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Is IT a Man or a Woman?

There was an individual that did a search on this site that asked "Is there a relationship between Celiac Disease and Homosexuality?" Because of the inquiry, I'd like to share with you an experience I had earlier this year and address this sensitive topic.

When I was attending a lecture on Neurotransmitter Deficiency Symptoms and Cures (much of the information was taken from the book "The Mood Cure") The instructor said the following... "I view sexual sin the same as I do food addictions." When she said this to the class, I was shocked. How could she possibly view sexual sin in the same light as someone addicted to caffeine or chocolate? After the class ended I had a much better understanding of addictions, cravings and the effects a lack of certain amino acids have on the bodies ability to think clearly and act accordingly. If you, the reader, are struggling with any type of addiction, I recommend that you read the "Diet Cure" and "The Mood Cure" written by Julia Ross. You can see her teaching tour and buy her books by going to

Now to address the questions about Celiac Disease (caused by processed foods) and the issue or relationship Celiac Disease has to homosexuality (a result of processed foods in the 4th and 5th generation?)...

Earlier this year, while teaching a class on Physical Degeneration, I reached the part of the lecture where I began to show the pictures of the generational defects that processed food causes. The slides show the facial structure of the grandparents, then the children and grandchildren. All eyes were wide open during the presentation and several mouths were open as well. It's powerful when people actually see the degeneration that happens when processed food is introduced. (Processed food that caused the degeneration in the pictures I show is like the processed foods that we see in our health food stores...the food in the regular supermarkets causes much greater harm physically, and emotionally).

The presentation was nearly through, and so I explained briefly the studies that have been done that show that the structures of men and women become more and more alike in populations where processed food is consumed. I slightly mention the case of homosexuality studies in cats, after the 4th and 5th generation of introducing processed food and then I leave the audience to ponder what was said. Because it is such a sensitive topic to discuss, if anyone has more questions about homosexuality and it's relationship to the generational introduction to processed foods, I will refer them to the book "Pottenger Cats" (which I HIGHLY recommend every mother reads - before they get pregnant!)

As the class was coming to a close, in walks an individual, that I can best describe as an "IT". I had NO idea whatsoever what gender this individual was. A hush fell over the individuals in my class as a perfect example of what I had been teaching had just entered the room. The individual chose a seat on the front row and began asking questions. I briefly described what we had been talking about as I emphasized how the maxilla bones in the face became narrower (causing crowding of teeth), and how the pelvic opening in women became oval instead of round. The body does the best with what it has been given (nutritionally).

When a fetus is developing, the tiny body's first priority is in saving the organs, and so any type of stunting of growth, shrinking the width of the facial structures, the bone structure, the stature etc. will be the result of a lack of proper nutrition.  As we continue to develop and live, the organs fight the brain for amino acids (the best sources of amino acids are found in our food).  Without essential amino acids, our mind and mood suffers. 

Nearly everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed now days in the US. 1000's of catacombs validate that there were times in human history, when people ate in such a way (that even without dentists), they were able to die with completely cavity free teeth and had ALL of their teeth when they died. I emphasize 1000's and 1000's of catacombs validate this fact.

Just because a male looks female or a female looks male does not make that person homosexual or a lesbian. What goes on, the desires and the thoughts, are created from the inside. The chemical makeup. Does food effect ones hormones? Absolutely! Does food affect the chemical makeup of the body? Absolutely! Does food effect the ability to think and make decisions? Absolutely! Does food choices effect DNA.... GMO's DNA has been changed through an introduction of a fugus and a bacteria that penetrated the cell wall to introduce the Monsanto Gene....and created a corn resistant to insects...what do you think?

When I had developed the intolerance to gluten (I did not know what was causing my fatigue and difficulty thinking) and I was in my dating years in College, I am EXTREMELY grateful for the standards I was taught as a youth. We were taught abstinence before marriage and we were taught to save those sexual experiences to be ONLY between husband and wife. Because my life was crumbling around me, (while I was in college) I made mistakes and started dating individuals that I knew I was not in love with. I'm sad to report that I ruined great friendships by encouraging a relationship with someone that I knew deep down was not right for me. I'd jump into a relationship (thankfully not the most intimate part of a relationship) and would feel safe, loved and supported, but would realize quickly what I'd done and then I'd have to call up the guy to have a "chat" and I would end things quickly. I still feel bad about a particular relationship that I had where I really hurt the guy who cared for me deeply by breaking up with him. I should have never crossed that line of just being a friend. If you are struggling with your health, and you are single, decide NOW that you will save sex for that beautiful partnership called marriage. That standard (that was set when I was very young) saved me from myself as I struggled with the debilitating fatigue of mind and body that accompanies an intollerance to gluten.

Now back to the discussion about physical degeneration...

The class ended and when I had a chance to talk to the individuals that had invited me there, the individual "IT" came up and joined the conversation. One of the women in the group referred to the "IT" as a "SHE" while we were talking. What a relief! I finally knew what gender I was talking to. These days, the outside may say one thing, but the inside of the person may be another.

