Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enjo cleaning products demonstration - Naturally Savvy

When I was in New Zealand sharing "My Story" with the wonderful Maori and the other natives from New Zealand, I had the opportunity to work with a very well known and beloved Dr in the area. The Doctor gathered together many health professionals, Naturopaths, Veterinarians, Aromatherapists, etc. so that I could teach them about the power of Essential Oils coupled with "My Story".

It was very intimidating speaking in front of these professionals. I briefly explained "my story" to them because they were already all aware of Dr. Weston A Price's book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". Nearly every one of them, however, did not consume meat or dairy products. We could relate to the world of raw and fermented foods, but I briefly discussed how important the raw dairy products were in my recovery. I mainly focused on the oils. It was well received and the biggest compliment of the night was when I realized every person there was studiously taking notes. I loved it!

After the class, I went back to the Dr's home. His wife had prepared a lovely meal for my husband and family.

Before going over to New Zealand, a friend of mine made sure to inform me that Dr Reeder's wife was one of the top sales persons at a company called ENJO. She explained that I would probably be told about the company and the products. The friend then laughed as she shared how every friend she had introduced to this family had actually purchased the ENJO product.

After eating the wonderful meal that she had made for us, we sat down to talk. My husband, who had stayed at their home with the kids (while I was teaching) had received the full ENJO class. He was excited about what he had learned and he informed me we were getting the entire house kit. I smiled as I watched my technically savvy husband bounce around in his chair with excitement as he explained the wonderful chemical free, only using cold water and the ENJO fibres solution to cleaning. He was definitely a believer in ENJO. (The cost was much less than I had paid for my sargeant steam).

Jo came out with our newly purchased supplies and laid the bags on the floor beside me. She sat down in front of me and began to explain how the fabrics worked and how she used them in her house.

I was absorbing everything Jo was telling me, but as she talked I had my own dialog going on in my mind. I was already converted. I had never seen a house so clean. It had an incredible vibration about it. The air, the appliances, the floor, the windows etc. It was incredible. She explained how they were going to replace their wood floor because of how bad it looked, but after using the ENJO products it brought the life and shine back to the surface. The floor looked brand new!

The thing that caught my attention most was the face and skin health of Jo. I knew that she was a Grandmother herself but she looked incredibly young. I wondered if it was because she had gluten sensitivities and ate a dairy free, sugar free, yeast free, processed food free diet. Her next words stopped my own dialog...

"I haven't used soap on my body for over two years," she said. What? No soap? She then explained how the bath and body fibres worked just like the cleaning fibres. Because of how finite the fibres are, they are able to go deep into any surface and pull out all of the dirt, and bacteria etc. I was REALLY excited about this prospect - especially if it gave me the incredibly young looking skin that she had. The Dr. also has a very tight, clean surface to his face. He too looks incredibly healthy. He only looks like a distinguished grandfather because of his grey hair.

Jo had sold all of her face fibre cloths earlier in the week and so she promised to mail them to me when her shipment arrived. When we arrived home from our travels to New Zealand and Australia, I anxiously awaited for the ENJO face fibres to arrive.

When I received the package from Jo I eagerly ripped open the bag, quickly read the sweat note from her and raced upstairs to try it out for myself.

The results were incredible!!!

I could take off even my mascara and eye makeup WITHOUT soap! It was mind blowing. I couldn't believe it. I thought about when I would go camping or when we traveled in the motor-home how this would be a PERFECT product to have with me at all times.

After cleaning my face with the ENJO fibres I couldn't believe how clean and tight my skin felt. I could feel the tingling from the increased blood circulation to the area where I'd used the fibres. I remembered what Jo had told me, it will remove all of the dead skin and she told me that her aging spots on her face had also began to diminish when she started using ENJO and then they eventually went completely away. I thought about the Dr..That must be why his skin had a perfect, even coloring - why it looked so healthy with hardly any wrinkles at all! I could hardly wait to share it with others. I wonder if it will take away my freckles? :)

Long story short...

Use ENJO. :) The less chemicals used in your home, the better.



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