Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raw Cookies and Goats Milk

I just overheard the following conversation between my husband and kids.  They were all sitting down at the table to eat some cookies that Shane had made for them.  I had my back to everyone as I sat here at the computer importing pictures off of my camera.

The conversation began like this...

Shane:  "Kids... you know these were given to us as a gift.  I would never buy them myself."

Sage:  "Don't worry Daddy, I'll still eat healthy when I'm all grown up!"

Here is a picture of what we were given as a present from one of our neighbors...

I would have liked to have shared it with someone else, but Shane said that I couldn't - it was a gift!  (Good excuse Shane!)

While Shane was making the cookies from the above package, I had the thought to make some raw coconut macaroons. I had a bag left over from when I made my glorious oatmeal breakfast (see previous post about oatmeal)  that contained a little bit of ground up flax seed, some hemp seed, and a tiny bit of powdered colostrum and shredded coconut.  I thought that I could make a raw cookie out of those ingredients if I added a few more things to the mix.  The outcome?

A cookie tasting raw macaroon with a cocoa powder, agave and coconut oil frosting. Yum!

Shane tried one and I asked him to tell me what he thought of them.  His reply was "a little too sweet".

Great....thanks Shane!

I really liked them.  I ground up some almonds into a course powder then I added raw shredded coconut, gluten-free organic vanilla, raw cocoa chips, and agave (we use it sparingly) and gluten free oats (this gave it more of a cookie taste).  For the sauce I used carob powder, coconut oil and agave. 

Note: I absolutely DO NOT consume agave when I am pregnant and use it sparingly when I'm not pregnanat.  See my article about Agave.  It's hard to really know when you are getting a pure form of agave.  If I would have used raw maple syrup, the outcome would have been just as good if not better tasting.  Since Shane thought the cookies were too sweet.

My five year old was my taste tester so, although Shane thought our cookie creations were a little "too sweet", they turned out perfect for a five year old, and they tasted delicious to this Celiac who couldn't eat the cookies that were dropped off to us.  What a blessing! (Being gluten-intolerant has its perks - yes!)

The bonus from getting the Christmas cookies from the neighbor?  My kids used the napkin that came with the cookie package to make an apron for "Sarah" (my baby).  A napkin, a glue gun, some of my buttons and some yarn! Creative!

I hope you had a Very Merry Christmas or Holiday and that you have a wonderful New Year!


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