Thursday, March 24, 2011

Devil Child...Really?

This afternoon my kids finished all of their chores, their homework etc. and so off they went to play.  The kids were not outside very long until one of the kids told me that a neighbor had thrown a rock at another kids head.  Come to find out, this neighbor (a girl), had thrown a rock at my son's head while he was riding a knee board down the road. My son had ducked and so the rock missed hitting him. Dangerous! Wow, the Mama Bear instinct came roaring out of me when the kids told me this. I could seriously feel the blood boiling inside. This girl is almost a teenager and she was throwing a rock at a child? I had to calm down and I had to think clearly before talking. How was I going to deal with this?  I already had an irritation with Gertrude (name has been changed).  One day I had heard this same girl swearing at a group of kids.  At the time the words were said, the girl didn't know I was on the porch listening to her.  Without delay I had walked to where she could see me and I said "I can't believe such a cute girl would say such a thing".  Embarrassed, she ran home without saying anything to me.


I say this because of an experience a friend of mine had with her daughter...

The dear friend of mine had a little girl who she described as being "The Devil Child".  This little girls siblings (who were all older than her) were afraid of her.  The girl would say extremely rude things to anyone who passed by her calling them fat, ugly, stupid, etc.  The girl would hit, fight, bite, scream and seriously act like she was possessed.  What did my friend (the Mother) due to help her little girl...

She gave her little girl GREEN SMOOTHIES 3 x's a day and sometimes more!

After several months on these smoothies, my friends daughter began to experience other emotions other than hate and anger.  I didn't know this little one when she was the quote "Devil Child", but I laugh and laugh at the stories that my friend and her oldest daughter tell of what "use to be" and how they were so afraid of her.  If you are a Mother who thinks she has a "Devil Child" my thoughts and prayers go out to you.  I cannot even imagine what you must be going through at times.  My poor kids have a "Devil Mother" when I eat gluten.  I too need green smoothies!

Food DOES make a difference.

The first Gertrude mentioned above is quite thin and not very healthy looking.  I can't help but think she could have an intolerance to gluten.  I yelled at my oldest son one time and he asked me "Mom, have you had gluten?"  "No" I yelled back, "It's just that I've asked you 20 times already". Gluten DOES affect the mind!  My kids know that their Mom on gluten is different from the Mom off of gluten.

So, dear reader, if  you are starting to think the Devil resides in your little one, yourself, or your spouse...think "GREEN", and think "CLEAN".  Get that little one (or yourself) as much GREEN veggies, green super foods and beneficial herbs and essential oils as you can into the body / mind.  (Essential Oils can chelate toxins from the brain since pure essential oils can pass the blood/ brain barrier). Clean up the diet, and clean out the toxins.

Some great essential oils to use for Anger (In my Opinion) would be Frankincense (God in a Bottle) and Myrrh (Blood Purifier).  Other essential oil users recommend Chamomile Oil, Melissa Oil, Rose Oil, or Ylang-Ylang Oil for treating Anger.

Many natural physicians say that you have bursts of anger, you most likely have an unhealthy liver - full of fatty deposits or toxins.  Cleanse the liver and you hep to cleanse the emotions.  Here is a list of Herbs that you can use to combat hate and anger...

Aloe Very Juice
Oregon Grape Root
Yellow Dock

Aloe Very Juice can easily be added to a drink.  The dandelion leaves I add to my green drink in the mornings, yellow dock makes a great tea that you could drink daily.  I suggest drinking the yellow dock tea (great at chelating heavy metals from your body) with red raspberry tea as well since it is such a healing and supportive herb for mother and child alike.

Keep sugar FAR AWAY from anyone you suspect has horns :)  The 2nd Gertrude mentioned in this post has a Mom that now does NOT buy processed food and the green smoothies will be a regular part of Gertrude's diet for many, many years to come.  Gertrude number one... may I suggest a diet that is Naturally Gluten-Free, green drinks morning, noon and night, yellow dock / red raspberry or chamomile tea, some Frankincense and...a colon cleanse!

Lots of love to you,


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