Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's the FOOD?

The cartoon reads "The FDA has found that food causes cancer. They're going to outlaw food!"

After Monsanto changes food into some adulterated form that hardly resembles what God had originally intended it to be, the FDA will begin to see how that so called 'food' will yes cause cancer. Modified, genetically engineered food DOES cause CANCER.  Actually, those at the FDA that know this and teach this have been removed from the FDA and replaced with former Monsanto Employees.  Let me clarify...

Some day when Monsanto's tentacles are removed from the Supreme Court, from the FDA and from the Dept of Agriculture, Americans will know Genetically Modified Food DOES cause Cancer among a myriad of other things...

Instead of outlawing food, (like Raw Milk) perhaps enough people will make their voices heard and reteach the FDA what food is suppose to look like and taste like.

Food does NOT cause cancer. I'd like the FDA to start labeling anything without life in it, that doesn't decay, to say "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".

This new labeling would need to be placed on nearly every single item in the store. Then if it is genetically modified, there should be a warning label "Food that is Genetically Modified was intended to kill whatever takes a bite of it. Please know that Monsanto does not take liability for your intestinal lining if suddenly those same constituents in the genetically modified food that are resistant to fungicides and pesticides destroy the friendly bacteria and villi in your bowels." Then in very tiny writing there may be written "Studies show there may be a possible link to cancer".

Here's to health and the downfall of Monsanto!

FYI, Monsanto's "Aspartame" that contains one of the most dangerous chemicals has now been labeled by the FDA as "organic".  Please read the below quote form the Consumer Safety Network that can be found by clicking on this link

Here is a portion of what can be found at the above link...

"Controversy has swirled around the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, now also known as AminoSweet, since its FDA approval in 1982. Virtually all corporate sponsored scientific studies show aspartame to be perfectly safe. Virtually all independently done studies show just the opposite
. In the lab, Aspartame was shown to cause the following forms of cancers: brain tumors, pancreatic tumors, breast tumors and uterine tumors. Five deaths are registered with FDA. In more recent tests, leukemia, lymphoma and kidney cancers were discovered as well."

The time has come to grow your own food if you want it to truly be organic.

May the FORCE be with you!  Seriously.  We all need "it"  (the Force) to navigate our way through the gluten-filled, Monsanto, Genetically Modified, cancer filled, prepackaged, preserved cookie cutter America we are living in right now. 

I'll end with a quote from one of my dear friends who has a successful business in 30 different countries.  He is the most amazing man.  He is this way because he has NO Fear.  He lives his life in FAITH.  He tells me over and over, "Where FAITH is, Fear dies".  Love also chases away fear.

Evil wins when good people do nothing.  Evil loses when good people do something - a lot of people doing  a little can make an ENORMOUS difference.  Simply consume the produce, dairy and meat products from your own country, from your own neighborhood and if it is not available perhaps you could start growing your own garden or raising well cared for animals yourself.

Lots of love,


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