Friday, March 4, 2011

Knowledge IS Power!

Thank you Vivi for your post.  So true!  Knowledge IS Power!

I use to be so timid when talking to individuals about many of the things discussed in this blog, but as I gain more knowledge I feel like my words have more power behind them.  This blog is my health 'journal' per say.  It has gone from it's infancy stages of just showing you the books and foods I eat to being filled with more of my thoughts, ideas, and passion for true health.

Once an individual has that personal experience that helps them know an item discussed is true, when he or she speaks there will be a new found power behind their intentions, words and thoughts. The individual discovered a truth, practiced faith by applying the principle to their own life, they had their own experience, and the cycle continues as someone who has turned knowledge into wisdom (through  the application) shares that simple truth to others - with conviction.
I love the simple scripture that reads... "Be Wise. What more can I say?" (Jacob 6:12).

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