Thursday, October 13, 2011

I should be the US President :)

My kids love watching a television cartoon series based off of the Star Wars movies. We have the DVR set to record the series each week, because we travel out of town frequently, and also so we can fast forward through the commercials.  I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but my husband is. The kids love the time watching the show with their Dad.  Lately though, as I've watched the show while working at my computer (my best blog writing times), I cannot help but compare Star Wars (the Force versus the Dark Side) to the war that is going on in America between organic farmers and dairies, health foods and supplements versus Big Pharma and Monsanto and the enormous multi-national genetically modified organisms and chemical companies.

In one of the last episodes we watched of Star Wars - The Clone Wars, we saw how the evil forces (the Dark Side) were secretly taking over positions of power in the Great Council where secretly their "evil deeds could be worked out" under the safety of an organization that was supposedly working to "protect the people".  Eventually certain individuals would recognize "the impostor or impostors" and would seek to educate others to get rid of the enemy, but that usually resulted in a WAR that would only be won once all of the leaders on the good side of "the force" were notified of the "evil among them" and there would be brave individuals who would unite to rid the enemy from the position of leadership.

As silly as it may sound to some, I truly believe we have more people from the DARK SIDE of the force working in the highest government organizations in the US.  Those who try to eat real, raw food will nod their heads in agreement to this statement and think "no it's not silly, it's actually very real, serious and frightening".  Those who try to grow or produce that real food or the Dr's who try to advocate eating real, raw food, would nod their head in agreement also, if they happen to read this blog from their jail cells.  No this type of information isn't available via television.  See my post on Fox News and how the journalists and reporters were fired for trying to make public a story that shed the light on a member of the Dark Side (Monsanto).

Those of you who eat processed food, take pharmaceutical drugs etc. may not be aware of what is going on.  You may not really have a desire to keep reading, but you need to know that the food you eat and the drugs you are taking are becoming more and more toxic and more dangerous due to corruption within the organizations that are suppose to protect you. As a health coach, I am really alarmed at the amount of families that have every single person in their family on a myriad of drugs. I am meeting people who have experienced horrible side effects from medicine. (Read the warning labels and take them seriously.  A woman I met went blind from taking her heart medication.  She cannot sue because going blind was listed as a possible side effect).

I often talk about the FDA as "the Evil one" but who am I really talking about?  Was the "Great Council" in Star Wars the Corrupt organization? (If I got the name wrong, please forgive me you Star Wars loyalists) The "Great Council" became corrupt when there were too many members from the "Dark Side" within the organization. When I mention the FDA, I am talking about an organization that at one time worked for the people, but the organization is acting in a way that contradicts itself as being there to protect consumers. (See information below to find out who is 2nd in command at the FDA that President Obama needs to have removed from office). Americans have learned to ask "Is it FDA approved?"  "Is it USDA certified?" etc.  I'm someone who is really trusting of other people and organizations.  I also trusted the FDA until I started seeing examples like this one. The FDA spent 60 million dollars to put a Dr. out of business who had better success rates at curing cancer than the National Cancer Society.  Luckily the Dr. sued the FDA and won.  (See Burzynski the Movie for more information.)  The FDA put Burzynski in jail while at the same time the NCI received the same patent that Burzynski was thrown in jail for.  Burzynski (millions of dollars later) has a happy story to tell. How does it make YOU feel (if you are a US Citizen) knowing that your tax money went to put a Dr. in jail that had better success rates than NCI for curing cancer?  How does it make you feel knowing the FDA spent two years spying on a raw milk coop in CA?  Hundreds of thousands of dollors of YOUR tax money was spent on that sting raid operation putting 3 of the workers in jail for "raw milk conspiracy".  How do you feel about the Amish farmers being handcuffed and put in jail for distributing REAL food?  Sound crazy?  It IS CRAZY! IS happening to GOOD, Hardworking, HONEST people all across America who are trying to deliver REAL food to the public.

