Thursday, October 28, 2010

Under Construction

I'm in the process of going back through the 100+ entries to do spelling check etc.  I'm glad that I sat down when the inspiration would come to quickly type and post the blog entries.  However, with more and more people reading it, I REALLY need to clean it up and make it more professional.  Please excuse the current 'construction' going on.

Lots of love,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back away slowly from the gravy...

A friend posted a comment on Facebook a couple days ago about potato chips.  She said "Potato Chips for breakfast! :D All 4 food groups- Veg, grease, salt, trans fats! Mmmmm!!!"  My first instinct was to say "STOP, Put your HANDS UP, BACK AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY from the Potato Chips". 
My friend, mentioned above, is an absolutely gorgeous marathon runner, mountain bike rider, has kids who have graduated High School, is tan, skinny, long dark hair, and is absolutely beautiful.  It made me laugh to think that even SHE succumbs to potato chips every now and then.
The Women's Conference that I spoke at was incredible.  Not because of anything special I contributed, but because of the other amazing women there and because of the messages.  I needed to attend myself. 
 As I was thinking about the theme of the conference, I thought about how they talked about how when you shed the "weight" in your hearts and minds, the "weight" physically will come off naturally.  They also talked about that when we back away from the food, we are left at times with the pain, fear, sadness or loneliness that we feel when we are away from food.  We need to look for good substitutes for the pain instead of using food to numb what we may be feeling.
This morning I had a conversation with a friend on the phone.  Questions were asked, I gave answers that masked the way I really felt, and then after the conversation ended, I sat in the chair contemplating everything that was said and unsaid.  Isn't it incredible how we try to cover up and forget about things that cause us pain and try to go on with life as if nothing is wrong, nothing ever happened, and that we can confidently deal with the present moment?  When truth is, we need to take time to truly heal from past mistakes that were made by ourselves or ones we love that deeply hurt or affected us in some way.
This morning as my heart hurt, and as I pondered on everything the friend had talked to me about, I wandered into the kitchen.  There were some Gluten-Free Quinoa chips on the counter that my husband had bought.  I dislike the taste, but there I found myself almost in a trance-like state eating these chips with slices of butter in between them!  Then, I took out some Gluten-Free Chocolate Organic Ice cream from the fridge. 
By the way, I HATE the TASTE OF CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM, but there I was slowly eating about 1/4 a cup of it...still in my trance, still thinking, still hurting.  Then to make matters worse I opened up the fridge and found some leftover gravy.  I ate a couple spoonful’s of LEFT OVER GRAVY!!!  Am I a hypocrite or what!!!  There I was yesterday thinking about how my friend was eating those disgusting chips and then here I am today having a breakfast of chips, butter, ice cream and gravy.  This is a good reason to ONLY have food in your house that is healthy.  I can thank my husband for purchasing the chips and ice cream.
At the conference one of the speakers, a former Mrs. Utah, talked about an "emotional" eating binge that she had experienced.  She was attending the U of U at the time.  She had one class to finish before graduating.  In the class she attended one Saturday, there was a group discussion and then a question directed at her or about her triggered something deep inside.  She didn't know what it was that brought up so much pain, but after the class she found herself driving to a fast food place.  She ordered a cheeseburger, fries, drink, and an ice cream. THEN, she traveled to another fast food place where she ordered ANOTHER burger, curly fries, a chocolate sundae etc. and then a THIRD place she bought an entire meal again.  Here was someone, a gorgeous, thin Mrs. Utah winner who had just binged on food at three fast food places.  She said that she didn't understand WHY she had done that.  She had never been nor ever will be bulimic or anorexic.  She didn't throw up the food, but it caused her to ponder what it was that triggered such an emotional response in her.
With the thought "Back away from the chips"(reflecting on the post I nearly wrote to my friend), I applied that to myself and thought "Back away from the gravy".... I put my spoon down and the cold gravy (yuck) and let the emotions come.  I felt hunger.  I felt pain.  The sadness came, then the tears.  I needed something to fill my needs.  I imagined cuddling up in a warm blanket with some warm herbal tea and envisioned myself with my scriptures.  I think I'll stop writing this and go grab my scriptures.  They need some dusting off.  I feel pain.  I feel sadness.  I need the Savior right now.  He can help take away the emptiness I feel right now, the confusion and the weakness.  I need understanding and I need peace.
“Step away from the _____________” (You fill in the blank)

I’m sending love and light your way!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Iodized Salt vs. Sea Salt

I make sure to bring SEA Salt or REAL Salt with me, or I buy it first thing when I arrive at my destination.  Notice "Maldon" on the far right.  It was the first time I had tasted Sea Salt "Flakes".  We over did the salt on food a couple of times, as we adjusted to eating with "flakes" and not granuals, but it had an amazing flavor.  Not pictured are the chia seeds and nuts that I brought with me from New Zealand to Australia.  We are "Worldmark by Wyndham" travel share owners.  I LOVE that we have a kitchen to work in, but all of the food you see here could be prepared, with exception to the potatoes, without access to a kitchen. The strawberries and kiwis are hard to see.  In the front is mint and basil which I used in my wraps.

