Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Followers Please

On Friday night, my husband and I went to eat out with some friends.  We chose the only Raw Food place in Utah - Omar's Living Cuisine in Salt Lake City.  Wow!  The food was incredible!!!  The best part???  EVERYTHING on the menu was Gluten-Free!  It felt like Christmas morning as I eagerly awaited my raw food meal to be served.  From the delicious drinks to the delicious desserts (which we all split).  I wish that I would have taken pictures of the drinks.  Everything was SO yummy.

Our friends have been to raw food places all over the Midwest.  They've been to Juliano's and many other raw food places in California, but they have said that their favorite raw foods place (by far) is in good 'ole Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you are ever in the area, here is the address to Omar's Living Foods...

Omar's Living Cuisine

Phone: (801) 486-0332
2148 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84106


The four of us, we all have different ethnic backgrounds but we all LOVE eating healthy, real, living, raw foods!

I was surprised at how satisfied I was after only eating half of my raw foods entree (the raw food pizza).  The next time I go there I think Shane and I could easily split a meal.  As for dessert, 4 of us were so satisfied from our meals, we all shared the dessert - which was mouth watering deliciously gluten-free!

Here are some pictures...

One of our friends that was there that night is a 'guru' when it comes to knowing when a product is truly pure or not. She asked me about my blog and about my "followers".  I told her that I had removed the "follower gadget" on the blog because I didn't feel like my blog entries were "polished".  I told her that I didn't feel like I had all the answers and that my blog was more like a health journal (per say).

My friends response left me pondering (what she had said) for several days now.  She talked about how important it is that no matter the person, we learn to take responsibility for our education, our learning etc. upon ourselves.  She said truth for one person is not the truth for another person.  She commented on a group of individuals that were in the 'raw foods community' who blindly followed a lady who was supposedly 'a raw foods expert'.  My friend told me about how this lady, once you have a one on one conversation with her, doesn't understand that there is an enormous difference in the quality of olive oils a person can buy.  There were other things that this individual doesn't know either as it relates to health and wellness that really surprises us because this lady has such a huge "following" of raw food junkies that pretty much follow blindly what this lady says to do.  The lady also confided in Vivi that she has really serious health issues and apparently does NOT eat the way that she teaches others to do.

I think about a famous raw foods advocate in California.  He was strictly vegan and 100% raw foodist for four years.  He had some blood work done and realized if he continued on his same path he was going to suffer from osteoporosis.  He talked about adding sardines and raw animal organ meat and raw organic dairy products to his diet to solve that problem.  He has great bone density now.

Anyway, today as I was listening to some audio tapes from the famous Dr. Gerson, I listened to how Dr. Gerson in the final year of his life found that there WAS an oil that could be used that wouldn't cause tumor cells to regrow.  That oil is flax seed oil.  His book had already been published when he learned this.  His daughter added the new information to the appendix of future book printings after his death.

So, to recap on the above, It IS EXTREMELY important that each individual accepts the responsibility for themselves to be well.  You and only YOU know what it is that you've experienced in life and the path that you have walked.  Perhaps your health issues stem from incorrect beliefs about yourself or others. Perhaps you have come in contact with toxins in your water, air or food sources. Perhaps you have become too alkaline and yeast has destroyed your ability to absorb nutrients etc. Your higher power knows what the problem is and only YOU will be able to receive the answers that you need in order to be well.  I pray that you will be led to those who have truths that YOU need to know and that your mind, ears and eyes will be open to recognize the truths - for YOU or your loved one.  We as Mothers have a sacred responsibility to care for out little ones in a way that gives them every opportunity to develop in the way that God intended.

I talk about consuming raw dairy because that is exactly what I did when I had the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  I completely eliminated processed food, I began buying organic and I ate fermented foods.  However, now days I am really trying to eat more like Dr. Christopher, Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Gerson recommend - fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes and grains (gluten-free ones for me of course).  In the China Study the case histories documented the occurrence of cancer with meat consumption.  I did a no meat, no dairy diet for several months last summer and felt fabulous, and so as spring and summer are greeting me, my husband and I have been getting our yard ready for a garden and I will try again to go meat and dairy free.  I hope that I can make sure to eat at least two HUGE salads (greens, veggies, steamed or raw etc) every single day and eat plenty of food that is high in nutritional content and low in wasted empty calories. The key is to eat foods with HIGH nutrition content.  I don't want to put things in my body that are empty calories with no nutritional content.

There are common truths that I've read over and over again from those who have been healed by someone or information gained in the so called alternative wellness community.  Eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables in their whole state, cleansing the body, alkaline water, exercise, rebounding, exposure to the sun and breathing in fresh air really does work miracles - as far fetched as it may seem.

Lots of love to you!  Remember "Cleanse and Nourish" (from Dr. Christopher) and please remember that YOU should NEVER follow anyone blindly.  Keep your eyes wide open.  Be grateful for the truths you find, but always realize that every human is fallible - even yourself.  The more you study, and the more you open your mind to be taught, the more truths you will be lead to. 

With much love,


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