Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fox 5 Natural Remedy vs. Antidepressants

The individual who researched and developed the product was inspired to do so after his wife (who was afflicted with Bi-polar disorder) committed suicide. His two children also suffered from the disorder and were in and out of the psychiatric unit. The children no longer have symptoms of bi-polar depression since they have been taking the True Hope supplement.

The "True Hope" supplement not only helps individuals with bi-polar depression, but it has also been used to reverse autism, ADHD, asbergers disease, and other mental and emotional illnesses. 
I want to share this with you because overcoming emotional and physical illnesses using nutrition is what I teach. I am passionate about helping others with physical, and neurological disorders. If you read my health history and the history of my fathers death you will understand why I spend so much of my life researching and sharing information about health and wellness of body and mind. I want to save others from the pain that I have experienced and the pain I have seen in others who struggle physically or mentally.

I focus on using foods, herbs and essential oils to heal.  I wanted to share this product with those that find it difficult to change the way they eat, and are still experiencing mental or physical health issues.  I'm sure a gluten-free, whole foods diet would increase your results dramatically while taking the supplements, but this supplement alone would work wonders for you.  So many people have commented how this product has literally saved their life.

Here is the website for True Hope... Their number is 1.888.878.3467.

The DVD I watched is titled "TRUEHOPE CNE Cell & Nerve Essentials". I noticed on YouTube there are various videos that were also on the DVD. Perhaps calling the number above you could request a DVD be sent to you or a link to download the video.

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Paulo said...

I've already seen great things in friends who have used the Truehope products for depression and bipolar disorder. I didn't know it could be used for the other things you mentioned. I guess the notion of drugging someone into good health is becoming outmoded and outdated, huh?