Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hitlers of the Food and Drug Industry DBA the FDA

As I study health and nutrition and apply correct principles to my life, it has been interesting to witness how the foods, herbs and essential oils that MOST HELP people are the ones that the FDA treats as if it were more deadly than drugs or alcohol.

Here is a movie that I hope EVERY individual in the world gets to watch.  "The Burzynski Movie".  You can watch it until June 20th 2011 at www.burzynskimovie.com for FREE.  After that time you can purchase the DVD on Amazon or at Whole Foods Market stores across the US.  Once you watch the movie pass it along.

I cringe whenever someone shouts loudly "I RAN for a CURE", or "I Walked for a CURE".

I witnessed such a kind act a couple of weeks ago.  When someone gets Cancer, loved ones begin praying, serving, researching, supporting, crying, waiting, searching, hoping etc.

It is a delicate subject which I've been very quiet about talking about much until I watched the Burzynski movie and learned that the Cancer Society purposely diluted the treatment of patients to prove that Burynski's treatment failed.  That was out right MURDER!  The FDA spent 60 million dollars fighting against Dr. Burzynski to put him out of business when his therapy was MUCH MORE effective than the current radiation and chemotherapy methods and then turned around and helped the Cancer Society steal Dr. Burzynski's patent.  Dr Burzynski sued and WON!!!  Please watch the above movie.

Those who "run or walk for a cure" actually gave money to further help the enemy of the cancer cure if that money went to the National Cancer Institute or the National Cancer Society.  See the movie above and witness what so many Doctors have also experienced, but failed to win.  Dr. Burzynski is a true fighter and example of resiliency. The Hitler like Monopoly of our Foods and Medicines is in OUR America!  It's time to get rid of the evil that abounds in our OWN country of the good old USA and do some serious cleansing of our organizations that have "conflicts of interests".

I enjoyed reading the following article from Neev M. Arnell posted at http://www.naturalnews.com/032700_National_Cancer_Institute_Dr_Samuel_Epstein.html

It's time for all American's (we've all been affected from the loss of a loved one to cancer) to stand up.  Stop "running" or "walking" for a cure. The cure IS there!  The FDA doesn't want you to know about it if it doesn't profit "their" partners in business.

Start walking away from processed food, from the beliefs that your Doctor has the only answers to solve your health problems, and run away from genetically modified food.

Walk towards clean air, clean food, and natural remedies.  Run to vote and to support your local businesses that want to bring organic, fresh produce to your stores.

Walk away from the belief that radiology and chemotherapy is your only answer.  I pray that you will be lead to truths that will HEAL your body, mind and spirit completely, without burning holes throughout your brain.

Please watch the movie above and you will know more about why I am so mad at the FDA.  I see what they are doing to individuals that I purchase organic food from.

When Hitler started killing the Jews many people turned their heads and said "It isn't happening to me, so why should I put my life or the lives of my loved ones in danger".  However, there were MANY brave men and women who fought the war silently.

How mad are you at losing a loved one?  I've lost my favorite aunt to breast cancer and bone cancer.  She went through chemo and radiation.  I lost my brother in law to colon cancer.  He went through chemo and radiation three times.  It was heart wrenching to see him fight so hard and eventually lose.

I am fighting the war by doing the following...

I support my local farmers by buying organic produce as much as possible locally.  Thank you Real Foods Market!

I choose to buy organic produce at the Health Food Stores when the local produce is not available.

We Eat to LIVE (See Dr Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live")

I take responsibility for my health and the health of my children and husband.

I educate myself on how to use herbs (in their whole state) and essential oils (certified pure therapeutic grade).

I take responsibility for making sure the water in our home is pure.

I make sure that I get plenty of Vit D from sunshine.

We enjoy taking off our shoes and letting the earth rid our bodies of harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

We enjoy exercising as a family.

We do not consume processed foods or genetically modified foods.

My freezer is full of frozen fruits and veggies, my kitchen is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and the pantry is stocked with raw organic seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, grains, spices of all kinds, sea vegetables, superfoods, and pure coconut and olive oils.

I walk and run away from processed food and genetically modified food.  That is how I walk or run for a cure.

I urge you to make the same commitment for you and your family.  Stop the death that is occurring in our Country.

My Grandfather served in WWII.  He was part of the rainbow artillery that entered the first concentration camps to help heal those who were dying.

I'm proud of the work that my Grandfather did to stop the murder of Hitler.

I am proud of those women who have served in the Army.  I consider myself a soldier.

I am passionate about telling others about what is going on in YOUR food and medicine.  Death is there.  Sickness is there.  Do not trust an organization that was bought out by the pharmaceutical and genetically modified food industry.  Do NOT trust them to tell you the truth about what is or is not safe for your family.

Be as passionate about prevention as you are angry about the death of a loved one. Protect your family!

Do something to warn those you love, but be an example FIRST YOURSELF of health.

My conditions talked about in this blog began to return when I reintroduced processed foods and genetically modified foods into my diet.  When you learn how GMO's can actually change the DNA of the bacteria in your intestines to produce pesticides, you will understand why it is so hard to get individuals well again.

I pray you will believe me and take what I say seriously.  Walk or Run for a cure every time you put something into your mouth.

With much love!


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