE REAL FOODS WARRIOR! Will you join us?  If we are going to help our children make healthy choices then we must lead the way.  If we want them to bring healthy alternatives to parties, to school, while traveling etc. then we need to show them how by example.

Here's to an incredible 2016.  I know that my husband and I will meet our business goals.  We may have had some bumps in the road over the last few years, but I am so grateful that the journey has not been smooth and I am so grateful for all that we have learned.  Yet again, difficulties have refined me in a way that I can look back on 2015 and say "thank you".  When I started working out with Ron Williams (8 months after returning from Mexico) I was just starting to be able to drink water normally and I was unable to do a single push-up.  When Ron Williams saw my feeble attempt at a push-up he laughed and said "I've never seen that before".  6 weeks later I was able to do 50+ girls push-ups in a minute and 6 weeks after that I could do 26 guy push-ups and another 30 girls push-ups before needing to quit.

Bring on 2016.  Ron has reached out to us to continue mentoring. I am going to do this!

It doesn't matter how many times I've failed, it just matters that I get back up every single time to try again.  I will only lose if I quit. Here's to never, ever giving up. Giving up unhealthy food choices will have a ripple effect in other areas of my life.  As we learn to dance differently, others will follow.

In ending, I would like to end with a quote Ron starts and ends every conversation with...

"Praise the Lord."

Details coming soon...

With much love,


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