In preparing my talk for the Women's Conference on Saturday I thought I'd Google what others had to say about Iodized Salt.  I was expecting to find a TON of information that would support what my Doctor had taught me, but I was really surprised that there was even conflicting information about whether iodized salt or sea salt is better for you.  People started putting iodine on salt when there were people in a couple of the states that were getting goiter because of a lack of iodine in their diet.  What can people believe?

 Soy is good vs. Soy is Bad

Milk is good vs. Milk is Bad

Meat is good vs. Meat is Bad

MSG doesn't hurt vs. MSG is Bad

GMO's are good vs. GMO's are Bad.

Let me address the thyroid experience of mine.  I was on thyroid medicine for over 18 YEARS.  The Dr. that helped heal my thyroid so that I was able to get OFF thyroid medicine, talked to me about the DANGERS of Iodized Salt.  I had already made the switch from Iodized salt to Real Salt or Sea Salt due to all the books I'd read, but Doctor Jensen, that I worked with, gave me iodine from a natural source of kelp and I began taking a supplement from Standard Process that included desiccated animal organs to help give me the necessary hormones in my adrenal glands and thyroid glands and other weakened organs to assist in the healing process.  I no longer need to take the supplements or iodine.  There are many sources of iodine in my current diet that is void of processed food.
When I travel out of state or out of the country, these are some things that I make sure to buy so that I can prepare my meals where I'm staying.
1) Real Salt or Sea Salt
2) Apples Cider Vinegar
3) Lemons or Limes
4) Avocados (if available)
5) Seaweed Sheets (I bring them with me)
6) Raw nuts (to eat in case there are not healthy options on the plane or in the area I speak at)
7) Sprouts or Greens
8) Chia Seeds (I bring these with me as a breakfast stable the entire week of my stay)
9) I buy some fruits local to the area
10) Rice Paper Wraps (to hold my sandwiches)
12) Vegetables local to the area
13) Olive Oil - Pure Cold Pressed (I love making salad dressings with the Oil, Vinegar and Sea Salt)

Wraps - I get hungry just thinking of these
With leftover spinach, avocado, lime, and sea salt, I was able to make some delicious rice paper wraps.
Chia Seed Breakfast - With just water, chia seeds and some local honey, I was able to soak the chia seeds continuing to add water until it tasted like and was about the consistency of tapioca pudding. Another day I found a local yogurt that had fruit in it and so I added the yogurt/fruit mixture one day to the soaked chia seeds (taking the risk I could get sick).  Other days I would add the New Zealand honey that we bought to the chia seeds, or add berries or bananas to it.  You could add raw cream to it or almond milk etc.
When my husband and the kids had pita sandwiches (hummus, olives, tomatoes, sprouts etc) I was able to half an avocado and put the hummus, olives, tomatoes, sprouts etc. on top and eat it in place of the pita bread.  The whole wheat pita bread is wonderful travel sandwich bread and the sandwiches are easy to put together.  We sat as a family in front of the Maritime Museum in Australia eating our pita sandwiches (or in my case the avocado sandwich).   
Now back to my topic of Iodine...
The hypothesis that my Doctor gave was that the iodized salt was not the "real" iodine that my thyroid needed.  It did much more bad than good for the body. He gave me "real" iodine from kelp that was able to gradually replace the "bad iodine" while at the same time increasing the "good iodine" in my body.  Because the gradual release of the "bad iodine" made me sick, we had to gradually increase the good while my body dealt with releasing the "bad".  It took several weeks until I could take several doses of the good without getting sick from my body releasing the "bad".
Something to think about… 
Just because we are introducing a good product to our body and we have negative reactions, doesn't mean that the good food is bad.  It could have EVERYTHING to do with our body saying YEAH!!! "I know this as something that is GOOD for me"  "I've been holding on to the (bad) for so long because I didn't have anything else to work with - now it's safe to let go of the bad".
Give your body the good, and help assist your body as it copes with releasing the bad.
It is CRAZY how many Doctors, researchers, food people, big wigs in large corporations etc. that are PAID to give YOU FALSE information.  My friend that's here while I'm typing this blog said that it took 7 years for aspartame to get approved for human consumption.  She had to debate the issue in school and so she studied it in depth.  It's amazing how aspartame has such negative light now that the marketers of the product are now in the process of changing the name and reintroducing it to the public as something else.
That is true also for High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The industry is changing the name since it is viewed so negatively - and with reason!
I've made it a point to NEVER suggest anything to you that I haven't experienced MYSELF. 
I pray that everyone that is seeking truth will be able to find it and will be able to recognize it - despite how people try to cover up, sugar coat, advertise, market or make a person addicted to it. 
Good luck and love!


The Pictures Encourage Me

We are working on reversing problems that came as a result of vaccines in one child that caused an immediate stop in his mental progression and we are also working to strengthen the teeth and bone structor of another one of my children because of how I USE to eat.  A dentist once told me the teeth of my daughter was a result of my diet while pregnant with her.  At that time, I was REALLY offended by what the Dentist had said to me.  "I ate Gluten-Free!"  I thought to myself.  "It doesn't get much healthier than that!"  Oh....yes it can!!!  Just because you have salad and make your meals from scratch does NOT mean you are feeding your kids healthy.  There are some drastic changes needed to the way we think about and how we prepare food for our families in order to reverse the problems associated with the way our food is grown, handled, packaged, sold and served and the effect it is having on our kids.  Please keep reading.

