Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally Revealed: Processed Food Rebates Dominate School Cafeterias

Finally Revealed: Processed Food Rebates Dominate School Cafeterias

Profit driven choices... please click on the link above to read the fascinating article.

I'm so glad my kids eat real food every single day, every single meal, 365 days a year.

Food DOES make a difference in children's mental, emotional and physical health.

Make whatever sacrifice you need to so that your children can be the very best in all aspects of their life.

A brain or body lacking nutrition will not operate optimally.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Former BIG PHARMA Insider ~Gwen Olsen~ Interview with Mike Adams -

Former BIG PHARMA Insider ~Gwen Olsen~ Interview with Mike Adams -

A very revealing interview with Gwen Olsen and Mike Adams relating to the Pharmaceutical Industry, FDA and Government.

Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry working for health care giants including Johnson & Johnson, Syntex Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Laboratories and Forest Laboratories.

Aired on The Alex Jones Show, October 25, 2011.

Official Website for Gwen Olsen

Natural News

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I should be the US President :)

My kids love watching a television cartoon series based off of the Star Wars movies. We have the DVR set to record the series each week, because we travel out of town frequently, and also so we can fast forward through the commercials.  I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but my husband is. The kids love the time watching the show with their Dad.  Lately though, as I've watched the show while working at my computer (my best blog writing times), I cannot help but compare Star Wars (the Force versus the Dark Side) to the war that is going on in America between organic farmers and dairies, health foods and supplements versus Big Pharma and Monsanto and the enormous multi-national genetically modified organisms and chemical companies.

In one of the last episodes we watched of Star Wars - The Clone Wars, we saw how the evil forces (the Dark Side) were secretly taking over positions of power in the Great Council where secretly their "evil deeds could be worked out" under the safety of an organization that was supposedly working to "protect the people".  Eventually certain individuals would recognize "the impostor or impostors" and would seek to educate others to get rid of the enemy, but that usually resulted in a WAR that would only be won once all of the leaders on the good side of "the force" were notified of the "evil among them" and there would be brave individuals who would unite to rid the enemy from the position of leadership.

As silly as it may sound to some, I truly believe we have more people from the DARK SIDE of the force working in the highest government organizations in the US.  Those who try to eat real, raw food will nod their heads in agreement to this statement and think "no it's not silly, it's actually very real, serious and frightening".  Those who try to grow or produce that real food or the Dr's who try to advocate eating real, raw food, would nod their head in agreement also, if they happen to read this blog from their jail cells.  No this type of information isn't available via television.  See my post on Fox News and how the journalists and reporters were fired for trying to make public a story that shed the light on a member of the Dark Side (Monsanto).

Those of you who eat processed food, take pharmaceutical drugs etc. may not be aware of what is going on.  You may not really have a desire to keep reading, but you need to know that the food you eat and the drugs you are taking are becoming more and more toxic and more dangerous due to corruption within the organizations that are suppose to protect you. As a health coach, I am really alarmed at the amount of families that have every single person in their family on a myriad of drugs. I am meeting people who have experienced horrible side effects from medicine. (Read the warning labels and take them seriously.  A woman I met went blind from taking her heart medication.  She cannot sue because going blind was listed as a possible side effect).

I often talk about the FDA as "the Evil one" but who am I really talking about?  Was the "Great Council" in Star Wars the Corrupt organization? (If I got the name wrong, please forgive me you Star Wars loyalists) The "Great Council" became corrupt when there were too many members from the "Dark Side" within the organization. When I mention the FDA, I am talking about an organization that at one time worked for the people, but the organization is acting in a way that contradicts itself as being there to protect consumers. (See information below to find out who is 2nd in command at the FDA that President Obama needs to have removed from office). Americans have learned to ask "Is it FDA approved?"  "Is it USDA certified?" etc.  I'm someone who is really trusting of other people and organizations.  I also trusted the FDA until I started seeing examples like this one. The FDA spent 60 million dollars to put a Dr. out of business who had better success rates at curing cancer than the National Cancer Society.  Luckily the Dr. sued the FDA and won.  (See Burzynski the Movie for more information.)  The FDA put Burzynski in jail while at the same time the NCI received the same patent that Burzynski was thrown in jail for.  Burzynski (millions of dollars later) has a happy story to tell. How does it make YOU feel (if you are a US Citizen) knowing that your tax money went to put a Dr. in jail that had better success rates than NCI for curing cancer?  How does it make you feel knowing the FDA spent two years spying on a raw milk coop in CA?  Hundreds of thousands of dollors of YOUR tax money was spent on that sting raid operation putting 3 of the workers in jail for "raw milk conspiracy".  How do you feel about the Amish farmers being handcuffed and put in jail for distributing REAL food?  Sound crazy?  It IS CRAZY! IS happening to GOOD, Hardworking, HONEST people all across America who are trying to deliver REAL food to the public.

It is estimated that 100,000 jobs will be lost once the FDA starts smacking the natural supplement industry with regulations and fines that they cannot afford or have sufficient time to deal with.  This will be a huge advantage to Big Pharma. Let's discuss the unemployment rates in America. Where are the thousands of farmers who were sued by Monsanto for patent law infringements and put out of business?  Do you know that Monsanto sued the farmers because Monsanto's GMO seeds blew on the other farmers lands and grew and Monsanto sued and won?  It's as if someone had put a patent on a refrigerator that could grow legs and walk.  The refrigerator walks over to the neighbors house, knocks on the door, the people refuse to let it in and so the refrigerator goes and sits down on the driveway.  Then the manufacturer of that refrigerator knocks on the neighbors house and hands them a lawsuit because the refrigerator is sitting on their property. It's considered stolen property even though the neighbor didn't want the mutated refrigerator on their property in the first place. Who are these former Monsanto executives and Big Pharma reps fighting against?  It is against anyone who is providing PURE, CLEAN, REAL food to the world.  It's crazy how even little kids trying to sell lemonade are being fined $500 for not having a license.  It is insane!!! An elderly couple in Texas was put in jail for giving food to a homeless person. Why? The Nazi lookalikes are sending a very clear message to ANYONE (kids are even being included) that food growing and food making should be for the big businesses. Those individuals providing incredible natural supplements, organic foods, real raw cheeses and other dairy products are the competitors to the GMO (Genetically Modified Food) agenda.  Real food heals people of various neurological, auto-immune, digestive, chronic, inflammatory, etc. diseases and so real food producers and Doctor's who advocate consuming them are being shut up and barred in jails because of it.  It is insanity at it's best. The majority of US citizens are clueless.  Well, this blog post is my small attempt at helping people to "wake up". I spoke to a well known natural health practitioner who became a Naturopath.  I too have wanted to become a Naturopath until my conversation with this Dr.  I was told that all of the Dr's associates are being put in jail, and others have left the country.  The Dr. did not recommend I go the same route.  The Doctor told me that what's really sad is that Dr's are in more danger of being put in jail than Naturopath's are here in America. Dr's have their hands tied in so many ways. This is crazy, but true!

I want to do something about this.  Anyone with ties to BIG PHARMA or MONSANTO (or any tentacle relating to a Multi-International GMO agenda business) must be removed from offices in the US.  Those government organizations were instituted to work and protect THE PEOPLE - not political, or economical or the new world order agendas.

So, I am announcing that I am going to run for US President!  Hahaha that is definitely a joke!  But when there is a problem and you don't think someone will do anything about it, put a woman in who cares more for her "children" than she does for power, wealth or influence.  She will teach the government what it means to properly protect and care for our US family!  If I were the President, I would make sure we don't have any impostors "among us". I will look outward to the organizations put in place to protect our US family (aka government organization like the FDA, USDA, EPA etc.) and make sure they too understand that it is the US citizens they are working to protect.  If I am not made the US president, Get Jim Fay ( in there!  Those organizations have been VERY BAD.  It's time for a little LOVE and LOGIC and NATURAL CONSEQUENCES to occur!