It is estimated that 100,000 jobs will be lost once the FDA starts smacking the natural supplement industry with regulations and fines that they cannot afford or have sufficient time to deal with.  This will be a huge advantage to Big Pharma. Let's discuss the unemployment rates in America. Where are the thousands of farmers who were sued by Monsanto for patent law infringements and put out of business?  Do you know that Monsanto sued the farmers because Monsanto's GMO seeds blew on the other farmers lands and grew and Monsanto sued and won?  It's as if someone had put a patent on a refrigerator that could grow legs and walk.  The refrigerator walks over to the neighbors house, knocks on the door, the people refuse to let it in and so the refrigerator goes and sits down on the driveway.  Then the manufacturer of that refrigerator knocks on the neighbors house and hands them a lawsuit because the refrigerator is sitting on their property. It's considered stolen property even though the neighbor didn't want the mutated refrigerator on their property in the first place. Who are these former Monsanto executives and Big Pharma reps fighting against?  It is against anyone who is providing PURE, CLEAN, REAL food to the world.  It's crazy how even little kids trying to sell lemonade are being fined $500 for not having a license.  It is insane!!! An elderly couple in Texas was put in jail for giving food to a homeless person. Why? The Nazi lookalikes are sending a very clear message to ANYONE (kids are even being included) that food growing and food making should be for the big businesses. Those individuals providing incredible natural supplements, organic foods, real raw cheeses and other dairy products are the competitors to the GMO (Genetically Modified Food) agenda.  Real food heals people of various neurological, auto-immune, digestive, chronic, inflammatory, etc. diseases and so real food producers and Doctor's who advocate consuming them are being shut up and barred in jails because of it.  It is insanity at it's best. The majority of US citizens are clueless.  Well, this blog post is my small attempt at helping people to "wake up". I spoke to a well known natural health practitioner who became a Naturopath.  I too have wanted to become a Naturopath until my conversation with this Dr.  I was told that all of the Dr's associates are being put in jail, and others have left the country.  The Dr. did not recommend I go the same route.  The Doctor told me that what's really sad is that Dr's are in more danger of being put in jail than Naturopath's are here in America. Dr's have their hands tied in so many ways. This is crazy, but true!

I want to do something about this.  Anyone with ties to BIG PHARMA or MONSANTO (or any tentacle relating to a Multi-International GMO agenda business) must be removed from offices in the US.  Those government organizations were instituted to work and protect THE PEOPLE - not political, or economical or the new world order agendas.

So, I am announcing that I am going to run for US President!  Hahaha that is definitely a joke!  But when there is a problem and you don't think someone will do anything about it, put a woman in who cares more for her "children" than she does for power, wealth or influence.  She will teach the government what it means to properly protect and care for our US family!  If I were the President, I would make sure we don't have any impostors "among us". I will look outward to the organizations put in place to protect our US family (aka government organization like the FDA, USDA, EPA etc.) and make sure they too understand that it is the US citizens they are working to protect.  If I am not made the US president, Get Jim Fay ( in there!  Those organizations have been VERY BAD.  It's time for a little LOVE and LOGIC and NATURAL CONSEQUENCES to occur!

I've talked with another Doctor, not the same one mentioned earlier, who left the US because he risked losing his medical license for talking to people about how changing the way they EAT can heal cancer.  This Dr. healed HIMSELF of Colon Cancer when his family members died of colon cancer when treated with mainstream methods.  This Dr. cannot teach you here in America what he did to cure his own cancer and the cancer of many others.  He now lives outside the US. No, I'm not talking about Dr. Gerson.  Dr. Gerson cured his migraines and found that the same methods of curing his health issues also cured cancer in others.  When the Radio announcer broadcasted the good news, the radio announcer was fired and the Dr. was eventually pushed out of the country.  This is yet another example of the insanity in our medical and food industry corrupted by Big International Business Agendas that have ties to the highest government agencies in the US and ties to the media!

When I hear about the negative publicity about Rupert Murdoch I can't help think that Monsanto may be behind this all.  What would happen if Rupert became weary of Monsanto's threats and harassment to yank their funding if they aired a particular news article (like the one Fox News tried to air) that warned US citizens of the dangers of Genetically Modified foods?  No doubt millions of dollars, possibly billions would be spent to destroy the image of anyone with balls enough to stand up against the tyranny.

