Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Multiple System Infectious Diseases"

Back in the USA again...

Once home, I made an appointment with the Dr I was originally referred to. My Dr had told me this Dr had saved several of his patients lives and was told he was the type of Dr who cares so much that he actually brought one of his patients to Mexico to receive treatment that was not available in the US.  

Background: In a final attempt to find answers, per my request, I was taken to Mexico. We found the answers I had been searching for but my husband decided to bring me back to the US to have surgery with plans to return to Mexico so I could receive treatment for the other issues. We had insurance and so it made more sense to have the hiatal hernia operation in the USA and then receive treatment for the other unknown issues causing the paralysis etc. in MEXICO.  Due to the drawn out insurance process of meeting with primary care Dr... waiting to meet with the expert... waiting to get insurance approval... I was degenerating too quickly.  Before I could meet with the hernia specialist in the US, one night I had the paralyzing feeling attack my throat and tongue to the point I feared for my life and had to keep using particular essential oils every 15-20 minutes to keep my airways open. The next morning I had my sister take me to the bank for me to sign my will and then she took me to the airport where I would go alone to Mexico.  On the way there, the right side of my face began to experience the paralysis, my vision was blurred and my ability to speak or write in English would come and go. The plans had to change. If I stayed in the US, I knew I would die. I went to Mexico with my ID and only the clothes I was wearing to deal with the paralysis. I was so weak, flight attendants and airport staff would shuttle me in a wheelchair and assist me to my seat. Clinic staff from Mexico met me at the baggage claim and shuttled me to the clinic. I would lie on the hospital bed going in and out of consciousness the first few days. Once the Dr's in Mexico stabilized me via IV therapy for a few days, I had the hiatal hernia operation in Mexico, and recovered there because any treatment for the paralysis would require the hernia be repaired.  My body would need to be able to absorb the nutrition from the food I was eating vs. relying only on IV's to sustain me.  It took 7 days until I was able to speak English enough to call my children and talk with them without scaring them with the broken speech.  It would take 21 days total before I would head back to the US - just two days after I was confidently walking by myself again in addition to feeling strong enough to carry my own plates etc. to the kitchen and strong enough where I felt I could make the trip back home.  It was extremely difficult, frightening and painful at times, but I felt peace and a sense of urgency that I needed to get back home. "Gracias a Dios" (thanks to God) and prayers of family and friends, I made it home safely. 

Once in the US again, I was able to meet with the "Chronic Disease Specialist" we had originally been referred to. When I went to the Lab to have my blood drawn, I was told this Dr was the "very best".  The lab techs said "he will figure out what is causing the problem - no doubt about that".  27 viles of blood were drawn. Several weeks later I met with the Dr. to discuss the results. 

Note: The blood tests were not too surprising.  They simply verified much of what the Dr in Mexico had said I would be treated for once I was strong enough following the operation.  I chose to come home, honestly, primarily due to the food I was being fed but also because of how sore, bruised and damaged my veins were from all of the IV therapies I had had the previous weeks. I wanted to take advantage of getting the blood tests in the USA to verify what the Dr. in Mexico had said but I also wanted to get home to where I would have true bone broth soups made right, meats I knew the sources of, dairy that was not full of neurotoxins and hormones etc. Also, I knew the cost involved with another round of treatments... I would need to earn more money for the additional time needed in Mexico vs. asking for more help.

Here are the blood test results that showed up as being out of the reference range (after I had already received 21 days of therapy in Mexico)...

D-Dimer Quant. 1.15 HIGH (range should be between 0-0.5 ug/ml)

My new Dr. in the US discussed blood coagulating too fast, biofilm from the lymes disease (or chaga) and other pathogens and about the oxygen transfer being slow. He said usual oxygen transfer from cell to cell should take 3/4th's of a second.  He said the oxygen transfer between my cells takes between 3-4 seconds.  He used the example of someone with emphysema.  A person may breathe somewhat normally when they are sitting down, but if they start to move around their breathing becomes very labored.  He said that is why moving seems so difficult to me.  My cells are literally starving for oxygen - particularly when I am exercising. 

Testosterone levels - Too much elevated cortisol means low testosterone which prevents muscle mass. He drew out the hormone process for men and women.  He talked about the side of hormones that cortisol falls under. Anabolic state causes growth - catabolic state takes apart.  I was told we need to work on getting my cells out of the catabolic state. I didn't mention it to my Dr. but I knew what was elevating my cortisol levels constantly. 