I've talked with another Doctor, not the same one mentioned earlier, who left the US because he risked losing his medical license for talking to people about how changing the way they EAT can heal cancer.  This Dr. healed HIMSELF of Colon Cancer when his family members died of colon cancer when treated with mainstream methods.  This Dr. cannot teach you here in America what he did to cure his own cancer and the cancer of many others.  He now lives outside the US. No, I'm not talking about Dr. Gerson.  Dr. Gerson cured his migraines and found that the same methods of curing his health issues also cured cancer in others.  When the Radio announcer broadcasted the good news, the radio announcer was fired and the Dr. was eventually pushed out of the country.  This is yet another example of the insanity in our medical and food industry corrupted by Big International Business Agendas that have ties to the highest government agencies in the US and ties to the media!

When I hear about the negative publicity about Rupert Murdoch I can't help think that Monsanto may be behind this all.  What would happen if Rupert became weary of Monsanto's threats and harassment to yank their funding if they aired a particular news article (like the one Fox News tried to air) that warned US citizens of the dangers of Genetically Modified foods?  No doubt millions of dollars, possibly billions would be spent to destroy the image of anyone with balls enough to stand up against the tyranny.

Have you noticed how the Dr's who talk about food healing you cautiously say "PREVENTION".  They make it very clear "THIS WON'T HEAL YOU, THIS IS NOT A REMEDY...THIS IS ABOUT PREVENTION".  It's crazy how our freedom of speech is being squashed and poured down the drain as fast as the Nazi lookalikes in the FDA are pouring RAW milk down the drain when a homeless shelter is next door. In the past few years I am hearing of more Dr's bravely prescribing NON-GMO diets.  Diets free of processed food etc.  I do not want stricter laws to help those with allergies.  I want laws and fees for companies that serve dead food (that has a longer shelf life or indefinite shelf life (by taking the life out of the food) - which I feel cause the allergies) to be less popular than companies with real food that contains natural digestive enzymes. This won't happen until LOCAL men and women start demanding REAL food.  Then with the demand, the government should encourage growth to small businesses that grow organic foods, produce dairy (from pasture fed healthy cows), who transport that food safely etc. REAL food should be the focus, not focusing on making regulations and food safety laws so insane that by the time it arrives to the public it hardly resembles food at all.  Keep food REAL!  Let's go back to being able to get milk, and produce from small farmers.  Instead of running or walking for a cure and handing the money over to Big Pharma, why not direct your efforts and donate it to helping to save a farmer or dairy in your town or use it to invest in your own business.  Join with other men, women in your community to have a commercial kitchen where you can provide healing foods to the public.  Turn the multi-billion dollars of donations over to people who really do work to cure cancer in their small seemingly insignificant but powerful way.

I am going to shout out to you that FOOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  I was healed by eating RAW MILK, ORGANIC PRODUCE, ORGANIC, ORGANIC, ORGANIC!!!  I went off of organic for a couple of years still consuming organic meats but not organic produce.  Guess what?!?!  I struggled mentally, physically and emotionally not understanding why!  I thought I was eating healthy.  I began reading and researching more and when I learned about genetically modified foods and the harmful effects I was shocked!  I turned again to my precious REAL FOODS MARKET store for purchasing ALL of my foods which were all organic, and MY SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED - again! 

Why are small dairy farmers and raw food co-op owners being hauled off to jail?  I watched the raid in California a couple months ago (via the news) with my jaw dropped open in complete shock.  It was as if the Nazi police came crashing in on a good Jewish business owner, doctor or family who were well loved in their community to be hauled away to the concentration camp.  It is absolutely CRAZY what is happening in AMERICA.  Why?  The Nazi look alikes have an AGENDA.  They are dressed like government officials who supposedly work for the people but they do NOT.  There are former Monsanto lobbyists and high ranking Monsanto and big pharma employees all throughout our government organizations in the US.  They represent the "Dark Side" with their "GMO and World Food Order" agenda.  Let's get them OUT of office!

It's time for ALL PEOPLE, in ALL THE WORLD who are tired of poor health to unite.  Educate people that it is better to get REAL, RAW, UNPASTEURIZED, ORGANIC FOODS to the public on a small scale (employing millions instead of hundreds of big business mass producing companies) and get the DARK SIDE (those working to mass produce genetically modify foods) OUT of the highest councils and organizations in the world.

May the FORCE be with you! 

This is the Petition I just signed on (I want former Monsanto attorney and Chief super lobbyist Michael Taylor OUT of the FDA!)  It is well worth the read!

"Why is a former Monsanto lobbyist currently serving as the FDA's food safety czar waging war on small dairy farms that produce fresh milk?

While factory farm operators are getting away with serious food safety violations, raw milk dairy farmers and distributors across the country have been subjected to armed raids and hauled away in handcuffs.

The Food and Drug Administration is running sting operations followed by "guns-drawn raids usually reserved for terrorists and drug lords" as part of a crackdown on unpasteurized milk. Meanwhile, the FDA is letting the highly consolidated industrial meat and factory farm industry off the hook despite growing problems.

Not surprisingly, the person responsible for prioritizing armed raids on small dairies over holding agribusiness accountable is a former Monsanto attorney and chief super lobbyist. Monsanto's Michael Taylor is the second highest-ranking official at the FDA, and as Food Safety Czar is responsible for implementing the day-to-day policies that govern the food safety laws for the U.S.

Tell President Obama to fire Monsanto's Michael Taylor from his job as Food Czar at the FDA.

Whether or not you think unpasteurized milk is a good idea, it's clear that the FDA under Michael Taylor has its priorities wrong. When industrial agribusiness sickens thousands of people, it's absurd for the FDA to target Amish farmers producing fresh milk, much less to engage in "guns drawn" enforcement raids.

CREDO is joining our allies at Food Democracy Now! in calling on the president to fire Monsanto's Michael Taylor from the FDA. Midwestern farmers will play an important symbolic role in President Obama's reelection campaign. We need to let the president know that we stand with small farmers and not Monsanto!

Michael Taylor seems focused on entirely the wrong aspects of food safety enforcement. Rather than making sure that food safety inspections are done properly at our nation's largest factory farms, where antibiotic resistance has run amuck, Taylor has been leading a departmental crusade against small raw milk dairy producers. So far several dairy farmers have been subject to a year-long undercover sting operation from the East Coast to California.

Incredibly, Michael Taylor and FDA inspectors have not arrested or fined the Iowa agribusinessman -- Jack DeCoster -- who was wholly responsible for the more than 500 million eggs that were recalled in 2010 salmonella-tainted egg recall. 3Though this industrial agribusinessman endangered the health of millions, Michael Taylor thinks Amish farmers producing fresh milk are more deserving targets of his FDA enforcement raids with guns drawn.

While CREDO recognizes the inherent risks that are involved in food production, it's time that the U.S. government start responsibly looking into the real origins of our nation's largest food safety recalls and stop harassing family farmers trying to survive in the excessively consolidated food and agricultural sectors.

Tell President Obama to fire Monsanto's Michael Taylor from his job as Food Czar at the FDA.
Thanks for standing up for small farmers and taking our government back from Monsanto."

Go to to sign the petition.

If I were elected president of the United States I would...

Task #1 Remove Michael Taylor from the FDA.

Task #2 Give the Us Organizations a little taste of their own medicine.  Install secret cameras, install secret employees to monitor the behavior of the top 20 executives in each organization.  Tap the phone lines, look at call history, find out the link between the executives and the GMO or Big Pharma Agenda.  Create a division of the FDA that receives the pay from the Pharma industry for conducting their own research and I would make it mandatory that every single prescription that goes to a US citizen that was from a Pharma company that conducted it's OWN research to clearly state it on the warning label on the drug so consumers will know that it was NOT FDA Approved but Big PHARMA Approved and Funded.

Task #3 Take the funding that has gone to the GMO Agenda and subsidy of corn crops to be taken away and the money should go back to small ORGANIC farmers who do the REAL HEALING in this world!  All of the lawsuits that Monsanto put on small farmers for patent infringement should be overruled and Monsanto should be sued billions of dollars to give back the farmers what was taken from them so that they can start again to give real food to the public.

Tast #4 I would make it very clear to the United Nations that we in America support our small local farmers.  We are NOT about ridding the world of small farmers so the GMO death agenda can sweep the world.

Task #5 Anyone working at the White House (full mental abilities required) should be told it is mandatory for them to eat an organic diet :)  Hahaha I really would do this!

Maybe I should run for the Presidential office :)  No, I am definitely kidding about this!  However, I will be voting for either Ron Paul or Mitt Romney. I won't vote for Mitt Romney unless his eyes have been opened to the corruption in our government agencies as it relates to the Food and Drug Industry, the Department of Agriculture and other organizations that are helping to further the GMO agenda.

