Monday, January 17, 2011

Identify the Market - Invent the Disease!

The cartoon reads "Here's how it works.  First we discover the drug and identify the market, then we invent the disease."

The more I learn about nutrition and the power it has to heal, the more I discredit any type of name that is associated with a so-called disease.  It's incredible how the disease (DIS-EASE) disappears when an individual changes to raw, real, wholesome, truly organic foods etc.

In a previous post I think I called the most common disease "BREIM Disease"  (Bodies Response to Evil Intent of Man Disease)  The more cosmetically appealing our food becomes, the more diseases we will have.  Eat food as God intended it to be eaten.  If your food looks like it is coated in wax, chemically altered to look exactly like the produce sitting beside it, or if it has an indefinite shelf life, Do NOT consume it!

I hope you enjoyed the cartoon.

Lots of love!


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