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The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet - The GAPS Diet

When I coach individuals on health, the works of Dr. Weston A Price (author of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration") and Dr. Pottenger (author of "Pottenger Cats") are quoted often.  Sally Fallon's cookbook "Nourishing Traditions" is the book I highly recommend to those who come to me after the class wanting to know how to start eating healthy.

Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger helped me learn "WHY" (it was so important to eliminate refined or processed foods from your diet), and Sally Fallon helped teach me "HOW" to properly prepare REAL food.  Sally Fallon's book "Nourishing Traditions" has been my FOOD Preparation BIBLE (per say) that has taught me how to soak grains, prepare soups using the bones, blood marrow, heads of fish etc. and has taught our family how to prepare fermented foods like kimchi, saurkraut, keifer and soups like beet kvass that have a healthy level of probiotics and digestive enzymes in the foods to aid in absorption. 

With the GAPS diet, the author teaches us the same principles that Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger teach but with a Dr's exact instructions as to "HOW" to heal your gut and what foods you should eliminate for a time so that your gut can heal itself.  I was fascinated to learn about the role bone marrow and bone broth soups play on healing the lining of the gut. 

When I recovered from all the scary symptoms of various illnesses, following the foods and recipes listed in Sally Fallon's book, I didn't know about the GAPS diet nor had I heard about Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  However, everything she teaches individuals about in her books (about the gut/brain connection) I can definitely say AMEN to.  I'm so grateful for stumbling upon her book and I look forward to following her GAPS diet closely.  I will start with the introductory diet which individuals say makes an enormous difference in the overall success of the program.  

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a degree in Medicine and Postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human NutritionI HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE reads her book - no matter your condition. Everyone can benefit from incorporating broths, fermented vegetables, probiotics and natural enzymes into their diets.

For more information, please see the links below.

Here is a paragraph from the above listed websites that talks about food allergies and intolerance's as it relates to the GAPS diet...

"Food Allergies and Intolerances. People with food allergies and intolerance's should go through the Introduction Diet in order to heal and seal their gut lining.  The reason for allergies and food intolerance's is so-called "leaky gut" when the gut lining is damaged by abnormal micro flora.  Foods do not get the chance to be digested properly before they get absorbed through this damaged wall and cause the immune system to react to them.  Many people try to identify which foods they react to.  However, with damaged gut wall they are likely to absorb most of their foods partially digested, which may cause an immediate reaction or a delayed reaction (a day, a few days or even a couple of weeks later).  As these reactions overlap with each other, you can never be sure what exactly you are reacting to on any given day.  Testing for food allergies in notoriously unreliable: if one had enough resources to test twice a day for two weeks, they would find that they are "allergic" to everything they eat.  As long as the gut wall is damaged and stays damaged, you can be juggling your diet forever removing different foods and never get anywhere.  From my clinical experience it is best to concentrate on healing the gut wall with the Introduction Diet.  Once the gut wall is healed, the foods will be digested properly before being absorbed, which will remove most food intolerance's and allergies."

For detailed information on the GAPS diet please refer to:

Gut & Psychology Syndrome
by Dr. Campbell-McBride

A Very Brief History

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet has its foundation on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) created by Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas to heal digestive disorders. SCD gained great popularity after a mother, Elaine Gottschall, healed her own child and became an advocate for SCD. Elaine Gottschall is also the author of the popular bookBreaking the Vicious Cycle. Intestinal Health Through Diet.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has taken SCD and evolved it further to create a full protocol for healing digestive disorders and subsequent issues.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a degree in Medicine and Postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition. In her clinic in Cambridge she specializes in nutrition for children and adults with behavioral and learning disabilities, and adults with digestive and immune system disorders.