Whoever wins the presidential seat, I pray God will protect you to do the tough job, to see through the bureaucracy, to know who you can or cannot trust, and may those who are working to protect YOU truly be working for YOU as well and not big Pharma or Monsanto.  I will pray for your safety just as I pray for the men and women in our country who truly work FOR THE PEOPLE, and not for personal gain.

After careful consideration, I think I would make task #1 (after being elected to the office of President) to check my White House staff to do a back ground check to audit income received on their accounts or accounts of family members or business they own in the past 15 years to remove any Monsanto or Big Pharma funded White House employees from my trusted team :)

Here's to health!

With much love,


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirt Can Make You Happy | Horticulture - The Art & Science of Smart Gardening

Dirt Can Make You Happy | Horticulture - The Art & Science of Smart Gardening

I grew up in a little town called Meadow - population 300. It was the kind of place where every couple of years the roads would be repaved with a layer of tar and rock. Gradually the process of car and tractor traffic would push the sharp little grey rocks into the tar creating a very smooth surface that was fantastic for walking barefoot on. One of my best friends lived "at the end of town" (4 blocks away). We would spend hours talking and walking back and forth on those country roads.

Getting dirty was inevitable in a small town. We had to take turns pulling weeds out of our enormous garden every day. I remember picking carrots from the ground, wiping the dirt off on my pants and then eating the vegetable with the dirt and all.

If I would have continued eating the way my Mom taught me to, I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten sick in college.  As a dance major it's crazy how I thought I'd have energy living off of apple juice and top ramen noodles and graham crackers.  I'm surprised my body didn't shut down sooner.  Oh how wise I've become!

During the time I was searching for answers to overcome my debilitating health issues (going paralyzed, blind, losing strength etc.), several of the books that I read talked about the importance of microbes in the soil and how beneficial they were for the body in addition to eating REAL organic, RAW foods.  

Thank you Julia for sharing the above article with me. I agree that YES - Dirt CAN make you happy! Mom's who are paranoid about little kids getting dirty are doing their children a great disservice.  Let kids build up their immune system by digging in the dirt.

I love letting my kids dig in the dirt. The pictures taken after such an event are priceless.

We eat dirt too. We purchase Redmond Clay and take it internally to help rid the body of toxins. I use it for the baby. We use it in the bath to help detox. There are books written about the amazing things clay can do for your health if applied externally or taken internally.  It is one of those "must have's" when traveling in addition to my bag of essential oils.

Today is going to be a BIG day for our family. I've avoided getting "dirty" with the finances for several years. The business separation nearly 3 years ago was the most heart wrenching situation that I feel I've ever been through. In fact it brought tears to my eyes just typing those words. My husband's former business partner was like a father to us. Enough said. It felt like we were divorcing our father figure when he and my husband decided to split the business - each going their separate ways. Both Shane and I love him dearly.

So the years have passed and I haven't been able to stomach invoicing the prior company for what they owed us. Now there has been placed before us a big pile of dirt that I need to wipe clean. My husband has been asking for years to address the issue but I haven't been able to stomach it. It literally makes me feel like I am going to throw up whenever I've thought about it.  We are going to be selling the company, papers are signed and I cannot leave this dirt to the new owners.  

I guess it's time to be a big girl. Time to get dirty. Time to make a mess. Time to possibly ruin the relationship with someone we care for very much...

I'm going to go down and spend some time on the T-Zone shaking things up a bit, no time for the Infrared Sauna today...

I feel the indigestion starting to happen just thinking about the task I need to do. Time to grab a nice glass of water with lemon that's been soaking up the morning sun and I'm going to add a heaping tablespoon of nature's dirt.

Hope you have a great day digging in the dirt. The dirt may ruin your clothes, but it will ALWAYS wash off of your body. Time to walk over those jagged rocks knowing that with time the road will be smooth again.

Deep breath! Hooahh! (Army yell for I can DO This!)

With much love,


Friday, August 5, 2011

Coffee for the Kids?

This morning a kind man came up to my husband and I and asked us if we'd like to have some coffee for our kids.  Thinking the man was joking with us, I started laughing.  I pictured how the man must have seen our 5 kids with us in the waiting room and how they were all calmly sitting there playing and the suggestion to give them coffee would have resulted in crazy out of control behavior.  After seeing his surprised look in response to my laughter, he tried to not look hurt by asking my husband and I if we'd like some coffee.  We both denied the offer trying to graciously say thank you as he left the room with a nod of the head and a smile.

I sat for several moments pondering on the experience  after he left the room   Wow!  Coffee to children.  My kids are all under the age of 9.  To me, giving coffee to kids would be like giving alcohol to them. It's simply not something I would ever think of doing.

A couple days ago I had a similar situation happen where I laughed thinking someone was teasing when they were not. 

Some friends of ours in California took us to a lake that had a nice beach area where we went swimming, fishing and had a picnic lunch.  We had a fabulous time!  At one point during the day, we were all sitting around chatting.  One friend of ours was documenting what he ate using an application on his iphone.  My husband and I were curious how he was doing with is calorie intake and so I asked him what he had eaten that day.  He pulled out his iphone and began saying "milky way candy bar, frito lay chips, coffee, etc."  Due to the terrible health problems this man has, I completely thought he was joking about what he had eaten and so I started laughing.  I thought it was a funny joke.  He's trying to watch what he eats, he has terrible digestive problems and so I had no idea that he would be eating food without nutritional value. It would have been a funny joke if it weren't for the fact that it was true! 

A couple of experiences as it relates to the above topic...

Several months ago we were in Denver.  We met a woman who is a professional health coach.  The woman said that she views sugar as a drug.  If someone offers her kids sugar she sees it just as if someone was trying to give drugs to the kid.  

8 years ago, I told a little girl that babysat for us that "we like to eat healthy", she looked at me and said "I know a lady that doesn't buy sugar".  She didn't say "you don't eat as healthy as you think you do", but I knew what she meant.  Looking back on how we eat now and how we ate then there is an ENORMOUS difference.  I no longer buy refined sugar, or refined grains.  We buy raw honey, molasses, raw maple syrup and use natural fruit juices, dates, figs etc. to sweeten foods, smoothies, herbal teas etc.

Before leaving for California, a family member sent us with some granola bars.  My husband had tried to avoid the offer, but I was grateful for the tiny act of love and kindness and saw that the giver of the gift really did think that he  was  giving us a "healthy" treat (which he knew we appreciate).  I took the bottle of granola bars and after getting everyone settled in the car, we drove away.

Shane was surprised that I'd taken the gift, but I was surprised that he thought I wouldn't.  I read the ingredients to everyone and gave them the choice.  A couple of the kids wanted to eat one and a couple of the kids didn't.  One of the kids who decided to eat the granola bar gave it back to me partially eaten saying "it's too sweet".

A beautiful neighbor of ours brought a cupcake over to my son who is in her Church primary class.  She asked if it was OK to give the treat to my son and I said that it was.  My son was really happy to receive the gift and I wish that the wonderful neighbor of ours knew just how much we love her.  She's an amazing lady - always striving for perfection in every little act of service she performs.

FYI:  There is an amazing cupcake blend that a friend of mine created.  The cupcakes are naturally gluten free.  You can find out more about Vivi's products at  When we eat treats we look for products that use natural sweeteners and ingredients that are not refined or substitutes for "the real thing".  We buy fruit leathers made from organic fruits, and treats that are sweetened with honey, maple syrup or concentrated fruit juices.  It's fun to make our own ice cream using raw cream, maple syrup, and fresh fruit and we love making our own popsicles using organic fruit juice.  (Chunks of organic peanut butter, organic chocolate and GF vanilla flavoring with swirls of frozen maple syrup is delicious added to your raw organic ice cream :)  Adding a little essential oil like peppermint oil or cinnamon oil etc. to your organic chocolate recipes also adds incredible flavor.

