Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Whey!

A couple weeks ago, my husband was really upset that the raw milk jug had been left out over night.  One of the kids had probably left it out after getting a late night snack.  It's true that we could have used milk, that hadn't gone sour, for breakfast that morning, but luckily there was only a couple cups of raw milk left in the jug that had gone sour.

When I saw that there was just a little bit of milk that had been left out, I tried to appease this situation by reminding everyone that when Raw Milk is left out it will turn into...WHEY!  My husband relaxed a bit when I told him that I actually needed some whey to make some more kimchi, gingered carrots and that I also use the whey in recipes that require soaking grains.  (Soaking the grains in a water and whey solution helps breakdown the protective part of the grain and will allow the maximum nutrition and enzyme absorption when the grains are consumed.)

Here is a picture of the bottle of whey that I have in my fridge right now.  When I took it out of the refrigerator, to take the picture, the curds and whey got mixed up a bit.  The whey is on the bottom and the curds on the top. 

There's a little children's rhyme that my Grandmother would say to us when we were little.  It was...

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.[1]

"Little Miss Muffet" is a nursery rhyme, one of the most commonly printed in the mid-twentieth century.[1] It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 20605. -

When my Grandmother told us the rhyme and when I'd repeat it myself, I didn't know what CURDS and WHEY were - nor did I know what a "tuffet" was.  Thanks to wikipedia, I now know that a Tuffet, pouffe or hassock are all terms for a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat.

So, back to the conversation about curds and whey and raw milk...

Raw milk was one of the most important things (I feel) that helped me heal when I was going paralyzed, my face and arm was going numb sporadically, and I was unable to walk without assistance.  (Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis)  It took reading "The Truth about Milk" and other books about Raw Milk that I was able to see how healthy RAW milk is and how damaging pasteurized, homogenized milk is. 

Note: The book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Dr. Weston A Price completely changed my life as  I discovered the damages that processed food cause to our overall health.  I consider pasteurized milk a "processed food".  The life is killed in the natural product and artificial is added to mimic the original pure state it was once in - like all processed food.

If you were to leave your babies bottle out for a couple of days filled with raw milk, (raw from pasture raised animals) the result would be curds and whey.  Strain the whey off the curds and use the whey in your fermented food preparation.  Add a little sea salt to the curds and you have a yummy meal. (See Sally Fallons cookbook "Nourishing Traditions" for ideas on using whey to ferment your grains, your vegetables your drinks etc.)

Our family Doctor lets his RAW milk turn to buttermilk before he will drink it.  He cannot tollerate pasteurized milk, but every day he says that he enjoy a big glass of raw buttermilk.  People from other countries reading this may laugh at this statement but my husband and I did not know how to make butter from raw milk, or buttermilk, yogurt, or cheese.  It has been fun to relearn what our ancestors knew and to use milk in its RAW unadulterated state to make butter, yogurt, kiefer, and curd cheese.  I haven't taken the time to make any other cheese other than curd cheese, but I can honestly tell you that the curd cheese that we made was the most delicious curd cheese I had ever tasted!

We buy the other raw cheeses that we eat from either Real Foods Market (from pasture raised diary cows) or from Drake Family Farm (pasture fed goats - where "Every Goat Has a Name").  We buy raw goats milk for my baby and I, raw goat cheeses, chevre, yogurts and ice creams (occasionally) for the rest of the family.  Very Yummy!

Pasteurized milk left out for a couple of days could possibly kill you if you drank it.  Raw milk, if left out for several days, will simple turn to Curds and Whey!

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