Dr. Campbell-McBride set up The Cambridge Nutrition Clinic in 1998. As a parent of a child diagnosed with learning disabilities, she was acutely aware of the difficulties facing other parents like her, and she has devoted much of her time to helping these families. She realized that nutrition played a critical role in helping children and adults to overcome their disabilities, and has pioneered the use of probiotics in this field.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Using YOUR Health Savings Account (HSA)

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to work with a really amazing couple.  The man had experienced some very serious health issues that left him terribly crippled - unable to move his arms or legs.  Long story short, the couple was able to use foods, herbs, essential oils and a bemer pad to restore this mans strength completely when no doctor or medicine had been able to help him.

I hear these stories over and over again.  The story starts out with an individual saying "I went from Dr. to Dr. trying to figure out what was wrong with me".  Or I hear "I received a diagnosis, but I wasn't getting better".  Then the story ends by saying "I DRASTICALLY CHANGED MY DIET and.....I was ABLE TO BECOME WELL".  Or, the individual mentions diet and another natural modality, alkaline water, or a particular herb or essential oil in conjunction with foods.

At one time I thought my story was very unique when I'd share how I'd recovered from my illnesses in the way that I did. (Using foods, herbs and essential oils).  However, I've come to realize that my story is not unique.  There is a health revolution going on in the world.  It's exciting to be a part of it.  Individuals are returning to the wisdom of their ancestors to seek healing and they are being healed simply by changing the way they eat and they are realizing when they have whole herbs and pure essential oils, miracles occur!

When I coach people on health it really goes back to the basics.  It took me 12 years to come full circle from first depending completely on the Dr's for answers, to having the knowledge I need to care for myself and my family without needing to go to the doctor.  1) Eat fresh organic foods, herbs and superfoods 2) Drink pure clean water 3) Get a little sunshine every day 4) Connect yourself to the healing powers of the earth.  5) Breathe deeply to get oxygen into your lungs and body 6) Exercise daily.

It seems too simple to really work but it does work - and it works wondrously!

I watched the video "Food Matters" a couple nights ago with my husband.  The video talked about how herbs are not a great selling tool for companies because the herbs have hundreds of constituents in them verses the one or two constituents in pharmaceutical drugs.  What this does is the herb can cure several illnesses where drugs are made to treat one particular condition.

The nice thing about herbs and essential oils and their hundreds of constituents is that God made them perfectly.  God already has the cure for the side effect in the herb or essential oil.   No need to take other medicines to counteract the side effects.  You get more bang for your buck.

It's disheartening for me to see individuals struggling with the "after effects" of taking medication.  A woman I met at one of my classes had gone blind from taking her medication for her heart issues.  There are organizations built specifically for helping an individual wean themselves off of dangerous medications.  In the past decade as the FDA has been bought out by the pharmaceutical industry, the fox is the one watching the hen house (per say). The rate for approving drugs has gone from an average of 2 years to as little as 2 months.  This is dangerous!  When you see those list of side effects on your prescription, take what you read seriously.  The woman who lost her eyesight said that "blindness" was listed as one of the side effects.  She can't sue because the label gave the warning.  Wouldn't it be safer to try foods, herbs and essential oils first!  Pray to be lead to the answers YOU need in order to be well - without taking dangerous medications.

There are 100,000 people that die each year from properly prescribed medications.  That total doesn't include suicides or improperly used medication use.  Herbs used in their whole state and whole food supplements are safe - and very effective.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if your insurance would pay for these wonderful, safe remedies?  See the DVD "Food Matters" to see why your insurance wouldn't cover it.  Like I mentioned above, with a drug that has one or two constituents in it, the drug is targeted to stop the symptom of one particular disease.  With herbs and essential oils there are hundreds of constituents in them.  One herb or one essential oil can treat many different illnesses. Did you know that many essential oils are anti-viral?  When you get a virus you can take an essential oil that has anti-viral properties like oregano oil and the oil will actually permeate the cell membrane that has been invaded by the virus and the oil will stop the growth of the virus.  Antibiotics cannot permeate the cell membrane.  This is why Doctors always tell you "sorry, we can't do anything" if you have a virus.  Find a Naturopathic or Ayurvedic Doctor that understands the power of herbs and essential oils.

