Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Message from the Evil One

My plan is working perfectly.

It began so simply and slowly that you did not even see my evil design.

I laugh at your suffering and those who consider themselves righteous sufferers of God's will.  Hahahaha...

It wasn't God's plan to make you was MINE....ALL MINE!!!

You don't even remember the truths of your ancestors.

You are completely disconnected from the healing powers of heaven and earth.

I lie in wait to capture you and drag you down to the gates of hell.

I now own your mind.  Your body is my captive.  Your spirit is broken and your emotions are mixed.

Sleep little one sleep, for I AM your keeper.

The hands that hold you, the whisperings in your ear, the teardrops that are falling from the sky... my army is spread throughout the world and my plan is still the same...

YOU will have no rights.  I WILL decide what you can or cannot do.

Hahaha you are crying.  How could those innocent farmers and ranchers be taken away to prison?  

I will obliterate ANYTHING or ANYONE who dares to provide you with living water, healing foods, clean air, and pure water.

I want your bodies to become corrupted, I want your spirit to be weak, I want all parents to suffer and abuse their children.  I want DEATH and misery.

Walk for a cure, run for a cure, gather all the money that you can....and then give it to ME!

I am POWERFUL.  Those who work for me will be rewarded for their labors.  I will have control of ALL the earth.  The lands, the waters...

I will thrash the earth with MY Power!

Do not pay attention to silly people shouting nonsense.  ENJOY ALL the pleasures of the earth.  See how you LOVE the way they make you feel?  See how excited and happy you become.

Do not be afraid...

Death comes quickly to those who are lucky.  Hahahaha You are not so lucky, now are you...

- The Evil One

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