Sunday, December 5, 2010

Video from YouTube - Autistic Children

Note:  Our family DOES believe in drinking milk... RAW Milk from Pasture Fed Cows.  When I see this video I think of the milk they are talking about as milk that is pasteurized, homogenized - from cows fed all sorts of junk.  RAW milk alone has the ability to support life.

This video has a sappy beginning, but keep watching this - the picture quality does get better.

I LOVED the cute little formula this family came up with. (See below)

I can raise my hand and confirm that YES gluten DOES affect the mind!

I was mad at my oldest son one day and he asked me "Mom, have you had gluten?" NO! I snapped back. It's just that I've asked you 20 times to do your chores!

The joke mentioned in this movie is...


G = Gluten
D = Dairy

G + D = Mad
D x D = Furious
G / D = Rage

Yes it is true!

This was a silly video about a gluten-free diet helping autistic children.  One individual on YouTube asked if this was taken before or after the boys got on the gluten and dairy free diet.  I'm not sure, but obviously the parents noticed a big difference :) to help post this video.

Note: An individual with a gluten intolerance or allergy must eliminate dairy as well when they start a gluten-free diet.  The reason is because the tip of the villi in the intestines (damaged from the gluten) is the part of the villi that helps to digest the milk.  Once the villi has healed, an individual can introduce dairy back into their diet.

I would add to this that eating a diet that contains a lot of fruits and vegetables, and grains, raw nuts and seeds, healthy fats etc. that are NATURALLY Gluten-Free, helps the outcome to be even better!

My son doesn't have autism, nor has he tested positive for Celiac Disease but his teacher and I noticed a HUGE difference in his behavior when he chose to stop eating school lunch and he ate the food I prepared for him.  He could stay still, focus better, didn't complain of stomach pain after lunch and stopped being problematic in the classroom.  I had given my son the option of eating school lunch if he wanted to.  On his own, he was able to make the choice to avoid processed food because of the amazing difference in how he felt. 

I remember how incredibly happy I was the day my little 8 year old came to me in the kitchen and said "Mom, I don't want to eat school lunch any more".  He went on to explain that he wanted me to make him school lunch.

My son loves vegetables.  His favorite vegetable is cabbage. I would pack the food he wanted to eat in his lunch box.  Some of the choices even I raised my eyebrows at (like a big chunk of raw cabbage), but I let him make the choice as I tried to suggest protein, healthy carbohydrates, small amount of healthy fat, healthy drink options etc.

It made him feel bad when he was teased by kids when they saw him eating his "healthy food" in his lunch box.  There were many days when he'd return home and cry as he told me some of the mean things some of the older kids had said to him.  He is a smart, good looking kid.  He would then tell me about the kids his same age that would gather around him after the "big kids left" and would talk about how "cool" it was to eat healthy. 

It was a very rewarding experience when my son was running effortlessly and had the best endurance of anyone else in his school. The other kids were told by my son that it was "because of how healthy he ate".  The kids eventually stopped making fun of him (except for one older kid) and my little boy learned that over time the situation may not change much but he became stronger mentally and was able to stand up for how he ate. 

When he watched the movie "Food Inc" he made the choice on his own to also stop eating food at fast food restaurants.  I had made the suggestion to eat at Carl's Jr one time when we were all really hungry, were far away from home etc. (Which was really out of the norm for me). My son replied (in a tone of voice that portrayed his disappointment at the suggestion) saying "Mom! We do NOT eat FAST FOOD!"

He knew our families policy and he wanted me to stick to our beliefs!

Kids are wonderful aren't they? So smart!  Teach them correct principles and let them guide their lives.

Note for teachers:  It would do your students a lot of good if you do NOT reward them with candy.  I'll have to come up with a healthy inexpensive, parent and school approved, alternative to candy as a reward.  I'll post that information on this site.

I hope you enjoy the video.

I'm sending and a big hug your way- especially if you are dealing personally with an autistic child or children.



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