We have insurance, but have it in case of catastrophic injuries or accidents.  We love our Doctor but in the past 6 years I have only seen him when I was pregnant.  We have wanted to get a Health Savings Account (HSA) but the remedies we use that are natural - without side effects, would not be something our government (as of yet) has given permission to use the HSA account money for.

The wonderful couple, mentioned previously, when they were writing me out a check for their health sessions said "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could pay for this with our Health Savings Account".  I nodded and said that would be a fabulous thing to happen.  Little did I know that our wonderful Senator Hatch, here in Utah was preparing a bill that would allow using the HSA account for "natural herbal remedies" etc.

Today, between talking with customers, I read through an email that made me so excited I wanted to get on facebook and broadcast it to all my friends, but someone came into my office and I had to delay my announcing the "good news" until now.

Here is the article that I read from the "Alliance for Natural Health" website.  (Please read the article and click on the link at the bottom of the page to send a big thank you and encouragement to Senator Hatch.  Also please take time to voice your support of the bill to YOUR representatives in your state)...

"A new bill would expand “eligible medical expenses” in the IRS code to include herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, meal replacement products, and other dietary and nutritional supplements. A new Action Alert.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has introduced S.1098, the Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011. The House version of the bill, HR.2010, was introduced by Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) and is already enjoying wide support with thirty cosponsors.

Last month we told you about two health savings programs that help pay for complementary and alternative medical (CAM) treatments not covered by regular insurance: Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). “Eligible medical expenses” determine what can be covered by both HSAs and FSAs. Under current law the above are not considered “eligible medical expenses” and so HSAs cannot be used to cover them.

The bill as it stands is strong, and we support it—though hope to see the language tweaked to address that part of the healthcare reform act that threatens the very existence of HSAs. We met with Sen. Hatch’s staff earlier today to discuss the bill, and we were assured that the Senator understands the importance of maintaining access to healthcare plans used in conjunction with HSAs. We will continue to work with Senator Hatch as the bill gains momentum.

You may recall that HSAs are savings accounts owned by the individual, and the funds contributed to them are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit. If the funds are not spent, they roll over and accumulate year to year. The law that created HSAs made eligibility dependent on whether one is covered under a high-deductible insurance plan. But section 1302 (e)2(A) of the healthcare reform act limits high-deductible or catastrophic healthcare insurance plans to persons under the age of 30.

This means that beginning in 2014, people over the age of 30 will not be able to purchase an HSA because they will not be eligible for catastrophic plans—making any changes to HSAs irrelevant to them.

Catastrophic plans are designed to give protection against emergencies. They have low monthly premiums in exchange for a higher deductible, making routine doctors visits, etc., more expensive. CAM patients use high-deductible plans to cover emergency services, and use HSAs for purchasing treatments not covered by traditional healthcare insurance. Without the preservation of both high-deductible healthcare plans and HSAs, CAM users will be forced to purchase expensive healthcare insurance with coverage they don’t want or use, while still having to spend money on alternative treatments not covered by insurance.

Therefore we fully support expanding HSAs and FSAs coverage to include supplements among the “eligible medical expenses.” However, the healthcare reform act needs to be amended to allow for catastrophic plans for people over 30 years of age.

Action Alert! Please contact your senators and representative immediately. Voice your support of S.1098 and HR.2010, and explain that coverage of herbs, vitamins, etc., is essential under HSAs and FSAs. Ask Congress to (a) co-sponsor the bills, and (b) include an amendment to the bills to repeal the portion of the healthcare reform act that limits eligibility for high-deductible and catastrophic insurance plans."

To add your voice, please click on the link below, scroll to the bottom of the article and make your voice heard!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Reply to the Consumers Union

Here was the letter from the Consumer's Union emailed to me...

If we don’t believe having a safe food supply matters, just look to Germany – 31 people dead, 3,100 more infected, and millions of dollars in destroyed crops, all apparently due to a deadly new strain of E. coli bacteria.
While this particular strain hasn't been seen here yet, similarly dangerous bacteria have, and we continue to have outbreaks of foodborne illness. That threat prompted Congress just six months ago to modernize our nation’s horribly outdated food safety laws, which hadn't had a major change since the 1930s.

