Monday, March 23, 2015

"The Missing Link" - Cell Exercise

When we received the blood results back from my Dr. in the US, we realized why it was the Dr. in Mexico kept saying that it was a miracle that the cells were not cancerous.  Due to how difficult it is for oxygen to transfer from one of my cells to another (see my previous post), and knowing the link a lack of oxygen has to cells turning cancerous, we are taking very seriously everything we need to do to get my cells breathing better. The surgery is done and now the repair work begins. 

Once in the US again, a friend of mine sent me a text saying she felt very strongly that she needed to tell me about a particular "product" that she said felt would be the "missing link" that was needed for me to fully heal.  Without knowing what it was she was going to tell me about, it was interesting to feel this strong pull to listen to whatever it was she had to say and to get the "product" in our home as soon as possible.  We were fortunate to have David Hall (the founder of the Cellersizer) grace our home a short time later to present to us and our friends his story and why he and the founders of QSciences have come together to share their products together.  After hearing him and listening to the testimonials of others, we knew the Cellersizer was going to be a very vital part of my recovery.

Here is a recording of David presenting on the benefits of the Cellersizer...

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