Everyone is at various levels of learning.  Some people still think "low fat" is better for you.  Some people think consuming "diet drinks" will actually help you lose weight.  Some people continue buying replacements for real foods like imitation butter, imitation nut butter, imitation cheese etc. thinking they are better for you.  I teach, eat the REAL food.  The REAL butter, the REAL RAW MILK (from pasture fed animals - extracted in a clean environment), the REAL ORGANIC foods.  Absolutely NO GMO's

I believe the more we can eat foods that are as close to how God intended them to be, the more we will experience true health and vitality.  Be careful buying things like yogurt, granola bars, energy drinks etc. that are "supposedly healthy".  Look for the sugar content on the label and avoid anything with artificial colors.  Artificial colors, corn syrups and artificial flavorings are used to make something appear to be healthier than it really is.  A great video to watch is the "General Mills Total Mind Game Skit.  Here is a link to the video on you tube. I will also post the video on my blog.

Lots of love to you!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

RAW Milk Vs. Pasteurized Milk

I was cured from going PARALYZED, LOSING MY VISION, LOSING MY STRENGTH ETC. (Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis) a large part by....


While teaching in New Zealand and Australia I met a Doctor that had attended one of my classes who had a Multiple Sclerosis patient who was healed from MS by.... CONSUMING RAW MILK!!!

It's 12:30am at this very moment as I begin writing this blog entry.  It's been a crazy day and I'm struggling to put my mind at ease so that I can sleep.  However, I can't get certain events out of my mind right now.  Three individuals from the Los Angeles California area have been arrested and put in jail for "conspiring to advocate RAW milk".

My mind reflects back to an article I read a couple weeks ago.  I woman and her family had moved to America but when they arrived the woman was greatly alarmed at the lack of actual food available in the stores.  She found that the state she lived in, it was ILLEGAL to sell RAW milk.  The woman has been in the country for two years and due to health issues that her family was beginning to experience, she said that she is saving money to be able to return to her country where she will be able to have access to REAL FOOD - raw milk is REAL food.

A dear friend of mine came to the United States many years ago when she was a young girl.  The friend began to experience problems with her skin, she developed allergies, digestive issues, and she was tired all the time etc.  She had grown up in Chile where she was accustomed to eating soups from chickens that her grandmother raised, eating the vegetables from the garden, raw milk from the animals etc.  She returned to Chile so that she could overcome her health problems.  She later returned to the US and I am impressed that she refuses to eat processed food.  She purchases raw milk, only buys organic, and believes in eating as much raw food as possible, and believes in the importance of organ meats, and naturally fermented foods etc.  She's passionate about educating others about the importance of reading labels to make sure what you are eating is actually as pure as you think it is.  My friends mother in law died of cancer.  The death troubled my friend because she thought her mother  in law (from Guatemala) ate healthy.  When going through her mother in laws kitchen, my friend found a large amount of "natural health products" from America that her mother in law consumed daily that was full of what my friend says was "crap".  "Crap" that causes cancer.  "Crap" that is the replacement for "REAL" food.  Be careful consuming products that are suppose to be "BETTER than the ORIGINAL product that God made".
So back to the topic of raw milk.  Why is it that in America (the land of the free) individuals can be arrested for advocating the consumption of raw milk?  It is absolutely insane to think that there are people in the so-called "Departments of Health" that think they are doing the public a great service by keeping raw milk away from the public.

To add complexity and sadness to the arrest, it was a shared co-op that received the abuse.  I myself signed up with a food co-op so that I could have access to real food.  A couple weeks later I learned that an Amish group that provided pure, real, organic foods to co-ops was raided by the police.  I have a small refrigerator full of raw cheese (part of our food storage) from a company that shut down because they could no longer afford the heavy fees and regulations the government requires from those producing raw cheese products - that must be aged at least 90 days.

It's a real eye opener when I had to struggle to find information about foods that ultimately lead to the recovery of my health.  I've watched how the store where I purchase our raw milk from has struggled financially to provide the services they provide.  I've watched them battle politicians, state government agencies and see how they continue to pay for strict testing that is done on every single batch of raw milk.  They spend extra to save a sample for themselves as a security measure if any questions arise. 

Many individuals who do not consume dairy products may think that this is a positive thing that is happening, but I hope that anyone who believes in eating raw, real, natural food and believes in caring for animals and understand that the animals are there for us to use as God intends, (I believe VERY SPARINGLY), then I hope that you will stand up and help those who are being mistreated right now who advocate the consumption of raw milk.

Perhaps you think that raw milk consumption is dangerous.  I remember when I started drinking raw milk it was because of reading several books about raw milk.  I read "Milk the Untold Story", "Pasture Perfect", "Pottenger Cats" and "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration".  For more information on these books and to learn more about raw milk, I found this website that you may find useful.  The website is

Once I learned that back in the day when pasteurizing was put into place, there was another man who had a different idea.  His idea was to clean up the conditions of the animals when the milk was extracted.  To clean up the diets of the cows etc.  You can read about how safe raw milk is when it comes from a cow that is "pasture fed".  If I kept writing this article to convince the reader of the safety of raw milk I would be up all night.  Please read the above listed books to learn more.

I personally believe in consuming RAW milk products.  When we travel we search for places where we can buy raw milk.  I will NOT consume dairy from regular super markets.  I see it as poison and I will not drink it or eat the cheese.  My husband does purchase organic milk while we are traveling if we cannot find raw milk, but I prefer NON GMO almond, rice or soy milk instead of pasteurized milk.

A person can survive on only drinking raw milk.  A person would die if they only consumed pasteurized milk.

Mother's who for some reason cannot provide breast milk for their babies should be allowed to have access to RAW milk for their babies.

Every US Citizen should have the right to purchase RAW milk from their neighbor if they want to.

Every US Citizen should have the right to GIVE RAW milk to their neighbors without worrying about being hauled off to jail for doing so.

After about an hour of typing the above, my laptops battery died.  It was early in the morning and so I didn't want to start the generator up possibly awaking the neighbors.  We are traveling in an RV as we are in California teaching classes.

This morning when I started up the generator and read through my email I came across this email from Ramiel Niegel (the author of How to Cure Tooth Decay).  I too share the same sentiments as Ramiel and so I share his email quoted below...

"Dear Steffanie,

Usually I do not write e-mails about news items. But a recent government raid strikes a cord of anger, sadness and frustration in many people about the abuse of our land, our food, and the resultant negative effect on our bodies.

I am struggling to come to terms within myself about the government's violation of its citizens personal space and boundaries.  On August 3rd, 2011, a private food buying club in California Rawesome was raided. It's owner and two others were arrested for conspiracy to commit a crime. The crime was that the
individuals might sell milk to buyer's club members from an unlicensed dairy. (Note that the dairy does not require a license because it sells milk to private individuals and not to the public.) The government is confused about its role in policing its citizens. It (meaning the employees of the various regulatory agencies) wrongly believe it is in their job description and jurisdiction to stop private raw milk sales across the country.

Here are some links for you to learn more, and ideas if you want to take some action.

Video of some of the confiscation of raw milk and other foods.

A Press release from the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Natural News Articles Regarding The Raid:

Action Items:
*The office of the L.A. District attorney is fielding calls regarding the case, for more information, or to express concern about the government's actions, please call 213-974-3512.

*Please also call the Los Angeles TV Stations and ask them to cover
the news story:

*Blog, write about and share this information with other people.

*Rally - August 4th LA County Courthouse located at:
210 West Temple, Division 30
Los Angeles
Arrive there at 7:45 am

Talking Points:
Talking Points for speaking with elected official about this issue:
--Infringement of Private Property Rights
--Misuse of State Resources
--Denying Citizens Freedom of Food Choice

Ask your representatives in Congress to Co-Sponsor the Ron Paul bill lifting the ban on raw milk in interstate commerce, while not a factor in this case, it sends an important message about citizen access to raw milk in the U.S.


Yours in Health,
Ramiel Nagel

Note:  When I called the above number for the District Attorney to file my complaint, I was directed to email Sandi (I wasn't able to get her last name) at  I'm looking foward to sending my email to Sandi.  I am also following the stories closely at at the links above and via the Weston A Price and Natural News Facebook fan pages.

Here is my comment on the Natural News FB page...