But TODAY, the House may turn back that progress on food safety in the United States! 
We need you to send an email right now so your Representative in Washington knows what you think of this plan.

Tell your Representative now isn’t the time to weaken our nation’s food safety system!

The proposal being voted on today would undermine the safety modernization program by slashing $200 million next year from the Food and Drug Administration. The agency will do much of the new work, including including new programs to detect unsafe food imports and ways to more quickly track the source of an outbreak.

Advocates say such deep cuts will make it nearly impossible to carry out the recently approved new law. Meanwhile, $200 million could be spent to promote U.S. agriculture overseas – a program that gives money to such large grower cooperatives as Sunkist, Welch’s and Blue Diamond to promote their goods.
If you believe the House can do better than this plan, let your Representative know now. Dealing with our nation's budget and deficit is important work, so tell your Representative if you want a better approach to food safety for you and your family.

Thank you for speaking out on this important issue. If you know others who may want to weigh in, please forward this email to them.


Jean Halloran
A Project of Consumers Union
101 Truman Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703

My Response...

ABSOLUTELY TAKE $200 MILLION FROM THE FDA!!! I stand and applaud that action!  The FDA does NOTHING to protect the US citizens but does EVERYTHING to protect the Pharma business and the GMO agenda.  The GMO agenda is what caused the super bugs!  

I would love to have an interview with those at the Consumers Union to share "My Story" with you.  I wish you would work more to get REAL organic food on the table instead of thinking that killing the life out of everything, and then deeming it as "safe"  is better for the consumer.

Watch and see how the FDA used 60 million dollars of tax payers dollars to try to put a Dr. out of business that was doing more good at curing Cancer than the Cancer Society was with chemo and radiation.

I see the same thing happening with organic farmers as it relates to being demonized by the FDA.  Wake up and realize that there is a better way to help consumer safety.  Raw milk for example... leave it out for several days and instead of a toxic chemicals you get....drum roll.....curds and whey!  How many American's even know how to make butter.

I hope you educate consumers on what "Real Food" looks and tastes like.  That is the best way to get consumers safe.  Allergies and sensitivities are caused by the denatured and genetically modified foods.



Note:  The above reply was typed quickly (during the time I was caring for 5 kids).  It was not as thought out as I wanted it to be.  After sending the above reply, I thought of so many other things that I would have liked to have said!

A dear cousin sent me the following phrase... "It is better to have IMPERFECT ACTIVITY than it is to have PERFECT INACTIVITY".  

I realize that in so many ways, my blog is a major rough draft.  It may be imperfect, insignificant, and a spec in the blog sphere, but it's my imperfect activity :)

Lots of love!


Hitlers of the Food and Drug Industry DBA the FDA

As I study health and nutrition and apply correct principles to my life, it has been interesting to witness how the foods, herbs and essential oils that MOST HELP people are the ones that the FDA treats as if it were more deadly than drugs or alcohol.

Here is a movie that I hope EVERY individual in the world gets to watch.  "The Burzynski Movie".  You can watch it until June 20th 2011 at for FREE.  After that time you can purchase the DVD on Amazon or at Whole Foods Market stores across the US.  Once you watch the movie pass it along.

I cringe whenever someone shouts loudly "I RAN for a CURE", or "I Walked for a CURE".

I witnessed such a kind act a couple of weeks ago.  When someone gets Cancer, loved ones begin praying, serving, researching, supporting, crying, waiting, searching, hoping etc.

It is a delicate subject which I've been very quiet about talking about much until I watched the Burzynski movie and learned that the Cancer Society purposely diluted the treatment of patients to prove that Burynski's treatment failed.  That was out right MURDER!  The FDA spent 60 million dollars fighting against Dr. Burzynski to put him out of business when his therapy was MUCH MORE effective than the current radiation and chemotherapy methods and then turned around and helped the Cancer Society steal Dr. Burzynski's patent.  Dr Burzynski sued and WON!!!  Please watch the above movie.