If you are a parent and you want to have children with a very clear picture of the type of gender that they are (in their minds -as it relates to the gender they are attracted to). DO NOT eat processed food when you are pregnant. Eat foods that are nutrient dense. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans, etc. When you consume dairy products, I would hope that you have access to raw milk from pasture raised animals on organic farms. I would hope that you choose meat that are from pasture fed animals and eggs from chickens that are free-range. We say we only consume meat or animal products from "Happy, Well Cared for Animals". The care of the animal is reflected in the energy you will feel from the consumption of the product. I choose to be vegan when I'm unsure of the source of the animal meat that is offered to me. When I serve meat to guests I always say "this meat is from well cared for animals" and it is eaten with reverence and gratitude - and used very sparingly.

In my lecture I show a picture of a girl that was born to a mother that was very 'sickly'. The mother didn't want her child to struggle with the same physical ailments all her life (like the Mother had struggled with) and so the mother ate as Dr. Weston A Price recommended in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". The girl (daughter that was born to this sickly mother) had beautiful, strong facial structures and was incredibly healthy all her life - thanks to her dear 'sickly' mothers choices to eat healthy while pregnant and while her daughter grew into a beautiful, healthy, strong woman.

If you struggle with homosexuality, or if you've embraced that lifestyle completely, please remember...You are a child of God, period! You have thoughts, emotions, desires that only YOU know and understand. Most people I know who consider themselves "homosexual" have had to struggle with the lifestyle they choose to live. The below is a recommendation to help you think clearly with whatever struggles physically, emotionally or spiritually you may have. For those of you who do not have these tendencies, follow the above and below advice so that you will never abuse in any way another brother or sister (child of God) for thinking or acting in a way that you do not agree with. Anger and abuse shows that you have degenerated in your mind and body from the person God intended you to be if you harm anyone for simply living in a way that you do not agree with.

If an individual is struggling with Celiac Disease and or homosexuality, I recommend that you feed the body/ brain healthy nutrient dense foods. I do not know that it will reverse your thoughts or desires. You WILL think clearly and the 'cloud' will go away in your mind. Then, once the 'cloud' is gone, you will be able to make better decisions for yourself and for your loved ones. Frankincense oil (from Ohman) helps the body "to remember to be perfect". Myrrh essential oil is a blood cleanser. Make sure you only buy CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils. Melissa oil and Bergamot are fabulous essential oils for treating depression. There are fabulous herbs in their WHOLE FOOD form that helps with addictions. Natures Sunshine has amino acid supplements like GABA and 5HTP that are fabulous for helping with addictions and thoughts of suicide or depression.

As you read my posts you may tire of me saying this, but I need to say it again...

Eat RAW foods, Herbs in their WHOLE state, and use PURE Essential Oils. "Herbs for Foods, Oils for Medicine". Do NOT be fearful of herbs in their WHOLE state. Know the effects - Yes! If you eat cascara sagrada (a handful) you will for sure be running to the bathroom a LOT! It is a fabulous help for constipation. I recommend the School of Natural Healing for many reasons. They do teach a lot about Dr. Christopher's 'formulas', but the information I gained from the school will forever bless my life and the life of my children. You can purchase his books by looking at my book recommendations on this site.

If you'd like to know more about Dr. Weston Price and the Pottenger Cat studies as it relates to nutrition and physical degeneration, I HIGHLY recommend you go to my recommendations page to purchase the books "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" and "Pottenger Cat Study".

Little by little I believe the children will turn to their ancestors (great great great grandparents) to remember what food should look and taste like and how it should be prepared. In the scriptures it talks about in the last days the children will turn their hearts to their fathers (ancestors) lest the whole earth "be smitten with a curse". When I read this prophecy, my mind thinks of turning to our ancestors to learn how they prepared food. They ate foods in a way that allowed them to live cavity free - without the need of Dentists. It would be nice to live in a world where we ate in such a way that we did not need Dentists and Doctors for the 'repair work' that was caused from a lack of nutrition. (See Ramiel's book "How to Cure Tooth Decay - we believe in the same teachings that Dr. Weston A Price taught in the 1900's)

Turn to the wisdom of your ancestors to....remove the curse in your family line - the physical degeneration curse. Don't accept your problems to be a "weak gene". Look at your problems in your family line and become resolved to change the pattern whether that is poor eyesight, frailty, diabetes, heart disease, mental or emotional illnesses, infertility, drug addictions, suicide, schizophrenia, phobias, anxieties, abuse, cancer and auto-immune disease.

Make healthy food choices so that your body can stop working on just merely keeping you alive and putting one foot in front of the other, to an individual full of health and vitality.

If you are eating as healthy as you know how to, look to whole herbs to give you added nutrition. Alfalfa is an amazing herb. My favorite herbs for my kids are red raspberry leaves,comfrey leaves, dandelion, aloe vera, and alfalfa.

In closing, I'd like to recap that studies have showed that with each generation, the physical, mental and emotional trates of men and women become more and more alike when processed foods are consumed.  Celiac Disease is the root of the many, many illnesses listed above. 

I believe Celiac Disease is caused by the introduction of highly processed foods.  Where highly processed food is found, Celiac Disease becomes more prevalent. 

If you want to make sure your thoughts and emotions are really YOU, work to cleanse your diet of any processed food.  If you still feel like you have difficulty thinking clearly, read "The Mood Cure" to see if amino acid supplementation would help you. 

My thoughts are with you,


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