After posting my last couple of blog entries, I've been thinking over and over about my sister who wants to make the change and who asked advice as to how to start.  Should she start by buying only organic?  What is the best to eliminate, to begin adding etc. etc? 
As I am preparing to give my class "The Power of Foods to Heal and to Harm" at the Women's Conference this Saturday, I am very aware of the different "types" of women that will be there.  With "type" I am referring to is what "strong beliefs" they have as it relates to food.  There will be vegans there.  I know several attendees are raw foodists and raw food activists.  There will be those that are campaigning on the importance of raw milk.  Some believe in eating meat.  Others are strictly against eating any meat at all.  Some only eat meat during the time of cold.  Then there are those that dislike this or dislike that or those that are allergic to this or allergic to that.  How on earth can I talk about what specific food helps and what hurts when there are so many individual symptoms that people have to food that would contradict anything I say?
My message is not for one culture.  It is not for one group of people or religion.  My message is very simple.  Eat the way God intended and YOU will be healthy as God intended.  Look around YOU to see what God has placed in front of you and then look to see how the other things you are surrounded by are counterfeits for what is truly real.
You live in the Artic.  The ice, the cold, the access to fruits and vegetables is limited.  Your blood needs to be thicker....meat will help you.
You live in a tropical climate.  You are surrounded by a ton of plant life and sea life. 
You live in the desert where hardly anything grows.  You are surrounded by insects, bugs, cactus; you raise animals on the shrubs and grasses that survive the climate there.
The places people on this earth live vary greatly.  The access to food varies greatly. 
I eat meat VERY sparingly these days.  This is working for MY situation RIGHT NOW.  It wasn't the case years ago when I was struggling to overcome symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. 
I'm tempted to not encourage the consumption of raw milk and to encourage a raw food diet.  However, I know that when I was overcoming the symptoms of going paralyzed, being unable to remember my own children's names etc. I HAD to have raw milk.  It had everything my body needed to live.  I craved it and I would drink the cream straight from the jar.  I had to have it and my children did to.
We are at a different phase in our lives.  Our bodies do not need it like we use to.  We use dairy products like we do condiments.  We use them very sparingly and with much gratitude.
After coming back from teaching in New Zealand and Australia, my milk supply had dwindled to where it was nearly gone.  I had tried to pump while away from my sweet little two month old, but due to the crazy time schedule and due to the classes being given etc. I returned home to a very frustrated little girl who really wanted milk from her Mom.  If I were in New Zealand there would have been many women willing to nurse my daughter for me.  We are in the US.  There is a different mentality when it comes to nursing someone else's child.  I went to the store.  It made me sick thinking of the formulas that I'd be giving my sweet little child.  I bought the most organic, most pure that I could find.  The next best thing to mothers’ milk is goats’ milk.  There is a place a couple cities away from me that sell raw goat milk.  I have to trust that it is pure, that it was extracted in a very clean environment etc. How did we as a people ever come to drinking an animals’ milk.  In my mind I rewind history back a couple hundred of years.  I can see how an individual, perhaps a father whose wife died suddenly, has this infant.  How should he feed his little child?  The baby is crying?  The baby is hungry.  I can imagine this brave father going out to the cow, or goat and getting the milk from the animal to give it to his little child.  Is this how we began to drink milk?  Because there was a famine...because there was a great need?  I love the organization Heifer International.  They are helping people out of dying of starvation by teaching them how to use animals for food.
The curdling of cheese…  Rennet (that curdles milk) is from the stomach of the baby cow or baby goat.  It is what digests the milk protein for the animal.  It is what curdles the milk for us so that it can break down the milk proteins and it helps us to make our cheeses, our buttermilk our yogurt.  The thought of this little calf or goat dying so that I can have my cheese, yogurt etc. makes me very sad.  For this reason and other reasons, I am turning more into a vegan.  The more I learn, the more I try to eat very sparingly and dairy products very sparingly.  I know that there are vegan culture starters.  I made some coconut milk yogurt a couple days ago using a vegan culture.
My message is to the WORLD.  My message of how to eat and how to be healthy should be applicable to everyone in every part of the world.
Please don't judge anyone for the way they eat.
