Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More than just Oatmeal

The men are busy shoveling snow off of the driveway.  It is rare for my husband to be around when we eat breakfast and so I took time to make the table look nice before we ate.  Usually I'd prepare each individuals breakfast meal by sprinkling a bit of this or that on it according to individual tastes.  This time, I had it all laid out on the table.

Nice warm gluten-free oatmeal for breakfast with a little extra to go with it.  The oatmeal had a day to soak and 'ferment' per say before we cooked it this morning.  Whey or lemon juice added to the grain and water helps in the 'break down' of the grain to help with better absorption.  Because oats can be contaminated with gluten either in the growing or packaging, I do not eat oats very often. 

Here's what we added to the steaming hot oatmeal...

Hemp Seed, Ground Flax Seed, Powdered Colostrum, and Gogi Berries

Raw Pecans
Shredded Raw Coconut
Raw Almonds
Raw Dates and
Raw Figs (the last of the bunch)

Raw Goats Milk

We used maple syrup, molasses (on mine only) and coconut sugar to sweeten the oatmeal.

Yummy, Coconut Juice! (One can served Shane and the kids)

Here's to Health!

The leftover nuts, figs, dates and berries went into a bag to munch on as snacks.

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