HNK1 (CD57) Panel
CD8-/CD57+ Lymphs 2.2 (reference interval is 2.0-17.0)
ABs. CD8-CD57+ Lymphs 20 LOW (reference is 60-360 /uL)
WBC 3.3 LOW (reference is 3.4-10.8 x10E3/uL)

The doctor said that I basically have "no white blood cells fighting for me".  He compared my immune system to that of a castle, soldiers outside the walls of the castle and inside the outer defensive wall.  He told about the soldiers outside the castle but within the outer wall as being the type of defense our body has that develops antibodies for the enemy. (They recognize the enemy from prior attacks)  He referred to the outer wall as being a protection that encloses the castle and the soldiers... that wall was practically non existent in my body that represent my white blood cell defense. 

IgG Allergens (4) Molds
M001-IgG Penicillium chrysog 15.1  HIGH  (range should be between 0-1.9 mcg/mL)
M002-IgG Cladosporium herbar 12.5 HIGH (range should be between 0-1.9 mcg/mL)
M003-IgG Aspergillus fumigat 20.1 HIGH (range should be between 0-1.9 mcg/mL)
M208-IgG Chaetomium globusum 3.1 High (range should be between 0-1.9 mcg/mL)

Candida Antibodies IgG, IgA, IgM
IgA 21 HIGH (range should be between 0-9 U/ML)

Mycoplasma pneu. IgG/IgM Abs
M pneumoniae IgG ABs 226 HIGH (range should be between 0-99) - Indeterminate

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Ab, IgG 1.30 HIGH (range shoud be between 0-.59 U.mL)

Complement C4a  1266.3 HIGH (range should be between 0-650 ng/mL)

HHV 6 IgG Antibodies 8.62 HIGH (range should be between 0-0.76

The Dr mentioned how it looked like it was Lymes Disease was the key player but there were multiple issues going on in my body.  He asked me if I was familiar with a certain actress.  I said yes. He explained that Lyme disease is like the famous actress/actor in a play that gets the most attention, but there are other actors/actresses that make up a movie.  He explained that the bite from the tic or chaga in Chile, the vaccine that paralyzed me, the mercury toxicity from extracting the amalgam fillings (from a non-biological dentist), the candida overgrowth, the high mold levels in the body... it all adds up.  They are all players in my movie that need to be addressed.   

He said "your blood results are a classic example of a case of "Multi-System Infectious Diseases". He recommended the book "Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease"
by Richard Horowitz.

Lymes...or Chaga...

The Dr was going to do an additional test to confirm.  I would take an antibiotic *cringe* for two weeks, then a break for a week and then I would have my blood drawn. 


On Sunday I was asked to give an opening prayer.  I was a little hesitant but accepted the offer to do so.   When I prayed, I had a chilling moment when I paused and realized that my brain was trying to switch to Spanish.  Fortunately it only lasted a few seconds and I was able to resume normally in English.  It scared me and I was tempted to start praying in Spanish to avoid the awkward moment.  

When I sat down I almost started to cry, but my sweet 4 year old kept me distracted from the pain. My abdomen is swelling again.  When I researched how to increase oxygen in the body, I was led to various websites that talked about lack of oxygen and the link it has to cancer.

This morning my Dr. from Mexico called to check in on me.  I told him I would fax him the blood results from the US Dr. and told him that my abdomen was starting to swell again.  His advise to me was "Please, you do NOT take many pills!"  Oh how I love him and his staff.  He truly does care about me as a person and not only as his client.  

I will be returning to Mexico during the kids spring break and plan on heading back there for a full treatment once the kids are out of school.

The black hole where all of my nutrition was disappearing into (the hiatal hernia, river of bile, reverse flow etc.) has been fixed. Now to work on getting rid of the biofilm, increasing oxygen transfer to the cells, and boosting my immune system and white blood cell count that the years of mal-absorption have caused. 

Here's to health, amazing Dr's, incredible family and friend support, and to an amazing God who truly does guide and direct our lives.  

Miracles are happening.  A big thank you to all of you who helped me get to Mexico.  The medical expenses are approaching $25,000 now from what has been paid out over the last 3 months.  It was/is expensive but I cannot begin to explain the difference I now feel.  "Night to day difference".  I appreciate all the little things - even being able to do laundry.

Step by step, we now have answers.  What I have been doing all this time with regards to foods, herbs and essential oils etc. was helping.  The Dr in Mexico said many times "I do not understand why you do not have cancer".  I know why... and I am so grateful. 

With much love, 


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