As a Health Coach there was a period of about a year and a half where I was sick a couple times a week with fatigue.  I was eating as healthy as I knew how.  I was eating gluten free - I thought.  It turned out that I had been eating some oats that I thought were gluten free, but they were not.  I was getting gluten a couple times a week and it was such a small contamination that I couldn't figure out what it was that was making me sick.  Once I removed the contaminated oats and replaced them with pure naturally gluten-free ones I was able to get my strength and my mind back.  It took a while to heal from the damage that happened to my body and mind during that time.  With herbs I healed the mineral deficiencies.  The foods helped me as well.  What's the hardest to heal is the damage that occurred in my neighborhood and church by my inability to serve and to be a contributing member.  We can NEVER judge a person.  Whenever I see someone struggling or lacking in ANY area of their life...I can't help but wonder..."Do they have a Gluten Intolerance".  Millions of independent bodies all over the world are telling us the SAME thing.  The "stuff" we've been eating resembles food...but it's far from it.  Because of the instance above, I recommend that if you are serious about getting well, and you don't want to get sick, try a raw food diet.  Then, if you feel well (even with sprouted grains) slowly introduce other foods into your diet.  If you do not feel well on a raw food diet, make sure to eliminate any gluten containing foods like wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, and even oats.  Then see how you feel.  If you are still having troubles I would like you to call me at 801.879.3506 so I can make sure you are not eating any gluten.  If you are still weak, you need a Dr's help and I'd be happy to recommend herbs and essential oils, essential fatty acids etc. to help you recover.
Many years ago I was still new to the gluten-free diet.  There is a huge list of foods that are not ok.  Whenever I ate outside of my home there was a ton of time spent on reading labels and asking questions.  It was so embarrassing for me.  At one point in time I was reading a fruit juice label.  I was at a church event.  A woman, who I vaguely knew, looked at me reading the label and sent me a very clear message by rolling her eyes at me, turning and walking away.  In one small gesture, she portrayed to me (who was a very thin, tall, in shape dancer who was on a professional dancing company at the time) that she was DISGUSTED that I was CALORIE COUNTING Juice.  A flood of anger washed over my body.  I had the urge of throwing the juice at the back of her head.  I resisted the urge and I breathed in and out trying to calm myself.  I continued reading the label and I found the food coloring....YUP,  IT HAD GLUTEN.  It was a NO. 
If you are a Celiac or if you are trying to go gluten-free because of unknown health issues CONGRATULATIONS!!!  If you are a Mom who has a child or children with unknown behavioral, mental, or physical problems and you are feeding him/her/ or them a gluten-free diet, I APPLAUD YOU!!!  YOU as a Mother or YOU as a father know intuitively what your child or children need. TRUST your instinct.
Dr. Karnam, a well-known Celiac expert in our area has said that you need to go more by the symptoms and response to a gluten-free diet than you do a diagnosis.  I've been to the conferences for Celiac Disease; I've listened to the experts.  It is REALLY hard to get an accurate diagnosis. The experts are trying to educate the experts on how to diagnose Celiac Disease correctly. There are those that show symptoms of Celiac Disease (DH version) on their skin.  Some show the typical symptoms of gas and bloating (like my Grandmother).  Others with Mental Illness are NOT being diagnosed accurately or those with chronic fatigue or inflammation issues.  When in doubt....go gluten-free.  But, please, go NATURALLY gluten-free.  Use the gluten-free imitations of your favorite foods SPARINGLY.  If you continue to eat gluten-free but you continue to eat highly processed food, you could end up with something like diabetes, multiple-sclerosis, schizophrenia, and dementia.  TRUST ME.  Get your body and brain REAL FOOD!
The reason why I recommend going completely raw, or the "raw food" diet, Is because there are so many things that have gluten in it, or that's contaminated, or isn't put on the package label, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to know everything that is or isn't ok without going to a Celiac Support Group, by buying the books, the PDA software etc. to navigate your way through the Gluten-Filled World.  I've noticed even the GF or Gluten Free labeling at the store is sometimes incorrect.  A manufacturer changes an ingredient, sometimes people don't get the memo until the wonderful gluten-cops (those with Gluten Sensitivities) get sick and then spend weeks and sometimes months trying to figure out what product it is. 
My prayers are with all of those that are struggling to regain their health and who are struggling for answers.
Look at your face in the mirrow.  Does it say "I'm healthy?"  Your face is a reflection of your gut.
The answer may be simpler than you may think.  Look to your food as a tool to heal you or your loved one(s).  Herbs are foods when used in their "whole" form can do much good to heal depression and to help with fatigue and emotional issues.  Amino Acids missing contribute to SO many mental illnesses and addictions.  Keep praying, keep searching and START Listening.  I believe there is a loving God (I consider him our Father) that looks after his children.  The greater your trial right now, I believe the greater the blessing in the future.  Maybe you have the trial you are experiencing right now so that you can bless the lives of many people in the future.
With much love,
P.S.  As far as pictures.... It is the pictures of the healthy, happy people in the 1900's that Dr. Weston A. Price discovered when he was searching for the healthiest cultures in the world (who did not eat processed food) that continue to motivate me to feed my children food as close to what God intended.  The pictures of the degeneration in the generations to come where processed food was introduced haunt me.  My Dad's death haunts me.  For this reason, I do what I do.  My father said that his depression was his greatest fear in his life.  I don't want that generational issue to be triggered in my children. Hugs!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How do I begin?

