Friday, May 29, 2015

Spiritual Hernia

The results came back positive.  Lyme's disease... the "great mimicker" of so many different diseases (many of which I have been diagnosed with).

The face paralysis I experienced on my way to Mexico... was from the palsy that is created from Lyme's disease.

The inability to speak English... that was from Lyme's disease.

The inability to write... that was from Lyme's disease also.

Out of all the things that I helped others overcome, as I worked with them as a health coach, the one thing that I dreaded to hear people say was "I have Chronic Lyme's Disease".  My heart sinks every time I think of a particular individuals I know, who has lyme's disease, who was alive yet dead in so many ways.  Every day was a struggle for her. She is married, she has children, she had desperately sought for answers and we were on the same path with regards to eating healthy real foods.  I had opportunities to teach her about fermenting foods, about digestive enzymes, about probiotics, whole food supplementation and about "my story" of healing, and about essential oils and cleansing, but never in a million years did I think that our situations were the same.  I was always so much healthier than she was... how could I possibly have lyme's disease?

Fast forward several years and I find myself deteriorating health wise.  I took down my blog for over a year as I searched for answers.  Ultimately I would be led to a Dr. in Mexico who would discover the hernia that he said was the "worst case he had seen in his entire 30 years as a Dr." The hernia was acting like a vacuum above my stomach, pulling all of the bile (that is suppose to go to my intestines) back into my stomach.  This was causing tremendous difficulty digesting food.  When the Dr. showed me the video of the endoscopy, my stomach looked like a bag that had been punctured all over.  It was a steady stream of blood that came into the stomach.  The Dr. pointed out some of the scar tissue that he said was "at least 10 years old or more".  He mentioned over and over how he could not understand how I did not have cancer.  He said most of those type of hernia's cause stomach or intestinal cancer.  For my case being the very worst he had ever seen he said "Gracias a Dios" (thanks be to God) but he didn't understand why I did not have cancer.

As you read through this blog you will learn how I had always used real foods, whole herbs and essential oils (along with exercise, pure water, etc.) to heal- always!  With the unknown issue of the hernia, I found myself at a point where I was unable to heal despite everything I knew and everything I was doing to be well.

When I was sitting in church last month during fast and testimony meeting, I felt strongly that I needed to go to the front of the church congregation to share my testimony of the Savior.  I knew the Holy Spirit was prompting me to share something but I didn't know what.  Full of faith, but not really knowing what I was going to say, after a long pause in the audience, I finally got up enough courage to stand.  Once I stood, it was just a matter of making it to the front of the audience to where the microphone was.

When I was speaking, I mentioned about my final attempt at saving my life and how I had felt "going to Mexico" was an answer to prayer.  I then mentioned how the hernia was causing my body to not be able to absorb the nutrition I needed and so my health suffered.  The thought came to me to talk about the Savior and the role he plays in healing our spiritual wounds...

Many times we may be doing all we can to be "spiritually well" by reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, attending the Temple, and serving others, but despite all of this, we may have a SPIRITUAL TEAR or wound that needs to be healed before we can properly absorb all of the incredible spiritual food we are filling our lives with.

Only the Master Physician can heal our spiritual tears.  Once the hurt and pain has been healed by the Savior, only then can we truly enjoy the nourishment that comes from spiritual food.  Once healed we can experience the peace, joy and comfort that comes from the partaking of spiritual food.


Once the physical tear was repaired, it took time for me to be able to eat and drink normally again.  I had to take teaspoons of water at first and chew my food really well and eat it very slowly, and I could only tolerate certain foods, but slowly over the course of about 6 months, I am finally able to eat somewhat normally and my digestion has tremendously improved.  It is nice knowing I will be stronger to rid my body of the diseases that took hold when I was in such a vulnerable state over such a long period of time.

Every person's tear or hernia is unique to them.  At times the Savior's healing can happen very quickly, and for some it takes more time due to the extent of damage done, but the healing balm of God is available for all of us.

When I was studying for my talk at Texas A&M last year, I was so sick that I called Dr. Lee and mentioned I no longer had my business website nor was I doing any coaching via Celiac Shack and mentioned perhaps he would like to remove me from the speaker list.  Dr. Lee let me know he understood and that he would be praying for me but he still wanted me to talk.  As difficult as it was to research the information when I felt like my brain was 'swirling in toxins' affecting my ability to think and speak well, I kept researching because I felt perhaps God was giving me the topic of "Cellular Metabolism - Side Effects and Solutions" because I needed the information myself.  As my research continued, the deeper and deeper I got into cellular metabolism, the more individuals spoke of energy affecting our cells ability to absorb nutrients.  One author compared a country at war and the lack of food transportation to what happens when we experience stress.  Our cells literally shut the doors to anything going in and out and despite the nutrition there, the cells do not open the doors until the stress has passed.  No wonder individuals with high stress levels become sick.  A weak, malnourished cell becomes vulnerable to disease.  Pain we hold onto creates stress in our bodies.  We need to constantly work to let go of all negative energies around us and surround ourselves with positive energies that heal, uplift and protect.

The thoughts we think, the energy of those we surround ourselves with, the beliefs we tell ourselves all affect our physical health.

Welcome to the Celiac Shack.  It has become more than simply going NATURALLY Gluten-Free.  It has become a place where I share with you my journey in hopes that it may help you, no matter the condition you are facing.  When I was reading about treating Lyme's the Dr. said that most people benefit more from the protocols if they are sugar, gluten and dairy free.  (I am a raw milk advocate and do not purchase the homogenized, pasteurized milk or dairy products from the store - but I definitely try to be naturally gluten-free and avoid refined sugars and use raw milk products sparingly.)

I pray that you or your loved one will be guided to those who will be able to help.  When I was in college I realized that everyone who looked even slightly like my x-step father would be instant enemy to me.  It really troubled me how much I hated one particular individual (a complete stranger) simply because he looked a lot like my x-step father.  Once I thought about the intensity of anger I felt and knew that it had the potential to kill. At that moment I knew I needed counseling. The counselor's first bit of advise was to read the New Testament in the bible with a new focus on understanding the atonement of Christ.  It took time, but eventually I understood.  Eventually I would humble myself enough and have enough faith to pray... "Father, I don't really understand how this all works, but I have enough faith to believe that somehow Jesus Christ truly did pay for all of my sadnesses and pain that others have caused."  I talked to Father in Heaven about the burden of hate and anger I was carrying and how I didn't want to carry it anymore and asked for help in Jesus' name.  I will never forget what it felt like as the weight was removed.  It was as if someone had taken a heavy back pack off of me.  I was absolutely astonished yet extremely grateful. Once the tear was healed, the relationships in my life also improved.  It was because of this very experience that I chose to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I wanted others to know the same joy I had known by coming to know the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and I wanted to share with others what His Atonement had done to bless my own life.

Words from the scriptures that I love...

Doubt not... fear not... I am with you.  I will make weak things become strong.  I am He who the Father has sent.  Knock and it shall be and ye shall find... ask and ye shall be given.

You are His child.  He loves you.  He wants you to experience joy, happiness and peace.  "Men are that they might have joy."

Lyme's was that one thing that I didn't feel confident helping others to overcome. Now it is my time to be able to turn to the Lord, to heal and to have the capacity, yet again to make my "mess" my "message".  NEVER, EVER give up searching for answers and please pray you will be humble enough to recognize the answers when they come.  I truly hope that something in this little "shack" will be useful to you.

With much love,


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