Friday, December 10, 2010

Symptoms vary GREATLY!

For those of you reading this blog translated, the cartoon above says "I thought it might help you if I listed my symptoms." (Translator tool cannot read words on images or pictures).

This morning I was thinking about my father. He use to carry little papers in his wallet that had joke tag lines written on them. I have fond memories of him pulling out his wallet, taking a moment to go through the list of joke 'tag lines' and then he would smile to himself as he finished formulating the joke in his mind while at the same time putting his wallet back into his pocket. I purchased the above cartoon in memory of Dad and in memory of the two years we spent trying to figure out what had happened to "My Steffi" (as Dad would say). What had happened to his happy, outgoing little girl? She use to be so full of life and happiness.

In memory of Dad, I'd like to make this blog more comical. Thank you cartoon stock for making up for what I lack as it relates to humor.

The jokes Dad would tell were really hilarious, but the part I liked most (about Dad's jokes) was how he'd laugh at the jokes himself. His laugh was contagious and genuine. He'd pull his lips to one side (trying to not laugh until the very end) as he would tell his joke. Sometimes I'd be laughing more at Dad laughing at his own jokes, that I would at the actual humor.

Laughter was a HUGE part of his life when he was on the positive side of the mania. The laughter was boisterous, the teasing, the energy, the love of life, the excitement. He was an amazing father. I miss him so much.

I remember one day, during my High School years (while I was at work at the pool life-guarding), my boss told me there was someone that wanted to see me. When I walked through the office, there to greet me was my dear, kind father. He had driven 3.5 hours to see me. Why? He wanted to show me how to throw the discuss.

Dad had been a college athlete. He was on the track and field teams and did really well. So, before my track meet, Dad had taken the time to drive the distance for the only purpose of teaching me correct form. I remember how we laughed when my wonderful bald-headed father with a slight bit of weight in his mid-section got permission from my boss to take me out to a nearby grassy park area so that he could show me "how to properly throw the discuss". I was still in my life-guarding outfit and I remember laughing as Dad began the warm-up, did the spin and released the discuss. It didn't go as far as he intended it to go. We laughed and then following his instructions, I tried throwing the discuss and was able to send the discuss nearly 3 x's the distance my father had thrown it. Dad was so funny, and please forgive me if certain words are offensive to you, but I can imagine him saying to me "Damn Show-Off" as he headed off to retrieve the discuss.

Oh how I miss that wonderful man. I just inhaled and exhaled as I closed my eyes and breathed in all of the wonderful memories of him and then slowly breathed out all of the sorrow. My heart will never stop aching for that part of my life that held so much joy when Dad was around. Holiday's growing up without a father at home were a little dreary. Dad would come visit us, but it wasn't the same. Now that I have a family of my own, time has healed those dreary memories and my children fill the holidays up in a wonderful way. Now, when we visit family members and exchange gifts, there is that familiar loneliness as I experience the holiday's without MY father.

When I was struggling to finish college with the many, many symptoms I had. Dad was the one to come get me from school. He packed my things up (with the help of my brother) and then he literally carried me out to the car.

I was reading on the website that, in the United States, Celiac Disease takes about 9 years from onset to diagnosis for Doctor's to figure out that a patient has Celiac Disease. In Europe Celiac Disease is more common and easily identified and treated.

Celiac Disease is the root of many, other diseases and so it's difficult to properly diagnose.

The thing I want people to learn is that Celiac Disease is just a name that doctor's have put to an individuals response to gluten. There are others who get the diagnosis as Gluten Allergy, Gluten Intollerance, Gluten Sensitivity etc.

Millions of individuals world wide tell the same story. Our bodies are shouting out that we recognize that food - especially gluten containing products, are not the food that God intended we consume.

I miss my father so much. I know that he could have cured his depression if he had only waited a couple more years.

For those of you with various symptoms or diseases...

Please don't wait for a diagnosis. I'll give you one. You have developed BREIM disease. "Bodies Responding to Evil Intent of Men" disease. Food isn't grown to make you healthy. Food is grown to make a profit. The prettier, more addictive, longest lasting on the shelf etc. that it can be, the better.

As Dr. Fuhrman would say, "Eat Food to Live".

Whatever you symptoms, whatever your diagnosis, look to your foods as an answer to the health issues of you or a loved one.

Even I, as pure as I eat, have begun taking a whole foods vitamin, a trace mineral supplement, and an omega-3 supplement. The omega-3 supplement has a small bubble in the pill containing hydrogen that keeps the oil from going rancid. I pray that you will also find a product that you find helpful. Please make sure the products are gluten-free. Even trace amounts of gluten in your supplements over time will be more damaging than good.

I love YOU. Thank you for letting me reach out to you and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. There is SO much information here. I've added a search feature so that you can quickly get to the information that YOU need.

My prayer, as I make each post, is that the individual or individuals that need to find this information will some how make it to my site.

If there is anything that you are looking for, that you do not see, or if you have a question you'd like answered, please don't hesitate to leave me a message on this blog. I'd like to begin a question and answer section, so please send me any questions or comments you may have.



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