Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am Starving

Please read the above article.

I feel helpless.

The individuals who I buy from who provide pure, clean food are being attacked with guns and shut down by the government.

How dare someone compete with the US Governments plan to take over the worlds food supply.

I feel weak.

It has taken so many years to rid my life of the dead food the government tells me is "safe" to eat.

There is a fight against "organic", a fight against "raw", a fight against "whole herbs, healing herbs", a fight against physicians who teach you how to prevent cancer naturally.

Where in the world is there a place where the people are still fearful of God, where doing the right thing is more important than making a profit.

Please tell me where that place is in the world.  I would like to move there.

I am starving...

- Steffanie

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