A dear friend of mine, and sister, sent me a message on Facebook.  She said that she is ready to make the change but needs to know where to start.

The most important thing to do is KEEP READING about health, keep SEARCHING for TRUTH and little by little the change will come.  Sometimes we forget the "why is eating this way important"...just keep reading and the change will come naturally.  With knowledge comes power over "the bad stuff".

For me, truth began with eliminating all refined sugars, flours and packaged goods.  Diabetes and Celiac Disease are both Auto Immune Diseases.  It is incredible to me how millions of people all over the world have developed the SAME auto immune disease.  Don't see it as something as BAD.  See it as something good.  Something that should give us a clue about what it is we are feeding ourselves.

A salmon can be put into water the size of four Olympic sized swimming pools and can recognize the equivalent of one spoonful of water in the 4 Olympic sized swimming pools of water. 

Now comparing that to a Celiac's body...

It's incredible to me how my body can recognize gluten if the product I eat has been contaminated with it on a conveyor belt somewhere along the processing line, in a container, on a cutting board, or even on a spatula if someone uses it in my gluten-free meal after it's been dipped in something that is not gluten free.  My body has determined that gluten is the enemy and diabetics have determined that sugar is the enemy.  Both diseases attack the "foreign substance" to the point of damaging its own tissue and or organs.  My body knows what real food should be like.  It's not tolerating any substitutes at all. 

Instead of looking at the body as the bad guy, I look at my body and others who have auto immune diseases and see how our body is trying its very best to save us from what it recognizes as "un-safe".  Some people’s bodies may coat the intruder with fat and store it somewhere.  Some people may become sick and throw it up.  Other people may get rashes as the skin tries to get rid of the toxins.  The big hello should be "our bodies are telling us that there is something wrong with the food we are eating".

Isn't it funny to think that the flour and sugar have such an amazingly long shelf life that scavengers won't touch it?  The story I heard was that mice were ruining the grain that was stored/shipped.  To solve this problem, the grain (the nutritious part) was removed so that the rats and mice wouldn't eat it. 

Hummmmmm, rats and mice won't eat it, but we feed it to our children and to ourselves?  I recommend removing HIGHLY REFINED sugar and refined flour first.  That may be hard for a lot of people but this is what you will be getting instead.

Remember though that wheat has 500 x's more gluten than it did in the times of Pharoah.  Kamut is what wheat should be.  Kamut (the original wheat) was found in the tombs of pharoah in Egypt.  Kamut, and Spelt is a fabulous replacement for wheat or should I say it is what wheat was meant to be like.

Here's the thing.  Our ancestors fermented grains before eating them.  They would soak the grains, or grind them and then let them soak and ferment.  Instead of yeast, they would add whey to the ground grain and water mixture to help with fermentation.  This fermentation or breaking down of the grain helps with better absorption.  There are some fabulous whole grain sprouted breads on the market.

Sally Fallon has an incredible book called "Nourishing Traditions" where she teaches the reader how to cook again using grains, breads, cereals, preserving vegetables etc. like they did in the 1900's.

Other wonderful grains are quinoa, millet, spelt, brown rice, basmati rice, wild rice etc. 

Nuts and seeds are a wonderful snack and are great on salads!  If you soak the nuts for 6-8 hours in a water/salt solution and then drain and dehydrate them, they make a wonderful, very nutritious snack.  If you don't have a dehydrator, try placing them on a cookie sheet and place them on the lowest setting in the oven to dry.  Some of my favorite nuts and seeds to soak and dry are Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds.

Sprouting:  You can read several books on sprouting.  For the sake of time I'll just say it is very easy and much more affordable to make your own sprouts and they are REALLY nutritious for your kids.  If you can't afford to buy whole foods vitamins and minerals for your kids and you know they aren't getting enough fruits and veggies, please try incorporating sprouts in their diet.  You can Google sprouts and find some creative ways that people are getting their kids to eat sprouts.  My kids eat them without a problem, but I've been feeding them this way for 4 years now.

How to sprout... I put about a tablespoon of sprouts in a mason jar (I have a sprouting box, but I prefer the Mason jar).  I soak the seeds overnight and drain the next day and each day for several days until the sprouts appear and are growing.  Once the spouts are an inch or so high, I place the sprout directly in the sunlight.  I leave it there a day or two to increase the nutritional content.  I use sprouts on salads, sandwiches (my rice paper wrap sandwiches or sea weed wraps).  The kids love them on their pita sandwiches consisting of hummus, olives, tomatoes, avocado and sprouts.  Make your own mixture.  I've heard some people mix them into peanut butter sandwiches... I haven't tried it, but I guess it worked.

Meats:  Our motto is "make sure to buy the meat that was from a happy animal".  We try to assure that the meat we buy is from a cow that was "pasture fed".  It is much more affordable if you can go in with someone on a "quarter cow" if you are a big meat eater.  The cows fed grains are much more acidic than cows fed on grass.  We do buy organic, but it is pricey unless you buy it in bulk from a local rancher.  Some friends of ours go in with several others to buy organic buffalo.  I love the taste of buffalo, but we don't eat meat enough to buy that much in bulk.

Eggs: If you can get "cage free" eggs from a local farmer consider yourself blessed.  You know it's a high quality egg when the yolk is more orange colored than light yellow; the more orange, the higher the nutritional content.

