Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friend from Chile

My husband excitedly came into the kitchen to share something with me.  He sat down beside me where I was typing at the computer and said the following...

"I had been using oregano oil on the bottoms of my feet to help keep me him well during this cold/flu time of the year.  What I JUST discovered, was that my "Chilean Friends" (as he refers to them) are nearly gone!"

So, Shane has had these "friends" (plantar warts or parasites) on the bottoms of his feet for fourteen years now.  His "friends" (two of them) are completely GONE, and the other "friend" is ALMOST gone.

I had completely forgotten about them.  Shane says he only notices them when he walks on hard surfaces.  Before we were married, he had tried various ways of getting rid of them - without success.  I feel bad that I had forgotten about them and hadn't tried any of the oils or herbs on him to remedy the situation.

Without realizing it, or intending to do so, Shane's preventing illness using Oregano Oil on the bottoms of his feet also got rid of his "Chilean Friends".  (The ones that were a bad influence on him!)

Because he applied the oil to his feet using his hands, there was a small area on the side of his hand where he had "other friends from Chile" that are almost gone as well. 

We love Chile!  We love our Chilean Friends! (The GOOD ones- that are not parasitic in nature :)

We are grateful for Oregano Oil. 

A side note: When I went to Australia, this past year, we went on a nice hike in the Blue Mountain Range.  It was gorgeous scenery, but at one point I lost my balance, stepped off of the path and stepped into a disgusting pile of fly infested black swamp like mud with my bare foot and flip flop. Oh what a terrible feeling it was to continue walking for about a mile until I reached a river where I was able to get that disgusting black stench off!  The only thing that kept me calm the entire time was thinking about how Oregano Oil was back in our room at the resort and I KNEW for a FACT it would kill any parasite that may have ventured into my foot or into my blood stream.

When we were back "home", I anxiously and happily doused the soles of my feet and the feet of my children in the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Oregano Oil.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a relief!

Remember, "Herbs for Food, Essential Oils for Medicine!"

With much love,


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