Thursday, January 13, 2011


Evil wins when good people hide or do nothing.

We were robbed several times when we were visiting friends in Chile.  I don't remember the faces of the 5 guys that took our belongings and ran down the street with all of our things. The faces I remember were the Mothers who watched as "Jose", "Juancito", "Lupe", "Jorge", "Luis" (per say) took our belongings and ran down the streets of this neighborhood while everyone watched.  Not a single person offered information to the police.  The boys that smashed the windows in our truck were just that...boys...young children. 

I was so disappointed in those Moms.  They knew who the robbers were.  Perhaps they thought we were rich americans that had more than them and so we deserved it.  By choosing to do nothing, they were increasing the danger and poverty in their neighborhood and country.  I haven't been back to that country since.  We were robbed again by the very people who said they'd protect us while we stayed at their securely guarded area.  This time the individuals were caught.  They were a grown man and woman.  I couldn't help thinking about them as young children.  Perhaps their parents looked the other way when they did small things that were wrong.

As Mothers, WE are the ones that buy food for our families.  Those Moms that turn their heads and continue to buy GMO foods for their families are doing the rest of the world a great disservice.

Support the people who are literally FIGHTING with all they have to deliver wholesome foods to your table.  1000's of farmers across the world are being bullied by Monsanto.  STOP PURCHASING GMO Foods!

As women, WE WILL make the biggest difference.  Join me in boycotting GMO foods.

I really appreciate my husband that works so hard to support his family and who supports me in feeding our family food that heals.  I am happy that he too will NOT buy GMO foods. 

Lots of love to you,


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