Fish: Don't buy farmed fish.  I made the mistake thinking that farmed fish would be better, but it's not.  I buy it sparingly but try to assure that it's wild caught and as organic as possible.  You never know, right?  We try the best we can for our families, but sometimes organic isn't really organic anyway. 

Fruits and Veggies: I'm grateful my Mom had a garden when we were growing up - A REALLY BIG garden.  I can still remember when I was a kid, how it felt to walk through the long rows of vegetables in the garden.  The peas were SO yummy, the berries, the apricots, the kohlrabi, the cucumbers...yummmmmy!  I remember dusting off cherry tomatoes, popping it into my mouth and feeling my taste buds burst at the incredible flavor.  I think the reason a lot of people say they "don't like vegetables or don't like fruit" is because it's far from what God intended it to taste like.  The real stuff from farmers, friends or neighbors that they grow in their own yards (hopefully pesticide free) is the good stuff.  Look for the good stuff wherever you can find it.  Keep your eyes open and you will be led to the good people who are growing it.

Milk:  If you don't have access to raw milk (from a dairy that only uses grass fed cows, milks the cows in an extremely clean environment, and transports it to the store in a refrigerated unit) do NOT buy milk.  The thought of the milk in the stores and the dairy products that come from it make me ill.  Choose to go dairy free if you don't have access to organic or raw milk.  I myself limit the milk intake and feel much better when I'm off dairy.  However, when I was recovering from "symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis" I CRAVED raw milk.  I remember one day taking off the lid of the milk quickly after getting it home from the store and I literally drank the raw milk/ mostly cream right from the container.  I remember gulping down SO much of the cream on the top of the milk and could feel my body shiver with the ecstasy of the experience.  It was as if every cell in my body was opening up and screaming out "come to me, come to me...oh how we've needed healthy fat for YEARS!!!"  Being a "wanna-be-anorexic looking dancer" my whole life had put me on a no fat diet for TOO many years.  There is a book out now called "Eat fat, loose fat".  It wasn't the fat that was keeping weight on me (I was thin, but not thin enough. Unhealthy carbs were spiking my sugar levels and keeping the unwanted weight on.

Sweeteners:  Replace your sugar for honey, molasses, stevia and Xylitol.  It's taken me awhile to like the taste of stevia, but I like Xylitol in my herbal teas mixed with a bit of stevia. Many people advocate agave, just as I did also many years ago.  Due to Sally Fallon (president of the Weston A. Price Associate) and Dr. Mercola being against agave consumption, I do not buy it regularly.  There is some in my pantry right now, but we use it sparingly.  The research Sally Fallon and Dr. Mercola show says that agave should have a miscarriage warning on it.  I had a miscarriage about 4 years ago during the time I consumed a large amount of agave.  Agave, because of the way it's produced has a constituent in it (see my post on agave) that causes blood to flood the uterus.  I stopped using agave especially when I became pregnant with my baby a couple years after my miscarriage.  I'll never know if it was or was not the agave that caused the miscarriage, but I wasn't taking a risk with my last baby.  Little Sarah was delivered happy and healthy.

Fruit Juices:  I use to be a huge fruit juice drinker.  That was until I found out that it changes the PH in your body just like soda pop would.  The body is constantly trying to keep the body in an alkaline state and so whenever we introduce foods that are acidic our body will draw from the teeth, hair, bones etc. calcium to join with the acidic foods to make them alkaline.  We try to buy juice every once in a while and when we do juice it is usually a ton of greens that are added to the fruit juices.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do not be afraid of juices.  Dr. Christopher in his "Un-Curables Program" recommends a juice fast rotating each week apple juice, carrot juice, grape juice.  I LOVE juice and know that it is really healthy for you.  I just think our family was over dosing on juice and we needed to do more green drinks instead.  If you calorie count, like I did at one time, I was absolutely amazed that I was adding a 1000 calories to my diet a day by drinking juice. I'd dilute it, but it was still WAY too much juice. That's embarrassing to admit, but if you can drop 1000 calories a day by replacing juice with water the extra pounds drop very quickly.

RAW FOODs:  The key to raw foods is that they have the enzymes in them (as long as they are not killed during the cooking process) to help with digestion- the more raw foods the better.  I suggest people try going on a 100% raw food diet.  Then the amount of processed and cooked food they sneak in will most likely be the 20% they should have.  I also suggest eating a no meat, no dairy diet.  Then when the individual or individuals sneak meat or dairy, they will most likely be eating it 1 to 2 times a week like they should.

Many people say they feel like there aren't a lot of options with fruits and vegetables - that they eat the same thing over and over.  It takes time to incorporate new foods into the cooking habits, but don't give up.  Think of the alphabet and the 26 letters.  Think of all the amazing words that are in the dictionary with those 26 letters.  Now think of all the fruits and vegetables that are out there.  Do you know the taste of them?  Do you know how they could be used?  Experiment with a new vegetable dish every now and then.  Try a new recipe.  Some raw food recipes can be way to bland for someone recently transitioning from processed food to raw food.  Take your time, make it gradual. Let your taste buds heal.  They need to adjust to all the flavor enhancer damage that has occurred.  With time you'll learn to crave the good.

