Friday, August 5, 2011

Coffee for the Kids?

This morning a kind man came up to my husband and I and asked us if we'd like to have some coffee for our kids.  Thinking the man was joking with us, I started laughing.  I pictured how the man must have seen our 5 kids with us in the waiting room and how they were all calmly sitting there playing and the suggestion to give them coffee would have resulted in crazy out of control behavior.  After seeing his surprised look in response to my laughter, he tried to not look hurt by asking my husband and I if we'd like some coffee.  We both denied the offer trying to graciously say thank you as he left the room with a nod of the head and a smile.

I sat for several moments pondering on the experience  after he left the room   Wow!  Coffee to children.  My kids are all under the age of 9.  To me, giving coffee to kids would be like giving alcohol to them. It's simply not something I would ever think of doing.

A couple days ago I had a similar situation happen where I laughed thinking someone was teasing when they were not. 

Some friends of ours in California took us to a lake that had a nice beach area where we went swimming, fishing and had a picnic lunch.  We had a fabulous time!  At one point during the day, we were all sitting around chatting.  One friend of ours was documenting what he ate using an application on his iphone.  My husband and I were curious how he was doing with is calorie intake and so I asked him what he had eaten that day.  He pulled out his iphone and began saying "milky way candy bar, frito lay chips, coffee, etc."  Due to the terrible health problems this man has, I completely thought he was joking about what he had eaten and so I started laughing.  I thought it was a funny joke.  He's trying to watch what he eats, he has terrible digestive problems and so I had no idea that he would be eating food without nutritional value. It would have been a funny joke if it weren't for the fact that it was true! 

A couple of experiences as it relates to the above topic...

Several months ago we were in Denver.  We met a woman who is a professional health coach.  The woman said that she views sugar as a drug.  If someone offers her kids sugar she sees it just as if someone was trying to give drugs to the kid.  

8 years ago, I told a little girl that babysat for us that "we like to eat healthy", she looked at me and said "I know a lady that doesn't buy sugar".  She didn't say "you don't eat as healthy as you think you do", but I knew what she meant.  Looking back on how we eat now and how we ate then there is an ENORMOUS difference.  I no longer buy refined sugar, or refined grains.  We buy raw honey, molasses, raw maple syrup and use natural fruit juices, dates, figs etc. to sweeten foods, smoothies, herbal teas etc.

Before leaving for California, a family member sent us with some granola bars.  My husband had tried to avoid the offer, but I was grateful for the tiny act of love and kindness and saw that the giver of the gift really did think that he  was  giving us a "healthy" treat (which he knew we appreciate).  I took the bottle of granola bars and after getting everyone settled in the car, we drove away.

Shane was surprised that I'd taken the gift, but I was surprised that he thought I wouldn't.  I read the ingredients to everyone and gave them the choice.  A couple of the kids wanted to eat one and a couple of the kids didn't.  One of the kids who decided to eat the granola bar gave it back to me partially eaten saying "it's too sweet".

A beautiful neighbor of ours brought a cupcake over to my son who is in her Church primary class.  She asked if it was OK to give the treat to my son and I said that it was.  My son was really happy to receive the gift and I wish that the wonderful neighbor of ours knew just how much we love her.  She's an amazing lady - always striving for perfection in every little act of service she performs.

FYI:  There is an amazing cupcake blend that a friend of mine created.  The cupcakes are naturally gluten free.  You can find out more about Vivi's products at  When we eat treats we look for products that use natural sweeteners and ingredients that are not refined or substitutes for "the real thing".  We buy fruit leathers made from organic fruits, and treats that are sweetened with honey, maple syrup or concentrated fruit juices.  It's fun to make our own ice cream using raw cream, maple syrup, and fresh fruit and we love making our own popsicles using organic fruit juice.  (Chunks of organic peanut butter, organic chocolate and GF vanilla flavoring with swirls of frozen maple syrup is delicious added to your raw organic ice cream :)  Adding a little essential oil like peppermint oil or cinnamon oil etc. to your organic chocolate recipes also adds incredible flavor.

Everyone is at various levels of learning.  Some people still think "low fat" is better for you.  Some people think consuming "diet drinks" will actually help you lose weight.  Some people continue buying replacements for real foods like imitation butter, imitation nut butter, imitation cheese etc. thinking they are better for you.  I teach, eat the REAL food.  The REAL butter, the REAL RAW MILK (from pasture fed animals - extracted in a clean environment), the REAL ORGANIC foods.  Absolutely NO GMO's

I believe the more we can eat foods that are as close to how God intended them to be, the more we will experience true health and vitality.  Be careful buying things like yogurt, granola bars, energy drinks etc. that are "supposedly healthy".  Look for the sugar content on the label and avoid anything with artificial colors.  Artificial colors, corn syrups and artificial flavorings are used to make something appear to be healthier than it really is.  A great video to watch is the "General Mills Total Mind Game Skit.  Here is a link to the video on you tube. I will also post the video on my blog.

Lots of love to you!


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