Saturday, March 17, 2012

Different types of Damnation

Damnation means to be stopped, blocked, or limited in one's progress. I believe people are damned whenever they are prevented from reaching their full potential as children of God.

Prior to writing this post, I had called  a relative to see how she was doing.  After a brief hello she said her husband wanted to talk to me and so she handed the phone to him.  I wasn't happy about this.  I'm frustrated that he is in the hospital - again! 

I asked coldly "how are you doing?" He responded "I'm half way there".  I didn't know what he meant by that.  "Half-way dead?"  I asked.  No, he was half way through his hospital stay.  Three more weeks to go.

"Some people choose to live in jail, some people choose to live in hospitals" I told him.  I asked him "when are you going to give up your drugs?!?!" (This is a very strong minded Italian I was talking to.  I wasn't sure how he was going to respond to my stern talking).

Fortunately for my relative and I, the conversation ended well and I was surprised with his honesty and lack of pride - despite my harsh comments.  During our phone conversation, he talked about the first time he was admitted to the hospital, (when he was young).  During his first experience in a hospital he was put on morphine.  He said it was amazing how good it felt to be transported to "another place - to feel so relaxed and pain free".  He then said how he was able to get off of the morphine and avoided it - not becoming addicted, but when he tasted a "crunchy taquito" for the first time, he had that same experience occur in his body similar to what had occurred when he took morphine.  He felt that "high" from the chemical laden fast food and that moment was the beginning of a fast food addiction that would turn this good looking "stud" (his own words) into a humble, very overweight man - extremely addicted to fast food. 

When the nurse came in to care for the man mentioned earlier (let's call him Fred), he said that he joked with her saying "I'm sure you haven't noticed, but I'm actually a little overweight".  Despite the care he is receivig from the nice people there, and despite the humor, I hope this last experience in the hospital jolted his eyes and spirit open wide.  When he was checked into the hospital my relative called to inform me they would be amputating "Fred's Foot". 

Damnation.  I asked "Fred" when he was going to stop living in the hospital.  When was he going to give up his "drugs".  (No I am not usually this bold with him nor am I this bold with my clients).  I am angry for the following reasons...

His wife knows how to cook incredibly nutritious food - her husband won't eat it.
His wife wants to eat home cooked meals at home - her husband refuses to eat the delicious meals.
His wife does not want to go out to eat fast food - her husband demands that she take him there.  (His health issues prohibit him now from driving).

What a slave they both are! She has made the CHOICE to eat the processed crap food also.  She has made the CHOICE to shuttle her husband to eat death food.  She has made the choice to be his shuttle to the medical jail - I mean hospital.  He has made the choice to remain a slave to the addictive food and she has made the choice to be the vehicle that gets him there.  For her it isn't worth the fight. 

While teaching in Corpus Christi, Texas, I was able to eat dinner with a Dr. and his beautiful wife.  The meal was simple yet delicious.  On my large dinner plate was a healthy serving of quinoa and beans, a cabbage salad with nuts, and grapes and a delicious mixture of sauteed vegetables.  During our conversation the Dr. and I discussed our frustrations with people who continue to eat processed foods despite their health issues.  The Dr. gave some great advise that I wanted to share.  He said that people usually think about eating food that feels or tastes good to them.  When deciding what to eat, people think "what am I hungry for?"  Instead, people should ask "what food should I eat to fuel my body?"  At first, the food isn't going to taste good to the individual.  It takes time to heal the taste buds that have been damaged by all of the chemical additives.  The Dr. said that he tells them to simply look at the food as fuel.  Choose CLEAN FUEL for your body.  He assures his patients that over time real food will taste good but it will take time.  Another bit of advise he gives is to avoid foods with a bar code on it. 

So, are you free or are you addicted to something?  A friend posted a quote on Facebook the other day that I loved.  He said "If you are going to get the thing you WANT, you have to be willing to do the thing you DON'T WANT to do".  ( - great role model).

A friend of mine who overcame multiple sclerosis said that when she decided that she wanted to be well she had to "grab the bull by the nay nays" and she ran with all her might.  She use to be a fast food junkie who didn't know a thing about cooking.  She has turned herself into a vibrant healthy zumba instructor, beach body coach and fitness enthusiast!  She made the choice to be well and didn't stop until true health and vitality was achieved.  She does know how to cook now and she is no longer in a wheelchair.  Hooray!!!

Visualize what you want.  Keep your eye focused on the goal and never, ever give up!  You can be successful.

At the end of my conversation (with Fred), I mentioned that I had heard he was once an amazing ballroom dancer.  I know his wife is also an amazing dancer.  Buried deep beneath the years of toxins stored safely away in the fat cells, lies a beautiful couple who have so many wonderful years to live - so many years to dance! My prayer is they will choose to get out of jail (the hospital and medical trap) for good.  I pray their desire to dance will outweigh their desire to eat fast food.

REAL God Made Food, Whole Herbs, CPTG Essential oils bring restoration to body, mind and spirit.  The healing powers of the earth, the sun, pure air and many beautiful tools God has given us to be well.

May the "Force" :) be with you or  your loved one! Where FAITH is, FEAR DIES.

With much love,


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