Try a new recipe here and there.  Start replacing the bad grains, with good ones.  Make sure to buy only the things in the quantity that you know you will be able to use.  The health food stores have a bulk section that you can scoop out as little or as much as you'd like.  Try out a new thing a week. 

In Sally Fallon's book she has a section for budget eating.  She tells you what vegetables etc. are the most cost effective and how to start out.  I actually typed the entire article at one time which is several pages long and then lost it before it was saved.  If someone needs the information let me know.  I'll be happy to type it again if it means someone will benefit from my efforts.

Here is a breakfast recommendation.  Try out CHIA SEEDS.  Some ultra-marathon runners put them in their water to help with stamina.  I soak them in water, they swell and I keep adding water and stirring until they are the consistency of tapioca pudding.  Try adding some brown cow yogurt, or coconut yogurt or cream.  Add a sweetener like maple syrup or a little stevia.  Add some berries, or banana to it.  I've seen friends add pineapple and hemp seed (nutritious) to it as well.  This is one of my absolutely favorite breakfast meals.  I've discovered the delicious coconut yogurt during my dairy fast and am in LOVE with coconut yogurt.  It's a little pricey and so I have coconut yogurt only a couple times a month.

Little by little you will begin to uncover the food that you are eating currently and you will begin to see what God meant the food to look and taste like.  I know it will be a wonderful journey.  When times get hard- think about your posterity.  The reason I do what I do is for my kids.  I don't want them to suffer the hell that my father experienced with his depression and I don't want their lives to end in the tragic way that his did.  I want them to have all the happiness and life that God meant for them to have.  Here's to your success!


-Steff E

Physical Degeneration

The story I share is really quite simple...

1- Processed food is introduced...
2- The 1st generation is effected slightly...
3- The 2nd generation has a narrower face, thinner frame, the teeth become crowded...
4- The 3rd generation there is more facial deformities, birth defects, the pelvic opening changes from being round to oval - child birth is more difficult.
5- With each generation, the mental illnesses and birth defects and deformities increase drastically.
5- By the 5th generation the sexes (male and female) become very similar.  There isn't a strong "male" human and soft "female" version.  From the back they both look the same.

It's one thing to read this, but it's another to actually SEE the pictures.  You can see what the Grandparents looked like, what their children look like and what their grandchildren and great grandchildren look like.

Due to copyright issues, I won't post the pictures from my PowerPoint on here at this time.

During this particular class on Physical Degeneration I also talk about what exactly was eaten by "The Healthiest Cultures in the World during the 1900's".  I talk about how the food was prepared and how that is different to what we do now days. 

To stop the degeneration, look to your ancestors and eat the way they did. 

For more information and for access to pictures, Google the Weston A Price Foundation.  The book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" is sold on amazon.  The book "Nourishing Traditions" that teaches you about how your ancestors may have eaten, is also sold on

More of my posts go into more detail as to how to eat.  If you would like me to give a presentation to a group or audience, please email me at  I am always happy to teach wherever I am invited to go. 

The PowerPoint that I give is truly life changing once people see it.  If you do schedule me, make sure to invite as many people as you can to see it.  The most common thing people say after the class over and over is how they wished that more people they knew could have heard my message.  It is a message for every man and woman that wishes their children all of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that God intended for them to have.

Someday I will write a book, but as I am refining my message I will continue giving lectures and classes.

Lots of love,


Your Message to the World

Many years ago, probably around 1998, I was at BYU.  Well, not entirely.  I was living by BYU.  It was the 2nd time I had attempted to finish my degree at the University (I was almost a senior), but due to my strange on and off again health issues, I had to dis-enroll myself AGAIN.  I remember spending several weeks in my room confined to my bed.  It was depressing that I didn't even have strength to hold up a book.  I refused to waste away my life watching TV.  When I had enough strength, I would read.

When it was time to eat, I would crawl, walk slowly, scoot down the stairs on my behind etc. to make it to the kitchen, I would fix something quick to eat and then I'd crawl back up the stairs and then suffer with pain for the next several hours while the food made its way through my intestines.  I had been sick for SO long.  My roommates at the time were absolutely amazing.  Never once did I feel judgment from any of them.  They were always trying to cheer me up through jokes, laughter and sometimes they'd even come to read me stories.  I remember how my one roommate, Audrey, came into my room one day with a pile of children's books.  "What are you doing?" I scolded her.  She replied, "I'm reading YOU some stories."  She put her book pile down on the floor, she sat next to them and she began reading to me as if I was the child and she was the mother.  It was a little silly, but the loving act of charity brought tears to my eyes.  I cried as I listened.  It had been SO VERY long since I'd been well. 

Looking back at that time, as I am trying to recreate it for you it was as if I was living in a dream.  I was there, but I wasn't really there.  I was sick, but I wasn't really experiencing it... I was being led and I was being really does feel like a dream, that it didn't really happen.  It seems like such a short time that I experienced the trials, but yet it was several years of health struggles.

