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Alkaline, Distilled or Reverse Osmosis?

Which water is the best water to drink? This is something I have been unsure of for MANY years. I love the book "You're not sick; you're thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication." by Dr. F. Batmanghelid 

I DO know the absolute importance of water.  I know that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day and I believe what Dr. Batmanghelid taught in his book.  The thing that I haven't understood fully is why Dr's I know and respect talked about drinking Reverse Osmosis water or Distilled water as the best choice while other Doctors I also respected recommended Alkaline or Kangen water.

The following is my journey as I learned what water to use...when...

Several years ago I had the opportunity of taking a Masters Dance Workshop from a professional dance performer / guest artist.  While we were all waiting for the class to start, one of the professors from the college, that was sponsoring the workshop, walked into the room.  This professor saw all of the plastic water bottles everywhere and gave all of us a lecture.

The woman who lectured us all about having plastic water bottles was a well known member of the College Dance Faculty.  She has a beautiful straight posture, a very beautifully sculpted thin muscular frame, and when she talked her professionalism and stature in the dance world demanded we pay attention - which I did.

After her lecture I felt like raising my polycarbonate refillable water container up so she could see it, but I didn't. I was impressed with her concern for the environment and agreed that bottled water was a waste.

It's been several years since the impromptu lesson, but I haven't forgotten her message nor have I forgotten the anger in her voice and the stern look on her face when she talked.  I have bought bottled water, mostly while traveling, (since that time) but I guarantee that every time I purchase bottled water, no matter how pure it may be, I think of that professor and her message, and I can still envision the picture in my mind that she painted with her words of  a world being made uglier with the millions of plastic water bottles being thrown away.

Throughout the years I've heard the debates from various health practitioners and doctors about the benefits of distilled water, reverse osmosis water and alkaline or kangen water.  When a salesman came to our home several years ago to sell us a water filtration system, he talked to my husband and I about how astronauts actually drink water that has gone through a reverse osmosis system that was once their urine, shower water, toothpaste water etc.  How DISGUSTING is that?!

Needless to say, after hearing the above and seeing the tests on our water that showed the abnormally high levels of foreign matter, I was SOLD!  It was RO water for us. If I could have had access to a distilled water system that would have been even better!

To skip time let me fast forward 3 years....

1st Experience:  I learn a friend always had dry hands and skin until she switched to Kangen water or Alkaline water.

2nd Experience:  I attended a class where I learned about RO water being a hungry water and so it draws minerals out of the body.  It is a fabulous cleanser and great for making herbal teas.

3rd Experience:  While in California on a business trip, I purchased some steel cut oats to make for breakfast.  I put 2 cups of the oats in a bowl, which is the usual amount I use to make oatmeal for the family, and I covered the oats with water and sat it out overnight to soak until morning.  When I looked at the oats the next morning I couldn't believe how the 2 cups of oats had completely absorbed all of the water and we had so much oatmeal that I served it again for the entire family for lunch.  I was amazed at that particular brand of oatmeal.  It was bizarre how much oatmeal it made for the family.

When we returned home to Utah I still had 1/2 of the container of steel cut oats.  I put 2 cups in a bowl, covered it with water and then set it out overnight.  In the morning I came downstairs to cook the oatmeal and I was shocked at what I saw.  The oatmeal looked the same and all of the water was still in the bowl looking like it had the night before.  I cooked the oatmeal and served it.  I thought to myself about the previous conversations I'd had about the RO water.  It completely made sense to me know.  I needed to use the RO water and distilled water for cleansing the body, but I could now literally SEE for myself the difference when using RO water verses alkaline water.  Most likely the resort water was alkaline and the water in our house is acidic - RO or distilled water.  Alkaline water easily entered the oats and the oats eagerly accepted the water causing the oat to swell to become "hydrated" (per say).  The RO water also sometimes referred to as "Dead Water" gave absolutely no life to the oats.  The oats remained the same despite being surrounded by water. They were "Dehydrated".  It was a very powerful visual for me.  I will need to post pictures of the difference.

4th Experience:  A Naturopath from Switzerland visited my home, saw that I had a reverse osmosis system and then he said (in his broken English)... "This water....VERY BAD...you drink....long time...you VERY TIRED....NO ENERGY".  He then went on to say when I should use RO water.  He said "TWO WEEKS...Once, Twice a year GOOD...No MORE!"  The doctor looked at me sternly when he said this as he shook his finger in front of my face when he said "NO GOOD for YOU!"

Wow!  So I was completely convinced after his discussion with me about RO water verses alkaline water. I could validate that despite how healthy I was eating and despite all the health issues I had been able to reverse, the past year I HAD felt tired.  I actually joked with my husband about moving because whenever we were on vacation or whenever I visited family etc. I had a ton of energy but it seemed like there was "something in the water" I would say.  How true that was!  I should have been saying "There's something NOT in this water".

The Doctor (mentioned above) and I had a fabulous discussion about health.  He believes exactly how I believe as it relates to the foods we should be eating.  He was very grateful for the meal we served him and was grateful that the foods were organic and prepared with a loving energy.  (But that is an entirely different topic)  I told him that I wish he could move here so he could be my Doctor.  I'm jealous of those of you reading this who live in Switzerland.  You have an amazing Dr. in your country.

Here is a little explanation about why Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Waters Aren't the Same

Water filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Distilled waters are acidic, they contain no good minerals for the body. If the pH is below pH 7.0 (neutral) it's acidic. RO and distilled usually range from pH 3.0 to pH 6.9!

Every water point lower or higher is a factor of 10! So if you drink water with a pH of 3.0 to 6.9, which most likely is in 95% of all bottled water, it is between 10,000 and 10 TIMES more acidic than a glass of neutral 7.0 water. WOW!

For those who love drinking carbonated sodas, the pH levels are between pH 2.5 to 4.5! That's up to 50,000 TIMES lower than a neutral pH 7.0 glass of water. It will take 32 glasses of water to neutralize the soda OR one glass of pH 11.0 water.

Note:  My kids were tested using biofeedback technology and their scans showed they were low in minerals. I have their ph levels tested regularly and I was frustrated that my kids seemed to be acidic despite how healthy we ate.  NOW I know why!

When you have acid reflux or heartburn, drink 3 glasses of distilled water or reverse osmosis water or soda. You will most likely still have acid reflux. Change it around, drink 3 glasses of alkaline water, your heartburn will be gone.

I now have my wonderful Alkaline Water Machine installed.  Yippe!

So, there you have it.  I still believe RO water or Distilled Water is the water of choice for those on a cleanse, but for long term if I cannot have access to natural spring water I want to drink Alkaline water (that yes has been filtered).  When I buy an entire house system I will buy the one that Dr. Mercola sells, but for the water that I drink from the kitchen faucet I purchased an Alkaline Machine.  Here is a link to the machine we chose http://waterforlifeusa.com/sites/4dbc77988932e/.

Lots of love,


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