"I was invited to speak in front of a congressional committee when the raw milk bill was being passed in Utah. I remember the lady who was representing the department of health talk about how legalizing the distribution of raw milk would wreck havoc in her department. She talked about all of the sicknesses and deaths that would occur, the increased expenses to her dept, the lack of staff and time to deal with all the problems etc. that would result from raw milk. The entire time she was talking I thought "this woman needs to be educated about how safe REAL FOOD is". It looks like Michelle needs a little course in RAW MILK safety 101. Raw milk left out turns to curds and whey. Pasteurized milk left out is toxic. I hope to change my teaching schedule so that I can be in LA tomorrow morning to lend my support. I'm in Sacramento right now."

Please do something to help support those who have been arrested. Even if it a simple email or a phone call, please do something.

Lots of love,


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nem genetikailag módosított élelmiszerek - Csodálatos!

Hooray Hungary!  Hooray for destroying genetically modified food crops and banning the selling and planting of genetically modified seeds in your country.  This shows you have leaders in your country who TRULY CARE ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE.

I pray other nations will follow your great example.  I stand proudly and applaud your efforts.

To the unseen voices, the brave men, women, leaders, farmers, children etc. who took part to make this happen in your country, I am sending a prayer of thanks your way.  I am so happy for your country.

My prayer is that American's will wake up, take time to educate themselves so that together as a nation we can get our food freedoms back.  Starting with freedom from genetically modified foods.

Natural News reported the news online.  You can read the article by going to

Lots of love!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NYT Launches Attack on Supplement-Protecting Senator—Just as DSHEA Comes under Renewed Threat

NYT Launches Attack on Supplement-Protecting Senator—Just as DSHEA Comes under Renewed Threat

For those of you in the US. Please read the above link and please take action asap. Share with your friends!

"Buna ziua!"

Bbine ai venit :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Bug's Life - "Then they ALL might stand up to us"

Does Hopper remind you of anyone?  "It's NOT about the FOOD, it's about the CONTROL".

Lots of love,


TEDxAustin Robyn O'Brien 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gluten-Free Medications

A couple days ago I met a woman who is a nurse at a hospital in a small town in Arizona.  The woman told me about a patient of theirs who has developed the intolerance to gluten - diagnosed as Celiac Disease.  The patient is a young girl who is extremely sensitive to gluten.  The nurse talked about how frustrating it was for them to find medications for the girl that are indeed gluten-free.  If the girl gets the smallest amount of gluten she begins vomiting.

As we talked about the girl and the medications, the nurse wanted to give her to help with the various issues, I was able to share with the nurse my experiences using essential oils.  After our conversation I realized that what we had talked about would be beneficial for those reading my blog to hear as well.

A side note...

Several years ago I was at the Celiac National Covention in SLC, Utah.  At the convention I learned that the thyroid medicine I had been taking was not always gluten-free.  I was instructed that I needed to call the pharmaceutical company each month to find if the batch number on my medication was a gluten-free batch.  At the time I was told this, I made the decision to somehow, someway get myself OFF of the medication.  I did NOT want to be wasting my time with researching thyroid medication each month.

Long story made short, I was able to work with a Dr. to get off of thyroid medicine I had been on for 18 years.  It's so wonderful to be drug free :)

Before I tell you about essential oils I wanted to provide you with a list of medications that are NOT gluten-free.

Not Gluten Free or Suspect Ingredients: 

Brand Name and  Manufacturer
Acnomel Acne cream (3/08)  Numark
Aconitum Napellus  pellets, tabs  (3/08) Hyland's
Alcohol Preps  Topical only (3/08) Rugby
Alcolec  (wheat starch) (3/08) American Lecithin Co.
Aller-Chlor Syrup (3/08) Rugby
Alprazolam  tabs, XR tabs  (3/08) Pfizer
Avena Sativa  (3/08)  Boiron
Avinza  caps  (3/08)  King
Azelex   Cream (3/08)  Allergan Herbert
Benefiber  Chewable tabs (3/08)
Betamethasone  dip, oint, lotion, gel  (3/08) Taro
Boost   bar, choc malt liq.  (3/08) Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Calciferol drops (2/07) Schwartz 2
Calcium chew tabs (2/07) Rugby
Calms, Calms Forte Caplets, tabs (2/07) Hyland’s Inverness
Base (oat flour), shampoo
(3/08)  Galderma, Hill
Emollient cream, foot
emollient cream, one step
skin care lotion (3/08) 3M Skin Health
Cerovite Liq. (3/08) Rugby
Chelated potassium gluconate 99 mg tabs (3/08) Nature's Bounty
Choice dm bars (3/08) Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Clarinex Reditab (3/08) Schering
Claritin  Reditabs (3/08)
Schering (800 claritin)
Clobetasol Propionate Cream emulcified cream (3/08) Taro
Cognex caps (3/08) Sciele Pharma
Cold Tablets w/Zinc (2/07) Hyland’s Inverness
Cortifoam (2/07) Schwartz
Daily Vite Tabs, tabs w/iron (2/07) Rugby
Depakene syrup, tabs, ER tabs (2/07) Abbott
Desonide Cream (3/08) Taro
DesOwen  Cream, lotion (3/08) Galderma
Dexamethasone intensol (2/07) Roxane
Diazepam intensol (2/07) Roxane
Digoxin oral sol (2/07) Roxane
Dilatrate SR caps (2/07) Schwartz
Dilaudid oral liq (2/07) Abbott
Diphenoxylant HCL &
atropine sulfate oral (2/07) Roxane
Duraphat (3/08) Colgate Palmolive (800 763-0246)
cookie bars, oatmeal (3/08),
enriched cereal (2/07) Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Ensure w/fiber Vanilla, chocolate (2/07) Ross
Epifoam topical aerosol (2/07) Schwartz
Estratest HS tabs (3/08) Solvay
Ferrous Sulfate
Elixir, immed. Release, tabs,
ER (3/08) Rugby
Fexofenadine caps (3/08) Barr
Flonase (10/06) Glaxo Smith Kline
Florida Foam (oat flour) (3/08) Hill 3
HCL tabs, caps-USP40
(3/08) Barr
Fluvoxamine Maleate tabs (3/08)  Barr
liq. Decon cough & cold;
nighttime cold med (3/08) Amway
Ganirelix Acetate (3/08) Organon
GasX chewable (3/08) Novartis (800 452-0511)
Ginsenique (2/07) Boiron
choc caramel snack bar, choc
peanut meal bar, cranberry
berry meal bar, cranberry
orange snack bar (3/08) Ross
Halcion tabs (3/08) Pfizer
Halls cough drops Regular (6/06) Cadbury (866 782-3267)
Humira (3/08) Abbott
Hydrocortisone cream w/aloe, w/moisturizers (3/08) Taro
I Vite Tabs, Protect tabs (3/08) Rugby
Intal Inhaler (3/08) King
Ivyblock (3/08) Hyland's
Jevity 1.2, 1.5 Cal(3/08) Ross
Kaletra Caps, tabs  (2/07) Abbott
Kenalog Aerosol, lotion (2/07) Bristol Myers Squibb
Levbid ER tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Levsin  Drops, Elixir, tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Levsinex timecaps (2/07) Schwartz
Lipogen S Gel Capsules Rugby
L-Lysine Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Lortab Elixir (3/08) UCB
Lovastatin tabs (3/08) Mylan (800 796-9526)
Lupron Depot (3/08) Tap
Menest Tabs (3/08) King
Metamucil Wafers Apple, cinnamon (3/08) Procter & Gamble Healthcare
Methadone HCL oral sol (2/07) Roxane
Metrocream Topical Cream, lotion (3/08) Galderma
Monoket Tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Mycostatin Oral susp. Bristol Myers Squibb
Nardil HFA (3/08) Pfizer Parke Davis
Neurta-Phos; Neurta-Phos-K Powder conc. (3/08) Ortho McNeil 4
Tabs, Timed Release 500,
750 & 1000 (3/08) Rugby
Nifedipine ER tabs (2/07) Kremers Urban
Niferex Elixir (2/07) Schwartz
orally disintegrating tabs
(2/07) Schwartz
Natural B Complex,
NutriEdge, Vitamin C-Kids
Natural, Digestive Enzyme
Complex, Kids Multivit
Multimineral (2/07) Amway
Orabase B Gel (3/08) Colgate Oral
Ostiva Tabs (2/07) Horizon
Papaya Enzyme Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Parcopa Tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Pen Kera Crème (3/08) BF Asher
Penicillin V potassium oral sol (3/08) Teva
Peridin-C (3/08) Beutlich
PerioGard (3/08) Colgate Oral
Peroxyl Rinse, Spot Gel (3/08) Colgate Oral
Polycitra-K Crystals (3/08) Ortho McNeil
Prednisone intensol, oral sol (2/07) Roxane
Proloprim Tabs (3/08) King
Reglan Tabs (2/07) Schwartz
Rozex topical emulsion (2/07) Galderma
Sanctura (2/07) Espirit Pharm
Secale Cornutum (3/08) Boirun
Selenium Anti Dandruff
Shampoo (3/08) Rugby
Selenium Yeast (3/08) Carlson
Children’s syrup, granules,
syrup, wheat bran (2/07) Purdue Frederick
Sensodyne toothpaste All (3/08)
Sniffles 'N Sneezes 4  Kids (3/08) Hyland’s
Solage topical sol (2/07 Galderma
Specracef Tabs (2/07) Purdue Frederick
Super High Vitamins and
Minerals Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Super Poligrip Powder (07/06)  5
Tapazole Tabs (3/08) King/Monarch
Tilade Inhaler (3/08) King
Tincture of Green Soap (3/08) Rugby
Tizanidine HCL Tabs (3/08) Barr
Triazolam Tabs (3/08) Pfizer
Trichotine powder (2/07) Schwartz
Tricor Tabs (3/08) Abbott
Triostat Inj (3/08) King/Monarch
Triticum Repens (3/08) Boiron
Unicomplex M Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Vigortol (3/08) Rugby
Vi-Stress, w/Zinc Tabs (3/08) Rugby
Vita-Bee w/C Captabs (3/08) Rugby
Vitamin E Oil  30,000 IU (3/08) Nature's Bounty
Vitamin E Oil-topical (3/08) Rugby
Xanax tabs, XR tabs (3/08) Pfizer
XS Nutrition Whey protein
powder (3/08) Amway
Zemplar caps, inj (2/07) Abbott
Zinc & C lozenges (3/08) Rugby
Zoto Hc eardrops (3/08) Sciele
Zyrtec  Children’s chewables (5/06) Pfizer (800-438-1985)

