Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nem genetikailag módosított élelmiszerek - Csodálatos!

Hooray Hungary!  Hooray for destroying genetically modified food crops and banning the selling and planting of genetically modified seeds in your country.  This shows you have leaders in your country who TRULY CARE ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE.

I pray other nations will follow your great example.  I stand proudly and applaud your efforts.

To the unseen voices, the brave men, women, leaders, farmers, children etc. who took part to make this happen in your country, I am sending a prayer of thanks your way.  I am so happy for your country.

My prayer is that American's will wake up, take time to educate themselves so that together as a nation we can get our food freedoms back.  Starting with freedom from genetically modified foods.

Natural News reported the news online.  You can read the article by going to

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NYT Launches Attack on Supplement-Protecting Senator—Just as DSHEA Comes under Renewed Threat

NYT Launches Attack on Supplement-Protecting Senator—Just as DSHEA Comes under Renewed Threat

For those of you in the US. Please read the above link and please take action asap. Share with your friends!

"Buna ziua!"

Bbine ai venit :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Bug's Life - "Then they ALL might stand up to us"

Does Hopper remind you of anyone?  "It's NOT about the FOOD, it's about the CONTROL".

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gluten-Free Medications

A couple days ago I met a woman who is a nurse at a hospital in a small town in Arizona.  The woman told me about a patient of theirs who has developed the intolerance to gluten - diagnosed as Celiac Disease.  The patient is a young girl who is extremely sensitive to gluten.  The nurse talked about how frustrating it was for them to find medications for the girl that are indeed gluten-free.  If the girl gets the smallest amount of gluten she begins vomiting.

As we talked about the girl and the medications, the nurse wanted to give her to help with the various issues, I was able to share with the nurse my experiences using essential oils.  After our conversation I realized that what we had talked about would be beneficial for those reading my blog to hear as well.

A side note...

Several years ago I was at the Celiac National Covention in SLC, Utah.  At the convention I learned that the thyroid medicine I had been taking was not always gluten-free.  I was instructed that I needed to call the pharmaceutical company each month to find if the batch number on my medication was a gluten-free batch.  At the time I was told this, I made the decision to somehow, someway get myself OFF of the medication.  I did NOT want to be wasting my time with researching thyroid medication each month.

Long story made short, I was able to work with a Dr. to get off of thyroid medicine I had been on for 18 years.  It's so wonderful to be drug free :)

Before I tell you about essential oils I wanted to provide you with a list of medications that are NOT gluten-free.

Not Gluten Free or Suspect Ingredients: 

