Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear India Farmer

Dear Brother or Sister from India,

Your fellow farmers have been committing suicide by drinking Monsanto's Roundup.  There are between 60-80 farmers that have been committing suicide every month.  My heart is greatly saddened to hear about the injustices that have been caused by Monsanto.

I pray that more people will know about what is happening to you.  My plea to you is...

CHOOSE TO LIVE!!!  Choose to live so that you can fight this battle, please do not end your life.

This letter is not only for you, but I am praying with all my heart that it will be read by GOOD people from many parts of the world.  GOOD people that are outraged by the situation, for the lies, the evil that Monsanto has done to you.  Monsanto has given you seeds (genetically modified seeds) at a high price, required you to buy their sprays and tricked you into signing an agreement stating that you agree that you could not save any of the seeds.  You are required to buy the seeds from Monsanto and try planting the seeds again which again have failed.

For those of you that have been the actors from India, the businessmen or business women who have helped Monsanto, my prayer is that you make RIGHT the WRONGS you have done.  Work will all your might, mind and strength to restore the farmers lands, and their livelihood.

If you are a consumer of Genetically Modified Foods I URGE you to STOP eating Genetically Modified Foods.  For the lives of the 1000's of farmers who have lost their lives out of desperation I URGE you AGAIN.  Do not eat sugar from sugar beets. Monsanto grows a genetically modified sugar beet.  Do NOT consume genetically modified corn, potatoes or tomatoes or the thousands of other GMO products - no matter how cheap they are.  Please read my other posts to see all of the ways you can work to stop this evil - Monsanto, and all others who are financially gaining from the bullying of farmers all across the world.

The seeds you have in your native country have taken 100's of years to become what they are today.  Seeds that resist the harsh climate and lack of water.  Please DO NOT purchase Monsanto's seeds and please DO NOT trust their lies. 

If you are a man or woman with influence, I urge you to spread the word.  Research deeply what Monsanto is trying so hard to keep away from the public knowledge.

Join with me to boycott Genetically Modified Food.  Join me to help farmers in India and throughout the world who are being bullied by Monsanto.  See my post about 50 Harmful effects of genetically modified foods and at the end of the post there are links to organizations throughout the world working to stop the spread of this disease which is "Monsanto".  Stop the disease...stop the deaths. 

I am sending out all the love I can to those farmers that are struggling.  My the great God of this earth protect you and keep you safe and give you strength to live despite how difficult the path be that lay ahead.

Love your sister,


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