Can you see why the nurse would be so frustrated?  This is not even a complete list - nor does it count for all the medicines that may be gluten-free but are made in a place where they are contaminated with gluten containing ingredients on the conveyor belts, in the packaging or machinery.

Do you see why I love pure WHOLE herbs and CERTIFIED PURE essential oils?  "NATURALLY Gluten-Free :) and as PURE as POSSIBLE" - that has become my motto.

If you'd like to learn more about how we use foods, herbs and essential oils, please subscribe to my email list for notifications on class dates and times etc.

Lots of love,


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet - The GAPS Diet

When I coach individuals on health, the works of Dr. Weston A Price (author of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration") and Dr. Pottenger (author of "Pottenger Cats") are quoted often.  Sally Fallon's cookbook "Nourishing Traditions" is the book I highly recommend to those who come to me after the class wanting to know how to start eating healthy.

Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger helped me learn "WHY" (it was so important to eliminate refined or processed foods from your diet), and Sally Fallon helped teach me "HOW" to properly prepare REAL food.  Sally Fallon's book "Nourishing Traditions" has been my FOOD Preparation BIBLE (per say) that has taught me how to soak grains, prepare soups using the bones, blood marrow, heads of fish etc. and has taught our family how to prepare fermented foods like kimchi, saurkraut, keifer and soups like beet kvass that have a healthy level of probiotics and digestive enzymes in the foods to aid in absorption. 

With the GAPS diet, the author teaches us the same principles that Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger teach but with a Dr's exact instructions as to "HOW" to heal your gut and what foods you should eliminate for a time so that your gut can heal itself.  I was fascinated to learn about the role bone marrow and bone broth soups play on healing the lining of the gut. 

When I recovered from all the scary symptoms of various illnesses, following the foods and recipes listed in Sally Fallon's book, I didn't know about the GAPS diet nor had I heard about Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  However, everything she teaches individuals about in her books (about the gut/brain connection) I can definitely say AMEN to.  I'm so grateful for stumbling upon her book and I look forward to following her GAPS diet closely.  I will start with the introductory diet which individuals say makes an enormous difference in the overall success of the program.  

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a degree in Medicine and Postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human NutritionI HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE reads her book - no matter your condition. Everyone can benefit from incorporating broths, fermented vegetables, probiotics and natural enzymes into their diets.

For more information, please see the links below.

Here is a paragraph from the above listed websites that talks about food allergies and intolerance's as it relates to the GAPS diet...

"Food Allergies and Intolerances. People with food allergies and intolerance's should go through the Introduction Diet in order to heal and seal their gut lining.  The reason for allergies and food intolerance's is so-called "leaky gut" when the gut lining is damaged by abnormal micro flora.  Foods do not get the chance to be digested properly before they get absorbed through this damaged wall and cause the immune system to react to them.  Many people try to identify which foods they react to.  However, with damaged gut wall they are likely to absorb most of their foods partially digested, which may cause an immediate reaction or a delayed reaction (a day, a few days or even a couple of weeks later).  As these reactions overlap with each other, you can never be sure what exactly you are reacting to on any given day.  Testing for food allergies in notoriously unreliable: if one had enough resources to test twice a day for two weeks, they would find that they are "allergic" to everything they eat.  As long as the gut wall is damaged and stays damaged, you can be juggling your diet forever removing different foods and never get anywhere.  From my clinical experience it is best to concentrate on healing the gut wall with the Introduction Diet.  Once the gut wall is healed, the foods will be digested properly before being absorbed, which will remove most food intolerance's and allergies."

For detailed information on the GAPS diet please refer to:

Gut & Psychology Syndrome
by Dr. Campbell-McBride

A Very Brief History

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet has its foundation on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) created by Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas to heal digestive disorders. SCD gained great popularity after a mother, Elaine Gottschall, healed her own child and became an advocate for SCD. Elaine Gottschall is also the author of the popular bookBreaking the Vicious Cycle. Intestinal Health Through Diet.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has taken SCD and evolved it further to create a full protocol for healing digestive disorders and subsequent issues.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a degree in Medicine and Postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition. In her clinic in Cambridge she specializes in nutrition for children and adults with behavioral and learning disabilities, and adults with digestive and immune system disorders.

Dr. Campbell-McBride set up The Cambridge Nutrition Clinic in 1998. As a parent of a child diagnosed with learning disabilities, she was acutely aware of the difficulties facing other parents like her, and she has devoted much of her time to helping these families. She realized that nutrition played a critical role in helping children and adults to overcome their disabilities, and has pioneered the use of probiotics in this field.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Using YOUR Health Savings Account (HSA)

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to work with a really amazing couple.  The man had experienced some very serious health issues that left him terribly crippled - unable to move his arms or legs.  Long story short, the couple was able to use foods, herbs, essential oils and a bemer pad to restore this mans strength completely when no doctor or medicine had been able to help him.

I hear these stories over and over again.  The story starts out with an individual saying "I went from Dr. to Dr. trying to figure out what was wrong with me".  Or I hear "I received a diagnosis, but I wasn't getting better".  Then the story ends by saying "I DRASTICALLY CHANGED MY DIET and.....I was ABLE TO BECOME WELL".  Or, the individual mentions diet and another natural modality, alkaline water, or a particular herb or essential oil in conjunction with foods.

At one time I thought my story was very unique when I'd share how I'd recovered from my illnesses in the way that I did. (Using foods, herbs and essential oils).  However, I've come to realize that my story is not unique.  There is a health revolution going on in the world.  It's exciting to be a part of it.  Individuals are returning to the wisdom of their ancestors to seek healing and they are being healed simply by changing the way they eat and they are realizing when they have whole herbs and pure essential oils, miracles occur!

When I coach people on health it really goes back to the basics.  It took me 12 years to come full circle from first depending completely on the Dr's for answers, to having the knowledge I need to care for myself and my family without needing to go to the doctor.  1) Eat fresh organic foods, herbs and superfoods 2) Drink pure clean water 3) Get a little sunshine every day 4) Connect yourself to the healing powers of the earth.  5) Breathe deeply to get oxygen into your lungs and body 6) Exercise daily.

It seems too simple to really work but it does work - and it works wondrously!