Brand Name and  Manufacturer
Acnomel Acne cream (3/08)  Numark
Aconitum Napellus  pellets, tabs  (3/08) Hyland's
Alcohol Preps  Topical only (3/08) Rugby
Alcolec  (wheat starch) (3/08) American Lecithin Co.
Aller-Chlor Syrup (3/08) Rugby
Alprazolam  tabs, XR tabs  (3/08) Pfizer
Avena Sativa  (3/08)  Boiron
Avinza  caps  (3/08)  King
Azelex   Cream (3/08)  Allergan Herbert
Benefiber  Chewable tabs (3/08)
Betamethasone  dip, oint, lotion, gel  (3/08) Taro
Boost   bar, choc malt liq.  (3/08) Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Calciferol drops (2/07) Schwartz 2
Calcium chew tabs (2/07) Rugby
Calms, Calms Forte Caplets, tabs (2/07) Hyland’s Inverness
Base (oat flour), shampoo
(3/08)  Galderma, Hill
Emollient cream, foot
emollient cream, one step
skin care lotion (3/08) 3M Skin Health
Cerovite Liq. (3/08) Rugby
Chelated potassium gluconate 99 mg tabs (3/08) Nature's Bounty
Choice dm bars (3/08) Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Clarinex Reditab (3/08) Schering
Claritin  Reditabs (3/08)
Schering (800 claritin)
Clobetasol Propionate Cream emulcified cream (3/08) Taro
Cognex caps (3/08) Sciele Pharma
Cold Tablets w/Zinc (2/07) Hyland’s Inverness
Cortifoam (2/07) Schwartz
Daily Vite Tabs, tabs w/iron (2/07) Rugby
Depakene syrup, tabs, ER tabs (2/07) Abbott
Desonide Cream (3/08) Taro
DesOwen  Cream, lotion (3/08) Galderma
Dexamethasone intensol (2/07) Roxane
Diazepam intensol (2/07) Roxane
Digoxin oral sol (2/07) Roxane
Dilatrate SR caps (2/07) Schwartz
Dilaudid oral liq (2/07) Abbott
Diphenoxylant HCL &
atropine sulfate oral (2/07) Roxane
Duraphat (3/08) Colgate Palmolive (800 763-0246)
cookie bars, oatmeal (3/08),
enriched cereal (2/07) Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Ensure w/fiber Vanilla, chocolate (2/07) Ross
Epifoam topical aerosol (2/07) Schwartz
Estratest HS tabs (3/08) Solvay
Ferrous Sulfate
Elixir, immed. Release, tabs,
ER (3/08) Rugby
Fexofenadine caps (3/08) Barr
Flonase (10/06) Glaxo Smith Kline
Florida Foam (oat flour) (3/08) Hill 3
HCL tabs, caps-USP40
(3/08) Barr
Fluvoxamine Maleate tabs (3/08)  Barr
liq. Decon cough & cold;
nighttime cold med (3/08) Amway
Ganirelix Acetate (3/08) Organon
GasX chewable (3/08) Novartis (800 452-0511)
Ginsenique (2/07) Boiron
choc caramel snack bar, choc
peanut meal bar, cranberry
berry meal bar, cranberry
orange snack bar (3/08) Ross
Halcion tabs (3/08) Pfizer
Halls cough drops Regular (6/06) Cadbury (866 782-3267)
Humira (3/08) Abbott
Hydrocortisone cream w/aloe, w/moisturizers (3/08) Taro
I Vite Tabs, Protect tabs (3/08) Rugby
Intal Inhaler (3/08) King
Ivyblock (3/08) Hyland's
Jevity 1.2, 1.5 Cal(3/08) Ross
Kaletra Caps, tabs  (2/07) Abbott
Kenalog Aerosol, lotion (2/07) Bristol Myers Squibb
Levbid ER tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Levsin  Drops, Elixir, tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Levsinex timecaps (2/07) Schwartz
Lipogen S Gel Capsules Rugby
L-Lysine Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Lortab Elixir (3/08) UCB
Lovastatin tabs (3/08) Mylan (800 796-9526)
Lupron Depot (3/08) Tap
Menest Tabs (3/08) King
Metamucil Wafers Apple, cinnamon (3/08) Procter & Gamble Healthcare
Methadone HCL oral sol (2/07) Roxane
Metrocream Topical Cream, lotion (3/08) Galderma
Monoket Tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Mycostatin Oral susp. Bristol Myers Squibb
Nardil HFA (3/08) Pfizer Parke Davis
Neurta-Phos; Neurta-Phos-K Powder conc. (3/08) Ortho McNeil 4
Tabs, Timed Release 500,
750 & 1000 (3/08) Rugby
Nifedipine ER tabs (2/07) Kremers Urban
Niferex Elixir (2/07) Schwartz
orally disintegrating tabs
(2/07) Schwartz
Natural B Complex,
NutriEdge, Vitamin C-Kids
Natural, Digestive Enzyme
Complex, Kids Multivit
Multimineral (2/07) Amway
Orabase B Gel (3/08) Colgate Oral
Ostiva Tabs (2/07) Horizon
Papaya Enzyme Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Parcopa Tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Pen Kera Crème (3/08) BF Asher
Penicillin V potassium oral sol (3/08) Teva
Peridin-C (3/08) Beutlich
PerioGard (3/08) Colgate Oral
Peroxyl Rinse, Spot Gel (3/08) Colgate Oral
Polycitra-K Crystals (3/08) Ortho McNeil
Prednisone intensol, oral sol (2/07) Roxane
Proloprim Tabs (3/08) King
Reglan Tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Rozex topical emulsion (2/07) Galderma
Sanctura (2/07) Espirit Pharm
Secale Cornutum (3/08) Boirun
Selenium Anti Dandruff
Shampoo (3/08) Rugby
Selenium Yeast (3/08) Carlson
Children’s syrup, granules,
syrup, wheat bran (2/07) Purdue Frederick
Sensodyne toothpaste All (3/08)
Sniffles 'N Sneezes 4  Kids (3/08) Hyland’s
Solage topical sol (2/07 Galderma
Specracef Tabs (2/07) Purdue Frederick
Super High Vitamins and
Minerals Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Super Poligrip Powder (07/06)  5
Tapazole Tabs (3/08) King/Monarch
Tilade Inhaler (3/08) King
Tincture of Green Soap (3/08) Rugby
Tizanidine HCL Tabs (3/08) Barr
Triazolam Tabs (3/08) Pfizer
Trichotine powder (2/07) Schwartz
Tricor Tabs (3/08) Abbott
Triostat Inj (3/08) King/Monarch
Triticum Repens (3/08) Boiron
Unicomplex M Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Vigortol (3/08) Rugby
Vi-Stress, w/Zinc Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Vita-Bee w/C Captabs (3/08) Rugby
Vitamin E Oil  30,000 IU (3/08) Nature's Bounty
Vitamin E Oil-topical (3/08) Rugby
Xanax tabs, XR tabs (3/08) Pfizer
XS Nutrition Whey protein
powder (3/08) Amway
Zemplar caps, inj (2/07) Abbott
Zinc & C lozenges (3/08) Rugby
Zoto Hc eardrops (3/08) Sciele
Zyrtec  Children’s chewables (5/06) Pfizer (800-438-1985)

Can you see why the nurse would be so frustrated?  This is not even a complete list - nor does it count for all the medicines that may be gluten-free but are made in a place where they are contaminated with gluten containing ingredients on the conveyor belts, in the packaging or machinery.

Do you see why I love pure WHOLE herbs and CERTIFIED PURE essential oils?  "NATURALLY Gluten-Free :) and as PURE as POSSIBLE" - that has become my motto.

If you'd like to learn more about how we use foods, herbs and essential oils, please subscribe to my email list for notifications on class dates and times etc.

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