Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pushing Through the Fatigue

A dear friend of mine showed me the website . Zuzana posts a workout on her site every day and the "Body Rockers" around the world are able to attempt the workouts and try to do the workouts as quickly as Zuzana does them. I've really enjoyed the workouts and am currently sore from the workout I did two days ago.

This morning I did NOT feel like exercising. In fact I didn't feel like moving at all. It was Saturday and although I went to bed late, the schedule for today didn't allow for any sleeping in. I had a class to teach this afternoon and I have 5 little kids to take care of.

I put on my exercise clothes and headed downstairs. All my muscles ached... I had no desire to do anything. However, I went to Zuzana's website to look at the workout for today. Not finding it posted yet, I clicked on a past days workout and then out of curiosity, I clicked on the tab for diet and nutrition. In that section, I found the comment below from one of the "Body Rockers"...

"Hi Zuzana & Freddie!

I recently saw a fellow bodyrocker say that she was putting a handful of spinach in with her smoothies – that’s great! But I want others to know you can accomplish so much more! I drink 32 ounces of green smoothie every morning and I can’t tell you what it does for me. I’m stronger, my body is running cleaner, white teeth, clear skin, even better vision! I know you could certainly sit down and eat all the foods I use, but I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have the time! Plus I know I’ve had my minimum fruits and veggies for the whole day, and anything else I eat is just a bonus. This is a starter recipe:

4-5 Kale leaves

4 cups baby spinach
2 cups water
1 tbs flaxseed oil (helps your body absorb the nutrients in the greens, plus all sorts of other hair, skin, and nails benefits)
1 cup berries
1 banana
1 kiwi
You can really use any kinds of fruit, I sometimes use raw beets and carrots, too. Sometimes you have to ease into it by using more fruit, but after a while, I think psychologically my body gets excited for the good stuff, and the taste of greens is just fresh and delicious.

Happy blending!

After reading the above post, I got out my Vitamix Blender and put 4 cups of spinach, a handful of dandelion leaves, (I was out of kale), the water, flax, berries, 1/4 banana, 1 kiwi and I added a little stevia. I blended it all up and drank a glass of it. Within minutes I could feel the energy returning.

Green Smoothies are INCREDIBLE! The kids also enjoyed the smoothie.

I was grateful for the reminder from Grace. Thank you!

I also want to mention something that I did to push through the emotional fatigue I experienced as I tried to get the kids to rally around the cause today. I set the timer for 4.5 hours. I had that long to give the house a good 'cleanse'. The goal was to work through each room and get rid of anything that we hadn't used in at least a year.

I'm sure there will be Mom's who read this who can relate and others who may not understand the frustrations I was experiencing, but let me say that with every one step I would take forward it felt like the kids were making me take 3 steps back. I could feel the anger inside of me begin to swell especially when the clean rooms were quickly filled with spilled glitter, puzzles that were already organized were in a heap on the floor, the laces from a game were all of a sudden tied to my stairway etc. I played several mother roles today. I started out playing the "I'm such a patient and loving Mommy role", and then as the time ticked away and the kids were not helping and the mess in the house from today's activities was getting too much to bear, I quickly escalated into the really mad Mom that could feel the blood beginning to boil. When this happens I reach for the essential oil Frankincense. People call Frankincense "God in a Bottle". I put two or three drops of the essential oil right under my tongue. I took a couple deep breaths and then went back to what I was doing. I repeated this 3 times during my 4.5 hours of intense cleaning. Between the green smoothie and the frankincense, I was able to push through the mental and physical fatigue and get the work accomplished at my home and I was able to teach a 2.5 hour class about health and wellness in the pm. All of this I did knowing that I had most likely eaten gluten on accident the night before. Whenever my husband and I eat out I take the risk of getting gluten on accident and I have to push through the fatigue. Some times it isn't possible, but fortunately the gluten contamination was minimal last night. I wish we could have eaten out at Omar's Living Cuisine (Raw and 100% gluten-free) but we ate at a Thai place we hadn't tried before. I tasted a drink my husband had despite that little voice in the back of my head that was saying "warning - not gluten-free".

If you need to push through some physical or emotional fatigue, try a green smoothie and try some frankincense.

Lots of love to you!


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