Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gotta Think!!!

I loved this cartoon a lot and so I purchased it from Cartoon Stock.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  So many times I struggle with "why" I didn't do something perfectly, when the truth is we all make mistakes.  The more we practice the better we get.  Even the professionals sometimes make mistakes.

Keep playing the sport out of love for the game and the desire to win!

I listened to someone say that God loves you because he knows how the end result will be.  He sees your potential.  People tend to judge people for what they are currently.  God sees us and loves us because he knows what we can become.

For those of you reading this translated, the cartoon above says "I got it, I got it, I got it!"  The second picture says "thunk!"  The third picture says "Sun in my eyes? Wind got hold of it? Struggling with "personal" issues? Gotta think?

There may be things in life that we can use as an "excuse" for how we disappointed others.  Everyone has a different situation and is different and unique.  God knows you, loves you and believes in you.  I see the cartoon as a reminder to not make excuses but to learn about the challenges that comes with playing the game - be an expert despite the trials.

A dear friend sent me an email that I will always cherish.  I had asked him to write a "testimonial" about my classes.  He didn't mention anything about what I'd taught in the classes or about my wisdom as a teacher.  He had learned something from me I hadn't expected.  Here is what he had to say...

"We were fortunate to have Steffanie visit us in New Zealand earlier this year. She presented two meetings about her passion for life despite the many challenges she has confronted and about using essential oils for health. She has a lovely, calm serenity about her that was quite captivating - and though she was a very busy mom was able to maintain this very busy profile. These qualities were inspiring to others. Steffanie has a gift but she teaches that we all do too - we need to unleash this and reach our potential and beyond."  - Dr. Bill Reeder (Biomedical Clinic Hampton, New Zealand)

I didn't say anything about reaching our potential and beyond, but that is what Dr. Reeder picked up on.  I loved that he said I had a lovely, calm serenity about me. It was a beautiful compliment that I desperately needed to hear.

When you are feeling down and feel like no one is benefiting from your existence - just hold on.  I may have felt like I disappointed the leaders who invited me to teach the class (see previous post), but I taught with all the love that I could teach with.  I shared the knowledge and experience that I had discovered.  I had prayed to make a difference, I will never know, but perhaps in another way than I had intended to do so I DID make a difference because I chose to work through the pain and serve even if it wasn't comfortable doing so. 

Lots of love to you!


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