Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nem genetikailag módosított élelmiszerek - Csodálatos!

Hooray Hungary!  Hooray for destroying genetically modified food crops and banning the selling and planting of genetically modified seeds in your country.  This shows you have leaders in your country who TRULY CARE ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE.

I pray other nations will follow your great example.  I stand proudly and applaud your efforts.

To the unseen voices, the brave men, women, leaders, farmers, children etc. who took part to make this happen in your country, I am sending a prayer of thanks your way.  I am so happy for your country.

My prayer is that American's will wake up, take time to educate themselves so that together as a nation we can get our food freedoms back.  Starting with freedom from genetically modified foods.

Natural News reported the news online.  You can read the article by going to

Lots of love!


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