During my time, living in the condo, just east of Liberty Square, my friends would occasionally go on group activities.  One activity was especially hard for me.  The group was going hiking/repelling down in Moab several hours away and would be gone a couple days.  I really wanted to go.  My heart ached that I didn't have the strength to walk let alone go hiking with everyone.  Due to his concern for me, my wonderful bishop at the time (I can't recall his name) came over to the apartment to give me a priesthood blessing.  For those of you who are not members of the same church I belong to, I'll explain...

We believe that the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood was restored to the earth and has been passed down from one priesthood holder to the next until received by the current leaders of the church.  The bishop is someone that is called to serve over what we call a "ward" or a "branch" (a branch if it's a smaller group of people).  Due to BYU being a church school, one block with 6 apartment buildings on it (like Liberty Square) has probably 3 different wards.  The bishop's job is to officiate over the members of his ward- to look after them.  He sacrifices a lot of time for his church members and isn't paid for what he does.

So, the bishop came over to give me a blessing.  A blessing is supposed to be given by placing both of the hands on the recipients head and the individual giving the blessing says a prayer and listens for guidance from the Holy Spirit that conveys the message that God (the Father) wants to say to his "child".  I remember being very apathetic at the time.  I wanted to be well, but it had been so long, the prayer that I said in my heart before receiving the blessing was "Please God, help me begin to have the DESIRE to be well" had been so, very long since I'd been well.  I closed my eyes and listened as the Bishop of our ward gave one of "his flock", that he was caring for, a blessing.

I don't remember all that the bishop told me, but I do remember two things...

1) He told me to study the Word of Wisdom
2) He told me that the things I learned I would one day "Share my Message to the World".

You'd think that I'd be excited about the blessing right?  Well, wrong.  I was irritated and apathetic.  I reluctantly shook the bishop's hand, hardly able to look him in the eye and I politely thanked him.  My heart was swelling with pain, and my eyes nearly filling with tears as the friends who were in the room left on their trip, the bishop went with them and the door was shut.  My life seemed so worthless and empty.  I slowly crawled back up the stairs...I didn't even want to hear music when back in my room.  I just wanted the stillness.  "Study the Word of Wisdom" I thought..."yeah right!"  I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't drink tea or coffee...what more is there?  (Little did I know then what I know now)

Without movement, without sound, without a lot of light in the room, I was left with the pain.  My intestinal lining was beginning to exit my body.  It looked like long strips of chicken skin.  My Mom had told me about a relative of mine (who I now know has Celiac Disease) had most of her intestines removed.  Was I headed on that same course?  (I hadn't yet gone on a gluten-free diet)

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I sat in a small room with some Maori women in New Zealand.  I had originally gone to New Zealand with the internet of sharing essential oils with them, but here I was teaching a class about "The Nourishing Traditions of the Maori".  I was incorporating into it "My Story".  

I was introduced to a lady that was attending the class.  Her name was Rosita. It sounds like a Hispanic name, but she was apparently Maori.  Before the class began, Rosita and the woman who invited me to give the class were laughing.  Intuitively I knew it had something to do with me, so because of the good relationship I had with the owner of the establishment, I asked them what they were laughing at.  Rosita, who was still laughing (almost to the point of having tears in her eyes) responded, "We just think that it is absolutely hilarious that a "white girl" is coming to teach "us" the "Maori" about our culture.  They went on to joke back and forth and laugh as I watched in amusement.  It was pretty funny if you think about it and I also know how proud the Maori are of their culture.  My response…  When the women stopped laughing I was able to respond.  I said "think of it as I'm coming to tell you thank you".  What? (That grabbed their attention).  I went on to explain about various health issues I'd been through and about how reading about the Maori culture in the 1900's in particular helped me to reverse the health issues I'd been experiencing.  This was all they needed to hear.  The laughing stopped and the curiosity and learning began.
At the end of my class one of the women said "we need to share your story with everyone".  They said they wish they'd had more time to get more people together.  I smiled inside at this.  The Maori reminded me that 2 months’ notice is not enough time to prepare.  I will need to give everyone 6 -12 month’s prior notice next time :)

When I ended the PowerPoint presentation, the woman who introduced me to everyone gave me a wink, and a slight nod.  I could see the pride in her eyes.  I felt like a child in front of a group of adults giving her first oral report.  I'm such a baby when it comes to being an international speaker. 

I thanked my wonderful little audience and kissed my hand and then gestured it to them.  They nodded back the gesture of appreciation.  The room felt full of light.  It was incredible and hard to describe, but I knew it was the tiny start of something wonderful.

We then had a little bit of a Q&A before leaving.  It felt really good.  I was starting "My Story to the World" in the exact same place that Dr. Weston Price described as "The Healthiest Culture in the World".  The Maori were the most beautiful.  They aren't any more.  But perhaps, just maybe, my story can stop the degeneration and one day, just maybe, the Maori will one day be like they once were - free of any physical deformities, mentally, physically, or emotionally - and I assume spiritually as well.

I pray that one day the chief in New Zealand will call out to "his tribe" and do the same dance that he did anciently.  I pray that one day the members of "his tribe" will follow his movement, follow his dance and song as they begin their day just as they did so very long ago.

I pray that I can start me day the same way as they did.  With health and vitality - and with joy!

With much love,