Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fill the void with...

"The void you feel, for not having something you want, can be filled by gratitude for the things you already have".   - Jared and Mindy Degraffenreid

I absolutely LOVE this quote.  When I asked Jared if I could share it he replied...

"Please do. This is a topic that Mindy and I were discussing today in our companionship council, and we narrowed down this huge idea into this simple sentence."

I think that is so beautiful that they came together as a couple to discuss their marriage.  Ideas were exchanged, feelings expressed and the beautiful quote above was the result.  I absolutely love it!  I'm going to go share it with Shane.

Thank you Jared and Mindy!


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Jared said...

Thank you, Stephanie. This has more meaning than I even comprehend now. We have been searching so deeply on how to improve our family life, and one thing that keeps coming back to us is the virtue of Gratitude. I have been researching a lot on the topics of virtue and Gratitude and have started to put together a few things on, and also check out the entry on Gratitude on wikipedia.