Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirt Can Make You Happy | Horticulture - The Art & Science of Smart Gardening

Dirt Can Make You Happy | Horticulture - The Art & Science of Smart Gardening

I grew up in a little town called Meadow - population 300. It was the kind of place where every couple of years the roads would be repaved with a layer of tar and rock. Gradually the process of car and tractor traffic would push the sharp little grey rocks into the tar creating a very smooth surface that was fantastic for walking barefoot on. One of my best friends lived "at the end of town" (4 blocks away). We would spend hours talking and walking back and forth on those country roads.

Getting dirty was inevitable in a small town. We had to take turns pulling weeds out of our enormous garden every day. I remember picking carrots from the ground, wiping the dirt off on my pants and then eating the vegetable with the dirt and all.

If I would have continued eating the way my Mom taught me to, I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten sick in college.  As a dance major it's crazy how I thought I'd have energy living off of apple juice and top ramen noodles and graham crackers.  I'm surprised my body didn't shut down sooner.  Oh how wise I've become!

During the time I was searching for answers to overcome my debilitating health issues (going paralyzed, blind, losing strength etc.), several of the books that I read talked about the importance of microbes in the soil and how beneficial they were for the body in addition to eating REAL organic, RAW foods.  

Thank you Julia for sharing the above article with me. I agree that YES - Dirt CAN make you happy! Mom's who are paranoid about little kids getting dirty are doing their children a great disservice.  Let kids build up their immune system by digging in the dirt.

I love letting my kids dig in the dirt. The pictures taken after such an event are priceless.

We eat dirt too. We purchase Redmond Clay and take it internally to help rid the body of toxins. I use it for the baby. We use it in the bath to help detox. There are books written about the amazing things clay can do for your health if applied externally or taken internally.  It is one of those "must have's" when traveling in addition to my bag of essential oils.

Today is going to be a BIG day for our family. I've avoided getting "dirty" with the finances for several years. The business separation nearly 3 years ago was the most heart wrenching situation that I feel I've ever been through. In fact it brought tears to my eyes just typing those words. My husband's former business partner was like a father to us. Enough said. It felt like we were divorcing our father figure when he and my husband decided to split the business - each going their separate ways. Both Shane and I love him dearly.

So the years have passed and I haven't been able to stomach invoicing the prior company for what they owed us. Now there has been placed before us a big pile of dirt that I need to wipe clean. My husband has been asking for years to address the issue but I haven't been able to stomach it. It literally makes me feel like I am going to throw up whenever I've thought about it.  We are going to be selling the company, papers are signed and I cannot leave this dirt to the new owners.  

I guess it's time to be a big girl. Time to get dirty. Time to make a mess. Time to possibly ruin the relationship with someone we care for very much...

I'm going to go down and spend some time on the T-Zone shaking things up a bit, no time for the Infrared Sauna today...

I feel the indigestion starting to happen just thinking about the task I need to do. Time to grab a nice glass of water with lemon that's been soaking up the morning sun and I'm going to add a heaping tablespoon of nature's dirt.

Hope you have a great day digging in the dirt. The dirt may ruin your clothes, but it will ALWAYS wash off of your body. Time to walk over those jagged rocks knowing that with time the road will be smooth again.

Deep breath! Hooahh! (Army yell for I can DO This!)

With much love,


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