Monday, March 19, 2012

Vaccines - I say NO!

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"Saying No To Vaccines" - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
"Fear of The Invisible" - Janine Roberts
"The Power to Heal" - Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff (Coming Soon)
"Vaccines are They Really Safe" - Neil Z. Miller

Pasteur versus Bechamp

Louis Pasterur claims invention of the "Germ Theory".  He is accused by biographers of stealing - and misinterpreting - his rival, Antoine Bechamp's research.

Pasteur, who is friends with the emperor, succeeds, and Bechamp's research is left to future historians and healers to rediscover.

"It is the germ that causes disease!" - Louis Pasteur

"No! It is the terrain! We all are exposed to the same germs all the time, but very few of us are made ill.  It is the body's ENVIRONMENT that expresses disease or health!" - Antoine Bechamp

"C'est Exact!  You are correct, Atoine!" - Claude Bernard

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Lisa C said...

"It is the terrain!" I love that! And it's so true!!!