Have you noticed how the Dr's who talk about food healing you cautiously say "PREVENTION".  They make it very clear "THIS WON'T HEAL YOU, THIS IS NOT A REMEDY...THIS IS ABOUT PREVENTION".  It's crazy how our freedom of speech is being squashed and poured down the drain as fast as the Nazi lookalikes in the FDA are pouring RAW milk down the drain when a homeless shelter is next door. In the past few years I am hearing of more Dr's bravely prescribing NON-GMO diets.  Diets free of processed food etc.  I do not want stricter laws to help those with allergies.  I want laws and fees for companies that serve dead food (that has a longer shelf life or indefinite shelf life (by taking the life out of the food) - which I feel cause the allergies) to be less popular than companies with real food that contains natural digestive enzymes. This won't happen until LOCAL men and women start demanding REAL food.  Then with the demand, the government should encourage growth to small businesses that grow organic foods, produce dairy (from pasture fed healthy cows), who transport that food safely etc. REAL food should be the focus, not focusing on making regulations and food safety laws so insane that by the time it arrives to the public it hardly resembles food at all.  Keep food REAL!  Let's go back to being able to get milk, and produce from small farmers.  Instead of running or walking for a cure and handing the money over to Big Pharma, why not direct your efforts and donate it to helping to save a farmer or dairy in your town or use it to invest in your own business.  Join with other men, women in your community to have a commercial kitchen where you can provide healing foods to the public.  Turn the multi-billion dollars of donations over to people who really do work to cure cancer in their small seemingly insignificant but powerful way.

I am going to shout out to you that FOOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  I was healed by eating RAW MILK, ORGANIC PRODUCE, ORGANIC, ORGANIC, ORGANIC!!!  I went off of organic for a couple of years still consuming organic meats but not organic produce.  Guess what?!?!  I struggled mentally, physically and emotionally not understanding why!  I thought I was eating healthy.  I began reading and researching more and when I learned about genetically modified foods and the harmful effects I was shocked!  I turned again to my precious REAL FOODS MARKET store for purchasing ALL of my foods which were all organic, and MY SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED - again! 

Why are small dairy farmers and raw food co-op owners being hauled off to jail?  I watched the raid in California a couple months ago (via the news) with my jaw dropped open in complete shock.  It was as if the Nazi police came crashing in on a good Jewish business owner, doctor or family who were well loved in their community to be hauled away to the concentration camp.  It is absolutely CRAZY what is happening in AMERICA.  Why?  The Nazi look alikes have an AGENDA.  They are dressed like government officials who supposedly work for the people but they do NOT.  There are former Monsanto lobbyists and high ranking Monsanto and big pharma employees all throughout our government organizations in the US.  They represent the "Dark Side" with their "GMO and World Food Order" agenda.  Let's get them OUT of office!

It's time for ALL PEOPLE, in ALL THE WORLD who are tired of poor health to unite.  Educate people that it is better to get REAL, RAW, UNPASTEURIZED, ORGANIC FOODS to the public on a small scale (employing millions instead of hundreds of big business mass producing companies) and get the DARK SIDE (those working to mass produce genetically modify foods) OUT of the highest councils and organizations in the world.

May the FORCE be with you! 

This is the Petition I just signed on (I want former Monsanto attorney and Chief super lobbyist Michael Taylor OUT of the FDA!)  It is well worth the read!

"Why is a former Monsanto lobbyist currently serving as the FDA's food safety czar waging war on small dairy farms that produce fresh milk?

While factory farm operators are getting away with serious food safety violations, raw milk dairy farmers and distributors across the country have been subjected to armed raids and hauled away in handcuffs.

The Food and Drug Administration is running sting operations followed by "guns-drawn raids usually reserved for terrorists and drug lords" as part of a crackdown on unpasteurized milk. Meanwhile, the FDA is letting the highly consolidated industrial meat and factory farm industry off the hook despite growing problems.

Not surprisingly, the person responsible for prioritizing armed raids on small dairies over holding agribusiness accountable is a former Monsanto attorney and chief super lobbyist. Monsanto's Michael Taylor is the second highest-ranking official at the FDA, and as Food Safety Czar is responsible for implementing the day-to-day policies that govern the food safety laws for the U.S.