I watched the video "Food Matters" a couple nights ago with my husband.  The video talked about how herbs are not a great selling tool for companies because the herbs have hundreds of constituents in them verses the one or two constituents in pharmaceutical drugs.  What this does is the herb can cure several illnesses where drugs are made to treat one particular condition.

The nice thing about herbs and essential oils and their hundreds of constituents is that God made them perfectly.  God already has the cure for the side effect in the herb or essential oil.   No need to take other medicines to counteract the side effects.  You get more bang for your buck.

It's disheartening for me to see individuals struggling with the "after effects" of taking medication.  A woman I met at one of my classes had gone blind from taking her medication for her heart issues.  There are organizations built specifically for helping an individual wean themselves off of dangerous medications.  In the past decade as the FDA has been bought out by the pharmaceutical industry, the fox is the one watching the hen house (per say). The rate for approving drugs has gone from an average of 2 years to as little as 2 months.  This is dangerous!  When you see those list of side effects on your prescription, take what you read seriously.  The woman who lost her eyesight said that "blindness" was listed as one of the side effects.  She can't sue because the label gave the warning.  Wouldn't it be safer to try foods, herbs and essential oils first!  Pray to be lead to the answers YOU need in order to be well - without taking dangerous medications.

There are 100,000 people that die each year from properly prescribed medications.  That total doesn't include suicides or improperly used medication use.  Herbs used in their whole state and whole food supplements are safe - and very effective.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if your insurance would pay for these wonderful, safe remedies?  See the DVD "Food Matters" to see why your insurance wouldn't cover it.  Like I mentioned above, with a drug that has one or two constituents in it, the drug is targeted to stop the symptom of one particular disease.  With herbs and essential oils there are hundreds of constituents in them.  One herb or one essential oil can treat many different illnesses. Did you know that many essential oils are anti-viral?  When you get a virus you can take an essential oil that has anti-viral properties like oregano oil and the oil will actually permeate the cell membrane that has been invaded by the virus and the oil will stop the growth of the virus.  Antibiotics cannot permeate the cell membrane.  This is why Doctors always tell you "sorry, we can't do anything" if you have a virus.  Find a Naturopathic or Ayurvedic Doctor that understands the power of herbs and essential oils.

We have insurance, but have it in case of catastrophic injuries or accidents.  We love our Doctor but in the past 6 years I have only seen him when I was pregnant.  We have wanted to get a Health Savings Account (HSA) but the remedies we use that are natural - without side effects, would not be something our government (as of yet) has given permission to use the HSA account money for.

The wonderful couple, mentioned previously, when they were writing me out a check for their health sessions said "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could pay for this with our Health Savings Account".  I nodded and said that would be a fabulous thing to happen.  Little did I know that our wonderful Senator Hatch, here in Utah was preparing a bill that would allow using the HSA account for "natural herbal remedies" etc.

Today, between talking with customers, I read through an email that made me so excited I wanted to get on facebook and broadcast it to all my friends, but someone came into my office and I had to delay my announcing the "good news" until now.

Here is the article that I read from the "Alliance for Natural Health" website.  (Please read the article and click on the link at the bottom of the page to send a big thank you and encouragement to Senator Hatch.  Also please take time to voice your support of the bill to YOUR representatives in your state)...

"A new bill would expand “eligible medical expenses” in the IRS code to include herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, meal replacement products, and other dietary and nutritional supplements. A new Action Alert.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has introduced S.1098, the Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011. The House version of the bill, HR.2010, was introduced by Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) and is already enjoying wide support with thirty cosponsors.

Last month we told you about two health savings programs that help pay for complementary and alternative medical (CAM) treatments not covered by regular insurance: Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). “Eligible medical expenses” determine what can be covered by both HSAs and FSAs. Under current law the above are not considered “eligible medical expenses” and so HSAs cannot be used to cover them.

The bill as it stands is strong, and we support it—though hope to see the language tweaked to address that part of the healthcare reform act that threatens the very existence of HSAs. We met with Sen. Hatch’s staff earlier today to discuss the bill, and we were assured that the Senator understands the importance of maintaining access to healthcare plans used in conjunction with HSAs. We will continue to work with Senator Hatch as the bill gains momentum.

You may recall that HSAs are savings accounts owned by the individual, and the funds contributed to them are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit. If the funds are not spent, they roll over and accumulate year to year. The law that created HSAs made eligibility dependent on whether one is covered under a high-deductible insurance plan. But section 1302 (e)2(A) of the healthcare reform act limits high-deductible or catastrophic healthcare insurance plans to persons under the age of 30.

This means that beginning in 2014, people over the age of 30 will not be able to purchase an HSA because they will not be eligible for catastrophic plans—making any changes to HSAs irrelevant to them.

Catastrophic plans are designed to give protection against emergencies. They have low monthly premiums in exchange for a higher deductible, making routine doctors visits, etc., more expensive. CAM patients use high-deductible plans to cover emergency services, and use HSAs for purchasing treatments not covered by traditional healthcare insurance. Without the preservation of both high-deductible healthcare plans and HSAs, CAM users will be forced to purchase expensive healthcare insurance with coverage they don’t want or use, while still having to spend money on alternative treatments not covered by insurance.

Therefore we fully support expanding HSAs and FSAs coverage to include supplements among the “eligible medical expenses.” However, the healthcare reform act needs to be amended to allow for catastrophic plans for people over 30 years of age.

Action Alert! Please contact your senators and representative immediately. Voice your support of S.1098 and HR.2010, and explain that coverage of herbs, vitamins, etc., is essential under HSAs and FSAs. Ask Congress to (a) co-sponsor the bills, and (b) include an amendment to the bills to repeal the portion of the healthcare reform act that limits eligibility for high-deductible and catastrophic insurance plans."

To add your voice, please click on the link below, scroll to the bottom of the article and make your voice heard!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Reply to the Consumers Union

Here was the letter from the Consumer's Union emailed to me...

If we don’t believe having a safe food supply matters, just look to Germany – 31 people dead, 3,100 more infected, and millions of dollars in destroyed crops, all apparently due to a deadly new strain of E. coli bacteria.
While this particular strain hasn't been seen here yet, similarly dangerous bacteria have, and we continue to have outbreaks of foodborne illness. That threat prompted Congress just six months ago to modernize our nation’s horribly outdated food safety laws, which hadn't had a major change since the 1930s.

But TODAY, the House may turn back that progress on food safety in the United States! 
We need you to send an email right now so your Representative in Washington knows what you think of this plan.

Tell your Representative now isn’t the time to weaken our nation’s food safety system!

The proposal being voted on today would undermine the safety modernization program by slashing $200 million next year from the Food and Drug Administration. The agency will do much of the new work, including including new programs to detect unsafe food imports and ways to more quickly track the source of an outbreak.

Advocates say such deep cuts will make it nearly impossible to carry out the recently approved new law. Meanwhile, $200 million could be spent to promote U.S. agriculture overseas – a program that gives money to such large grower cooperatives as Sunkist, Welch’s and Blue Diamond to promote their goods.
If you believe the House can do better than this plan, let your Representative know now. Dealing with our nation's budget and deficit is important work, so tell your Representative if you want a better approach to food safety for you and your family.

Thank you for speaking out on this important issue. If you know others who may want to weigh in, please forward this email to them.


Jean Halloran
A Project of Consumers Union
101 Truman Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703

My Response...

ABSOLUTELY TAKE $200 MILLION FROM THE FDA!!! I stand and applaud that action!  The FDA does NOTHING to protect the US citizens but does EVERYTHING to protect the Pharma business and the GMO agenda.  The GMO agenda is what caused the super bugs!  

I would love to have an interview with those at the Consumers Union to share "My Story" with you.  I wish you would work more to get REAL organic food on the table instead of thinking that killing the life out of everything, and then deeming it as "safe"  is better for the consumer.

Watch and see how the FDA used 60 million dollars of tax payers dollars to try to put a Dr. out of business that was doing more good at curing Cancer than the Cancer Society was with chemo and radiation.

I see the same thing happening with organic farmers as it relates to being demonized by the FDA.  Wake up and realize that there is a better way to help consumer safety.  Raw milk for example... leave it out for several days and instead of a toxic chemicals you get....drum roll.....curds and whey!  How many American's even know how to make butter.

