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Jumping from the Temple into the Great Salt Lake

It was nearly 12 years ago...

I had two full semesters left before graduating as a dance major.  Due to health problems I was experiencing at the time, I dropped my advanced level dance classes and began taking classes that would lead me towards a Marketing Communications degree.

In one of my Marketing and Advertising classes I researched how the Media had influenced the people back in the early days of the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I started by researching the dates of prominent events in the history of the church; the publication of the Book of Mormon, the dedication of the Navoo temple, the exodus to the west (that was outside of the United States at the time) and into what is now Utah, and the dedication of the Salt Lake City temple.  I then began pulling up the various microfiche of various newspapers of the times associated with these events.

What I found was hilarious yet troublesome.

Needless to say, my teacher was so impressed with my research that she gave me an A++ with an exclamation point!  I could take time to pull the entire research paper out of storage to quote you names of newspapers and exact quotes etc. but I wanted to highlight one statement that geographically proves the statement to be false.  I'll never forget what one newspaper article said...

"The Mormon women are jumping from the Salt Lake City Temple into the Great Salt Lake to escape their captors." 

Here's a little information about Great Salt Lake... the Temple discussed is in downtown Salt Lake CITY.

Great Salt Lake - This remnant of prehistoric Lake Bonneville covers over 2,000 square miles and is several times saltier than the ocean. It is located 16 miles west of Salt Lake City on I-80. Antelope Island, the largest island in the lake, is accessible by traveling north of Salt Lake City on I-15 to Exit 335 and west on state Route 106/127 over the causeway to Antelope Island State Park. (Information taken from )

You may think that that was then and this is now, but I can personally testify that when my father died, there were things that were said from the media that were ABSOLUTELY FALSE!  Knowing how erroneous the media is, I could not bear to listen to what they had to say at the time of my fathers death, nor did I want to hear what my siblings were so upset by - as a result of what was said.  I personally wrote a letter that was published in the Newspaper shortly after my fathers funeral.  It was My Story about the Father I knew and loved.  Many people called to thank me for writing the article.  A year later, I read what the media had said about my Fathers death.  I could barely stomach what I experienced by reading it.  I immediately wrote the agencies and received an apology letter from them.  It takes patience to gather all the facts and it takes time.  It also takes an unbiased opinion and the truth may NOT be as flattering to the public as PARTIAL truth. 

Source Watch helps you to know who it is and where their biases are that quote things in the media.  Take a read at the following article...

The campaign to undermine organic agriculture (from Source Watch)

Monsanto partially funds the anti-organic Center for Global Food Issues, a project of the right-wing Hudson Institute. It is run by Dennis Avery [9][10] and his son Alex Avery. Here find the latest on Hudson's anti-environmental and pro-biotech spinmeister Michael Fumento, and his secretly taking money (at least $60,000) from Monsanto. See also [11].

In 1998 Dennis wrote an article that began "'According to recent data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people who eat organic and natural foods are eight times as likely as the rest of the population to be attacked by a deadly new strain of E. coli bacteria (0157:H7)'.

However, according to Robert Tauxe, M.D., chief of the food borne and diarrheal diseases branch of the CDC, there is no such data on organic food production in existence at their centers and he says Avery's claims are 'absolutely not true.'" [12]. Following in his father's steps Alex distorted a study from the Journal of Food Protection that showed that organic food does not contain more pathogens than conventionally grown, contrary to Avery's claims. For more see Monsanto and the Campaign to Undermine Organics.


Mr. Dennis, I think what YOU said about Organic food shows your interest in truth is very closely matched and biased like the writer in the 1800's that quoted that women were jumping from the Salt Lake City Temple into the Great Salt Lake. 

Monsanto uses bacteria and fungicides to penetrate the cells of food to inject roundup resistant strains.  The bacteria breaks down the cell wall so that they can change the DNA of the cell - creating the Genetically Modified Food.  Because insects are becoming more and more resistant to the pesticides, greater strengths of toxic chemicals are sprayed on the crops making the food more and more deadly to consume.

I'm not sure that it is politically correct anymore to say "Let the Spirit of God guide you".  A co-worker and I have the joke when we are given a difficult task, to say "May the FORCE be with YOU". 

When I say "May the FORCE be with YOU".  That's my politically correct way of reminding the reader who to turn towards when it comes to searching for truth for you and your families well being.

As a missionary I always encouraged individuals to pray so that they could know the truth for themselves.  I was surprised one day when a woman responded to my challenge by saying "I don't need to."  Confused, I asked her why.  She replied "I can already FEEL that what you are telling me is TRUE".

Lots of love to you and yours, and may the FORCE :) be with you!


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