Tell President Obama to fire Monsanto's Michael Taylor from his job as Food Czar at the FDA.

Whether or not you think unpasteurized milk is a good idea, it's clear that the FDA under Michael Taylor has its priorities wrong. When industrial agribusiness sickens thousands of people, it's absurd for the FDA to target Amish farmers producing fresh milk, much less to engage in "guns drawn" enforcement raids.

CREDO is joining our allies at Food Democracy Now! in calling on the president to fire Monsanto's Michael Taylor from the FDA. Midwestern farmers will play an important symbolic role in President Obama's reelection campaign. We need to let the president know that we stand with small farmers and not Monsanto!

Michael Taylor seems focused on entirely the wrong aspects of food safety enforcement. Rather than making sure that food safety inspections are done properly at our nation's largest factory farms, where antibiotic resistance has run amuck, Taylor has been leading a departmental crusade against small raw milk dairy producers. So far several dairy farmers have been subject to a year-long undercover sting operation from the East Coast to California.

Incredibly, Michael Taylor and FDA inspectors have not arrested or fined the Iowa agribusinessman -- Jack DeCoster -- who was wholly responsible for the more than 500 million eggs that were recalled in 2010 salmonella-tainted egg recall. 3Though this industrial agribusinessman endangered the health of millions, Michael Taylor thinks Amish farmers producing fresh milk are more deserving targets of his FDA enforcement raids with guns drawn.

While CREDO recognizes the inherent risks that are involved in food production, it's time that the U.S. government start responsibly looking into the real origins of our nation's largest food safety recalls and stop harassing family farmers trying to survive in the excessively consolidated food and agricultural sectors.

Tell President Obama to fire Monsanto's Michael Taylor from his job as Food Czar at the FDA.
Thanks for standing up for small farmers and taking our government back from Monsanto."

Go to to sign the petition.

If I were elected president of the United States I would...

Task #1 Remove Michael Taylor from the FDA.

Task #2 Give the Us Organizations a little taste of their own medicine.  Install secret cameras, install secret employees to monitor the behavior of the top 20 executives in each organization.  Tap the phone lines, look at call history, find out the link between the executives and the GMO or Big Pharma Agenda.  Create a division of the FDA that receives the pay from the Pharma industry for conducting their own research and I would make it mandatory that every single prescription that goes to a US citizen that was from a Pharma company that conducted it's OWN research to clearly state it on the warning label on the drug so consumers will know that it was NOT FDA Approved but Big PHARMA Approved and Funded.

Task #3 Take the funding that has gone to the GMO Agenda and subsidy of corn crops to be taken away and the money should go back to small ORGANIC farmers who do the REAL HEALING in this world!  All of the lawsuits that Monsanto put on small farmers for patent infringement should be overruled and Monsanto should be sued billions of dollars to give back the farmers what was taken from them so that they can start again to give real food to the public.

Tast #4 I would make it very clear to the United Nations that we in America support our small local farmers.  We are NOT about ridding the world of small farmers so the GMO death agenda can sweep the world.

Task #5 Anyone working at the White House (full mental abilities required) should be told it is mandatory for them to eat an organic diet :)  Hahaha I really would do this!

Maybe I should run for the Presidential office :)  No, I am definitely kidding about this!  However, I will be voting for either Ron Paul or Mitt Romney. I won't vote for Mitt Romney unless his eyes have been opened to the corruption in our government agencies as it relates to the Food and Drug Industry, the Department of Agriculture and other organizations that are helping to further the GMO agenda.

Whoever wins the presidential seat, I pray God will protect you to do the tough job, to see through the bureaucracy, to know who you can or cannot trust, and may those who are working to protect YOU truly be working for YOU as well and not big Pharma or Monsanto.  I will pray for your safety just as I pray for the men and women in our country who truly work FOR THE PEOPLE, and not for personal gain.

After careful consideration, I think I would make task #1 (after being elected to the office of President) to check my White House staff to do a back ground check to audit income received on their accounts or accounts of family members or business they own in the past 15 years to remove any Monsanto or Big Pharma funded White House employees from my trusted team :)

Here's to health!

With much love,


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