Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Reply to the Consumers Union

Here was the letter from the Consumer's Union emailed to me...

If we don’t believe having a safe food supply matters, just look to Germany – 31 people dead, 3,100 more infected, and millions of dollars in destroyed crops, all apparently due to a deadly new strain of E. coli bacteria.
While this particular strain hasn't been seen here yet, similarly dangerous bacteria have, and we continue to have outbreaks of foodborne illness. That threat prompted Congress just six months ago to modernize our nation’s horribly outdated food safety laws, which hadn't had a major change since the 1930s.

But TODAY, the House may turn back that progress on food safety in the United States! 
We need you to send an email right now so your Representative in Washington knows what you think of this plan.

Tell your Representative now isn’t the time to weaken our nation’s food safety system!

The proposal being voted on today would undermine the safety modernization program by slashing $200 million next year from the Food and Drug Administration. The agency will do much of the new work, including including new programs to detect unsafe food imports and ways to more quickly track the source of an outbreak.

Advocates say such deep cuts will make it nearly impossible to carry out the recently approved new law. Meanwhile, $200 million could be spent to promote U.S. agriculture overseas – a program that gives money to such large grower cooperatives as Sunkist, Welch’s and Blue Diamond to promote their goods.
If you believe the House can do better than this plan, let your Representative know now. Dealing with our nation's budget and deficit is important work, so tell your Representative if you want a better approach to food safety for you and your family.

Thank you for speaking out on this important issue. If you know others who may want to weigh in, please forward this email to them.


Jean Halloran
A Project of Consumers Union
101 Truman Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703

My Response...

ABSOLUTELY TAKE $200 MILLION FROM THE FDA!!! I stand and applaud that action!  The FDA does NOTHING to protect the US citizens but does EVERYTHING to protect the Pharma business and the GMO agenda.  The GMO agenda is what caused the super bugs!  

I would love to have an interview with those at the Consumers Union to share "My Story" with you.  I wish you would work more to get REAL organic food on the table instead of thinking that killing the life out of everything, and then deeming it as "safe"  is better for the consumer.

Watch www.burzynskimovie.com and see how the FDA used 60 million dollars of tax payers dollars to try to put a Dr. out of business that was doing more good at curing Cancer than the Cancer Society was with chemo and radiation.

I see the same thing happening with organic farmers as it relates to being demonized by the FDA.  Wake up and realize that there is a better way to help consumer safety.  Raw milk for example... leave it out for several days and instead of a toxic chemicals you get....drum roll.....curds and whey!  How many American's even know how to make butter.

I hope you educate consumers on what "Real Food" looks and tastes like.  That is the best way to get consumers safe.  Allergies and sensitivities are caused by the denatured and genetically modified foods.



Note:  The above reply was typed quickly (during the time I was caring for 5 kids).  It was not as thought out as I wanted it to be.  After sending the above reply, I thought of so many other things that I would have liked to have said!

A dear cousin sent me the following phrase... "It is better to have IMPERFECT ACTIVITY than it is to have PERFECT INACTIVITY".  

I realize that in so many ways, my blog is a major rough draft.  It may be imperfect, insignificant, and a spec in the blog sphere, but it's my imperfect activity :)

Lots of love!


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