Those who "run or walk for a cure" actually gave money to further help the enemy of the cancer cure if that money went to the National Cancer Institute or the National Cancer Society.  See the movie above and witness what so many Doctors have also experienced, but failed to win.  Dr. Burzynski is a true fighter and example of resiliency. The Hitler like Monopoly of our Foods and Medicines is in OUR America!  It's time to get rid of the evil that abounds in our OWN country of the good old USA and do some serious cleansing of our organizations that have "conflicts of interests".

I enjoyed reading the following article from Neev M. Arnell posted at

It's time for all American's (we've all been affected from the loss of a loved one to cancer) to stand up.  Stop "running" or "walking" for a cure. The cure IS there!  The FDA doesn't want you to know about it if it doesn't profit "their" partners in business.

Start walking away from processed food, from the beliefs that your Doctor has the only answers to solve your health problems, and run away from genetically modified food.

Walk towards clean air, clean food, and natural remedies.  Run to vote and to support your local businesses that want to bring organic, fresh produce to your stores.

Walk away from the belief that radiology and chemotherapy is your only answer.  I pray that you will be lead to truths that will HEAL your body, mind and spirit completely, without burning holes throughout your brain.

Please watch the movie above and you will know more about why I am so mad at the FDA.  I see what they are doing to individuals that I purchase organic food from.

When Hitler started killing the Jews many people turned their heads and said "It isn't happening to me, so why should I put my life or the lives of my loved ones in danger".  However, there were MANY brave men and women who fought the war silently.

How mad are you at losing a loved one?  I've lost my favorite aunt to breast cancer and bone cancer.  She went through chemo and radiation.  I lost my brother in law to colon cancer.  He went through chemo and radiation three times.  It was heart wrenching to see him fight so hard and eventually lose.

I am fighting the war by doing the following...

I support my local farmers by buying organic produce as much as possible locally.  Thank you Real Foods Market!

I choose to buy organic produce at the Health Food Stores when the local produce is not available.

We Eat to LIVE (See Dr Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live")

I take responsibility for my health and the health of my children and husband.

I educate myself on how to use herbs (in their whole state) and essential oils (certified pure therapeutic grade).

I take responsibility for making sure the water in our home is pure.

I make sure that I get plenty of Vit D from sunshine.

We enjoy taking off our shoes and letting the earth rid our bodies of harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

We enjoy exercising as a family.

We do not consume processed foods or genetically modified foods.

My freezer is full of frozen fruits and veggies, my kitchen is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and the pantry is stocked with raw organic seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, grains, spices of all kinds, sea vegetables, superfoods, and pure coconut and olive oils.

I walk and run away from processed food and genetically modified food.  That is how I walk or run for a cure.

I urge you to make the same commitment for you and your family.  Stop the death that is occurring in our Country.

My Grandfather served in WWII.  He was part of the rainbow artillery that entered the first concentration camps to help heal those who were dying.

I'm proud of the work that my Grandfather did to stop the murder of Hitler.

I am proud of those women who have served in the Army.  I consider myself a soldier.

I am passionate about telling others about what is going on in YOUR food and medicine.  Death is there.  Sickness is there.  Do not trust an organization that was bought out by the pharmaceutical and genetically modified food industry.  Do NOT trust them to tell you the truth about what is or is not safe for your family.

Be as passionate about prevention as you are angry about the death of a loved one. Protect your family!

Do something to warn those you love, but be an example FIRST YOURSELF of health.

My conditions talked about in this blog began to return when I reintroduced processed foods and genetically modified foods into my diet.  When you learn how GMO's can actually change the DNA of the bacteria in your intestines to produce pesticides, you will understand why it is so hard to get individuals well again.

I pray you will believe me and take what I say seriously.  Walk or Run for a cure every time you put something into your mouth.

With much love!