Friday, May 6, 2011

Justice for Maryanne Godboldo and Ariana

I wrote an email in response to the kidnapping of Ariana in Detroit, MI. (If you don't know what I am talking about, see my previous post titled "Armed agents kidnap child from mother who used holistic treatments instead of pharmaceutical drugs to treat condition")
Here is a copy of the email I sent to the Representatives in Detroit, MI...
Dear Fred DuhalShanelle Jackson, David Nathan, Jimmy Womack, Lisa Howze, and Rick Snyder,
What on earth has been happening out there in Detroit, MI?  It sounds like something out of a third world country.  How sad!  Do you think you pay the CPS too much for the children they seize?  Could this be more a matter of money than child safety?
I want YOU to investigate the Department of Human Services and the procedures of Child Protective Services.  I was horrified to learn about Maryanne Godboldo and Ariana's situation.  There is something very wrong with those departments procedures if they are trying to force drugs on people and enforcing that policy with guns and tanks. Whatever policy or procedure brought about the tragic event that lead to the kidnapping of Ariana, YOU should change it immediately. It is in your best interests to satisfy the demands of the people of your community.  
You have been asked to attend the Prayer Vigil on Sunday, April 10 at 6p at Hawthorn on Haggerty Road in Northville, MI to hear your peoples concerns. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you do so!

Child Protective Services cannot get away with treating law-abiding citizens in this cruel and unconstitutional way.
I personally was cured by natural methods.  You can read more about my story by going to 
Thank God I never took all of the medicines that were prescribed to me. I watched my father struggle with depression all his life on pharmaceutical drugs - eventually ending his own life.

I didn't want to live with the mental pain my father lived with when I struggled with illnesses (documented on my blog).  I was able to be healed using "Natural or Alternative Methods".  It's so funny we refer to God's medicine as alternative.  So happy that the natural methods are working for Ariana also. 

I ask that you dismiss all charges that are being held against Maryanne Godboldo and that you investigate the CPS and Department of Human Services to assure another child is never taken from a parent who chooses natural methods of healing.

Steff England

To those of you reading this blog post, if you'd also like to write the Michigan Representatives, here is their information...

Fred Duhal  517.373 0844
Shanelle Jackson   517.373 1705
David Nathan    517.373.3815
Jimmy Womack  517.373.0589
Lisa Howze  317.373.0106
Rick Snyder 517.373.3400

To make it easier for you, copy the below emails and send YOUR own message to them;;;;;

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