Sunday, January 4, 2015

Like Oxygen!


When everything is so serious...

When everything needs to be audited or critiqued...

When life becomes fast passed, assignments given, and you feel driven, driven, driven...

Sometimes I am able to sing, pray and dance... at other times, the silence is more comforting.

Some nights I am able to sing to the kids until they run out of song ideas, I squeeze them tight, and tell them how special they are.  Some nights I fall asleep exhausted as I beat myself up over everything that has not been accomplished.

Some mornings I am able to perform my own little acapella beat box rhythm.  The kids laugh, and cover their faces as I come closer with my little 'one mama band', clapping, stomping, dancing, and singing "We All Need Somebody To Lean On".  Other mornings are not so lovely.

This dance of life... greater pain comes when we forget to breathe...when we hold on to something painful...when we do not let go.

When emotions have become to painful, or my thoughts too chaotic, I have learned to cope using many of the gifts God has placed on this earth for our benefit.  I am not perfect, and am continually learning, but I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with to help me through this 'dance of life'.

Essential oils offer a tremendous support in my life.  When I apply the essential oils to my body or breathe in the amazing aroma, it feels as if unseen angels are applauding and telling me I can be braver, stronger and I can love more.

If I have time, I apply coconut oil from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my neck and then apply the essential oils to various parts of my body.  Sometimes I only apply only one drop of an essential oil as I head out the door.

My favorites...

A drop of peppermint massaged into my scalp... oh so refreshing! I love to breathe in the refreshing aroma of Wild Orange - I think it is my favorite oil to use!

Seasons come, seasons go.  The way that I use essential oils on a daily basis changes as does life circumstances.  At night it makes me smile when my husband comes down to lay beside me.  He usually has a smell of peppermint and eucalyptus that floats over my way.  It is a relaxing as well as an invigorating smell.  The essential oils help open up his airways so that he can breathe better and thus snore less - big bonus for me!

I look at the orchid my husband bought for me, it makes me smile.  He is learning.  It is probably the 3rd time he has bought me flowers in the 14 years we have been married.  His gifts have all been ones that are alive and will not die off a week later - his practical side. He is beginning to understand how happy flowers make me.  I will buy them for myself on occasion.

When things are orderly and clean, I can think thoughts drift back to where I learned how these principles of 'Self Care' and 'Self Acceptance'.  Thank you Tiffany for helping me to learn to take better care of myself and to create order in my life.

Tiffany Peterson is...well...amazing.  She is a modern day 'Mary Poppins' for adults.

Here are two things Tiffany recently shared on Facebook that I'd like to share with you as well...

1) The word "creation" in Hebrew means "to organize".  I love this concept that really when we are in creation mode - of life, love, projects, art, cooking, you name it - we really are simply organizing it together.

2) The most important shift (and where you may be getting STUCK) that you can make this year…
I am a big fan of personal development, like many of you. 
I love reading inspiring books, attending motivating workshops, coaching and strategy sessions.
I will always make those investments in myself.
I will always make those investments in myself.
to greater
You are a precious and adored child of your God, Source, Universe.
You have more amazing strength than even you can see in yourself.
You have talents and gifts that the world is craving from you to share.
You are worthy and deserving of having the life and results you desire.

Yet, I want to share what I believe is the KEY to receiving greater joy, happiness, sales, income, and overall fulfillment into your life. Think of this shift as a literal invitation from Life or the Universe to manifest for you what you want…
As you set your New Year's goals - which please do so as goals are powerful! - may I make one suggestion that is foundational to achieving them or at least achieving them with massive joy and happiness (which isn't that the main goal of life and living in the first place?)
Shift your focus this day, week, month, and year from:
Self improvement can sometimes get us stuck in the ever elusive horizon of just not enough whereas self acceptance values and honors you exactly as you are and in doing so that love and confidence and belief in yourself opens the doors of life's greatest abundance.
Self Acceptance means to me that you will focus more on your self care this year. To make your own well being a priority - your health, your sleep, time to journal/meditate/pray, time for joy just for joy's sake, and becoming your own best friend - having your own back to champion and cheer yourself on.
It means being more loving and kind to yourself and less hard on yourself or the internal negative self talk about all the ways you're not measuring up. Changing the inner critic to an inner cheerleader if you will. Making friends with the man or woman in the mirror.
I have found in my own life and in the private clients I coach that as we focus on love not fear with ourselves, making self care not just a Mother's Day or Father's Day experience but a lifestyle, in treating oneself with love, kindness, and respect, and creating space for well being, play, and joy you are ENERGETICALLY shifting yourself into the natural states of attracting and manifesting more of the good stuff - your dreams and goals for your life.
ENERGY IS EVERYTHING to achieving or attracting what you want.
Making self acceptance of your precious, amazing, highly adored self will be the greatest gift or "goal" you could focus on this year.
You are a powerful creator of your life.
Decide to love yourself more this year. To have your own back. Become best of friends with the one companion guaranteed to travel with you wherever you go and whomever you partner with - yourself.
I promise you that by shifting from self improvement to self acceptance as your focus you will be happier, more content, and experience greater fulfillment along the journey of your life - and in turn you will attract more of what you want and achieve your goals as a natural result.
I send you a blessing on this year - that you will thrive, prosper, heal, and progress in your highest good for you and your family. I love you and your amazing potential dearly! You are a divine being with so much good to offer this world!
Namaste my friends - I honor the pure love and light within you!
With love & acceptance,

Please be kind to yourself. If nobody else knows... GOD DOES.  You are amazing. 

Here's hoping you are taking good care of yourself. NEVER, EVER stop searching for answers and choose to ARISE (the word I have chosen as my motto for 2015)! The answers you have been looking for may be found today. 

With much love, 

- Steffanie 

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