I hope you educate consumers on what "Real Food" looks and tastes like.  That is the best way to get consumers safe.  Allergies and sensitivities are caused by the denatured and genetically modified foods.



Note:  The above reply was typed quickly (during the time I was caring for 5 kids).  It was not as thought out as I wanted it to be.  After sending the above reply, I thought of so many other things that I would have liked to have said!

A dear cousin sent me the following phrase... "It is better to have IMPERFECT ACTIVITY than it is to have PERFECT INACTIVITY".  

I realize that in so many ways, my blog is a major rough draft.  It may be imperfect, insignificant, and a spec in the blog sphere, but it's my imperfect activity :)

Lots of love!


Hitlers of the Food and Drug Industry DBA the FDA

As I study health and nutrition and apply correct principles to my life, it has been interesting to witness how the foods, herbs and essential oils that MOST HELP people are the ones that the FDA treats as if it were more deadly than drugs or alcohol.

Here is a movie that I hope EVERY individual in the world gets to watch.  "The Burzynski Movie".  You can watch it until June 20th 2011 at for FREE.  After that time you can purchase the DVD on Amazon or at Whole Foods Market stores across the US.  Once you watch the movie pass it along.

I cringe whenever someone shouts loudly "I RAN for a CURE", or "I Walked for a CURE".

I witnessed such a kind act a couple of weeks ago.  When someone gets Cancer, loved ones begin praying, serving, researching, supporting, crying, waiting, searching, hoping etc.

It is a delicate subject which I've been very quiet about talking about much until I watched the Burzynski movie and learned that the Cancer Society purposely diluted the treatment of patients to prove that Burynski's treatment failed.  That was out right MURDER!  The FDA spent 60 million dollars fighting against Dr. Burzynski to put him out of business when his therapy was MUCH MORE effective than the current radiation and chemotherapy methods and then turned around and helped the Cancer Society steal Dr. Burzynski's patent.  Dr Burzynski sued and WON!!!  Please watch the above movie.

Those who "run or walk for a cure" actually gave money to further help the enemy of the cancer cure if that money went to the National Cancer Institute or the National Cancer Society.  See the movie above and witness what so many Doctors have also experienced, but failed to win.  Dr. Burzynski is a true fighter and example of resiliency. The Hitler like Monopoly of our Foods and Medicines is in OUR America!  It's time to get rid of the evil that abounds in our OWN country of the good old USA and do some serious cleansing of our organizations that have "conflicts of interests".

I enjoyed reading the following article from Neev M. Arnell posted at

It's time for all American's (we've all been affected from the loss of a loved one to cancer) to stand up.  Stop "running" or "walking" for a cure. The cure IS there!  The FDA doesn't want you to know about it if it doesn't profit "their" partners in business.

Start walking away from processed food, from the beliefs that your Doctor has the only answers to solve your health problems, and run away from genetically modified food.

Walk towards clean air, clean food, and natural remedies.  Run to vote and to support your local businesses that want to bring organic, fresh produce to your stores.

Walk away from the belief that radiology and chemotherapy is your only answer.  I pray that you will be lead to truths that will HEAL your body, mind and spirit completely, without burning holes throughout your brain.

Please watch the movie above and you will know more about why I am so mad at the FDA.  I see what they are doing to individuals that I purchase organic food from.

When Hitler started killing the Jews many people turned their heads and said "It isn't happening to me, so why should I put my life or the lives of my loved ones in danger".  However, there were MANY brave men and women who fought the war silently.

How mad are you at losing a loved one?  I've lost my favorite aunt to breast cancer and bone cancer.  She went through chemo and radiation.  I lost my brother in law to colon cancer.  He went through chemo and radiation three times.  It was heart wrenching to see him fight so hard and eventually lose.

I am fighting the war by doing the following...

I support my local farmers by buying organic produce as much as possible locally.  Thank you Real Foods Market!

I choose to buy organic produce at the Health Food Stores when the local produce is not available.

We Eat to LIVE (See Dr Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live")

I take responsibility for my health and the health of my children and husband.

I educate myself on how to use herbs (in their whole state) and essential oils (certified pure therapeutic grade).

I take responsibility for making sure the water in our home is pure.

I make sure that I get plenty of Vit D from sunshine.

We enjoy taking off our shoes and letting the earth rid our bodies of harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

We enjoy exercising as a family.

We do not consume processed foods or genetically modified foods.

My freezer is full of frozen fruits and veggies, my kitchen is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and the pantry is stocked with raw organic seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, grains, spices of all kinds, sea vegetables, superfoods, and pure coconut and olive oils.

I walk and run away from processed food and genetically modified food.  That is how I walk or run for a cure.

I urge you to make the same commitment for you and your family.  Stop the death that is occurring in our Country.

My Grandfather served in WWII.  He was part of the rainbow artillery that entered the first concentration camps to help heal those who were dying.

I'm proud of the work that my Grandfather did to stop the murder of Hitler.

I am proud of those women who have served in the Army.  I consider myself a soldier.

I am passionate about telling others about what is going on in YOUR food and medicine.  Death is there.  Sickness is there.  Do not trust an organization that was bought out by the pharmaceutical and genetically modified food industry.  Do NOT trust them to tell you the truth about what is or is not safe for your family.

Be as passionate about prevention as you are angry about the death of a loved one. Protect your family!

Do something to warn those you love, but be an example FIRST YOURSELF of health.

My conditions talked about in this blog began to return when I reintroduced processed foods and genetically modified foods into my diet.  When you learn how GMO's can actually change the DNA of the bacteria in your intestines to produce pesticides, you will understand why it is so hard to get individuals well again.

I pray you will believe me and take what I say seriously.  Walk or Run for a cure every time you put something into your mouth.

With much love!


Friday, May 6, 2011

The Quackery of Chemotherapy, Gunpoint Medicine and the Disturbing Fate of 13-Year-Old Daniel Hauser

The Quackery of Chemotherapy, Gunpoint Medicine and the Disturbing Fate of 13-Year-Old Daniel Hauser

Justice for Maryanne Godboldo and Ariana

I wrote an email in response to the kidnapping of Ariana in Detroit, MI. (If you don't know what I am talking about, see my previous post titled "Armed agents kidnap child from mother who used holistic treatments instead of pharmaceutical drugs to treat condition")
Here is a copy of the email I sent to the Representatives in Detroit, MI...
Dear Fred DuhalShanelle Jackson, David Nathan, Jimmy Womack, Lisa Howze, and Rick Snyder,
What on earth has been happening out there in Detroit, MI?  It sounds like something out of a third world country.  How sad!  Do you think you pay the CPS too much for the children they seize?  Could this be more a matter of money than child safety?
I want YOU to investigate the Department of Human Services and the procedures of Child Protective Services.  I was horrified to learn about Maryanne Godboldo and Ariana's situation.  There is something very wrong with those departments procedures if they are trying to force drugs on people and enforcing that policy with guns and tanks. Whatever policy or procedure brought about the tragic event that lead to the kidnapping of Ariana, YOU should change it immediately. It is in your best interests to satisfy the demands of the people of your community.  
You have been asked to attend the Prayer Vigil on Sunday, April 10 at 6p at Hawthorn on Haggerty Road in Northville, MI to hear your peoples concerns. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you do so!

Child Protective Services cannot get away with treating law-abiding citizens in this cruel and unconstitutional way.
I personally was cured by natural methods.  You can read more about my story by going to 
Thank God I never took all of the medicines that were prescribed to me. I watched my father struggle with depression all his life on pharmaceutical drugs - eventually ending his own life.

I didn't want to live with the mental pain my father lived with when I struggled with illnesses (documented on my blog).  I was able to be healed using "Natural or Alternative Methods".  It's so funny we refer to God's medicine as alternative.  So happy that the natural methods are working for Ariana also. 

I ask that you dismiss all charges that are being held against Maryanne Godboldo and that you investigate the CPS and Department of Human Services to assure another child is never taken from a parent who chooses natural methods of healing.

Steff England

To those of you reading this blog post, if you'd also like to write the Michigan Representatives, here is their information...

Fred Duhal  517.373 0844
Shanelle Jackson   517.373 1705
David Nathan    517.373.3815
Jimmy Womack  517.373.0589
Lisa Howze  317.373.0106
Rick Snyder 517.373.3400

To make it easier for you, copy the below emails and send YOUR own message to them;;;;;